6 Ways to Propagate String of Hearts – In Moss(Butterfly Method)

If you are curious about various methods on how to propagate String of Hearts but before that let me tell you this plant is a succulent which has long stems that trails downward to the ground. Its leaves having a heart shape makes it more attractive. Some Common names of this houseplant are Chain of hearts, sweetheart vine, hearts entangled, collar of hearts and rosasy vine, and as you know these are vine based trailing indoor plants so these names have vine in them. This plant is known with the scientific name of Ceropegia woodii, its propagation is easy and woodii comes from the Apocynaceae family. It can grow up to 3-4 meters or in some cases more and height is 10 cm. Lets now Know how to successfully root this plant and what are various techniques including butterfly method string of hearts Propagation.

How to Propagate String of Hearts

String of hearts is propagated using stem cutting, tubers(root ball), nodes or soaking seeds inside the soil. Propagating String of hearts plant using butterfly method in which you put string of heart stem inside the soil & the node may form new roots. Traditionally Technique used to take out roots or Tubers that is easy way to propagate while the stem cutting become the easiest method so way. Talked to many people and they successfully propagated using butterfly or node cutting method. 

6 Easy Methods to Propagate string of hearts:

1 . By Stem Cutting (Basic)

This method is most basic and many houseplants are propagated using the stem cutting technique, For me one of the methods but I prefer Water propagation than soil mix propagation because in Water the roots development is faster compared to soil in a string of hearts.

For soil you should have a well drained, light formulated mix that is able to provide sufficient water as well as drain it in time this way roots will form properly.

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How to Propagate String of Hearts
How to Propagate String of Hearts

FOR THE STEM CUTTING LENGTH – Take 3-4 inch of stem and place them in a potting mix or a small pot. Environment wise you need to place a string of hearts in partial sun or where there is no direct sun only indirect light is there.

For FAST PROPAGATION , many people use rooting hormone that is in power form and put it in the base or lower last node of the stem and then they plant it in the soil mix.

FOR WATERING – once every week or in 6 days , and always check if there is loss of water in the potting mix then moist it by spraying some water. For starting days this cutting needs moisture to grow and if there’s not enough water then it will not sprout.

I Suggest Taking 2-3 cuttings and growing them will reduce the chance of failure in propagation. Although they will develop roots easily as they are capable and they don’t easily die.

The best time would be spring season when you can try a rooting method.

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2 . By Stem Cutting in Water

Propagating string of heart in water is an excellent method and also beginner friendly(as they can try). Just Take Some good diseased free cutting from your existing plant. 

Cutting would be 2.5, 3, 4 inch long and I advise you to use sterilized pruners because sometimes we use old pruners that have bacteria which attacks the plant and spoils it. 

So a cleaning pruner or any cutting tool is recommended and what you use there is rubbing alcohol and cleaning the sharp object with that.

Also If there is a leaf at the bottom like 1 inch part of cutting will be under water so remove those leaves that exist on base of the stem cutting. Don’t cut all leaves that are in the base of the stem need to be cut down.

If you don’t know let me tell you there are some nodes in the stem , that is where you will see new rooting. Leaves are also grown from the node of the stem. So if you have nodes inside the water then it’s good because it will generate rooting faster. at least take one node underwater. for that cut in such a way that nodes are in the bottom 1 inch.

For this method to work, change water every 3 days so it gets fresh and the mineral in water can be used by the plant.

Taking one cutting is not enough because at least use 2-3 stem cuttings in water so the chances of successful propagation in water are fulfilled.

I have taken this plant from my neighbor and they are very friendly, we both share unique plants cutting with each other that can be multiplied into 3-4 plants.

Place the Jug or Glass of water in an indirect light area and put your cutting inside the transparent glass. Also Keep changing water every 3 days and it will take a few weeks to produce new roots so patience is necessary.

Once your stem cutting in water has some roots , now is the time to place them in a potting mix. Use good soil in a String of heart cuttings.

Also if you want to read its full care guide on ceropegia woodii , check the post , I have written various aspects to take care while growing this succulent. Some of the best tips I have given in that post.

3 . By String of hearts Tuber

Tubers in string of heart are common because once your plant is old enough and grown for years it will show some tubers growth. You surely have seen potatoes that are also tubers which are able to produce roots and then a proper plant.

Just understand one thing it will basically first form some roots and from there you will see the shoot growth of a plant. In this succulent they will grow from stems basically it’s a vine based plant so stems are produced and further it will create the same tubers.

To PROPAGATE Ceropegia woodii, actually we are not going to cut tuber but we will use the vines with tuber and insert it into the soil, it could be 1 inch soil above the tuber or just 1/2 a inch. Regularly give water and make sure it is moist so it can develop some rooting.

Once there are enough roots in the tuber then you can just cut the stem from the main plant. Now Take a fresh pot and new potting mix to put this tuber into the soil and grow your new string of hearts plant.

you can multiply this plant using the multiple tubers and as you can see its very easy to do propagation. Same way you can ready multiple pots for each tuber and grow this and you can even share it to your neighbour or just sell it & earn some money for your hard work.

Also don’t forget to place all the pots of tuber in partial sunlight so that it can thrive beautifully without hurting its heart shaped leaves.

Also remember watering should not be overdone as it can result in many other leaves problems.

4 . By String of hearts Seeds

Seeds germinating is the method in string of hearts that Lotusmagus.com has covered only. When this plant gets mature it will pop up some fresh seeds that have attached white feathers. Just take them out.

I know when I was a kid , these white fuzzy feathers always flying around in my garden and that time i don’t even know what they are. & did you know this is how the plants are grown in nearby locations when these feather seeds fly and just drop on the soil in different areas and sprout back and grow successfully.

You now just need to propagate seeds by putting them in succulent and cactus potting mix and cover the pot’s top layer with plastic so that it can retain moisture. In a few days you will notice they are successfully sprouted. 

Also I advise people to take 3-4 seeds so if one doesn’t work then other seeds have a chance to work. & if this method will take time as it is going to develop from seeds. If you want to save time then do it with tuber or stem cutting that are the best method of propagation in the string of hearts.

Want to know more on seeds pots on string of hearts check.

5. String of hearts butterfly method

String of hearts butterfly method is a unique way of taking cuttings and making them just like butterflies keeping the top as leaves and bottom as the cuttings in moss or perlite or in soil.

Steps for butterfly method:

  1. First take a stem or multiple stem cuttings.
  2. Cuttings should be done just above and below 1 inch of pair of heart-shaped leaves. You can find the butterfly’s appearance , which is why it is called the butterfly method.
  3. These Cuttings are now placed in moss or perlite, you can also put the strands cuttings in soil to grow but that needs to be fully moist.
  4. If you used moss or perlite then spray some water on it, let it wet fully. 
  5. Now place your cutting on the top of perlite or moss as soil medium. You should have leaves on the top and below are the stem cut part where the roots will form.
  6. Also to be on the safe side, add a dry layer of 0.5 inch moss or perlite so your leaves won’t rot in dry moss or perlite.
  7. Once you place it, It may look like a butterfly.
  8. This is a simple yet confusing method. Note one thing: you can propagate this in a plastic where the moss or perlite came in. Yes the growing medium is plastic filled with perlite and you placed cuttings on the top layer. that’s it.


Some people who have space in the pot just need to put back the vines of string of hearts into the soil by circling some and just you need to put them in the pot.

It is not a common method because many have experienced it that if the vines goes downward and reaches to the soil of the ground that is covered by good quality sand then it is able to generate new roots.

Even in forest and river side these plants are able to propagate themselves if they get proper environment to survive and grow.

6 . By Repoting Stems Back in Soil(Cuttings)

This is the same method just like above what I have told you, we are just cutting and repoting back to the same pot, just taking a small 2-3 inch cutting and burying it by adding a small amount of soil. It will develop roots in a few days.

Also you need to give them a moist environment by pouring water in time and placing them in indirect sunlight. If you want to read more about string of hearts care check.

Also Read Underwatered String of Hearts I have written guide on how to fix it.

How to propagate String of Hearts in water?

Let’s propagate a string of hearts in water. All you need is a pruner, a big jar of water and care every 3 days. Now take a stem cutting from string from hearts just below the node & make sure you cut off 4-5 inches of stem that can be easily placed inside the water. Propagation is done, now put the stem in water and lets care for them until it starts rooting.

String of hearts are propagated in water very easily, once you put them in the stem now you need to change water every 2-3 days as we don’t want roots to get fungal infection that would lead to root rot. Place the jar somewhere it can receive partial sunlight. It will automatically grow once it generates roots then you can transplant the string of hearts to a soil pot.


How to propagate String of Hearts in soil


  1. Take a sharp pruner and cut the string of the heart stem that looks healthy.


  1. Before that you need to clean the pruner blade using rubbing alcohol as this will help to remove bacteria from the object and doesn’t harm our fresh stem cuttings.


  1. Take a cutting just below the node of a healthy stem.


  1. Now use a well draining soil and new pot , pour all the potting mix and make a hole in the center, put your stem cutting and close the hole and pat the soil so it rests on the ground.


  1. Time for watering, do it every 3 days if it feels dry.


  1. Place it in a warmer area and indirect light or shade is preferred until it produces rooting.


  1. Voila, you just propagate string of hearts in soil.


How to propagate string of hearts in sphagnum moss?

You can propagate a string of hearts in sphagnum moss with that you need normal garden soil and perlite. It would work as a potting mix for your succulent and your plant can grow in this manner. Generally sphagnum moss is actually used for aeration, making soil warm and retaining moisture inside the soil are some of the benefits of using it.

Where to cut String of Hearts for propagation?

String of hearts for propagation can be cut off from just below the node of the stem, as it is the place where new rooting will form. If you do water propagation or soil , both ways it will form roots from the node. This is a building block of a string of hearts. This plant can be propagated many times if you have grown many of these plants before and have very long stems to do that.

How long does it take to propagate string of hearts?

It will take 2-3 weeks to reach 3-12cm long and a string of hearts nodes is the source where it may create more roots. make sure to put those healthy nodes of strings and continue giving it water in 2-3 days or whenever soil dries. Generally it will not take long but only 3 weeks to build the rooting and length.

Why should you propagate a string of hearts?

Most common answer we get when asked why should you be propagating a string of hearts is to multiple the string so that it can beautify the balcony where it is floating in a hanging basket. Also Secondly by multiplying the string of hearts would make sure you have at least one backup for the heartstrings plant if the existing succulent dies.

When should you propagate a string of hearts?

The best time to propagate a string of hearts is in early spring when the cold is just about to vanish and the coming of the sprouting season that would give advantage to develop roots more quickly.

What is the Advantage of propagating a string of hearts?

You would be giving it to women you care about on their birthdays as girls love planting more than boys. Secondly you can also sell it to make some bucks or just make a garden full of strings as it will just make your balcony more amazing.

What is String of hearts Node?

String of hearts node is a point where leaves develop with branches. In the case of a string of hearts, the leaves develop there but onces you put the node in soil it will start creating roots. This is called node and it is very useful in propagating a string of heart plants.

In water propagation, these nodes are clearly seens as producing new rooting and from there a new shoot will form. It has the ability to form a whole new string of hearts succulent.

String of Hearts Root Ball

The Root Ball in the string of hearts can be round and this is what you can call rhizomes which is used to propagate a string of hearts. There are several ways to multiply this plant and root ball is one such method. It takes time for the root ball to produce roots but you can try it will surely form and create a new string of heart plants.

Wrap Up

I hope you get the answer on “String of Hearts Plant Propagation“ and if you want to read other such articles check below.

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