String of Nickels Propagation

If you are searching for a string of nickels propagation but before that let me tell you these plants have round shaped leaves that look like coins that hanging on a basket. It has very bright green color foliage and to take cutting from these succulent is easy.

Dischidia nummularia carry another name called button orchid and did you know they are over 78+ dischidia species in the world basically most are found in Australia, Asia and particularly in India. This plant is a lookalike string of coin plant. 

String of Nickels Propagation

Stem cutting is the easiest method this plant has and to do that take a few inches of stem which should be healthy and diseased free. Some People Suggest to Leave the cutting for a day or 2 to make it dry, others say you can directly put it into the potting mix.

Let’s Find out the Steps to Follow on How to take cutting from String of nickels.

  1. Use a Pruner to cut down at least 4-5 inch of Stem from this succulent. Make sure to clean the pruner before using it and cleaning it necessary to avoid any bacteria infection on the healthy stem. You can use rubbing alcohol that is used to clean the cutting tools for plants.
  2. Once you have nickel plant cutting , take it and place it in a dry area for a day. For People in Hurry just Use your regular Potting mix and drop it in the pot and place the cutting base inside the pot.
  3. You can cut down all the leaves growing in the base about 2 inches.
  4. For Soil Use Orchid bark mix, Coconut husk or Any Regular Well draining Potting mix.
  5. Water it and make the soil moist for rooting. In a few Weeks Dischidia nummularia cuttings will form roots then just do regular care for your string of nickels.
  6. Properly water and give it take to dry , don’t over water.
  7. You can use liquid fertilizer for succulent in its growing season.

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string of nickels propagation
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How do you propagate a string of nickels?

The most common way to propagate a string of nickels is by stem  cutting and then leave it for 2 days to recover from the shock of cutting. Then  Place the stem cutting in the soil and it will start growing roots. Properly cared for after that and your plant will thrive and you will see new stems grow on the Dischidia plant.

How often do you water a nickel string?

Being Nickel string as succulent they don’t require much water but they like to be in moist soil most of the time. You can give this plant water once a week or in 4 days. In My Dischidia, Mostly if the 2 inch top layer of soil gets dry I simply put some water at that time.

Can Dischidia grow in water?

Dischidia grown in water is not being tried or it can affect the stem in only the water environment. Mostly this family succulent grows in potting mix and for rooting people use sphagnum moss or coconut husk chunks. But you can also root it in any regular soil and make it moist, not wet. Always remember this advice.

Wrap up

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