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Blue Lotus Tea Side Effects And Spiritual Benefits (And Uses)

Starting your day with a cup of blue lotus tea is one way to keep your productivity & creativity high throughout your office day. Blue lotus tea is generally a safe tea with many advantages for most people during their workday and can help increase your focus and concentration. But according to ancient Chinese studies, blue lotus tea has a lot more to offer. This blog will take a look at the benefits of blue lotus tea and its side effects.

What is blue lotus tea good for?

According to TTABVUE, Health benefits of drinking blue Lotus Tea can increase your energy levels, which can help you to stay focused and de-stress your mind and make it alert during your day. The tea also helps to detoxify your body, which is a great way to get rid of any toxins. Drinking the tea can help you reduce stress, anxiety and also it has vitamin B which can be used for better brain development. It also helps to provide a sense of well-being, which is great for people who are feeling low or not their best.

According to The National Center for Biotechnology Information, lotus leaves have several health enhancing compounds present in it which includes flavonoids, phenolic acid, alkaloids, organic acids that promote good health.

Blue lotus tea’s lovely, flowery scent soothed the spirit.

I observed as the deep blue-purple lotus flower petals soaked in hot water, releasing their unique scents and aromas. As I sipped blue lotus tea, its subtle tastes calmed me.

Its pleasant flavor relieved day-to-day tension. I was grateful to discover this old tea’s distinct flavor and relaxing benefits.

Dried blue lotus flower petals make a unique and tasty herbal tea.

It calms, relaxes, and rejuvenates naturally.

Antioxidants and anti-inflammation in this tea may help prevent illness.

The tea tastes sweet, flowery, and honey-vanilla-like. Blue lotus tea is a relaxing way to end the day or start the day.

It tastes well cooled or combined with other herbal teas.

Blue lotus tea is prepared from Nymphaea caerulea flowers.

Ancient Egyptians used it for medicine and relaxation.

It improves brain clarity, sleep, and stress.

Depending on its origin and processing, blue lotus tea has several variants. The tea is sweet and fragrant. Blue lotus tea offers the advantages of this ancient herb without the psychedelic effects.

I have explained everything in the article below about the different benefits of blue lotus tea.

Blue Lotus Tea Benefits and Side Effects



Blue Lotus Tea Benefits
Lower Stress
Reduce anxiety
It Helps in brain development
It Increase your energy level
It has Antioxidant properties



What is blue lotus tea?

Please NOTE: I recommend talking to your nutritionist or doctor before you make and drink blue lotus tea. 

Known also as Nelumbo nucifera, the blue lily flower’s blossoms are used to make blue lotus tea, a traditional herbal beverage from China.

To treat a variety of ailments, it was also employed in traditional Egyptian medicine. When making blue lotus tea, the blossoms are first cooked in water, then the beverage is strained into a bowl and spiced with ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, and clove. It can be served cold as well as being customarily served hot.

The blue lily flower plant’s blossoms are used to make a form of detoxifying green tea known as blue lotus tea. It is a well-liked beverage in China and is available in a variety of forms.

Usually, dried blue lotus blossoms are used, which are steeped in boiling water for 10 minutes or so. In order to give the tea a somewhat different flavor, it is frequently served with sweets like honey or sugar.

Blue Lotus Tea Benefits

Drinking Blue Lotus Tea benefits can help increase your energy levels, which can help you to stay focused and de-stress your mind and make it alert during your day.

The tea also helps to detoxify your body, which is a great way to get rid of any toxins. Drinking the tea can help you reduce stress, anxiety and also it has vitamin B which can be used for better brain development.

It also helps to provide a sense of well-being, which is great for people who are feeling low or not their best.

Blue Lotus tea has a long history of medicinal use in Egypt and many asian countries. It is beneficial for your body because of its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and antioxidant properties.

It is also said to help with arthritis, brain functioning and other joint pain. Drinking this tea can help with many health issues including stress,  headaches, fatigue, and even insomnia.

Blue Lotus Tea Side effects

Blue lotus tea (Nelumbo nucifera) is a beverage that is beneficial with high antioxidants content, which is why it is recommended to drink it daily. However, it is important to be aware of the side effects that are associated with drinking blue lotus tea. 

Drinking too much blue lotus tea can cause an increase in heart beat, nausea, vomiting, uneven mood and diarrhea. If you are not sure how much you should drink, consult with your nutritionist or a doctor.

The biggest side effect is that it can cause a rapid heartbeat, which is why it is recommended to drink this tea in limit because it is not a usual coffee which you can drink 3-4 times rather only try it once for its health benefits and not more than that.

Drinking tea can be one of the most enjoyable things to do in the evening and morning. It can also be one of the most dangerous things if you drink it more than thrice in a day.

The blue lotus tea is a type of herbal tea with enormous benefits and the tea is made from the flowers of the blue lily plant. Tea has been used for centuries in China and is used as a way to lower the stress and anxiety for a human being. It’s also been said to have many other health benefits. 

Blue Lotus Tea causes dizziness, nausea, and headaches. Hallucinations and confusion may occur in uncommon circumstances. Rash, hives, and breathing problems are more significant side effects.

These adverse effects should be treated immediately. Before consuming Blue Lotus Tea, check a doctor because it may interfere with medicines.

Blue Lotus Tea may provide health advantages, however adverse effects should be considered. Driving or operating heavy machinery after drinking Blue Lotus Tea may induce moderate sedation and fatigue.

Headaches, dizziness, and stomachaches may occur. Blue Lotus Tea contains minor levels of morphine, therefore avoid overdosing on it.

Before consuming Blue Lotus Tea, consult your doctor or pharmacist as it may interfere with medicines. Finally, pregnant or nursing women should avoid Blue Lotus Tea.

Blue lotus tea contains adverse side effects including nausea, vomiting, headaches, dizziness, dry mouth, constipation, increased urination, and heart rate.

Blue lotus tea can cause skin rashes and lung problems in rare circumstances. Before using blue lotus tea, consult a doctor because its effects might differ.

Blue lotus tea for weight loss

The ancient Chinese have known that blue lotus tea is a great way to lose weight. It is a natural detoxifier which helps with the appetite and it is also said to help with bloating and constipation, two common symptoms of weight gain. 

Drinking blue lotus tea regularly will help you lose weight and feel healthier because it helps with leptin hormone production which typically controls the human appetite and hunger. If the person feels full by eating enough then he won’t take another diet even if it’s tasty.

But many of us who are very much familiar with today’s food just make people eat too much which is the reason for the unhealthy weight gain and invitation to more skin and hormonal problems.

The Blue lotus tea is a low-calorie and low-sugar beverage that has been shown to help with weight loss and increase fat metabolism. The blue lotus tea is also rich in antioxidants, which can help keep your skin healthy and give you a youthful appearance.

Blue lotus tea for a healthy liver

As you know, drinking herbal tea is a great way to detoxify your body and protect yourself from future problems. Blue lotus tea is one of the most popular teas that is used to cleanse the liver but there is very limited study on that which says it provides antioxidants. 

These compounds help protect the body from diseases, toxins, cell damage and also help prevent major problems such as cancer. Blue lotus tea helps with Alzheimer’s disease, liver toxins, which is why it is so good for detoxifying the body.

People often think of the liver as a small, pink organ that is difficult to affect. However, the liver is actually one of the most important organs in the body, and it is responsible for filtering toxins from the blood and ensuring that the body’s cells function properly.

One way to support a healthy liver is by drinking blue lotus tea but there are many other ways which can be considered due to the lotus tea limited study. 

If you really want to detoxify your liver then start eating more Dark leafy greens that is the best way to protect your liver as well as your body cells from malfunction.

Where to buy blue lotus tea?

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How to make blue lotus tea?

It’s simple to make the ideal cup of blue lotus tea. Simply bring some water to a boil, add 4–5 grams of blue lotus flower tea, and let it to steep.

Use a tea strainer to ensure that there are no tea flowers in your beverage. Since leaf tea is prepared with milk in the same manner, you may also add sugar to make it more palatable.

Only water and the tea itself are required for preparation, exactly as with green tea. Therefore, making blue lotus tea is simple and takes just 5-8 minutes. It’s OK to have tea both in the morning and at night, but only once each day.

How long does blue lotus stay in your system?

Blue lotus remains in the body for 1-2 days. This timeframe depends on body weight, metabolism, and other factors.

Your metabolism, Blue Lotus usage, and other medicines or treatments affect how long Blue Lotus lingers in your system. Blue Lotus alkaloids can persist in the body for 3 days after intake.

Alkaloids may take 10 days to leave the body. Before using Blue Lotus, consult your doctor because it may interfere with other medications.

Nymphaea Caerulea, or blue lotus, flower tea is caffeine-free. Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic medicine have utilized this aromatic and relaxing tea for ages.

Blue lotus tea relieves tension, anxiety, and sleeplessness due to its moderate sedative and soothing properties. It also treats fever, intestinal disorders, and discomfort.

Blue lotus tea smells and tastes delicious. It is commonly served hot or cold with honey or other sweets. Though moderate, some individuals find it bitter.

Health food stores and internet retailers sell loose-leaf or capsule blue lotus tea. It can be brewed from dried flowers. Blue lotus tea is a terrific addition to any tea lover’s closet when prepared properly.

I was delighted to sample the blue lotus tea I bought from the local tea shop. I wanted to see if it lived up to my friends’ hype.

I knew I was in for a surprise as I opened the package and smelled the fragrant tea. Before drinking, I immediately made the tea and let it brew. Citrus and aromatic flowers flavored the gentle, sweet taste. Blue lotus tea was worth the hype when I tried it and felt instantly calm.

Blue Lotus spiritual benefits

Blue Lotus has been used spiritually and medicinally for millennia. The Flower of Intuitive Ascension symbolizes rebirth, purity, enlightenment, and vitality across Asia. Blue Lotus blossoms calm and excite the senses.

The Blue Lotus symbolizes death, rebirth, and sunlight spiritually. The spiritual road to enlightenment is compared to this precious plant’s trek from muddy water to the surface.

Spirit triumphs over intellect, understanding, and knowledge in the Blue Lotus. The Buddhist Blue Lotus is constantly half open, symbolizing the spirit’s boundless potential.

Blue Lotus has several health advantages. It relaxes and calms. Meditation, stress, and exhilaration are also attributed to the flower. Blue Lotus improves circulation, making it an aphrodisiac.

Perfumes, soaps, and candles employ the flower. Aromatherapy uses Blue Lotus flower essential oil to relax.

Blue Lotus is a fascinating plant with spiritual and therapeutic advantages. Its unusual characteristics make it a sought-after component in many goods, and its symbolic of enlightenment and rebirth inspires many spiritual seekers.

Final thoughts

I hope you appreciate our article about blue lotus tea benefits and its side effects. The Blue lotus tea is helpful for various problems including depression, relaxation and it can make an individual life more healthy.

It consist of antioxidants in it diminish cellulite. If you like to read more such articles check below.

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