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White Lotus Flower Meaning – Spiritual, Definition, Significance, Symbol

If you are searching for white lotus flower meaning before that, let me tell you the lotus are one of the charming beauty blooms on earth & they also tell us about life and how to overcome the problems, with that they have a unique way to grow on the bad water. Everything I will discuss below but now let’s find out what is the meaning of white flower?

White Lotus Flower Meaning

White lotus flower meaning – White Lotus Flower symbolize Purity, simplicity, innocence and beauty. White flower color also represents enlightenment to the spiritual path, honor, faith & honesty. These lotus flowers are attractive enough to impress anyone & they are even used in various arrangements. 

Particularly the white lotus flower is associated with virgin Mary & while its bouquets are used in ancient times to express feelings for loved ones or partners. These are the pure flowers having links in many cultures and religions. White flowers are generally used for weddings functions and sometimes it means something that shows cleanliness.

Buddhist also associated white lotus flower to spiritual perfection, enlightenment, and awareness about the surroundings. Also the white lotus represents the Buddhist goddess Tara.

If you ever noticed the sitting position of Buddha, you will find that the position is similar to how white lotus flowers bloom. 

Many of the Buddhist believe that the white lotus flower has 8 petals which can also be associated with the steps of the noble eightfold path – right concentration, right understanding, right livelihood, right mindfulness, right speech, right thought, right effort, right action.

There are many beliefs and most are similar to each other like they do. It represents that with good teaching, a person can be aware of spiritual path, awareness, and connect with the heart.

What Does the White Lotus Represent?

White Lotus flower colors have different meanings. For instance Blue color symbolizes confidence, desire, serenity and intimacy. While the lotus purple color represents creativity, royalty, power. The most common lotus flower color is white that is often tells about purity and beauty because how they grow in muddy water and still blooms without getting dirt. That shows the beauty and strength of the lotus plant.

Lotus flower always has its roots in dirty, muddy water but the flower itself grows above the water which makes everyone feel inspired. Those white petals don’t get dirty and bloom again and again every growing season. They require a lot of water as they are water friendly plants.

In Many Religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, the white lotus has significance mentioned in beliefs and texts. While the plant also motivates this generation that don’t like hard work and uses excuses to leave work, the lotus flower emerges from the stinky water and able to grow and bloom with same purity tells about life’s hardships and how we can handle or overcome the problems in life and emerges as a better person.

White lotus flower spiritual meaning

Spiritual Meaning of White Lotus Flowers
Haha169, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

White lotus flower spiritual meaning includes purity, fertility, enlightenment to the path, beauty and purity of mind and soul. It is one of the popular flowers in the spiritual world and the arrangement of white petals of lotus can be given to gods. 

Below are the meaning in different religions:

White Lotus Flower Meaning in Hinduism

In Hinduism, the white lotus is a very special flower that represents a person’s ability to know himself & be aware of how the souls evolve. How White lotus flower detaches itself from the muddy water still blooms pure the same way a person’s life is to not attach to the temporary things in the physical world.

There are many gods which are either sitting on the lotus flower or standing on it like lakshmi mata, saraswati mata and vishnu bhagwan. 

Goddess Lakshmi is a god of wealth and good fortune, those who have a picture or photo frame of goddess lakshmi may get a positive impact on their wealth. She is also the wife of God Vishnu who has many incarnations in the physical world and goddess lakshmi always appears in different forms to be with him.

Goddess Saraswati is the God of learning, knowledge, music, etc. She has 4 hands that represent the human’s personality on how they are – ego, mind, alertness and intellect.

White Lotus Flower Meaning in Christianity

In Christianity, the white lotus flower represents purity, rebirth and reincarnation of Christ. Similar to Lotus flower, the white lily is associated with a similar meaning. The white lotus do Represents the Mary, the mother of god in the holy book of the bible. She is associated with kindness, purity and virginity. 

White Lotus Flower Meaning in Buddhism

The white color in every flower is meant for a special meaning, the same way the white lotus flower in Buddhism has teaching and symbolism just like the flower has in different religions and cultures.

In Buddhism, the white lotus flower symbolizes the pureness of the inner soul, mind and body. Many of the Buddhists believe that for every human being it is important to realize how suffering is in this existence, that way spiritually they can reach the path of enlightenment. When One Suffers they understand how human society works and they get aware of every aspect of life. This also includes happiness, sadness, ego, anger etc. Without experiencing the normal life of suffering, one cannot reach the ultimate goal of life which is the path of spiritual enlightenment.


What does white lotus mean in Chinese?

In Chinese, the white lotus means purity of heart & mind. Lotus flower also represents goodness of soul, decency, honesty while a character called “white lotus” is someone who is pure from its appearance, kind, hearts and perfect & would not harm you. They do not pose any threat and are pure & Kind.

Buddhist in China believe that the white lotus symbolizes purity of mind, heart to reach the ultimate enlightenment. They believe that if one can reach the spiritual path or end goal one can be aware of suffering, happiness and every aspect of human being to reach to the final path. 

Ancient History of the White Lotus Flowers

Found its meaning in different cultures, the white lotus flower  is special and popular among all other colors of lotus flowers. In ancient history they are present in cave walls in a writing of Egyptian hieroglyphs.

It represents the afterlife, rebirth, resurrection, transformation, beauty and much more. The culture at that time also saw the association of Ra, The Sun God and the lotus flower. 

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