China doll Plant Leaves Turning Brown

China doll plant (Radermachera Sinica) is a great houseplant with huge tolerance strength on warm days, It also looks beautiful & can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Home to Taiwan and China, this subtropical plant is popular because of its green leaves which are finely divided and make it look more graceful. With Uneven care you may find china doll plant leaves turning brown or maybe it getting sticky. Read the instruction below to find out how to solve this problem.

China Doll Plant Leaves turning Brown? There are many reasons if the whole leaves have been affected. Other plants if their leaf tips get brown then you may be giving it less water but in case of China Doll plant leaves turning brown one such reason is over watering which is causing this problem. When they are placed in Direct sunlight it needs good amount of water but if you keep on misting it or pouring water and don’t wait for water to dry up this will cause root rot in future. The leaves are just an indication if the plant is getting too much of anything. Always check soil 1-2 inch for moist , only if it’s dry then give water.

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Other reasons:

Water is not reaching to roots – In this case you may need to replant it in a new container or use a good well drained potting mix. You can also put water on the roots base.

Roots are rooted heavily – If you keep on flooding water on plants and the soil is unable to drain water properly then this problem may occur. To solve this Reduce watering and trim damaged roots then it will recover on its own. 

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Radermachera sinica ( China doll plant leaves turning brown)
Tatters ❀ from Brisbane, Australia, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

China Doll Plant Sticky leaves

China doll may see this when it has pest infestation. Most probably china doll plants get sticky leaves because of scales ,tiny insects which keep on curling on the plant , suck sap portion and leave sticky honeydew. If this keeps on getting on your plant and each of the parts it gets on will be dried out eventually your plant will die. To get rid of this you can use insecticidal soap. If the whole leaf or stem has affected then  remove that as it may not grow anymore. Either you use some insecticide or clean the plant leaves more often to properly solve this problem.

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