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Gladiolus Flower And Meaning, Symbolism, Strength, Colors

Gladiolus Flower

The gladiolus flower are easy to grow, that’s why they are popular and grown all over the world. It has all the major color blossoms that makes it more likely to be grown in the garden and it makes the land more fuller, beautiful and gorgeous. There are various colors of gladiolus which have some unknown hidden meaning that we will decode one by one.

Gladiolus flower meaning

Red Lotus Flower Meaning
Red Lotus Flower Meaning

Gladiolus flower is a symbol of integrity, faithfulness, values and strength. Generally the word Gladiolus means Sword and it is associated with ethics, honesty, principles truthfulness. There are different gladiolus flowers each containing individual, mixed meanings about the flower color. It’s an august birth flower known as the sword lily, same as poppy, both are popular and wonderfully growing flowering plants. Gladiolus also represents admiration, strong values.

These gladiolus flower words are derived from xiphos, a greek word & they denote this flower as xiphium which means sword, same meaning just like the Latin word gladius have which is sword. Once you look at the structure of the flower plant it looks like a colorful sword.

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Gladiolus flower has multiple meanings like it shows strength, hope, strong character and remembrance. There are other means depending on the type of flower. Gladiolus symbolize:

  • Integrity
  • ethics
  • honesty
  • values
  • Honor
  • Faithfulness

gladiolus flower meaning

Gladiolus flower meaning Strength

Gladiolus flower meaning strength is symbol of ancient roman history where the solders fight to win. Whoever wins, gets the gladiolus flower as a symbol of strength, courage and victory. gladiolus also means power and integrity and their are different glad’s present which has some other meaning. Each gladiolus has some meaning like purple shows grace and beauty while red gladiolus is a symbol of deep feeling and love. Ultimately the gladiolus flower is about strength and it looks purely graceful.

Gladiolus flower meaning Strength

Spiritual meaning of gladiolus is faithfulness, integrity, strength, fondness, trustworthiness. The gladiolus has various meanings depending on the flower color, if it’s purple it is associated with beauty and elegance while red shows deep feelings, love and passion. It is symbol of honor, high-mindedness and decorum.

The Gladiolus flower is a symbol of strength, decency, uprightness, integrity and truthfulness. Glad’s meaning is associated with power, passion and Winning. Gladiolus has many meanings that differ by flower color; one such meaning is about recollection & remembrance.

There is no specific flower which has meaning strength while the overall blossom has meaning is strength, power.

Not only glads there are many flowers which represents strength and the word strength is used for every aspect eg. for love, for mental stability, for muscle power, for desire and much more.

Some flowers that symbolize strength are:

  • Camassia
  • Aquilegia
  • Cistus
  • Amsonia
  • allium
  • phacelia
  • Epimedium
  • Valeriana
  • Antirrhinum

Gladiolus comes in different colors and the bouquet is beautifully prepared with all those colors or one of those. It is used for gifting purposes as well as in flower decorations. The yellow, pink, purple, white are the most famous flowers that you might see on any occasion.

These glands are perennial plants meaning it can tolerate winters and can grow many years, while in some regions with 10-30 degree F temperature the plant may not handle the frost and die. To solve this problem it is being kept to protect its bulbs. They can be planted back next season. 

This flower comes from the Iridaceae family with over 250 species. They are old and special flowers because they were worn by the Roman soldiers in wars. That’s why it is a symbol of strength.

Gladiolus Flower Meaning colors

Meanings of Gladiolus flower color including green, white, yellow, red, pink and purple are different. The Red gladiolus symbolizes passionate love and romance while yellow color symbolizes happiness, joy and cheerfulness. Pink gladiolus represents condolence, femaleness, motherhood while purple represents beauty, boon, virtue and gracefulness. They are easy to grow and care for so anyone can grow them in their garden. I personally have 3 varieties that look amazing with each other if I create a bouquet out of it.

Gladiolus Flower Meaning colors

Below I have described most popular gladiolus flower colors meanings:

Purple gladiolus flower meaning

Purple gladiolus flower symbolize beauty, grace, glamour, elegance and nobility. Purple flower also means creativity, pride, ambition, luxury and mystery.

Purple is made from 2 different colors including so it does get the similarity from red and blue. Stability, consistency from blue while red color is about love, power and energy.

Gladiolus flowers that are purple, if you are someone who likes these blooms your personality is like a dreamer, creative person. With that kind of person who is also supportive to people, you have good understanding the same way you can be arrogant and emotional at the same time in some ways. You can easily connect with spirituality, & you can be a mysterious person who doesn’t share things with just anyone.  

The work that interests you is about helping those who need it. You are someone who is perfect but still you need a back support so that every harsh thing comes in your way that can be handled and you can perfect it afterwards.

purple gladiolus

White gladiolus flower meaning

White gladiolus flower symbolize purity, modesty, or state of being morally pure. white flowers meaning is more associated with spirituality, goodness, freshness, uncorrupted, taintless.

Combinations of white flowers are used in functions, religious festivals and various programs where it is used to denote purity.

Even in marriages white is a fresh color that is clean and looks great on the bride. White spiritually means positivity and good well.

People who like white gladiolus flowers are open, have clarity in mind and hope that every good thing happens with time. White color is more pure from inside, even people who are fond of this color are living. You get bored easily, sometimes feel empty but the good thing is you are perfect with your life. You think beyond what people generally didn’t want to think that’s why you are unique.

white gladiolus

Red gladiolus flower meaning

red gladiolus flower

Red gladiolus flower symbolize love, life, romance, passionate feeling, deep thoughts. The red gladiolus flowers are used as gifts on special days like anniversaries or on valentines to impress the other person who she/he loves.

Red is the most powerful color, as our blood flows in our body same way the life force runs whether it is because of the love or passion about somethings or someone.

Red gladiolus flower is also associated with sensitivity, joy, friendship and courage.

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These plants are great looking, but need to be protected by the harsh frost. I have seen many people who live in colder regions have to dig up the corms(it’s like rhizomes of these flowers). The Foliage dies in early winters and most of us have time to save the red gladiolus from the cold. 

Gladiolus are used as bouquets in marriages and various other functions that are needed in flowering decoration or gifts.

Gladioli likes full sun so placing them in an area full of sunlight would appreciate their growth. My friends has planted glads in 5*5 corner of its garden. The area gets 12 hours of light and watching these flowers blooms in summer is magical. He uses well draining and fertile soil for gladiolus flowers. I even take corms from his garden so i can plant them in next spring. It takes 70-90 days for a red gladiolus to bloom, and each variety has different time and growth. Also if the area doesn’t get proper sun your plants would take time to grow and bloom. You may also see less blooms compared to what I see how beautiful these glads blooms.

Scientific Name  Gladiolus italicus
Family Iridaceae
Other Names   Sword Lily, Glads
USDA Hardiness Zone     8-11
Type  Perennial Plants
Native   Tropica and South Africa, Europe and Asia
Bloom Season  Summer
Soil   Well Draining
Fertiliser  Liquid Based 
Light Requirement  Full Sun
Toxicity Poisonous to Cats, dogs acc. to ASPCA


Blue gladiolus flower meaning

blue gladiolus flower

Blue gladiolus flower symbolize love, desire, togetherness, hope and many other things. Blue also means beauty, affection, love. There are different meaning of blue gladiolus one such is hope.

Blue is a wonderful color and may represent impossible, secret, mystery and so on.  

People who like the blue gladiolus flower have a personality including that they can be trusted and loyal, even given responsibility for a task they can do better than many other people. They have a peaceful, relaxed mind that’s why they can perform any commitment in the early days. These people can be easily predictable and have conservative thoughts but once they are on a task they will do it with all honesty.

When I see blue color, even in flower like gladiolus you can instantly know that’s the blue color because we all see open sky daily and this tells about the true meaning of blue which is the people who likes this color are open, inspirational, great thinker and want to live their life freely and don’t need others to tell what to do.

Yellow gladiolus flower meaning

Yellow gladiolus flower symbolize happiness, gladness, delight and joy. It also means spreading positivity, bonding, friendship, brotherhood.

If you have these flowers then it may increase the positive vines around the corner because these colors are not only eye-catching but it spreads more smooth, relaxing energy. These yellow glad’s are best for gifting and look amazing.

People who like yellow gladiolus flowers are creative, intelligent and can be someone who is happy most of the time, even spreading happiness. They are the most positive, original personalities and they are good at communication as well. When I said You can be intelligent means you may have a sharp memory and have the ability to communicate with others without getting shy. You may also have fear of betrayal from friend so that why sometimes it makes you more conservative.

But don’t worry, the lives of these people are more cheerful and fun. That’s why negativity doesn’t exist very often in your life. If you find the love of your life cheated on you, it makes you heartbroken and jealous if she goes to someone else. still you can comfort and move forward in your life after sometimes so don’t worry.

yellow gladiolus

Orange gladiolus flower meaning

Orange gladiolus flower

Orange gladiolus flower symbolizes enthusiasm, passion, emotions and excitement as these are bright, colorful, eye-catching orange blossoms that are common in many cultures.

It also means pride, warmth, happiness as it is one of the lucky flower colors that spreads positivity.

You may find many flowering plants that are similar to orange gladiolus flowers and they resemble the same shape and even the meaning of those flowers is the same.

These orange gladiolus flowers bloom in summer mainly in July until they feel the winter cold. If you have a garden full of gladiolus then you can expect to see many flower blooms till frost. 

When They are provided with a good light location the plants will feel more happy and that will help them to bloom early and show those orange vibrant colors. They need to be put about 2-4 inches deeper because the bulb or corms get bigger with time. I would suggest planting it 4 inch deeper. They also need space for 5-8 inches for corms to grow. These corms or bulbs are also used after the flowers die back in winter. Corms are protected for next seasons so they are also important. Some people think that now the plant will not grow. Let’s dig and clean the garden soil. But now they can grow in warmer regions easily without digging up but when there is too cold a climate it needs to be given care for protection from frost.


Gladiolus Flower Meaning Tattoos

Gladiolus Flower Meaning Tattoos

Gladiolus flower tattoos is a symbol of grace, self confidence, integrity, honesty, strength and elegance. Gladiolus tattoo also represents victory in ancient roman history where only those who won the battle gets a gladiolus flower which also shows the soldier’s strength and intelligence. Gladiolus are beautiful flowers and as tattoos they make a good stylish design on the arms, thighs, neck and chest.

It also means classiness, self-confidence. Mainly the gladiolus are amazing when they are tattooed in your arms as it has an overall meaning of strength and integrity.

In some cases it also represents love and passion because its a august flower where those who have anniversary on this month can celebrate it and the other partner can feel special that’s why it also get this meaning of love and deep feeling.

Tattoos are very popular worldwide and this trend is getting bigger day by day as the loved ones start to tattoo their chest or neck with the names of their loved ones. Some people who are more into flower design and want something unique printed into their body may find gladiolus flowers more appealing to be tattooed on. 

Some people who are confident in their life, or some who are elegant while many who are strong, full of strength have tattooed these flowers into their body parts, mostly in their arms.

Gladiolus Flower Meaning in hindi

Gladiolus Flower Meaning in Hindi is a plant that has a flowery appearance. By definition the gladiolus belongs to the south african region and has funnel shaped flowers. It has been very popular in Europe and America with their sword-like gladiate foliage. They also have bulbous roots & bright colored flowers that are so beautiful and they often show strength and remembrance of people who are no longer with them.

Gladiolus Flower Meaning in bengali

Similar to Hindi, Gladiolus flower bengali meaning is a plant with flowery growth. It is pronounced as glaDiyolas or “Ek phuladar paudha”. Belongs to South Africa they have unique sword-shaped foliage, why where they get the name gladiolus which also means sword. But history tells us something else: that gladiators fight and whoever wins gets a flower called gladiolus as a symbol of strength and courage.

Gladiolus Flower Meaning in Marathi, Kannada, Punjabi, Tamil

Gladiolus flowers in most languages are called the same but the accent changes with every language. The meaning is the same in each language : the flowery plant. The beautiful languages such as Marathi, Kannada, Punjabi and Tamil all are unique in their own and people are so nice to each other as well. 

August Gladiolus Flower Meaning

August Gladiolus Flower Meaning

Gladiolus is the birth flower of August month means giving these august glad’s in this month would make your partner more special. It symbolizes that you care for your love. This flower also means romance, love and bond, friendship and togetherness.

Babies that are born in August have great sense, they have strong desires, leadership qualities, confidence and truthful. Gladiolus flowers are of august birth and people who are born are also special just like these blooms are.

One fact that I remember is that these flowers were used by Roman soldiers and they wore them near the neck. according to NIH.gov gladiolus dalenii bulbs are anti fungal and used in big disease.

Gladiolus is also known by the name sword lily because of the appearance and shape of it. There are many different colors of glads flower and each holds some meaning like white one represents innocence while the purple shows grace, red always has connection with love. Pink and yellow gladiolus are associated with compassion and joy. 

Also those who are born in August may have the zodiac sign of leo and virgos. Leo are generally those who are born on dates from 1 August to 22nd of fall meaning Sept while the Virgoes that are born between 23 of august to 31 of sept. leos are generally very ambitious while the virgos are more faithful and moody.

Types of gladiolus flower

There are 250+ species(types) of gladiolus plant, most are very similar to each other in appearance while caring is the same for all. There are different colors of gladiolus. I will tell you about the 4 varieties that I know and are popular with petal colors.

Types of gladiolus flower


These flowers have purplish blooms and you can expect it to grow over 4 feet tall. If you have these plants then you know it blooms mostly in summer every year and prefers only full sun but some also grow flora gladiolus in partial shade. You can grow these in well draining and fertile soil for good deep purple blossoms.


Elvira plants have pink blossoms and they can grow over 25 inches tall. They also like to grow in well draining soil and it blooms in early summers that’s why it requires full soil so if you are interested in adding a flowering plant that is pink to red then only grow it in gardens with good light. These plants have multiple flowers per stem so it’s great to see more blooms in the overall plant.


This gladiolus variety has yellow flowers that have 3-5 petals and they grow 5 feet tall in height. These yellow flowers bloom in late summers after getting full sun at the start of spring to summer. They are hardy to most zones from 2 to 10 so you can grow them easily without checking the climate and environmental conditions. When they bloom you can expect the flowers to stay healthy for 3-4 weeks after that it might get pale and drop.


These flowers are in white color and the uniqueness of this plant is when they bloom the stem has over 12 blooms means more flowers. You can see the blooms in summer months for 2-3 weeks and when this happens it also attracts various flies like butterflies and some birds. The height of the Alaskan gladiolus flower is over 4 feet and they look elegant with white petals.

Gladiolus flower Care

Gladiolus plants are easy to care for and have minimal requirements in terms but yes it needs water to grow. So you should keep the soil moist, always in check. here are some basic care tips you will need when growing gladiolus.


Gladiolus flowers grow in partial to full sun but if you want it to grow and produce bright colours then give them proper sunlight. You can grow these flower plants in garden containers but only keep them in sunlight.


They absolutely need more water and have high watering requirements. If you want to know when to water gladiolus you can see the soil dryness if it’s fully dry then give water. When they are in moist soil it is perfect for the plant. In Summer months these plants require more water to fulfil all requirements. For Container check the soil for 1 inch if it’s dry then give water else don’t.  These plants mostly bloom in summer so it will surely need sufficient water on those so be attentive and give water daily or timely in summer.


Gladiolus plants are grown in well drained soil, also you can use a potting mix that has compost, perlite it will enhance the drainage and also helps in providing good health to plants. 


Use any fertilizer made for flowers or blooming that will help its growth and stability with climate. I recommend this bloom booster plant food by miracle-gro. Read all instructions and it is given in summer months when our gladiolus grows. 

Final words

I hope you get the answer on “gladiolus flower meaning” and if you like to read more articles check below.

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