Calla Lily Flower – What Is the Meaning & Its Symbolism

Many individuals worldwide love calla lilies. This southern African flower is utilized for many occasions. Calla lilies bring significance to weddings and funerals. We’ll talk about calla lily meaning, significance and uses in this article.

What does a calla lily symbolize?

Calla lilies have a deep symbolic past and it symbolize life and death. Ancient Greeks believed calla lilies are associated with great beauty. A baby Hercules story inspired this genesis. The calla lily now symbolizes purity, sanctity, beauty, fidelity and innocence, returning to its religious importance.  They signify rebirth and fresh beginnings in many cultures, making them ideal for weddings and other new beginning celebrations.

Its trumpet-shaped bloom and long stems are ideal for towering, dramatic centerpieces and wedding bouquets.

Calla lilies symbolize perfection. Calla lilies symbolize feminine beauty in the Victorian Language of Flowers. The Greek term for beauty, “calla,” describes the flower’s beauty.

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Calla lilies have a fascinating mythology. Minoans and Hebrews revered it. Several civilizations have used the flower to symbolize beauty and perfection.

Christian calla lilies symbolize rebirth and resurrection. Millions of Christians worldwide associate the flower with Jesus Christ’s resurrection and the Virgin Mary. Funerals and other celebrations of new beginnings often include the calla lily, which symbolizes rebirth and vitality.

Calla Lily Meaning

Calla lily (Zantedeschia aethiopica) meaning represents life, fertility, rebirth and revival. Spiritually, Calla lily Flowers represents beauty in Greek & are often symbolic with Christ’s resurrection. The blooms are used in flowering arrangements and bouquet form. There is correlation of calla lily flower with Easter as they bloom at the same time of the year. Also Virgin Mary does characterize holding these beautify calla lily flowers.

Calla lilies represents rebirth, beauty, purity and resurrection. Lilies have religious significance and it is used in funerals for departed souls but also used in wedding bouquets to bless the newly weds. So Yes it tells about the 2 sides of the world, one is happiness and the other is when a soul is finally free from this world and receives innocence.

These flowers are so beautiful and mesmerizing that made goddess Venus jealous. So she cursed those lily blooms which resulted in a yellow pistil(thick pencil-like structure) inside the bloom.

This spike in middle of the bloom means true flowers while the outside layer which has blooms are a type of leaf and they both represents calla lily as one flower.

This story has a calla lily meaning associated with lust, closeness, sexuality, inner desire. but for the most part calla lilies do have white colors which represent purity, fresh start, goodness, virtue, righteousness, holiness and faith.

Calla lily Symbolism is associated with death and it is used in many funeral services. These white lilies meant purity, holiness but it also provided sympathy to one another. These calla lilies express condolence, warm-heartedness and its flowers used in funeral arrangements. White lily represents honesty, purity and genuineness while the yellow lily tells about tribute, gratification and acknowledgment.

Calla lily Flower Meaning
Calla lily Flower Meaning


About Calla lily :

Family  Araceae
Scientific Name  Zantedeschia aethiopica
Native South Africa and Southern Africa
Other Names   Arum lily, Calla lily
Plant Type  Flowering plant/ Rhizome based
Hardiness zone  3 to 10
Bloom Time Summers
Height  1-3 feet(19-36 inches)
Width 1-2 feet(12-24 inches)
Soil   Well draining
Light Requirement  Full Sun to Partial
Fertilizer  Liquid based
Uses  For flowering Purposes
Growth Rate  Slow growing
Flower Colors White, Yellow, coral, pink, violet

Calla lily Colors

Calla lily flower colors including purple, white, pink, orange, yellow, red, and darkish purple. All these calla lily flower blooms have different names, it’s just another variety of calla lilies with different colored flowers in its petals.

Mostly you may find yellow and white varieties of calla lily color but there are many of these varieties available in the online market. These different colors are only came out in summers so you really want to purchase then try in warmer season.

Calla lily color means purity, innocence, new growth, freshness, faith, goodwill and much more when we talk about white calla lilies. The yellow calla variety has different meanings like it spreads positivity, happiness and smiles.

Orange calla lily meaning

Orange calla lilies (Fire Dancer Calla Lily) symbolize determination, creativity, cheerfulness and happiness. It’s quite a joyful color made from red and yellow, and it holds the quality of both these colors like red for energy and desire and yellow for happiness and loyalties. It is a rare color but very gorgeous.

Red calla lily meaning

Red calla lily (Red Alert Calla Lily) symbolize anger as the negative side but for the positive side it also means love, passion, desire and courage. Red desire calla lily is a strong color and shows confidence and powerful energy.

Yes It is associated with desire but also showcases the danger, aggression and violence. Did you see the traffic lights? It always has a red color to show the sign that you need to stop, otherwise it is bad for you as well as other people. But Most probably in valentines red calla lilies means Love and desire. 

Red calla lilies have one of the vibrant colors that gets attention because of the heavy shades of red. People who like the red lilies can be emotional, they want attention even if no one wants to see them. Red color in a positive way meant for confidence, excitement, vitality. In a negative sense red calla can be used to show anger, dominance, aggression and a sign of danger. 

Red callas are also one of the powerful callas that gets most eyes because of its look but it spreads strong and impression energy to people who want to boost their morale.  If you talk about the color itself it is sometimes used as a sign of danger or its meaning can be revenue or aggression.

White calla lily meaning

White calla lily (White Florist Calla Lily) symbolize purity, goodness and morality. Calla lily white flower wore by angels and brides as it shows perfection as well as beauty. It is also believed to calla represent cleanliness, simplicity, and pureness. The Calla that is perfect with its look and has untainted by any dark spots. 

White calla lilies are famous for their beauty the same way it is popular because it holds the meaning of purity, goodness and clarity. These blooms are known for their perfection, innocence and cleanliness as per their means.  If a person likes these white calla lilies, they are good from the heart, and they provide hope to others and make their mind clear on thoughts.

White of often a color of pureness, It is not an dirty but opposite of darkness. It always spreads purity and makes the surroundings good enough for others to live.

Pink lily flower meaning

Pink lily flower (Orienpet lilies) symbolizes love and romance. It also represents the good side of the world and it doesn’t showcase any bad, ugly, dark side of the globe. Pink lilies also show feminine and kindness and simplicity. Pink flowers also tell about good health, understanding and friendship.

Purple calla lily meaning

purple calla lily (‘Night Cap’ Zantedeschia) symbolize spirituality, mystery, power, brilliance, practicality. These lilies also represent divine, mysticism, supernatural, royalty. Purple calla lily is a symbol of luxury and wisdom while it is also great for taking thoughtful decisions in life. These calla’s are eye-catching and beautiful that anyone wants to take home. The color is also used for showing pride and devotion.

Yellow calla lily meaning

Yellow calla lily (‘Golden’ Zantedeschia) is a symbol of positive, joyful, blissful energy, hope and creativity. It is also associated with loyalty and enlightenment, this is the sun color so it grabs everyone’s attention.  Yellow calla lilies are the symbol of friendship , joy, happiness and goodness.

Yellow calla lilies are more like a happy bloom and the color itself describes it as something which spreads positivity, happiness, joy, goodness and optimism. People who like yellow calla lilies are joyful, original and enthusiastic. When it comes to the color yellow it is something that highlights or creates attention to a specific word or para.

In a negative sense, a yellow color can be a sign of cowardice, betrayal and fear. People with yellow are more impatient, non co operable and they just want the work done immediately.

In a positive sense, yellow is the color of freshness, clarity, honor, loyalty, enlightenment, intellect, joy, happiness, positivity, and much more.

Black calla lily meaning

Black calla lilies (Arum palaestinum) symbolizes darkness, mystery, power, and authority. Black color often associated with mystery, power, and refinement. The delicate shape and structure of the calla lily creates a beautiful and mysterious flower. Black calla lilies have a velvety, mysterious appearance. Black symbolizes power, perseverance, and rebirth.

Black calla lilies are beautiful and have cultural importance across the globe. Black calla lilies symbolize death and sadness in some cultures, but resurrection and rebirth in others. In Greek mythology, Hera created the calla lily, which symbolized beauty.

Black calla lilies are rare despite their beauty. As they are more sensitive to sunshine and water than their white cousins, they need extra care to survive. Due to their rarity and cultivation needs, they cost extra.

The black calla lily has an interesting history and cultural importance. Weddings, special occasions, and floral arrangements use it because of its beauty and meaning. The black calla lily will wow you with its elegance, mystery, or symbolism.

What is the spiritual meaning of yellow calla lily?

Spiritual meaning of yellow calla lilies represent thankfulness. Yellow calla lilies symbolize pleasure, optimism, and joy. It symbolizes gratitude for life’s blessings.

Pink calla lilies symbolize passion, love, and admiration. They’re commonly offered as tokens of appreciation. Pink flowers are presented to ladies because they symbolize femininity and love.

Purple calla lilies symbolize majesty, loyalty, wisdom, and adoration. Purple flowers are offered to respected or esteemed people because they symbolize power, richness, and refinement.

Calla lilies have spiritual connotations beyond their hues. Calla lilies may represent serenity, purity, and death in dreams. Religious rituals commonly include white calla lilies, which symbolize fidelity, innocence, and sanctity.

Finally, calla lilies symbolize rebirth and resurrection. This symbolism, typically associated with Christ, symbolizes fresh life and new starts after death.

About Calla lily

Calla lily description: Calla lily has different varieties, each vary in color and some have green leaves with white dots. These lily blooms belong to Zantedeschia genus of Arum Family and they are not considered as true lilies. These calla lily flower become popular with their gorgeous looks and vibrant tube-shape flower with nice and shiny green foliage. They are easy to grow and its bulbs can be kept indoors after it blooms and then it is planted in next spring so these plants are able to produce new calla lily flowers again. They thrive in full sun as well as half shade or partial light source. Only reason calla lily flower are said to be an annual plant is because of frost that does damage the plant but if you protect its bulbs every year it can be grown as a perennial plant.

Calla lily

These flowers look tubular in shape and its top is open just like a flower unfurl. Calla lily flowers like “Acapulco Gold” are bright yellow while “California red” is a deep pink-red mix. There are more flower types in calla lilies that are pink, purple, white and some of these flowers change color from green to white and pink and it’s called “Pink Melody”.

Here are the different types of calla lilies:

  • California Ice Dancer
  • Fire Dancer
  • Pink Melody
  • Night Cap
  • Crystal Blush
  • Green Goddess
  • Acapulco Gold
  • California Red

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If you want to know when do calla lilies bloom, What month, what season, how you can keep them blooming and know how long do they flower. These lily flowers are generally used in anniversaries to give the partner no matter even if they are married for 20 years. Bouquet of calla lily flowers are more popular and it enhances the bride’s beauty in the weddings. 

Mostly Calla lily flower represents symbol of purity and a new path which if we apply it in marriages, then it does tell how pure their relations are and now these 2 souls are actually connected to each other and they will move forward to a new life of becoming a family in years soon.

So You may know about the price of these flowers, it can be sold as $5-7/ stem and it comes as a bundle of 15 – 20stems which you can get around in a range of $50-$90. The most expensive are not calla lilies but those that are popular in all forums which are hydrangeas, peonies and gardenias. 

These plants can grow upto 2-3 feet and they can spread about 1-3 feet wide. Calla Lily needs a good potting mix and you should apply liquid fertilizer in its growing season so that it can produce more colorful flowers.

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The origins of the calla lily

Calla lilies are native to southern Africa, where they grow naturally in damp, marshy areas. Over time, these elegant flowers have become popular in tropical regions around the world, where they are often cultivated as ornamental plants. In addition to their beauty, calla lilies have also been prized for their medicinal properties. For example, in traditional African medicine, the root of the calla lily was used to treat a variety of ailments, including respiratory infections, fever, and inflammation.

Characteristics of the calla lily

Calla lilies have funnel-shaped, white, yellow, or pink blossoms. . Miniature calla lilies are popular for wedding bouquets, and colorful ones may brighten any garden or flower arrangement.

Symbolism and meanings:

Calla lilies have had many metaphorical connotations. The calla lily symbolizes purity and innocence in Victorian England and rebirth and resurrection in Greek mythology. Calla lilies indicate beauty, elegance, and grace today.

Care and maintenance:

Calla lilies need sunshine and well-draining soil. They need humid conditions, so spray them or put them in a tray with stones and water. Overwatering calla lilies may cause root rot. They benefit from periodic balanced fertilization. Spider mites, aphids, and fungal diseases may plague calla lilies, but good care can prevent or cure them.

People Also Ask

Are calla lilies good luck?

Calla lilies are beautiful and symbolic in many cultures. Calla lilies are lucky in many cultures, particularly for newlyweds. White calla lilies symbolize divinity, marital love, and sincere devotion. Weddings and other romantic gatherings favor it because of this.

Feng shui associates calla lilies with sanctity, trust, and purity. Cone-line flowers symbolize youth and rebirth, making them springtime and new beginnings emblems.

Calla lilies may bloom year-round if cared maintained. Its tall stems and trumpet-shaped flowers make them stunning and classy centerpieces.

Calla lilies are beautiful and meaningful in many cultures. They are popular for weddings and other romantic celebrations because they symbolize luck, divinity, and rebirth. Feng shui values them for their holiness, faith, and purity. Calla lilies are elegant and ageless in gardens and vases.

What does calla lily mean for weddings?

Summer and spring weddings favor calla lilies. Flowers symbolize innocence and purity, making them a perfect option for couples expressing love and commitment. Calla lilies have long symbolized marriage and the sixth wedding anniversary.

White calla lilies symbolize mental purity. Winter solstice decorations include calla lilies, which symbolize the bride’s purity. Holidays have been brightened by the flower for ages.

Calla lilies are utilized on Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day as well as weddings. They are exquisite and considerate for special events because of their delicate beauty and meaning.

Calla lilies are popular bridal flowers. For generations, they have symbolized innocence and purity and love and loyalty. Its delicate beauty and versatility make them ideal for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and other festivities.

What happens if you touch a calla lily?

Calla lilies contain calcium oxalate crystals that may cause discomfort, swelling, and poisoning if consumed. When the plant is damaged or injured, these crystals may cause rapid burning, discomfort, and irritation[1]. Eye contact causes discomfort, redness, and corneal damage[2]. Hence, calla lilies should be handled with gloves and not rubbed. Get medical assistance promptly if symptoms emerge.

What birth month is the calla lily?

March birth flowers are Calla Lilies. The Calla Lily symbolizes spring with its bright yellow hue and fresh look.

The Calla Lily, like the daffodil, symbolizes rebirth and fresh beginnings. The Calla Lily is beautiful and elegant, as well as meaningful. The flower’s unusual form and brilliant color make it popular for bouquets and centerpieces.

Calla lilies symbolize purity and sanctity in many civilizations. Religious gatherings and activities favor it due to its spirituality and commitment. Calla Lilies are beautiful and symbolic flowers that may be used in bouquets or religious ceremonies.

Finally, the Calla Lily symbolizes purity, sanctity, and fresh beginnings. It’s a popular springtime flower and March’s birth flower. Its spiritual value and vivid yellow hue make it a popular option for flower arrangements and bouquets.

Calla lily Care

Here are the things you should take care of :

Fertilizer – You may need to give calla lily liquid fertilizer in the growing season so it produces bright healthy flowers.

Light – Calla Lily light requirement includes Full sun to partial light as they can easily tolerate direct sunlight and it helps the plant grow more in direct light then in shade.

Soil – Use any fertile soil which has all the nutrients that a flowering plant needs.

Water- Water calla lily regularly if it’s placed in sunlight and if it is placed in partial light then check soil every time whenever it feels dry. Drying is the sign that it needs water. 

Final thoughts

In conclusion, I hope you get the answer on “Calla lily meaning” and these flower always had meaning and significance. Its symbolic of fresh beginnings, purity, and resurrection makes it ideal for weddings and funerals. The calla lily’s flexibility and grace make it an enduring flower for families throughout.

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