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Peony Flower Meaning, Colors, Symbolism And 12 Facts (uk)

In this article, I will discuss about the Peony Flower Meaning and uses so lets know it one by one.

Peony Flower Meaning symbolizes beauty, honesty, compassion, honor, righteousness, luck, prosperity and romance. Peony flower adds in special occasions such as weddings where it represents good fortune, happy marriage and love. They are used for floral arrangements, bridal bouquets, giving blessings and wishes to the special people. Peony Flower Meaning come from different colors, for example the Pink Peony associated with prosperity and fortune, the same way the Purple, Red and Yellow describe some other meanings.

Peony flower are symbolic of love as well as the idea of a new beginning. They are also often associated with a wedding, symbolizing the bride and groom.

They are also considered to be one of the best flower for a garden. Peony flower are said to be the flower of the soul. The Peony Flower is a symbol of love and beauty, as well as a symbol of new beginnings and goodluck.

About Peony Flower

Peony Flower are beautiful, showy and belong to genus paeonia & family paeoniaceae. Peonies are perennial flowering plants mostly loved by people. Peonies also have different shades of colors including red, yellow, white, purple, and pink.

Peony flower mostly bloom in April to June months and some flower in late springtime. Peony Flower is native to Europe, Asia and north America and they wither in autumn and you should provide special care in winters then again being grown year after year they come back in spring. Peonies are a very popular flower. 

Peony Flower Meaning
Peony Flower Meaning


Peony Flower Meaning

Peony Flower symbolizes beauty, honesty, compassion, honor, righteousness, prosperity and romance. They adds in special occasions such as weddings where it represents good luck, happy marriage and love. They are used for floral arrangements, bridal bouquets, giving blessings and wishes to the special people. Peonies meanings come from different colors, for example the pink peony associated with prosperity and fortune, the same way the purple, red and yellow describe some other meanings.

In Japan, the name for the flower is shokuboku. In ancient Greek mythology, Peonies were the flower of the goddess Demeter, and they later became the flower of the Roman goddess Pomona.

Also the symbolic meaning of a Peony Flower is honor, love, good fortune, healing, beauty and happiness. Peony Flower are traditionally used in weddings, gifting, arrangements, bouquets and decorations.

Peonies represent good luck and prosperity and for the wedding couples, peonies are given as a blessing to have a life full of happiness and love.

In China, many people believe that they are the most beautiful flower because they are kept by the kings or the people who have authority or power.

Peony Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Peonies have long been valued for their beauty and significance. Peony flower meanings include:

  1. Beauty: Peonies are among the most beautiful Flower. They express admiration for someone’s inner and exterior attractiveness.
  2. Integrity: Peonies symbolize honesty. Honest people get them as gifts.
  3. Empathy: Peonies represent compassion. They symbolize empathy and support.
  4. Honor: Peonies signify respect. Achievers get them as gifts.
  5. Righteousness: Peonies symbolize morality. They emphasize morality.
  6. Luck: Peonies are said to bring good fortune. These are commonly presented as a gift to someone beginning a new company or trip.
  7. Peonies symbolize wealth and plenty. They symbolize prosperity and pleasure.
  8. Romance: Peonies symbolize love. They symbolize love, commitment, and passion.

Peony Flowers are a wonderful gift that may express many feelings.

Peony flower colors

Peony Flower color meaning is associated with its petal shades. Lets find out each flower symbolism:

White Peony Flower Meaning

White peony flower meaning

white Peony Flower (Paeonia lactiflora) is a symbol of peacefulness, blissfulness and bashfulness. It also means regret and shyness in a negative sense while in the positive it is associated with purity, faith and innocence. White peonies have the most beautiful shades and it shows a sign of pureness and love.

Sometimes they used to describe sorry when you want to apologize to someone for the mistake you did unintentionally. They are best for spiritual functions and can also be used for the bride to carry a bouquet in weddings. They also show commitment for work and ethics. 

Red Peony Flower Meaning

Red peony flower meaning

Red Peony Flower (Paeonia ‘Red Emperor’) is a symbol of passionate love, abundance, romance, emotions and wealth. They also represent betrayal, sacrifice, and hateful love.

The red shades are used in wedding ceremonies, floral arrangements, gifting and growing in the garden. Peonies are also given to the special one on an official date for your future partner.

They are lucky to have love relationship for the long term. Sometimes they are given as blessing to married couples for their happy life and it is hoped that their life would be full of prosperity, togetherness and love. It is also given to surprise someone special on the birthday or a special ceremony.

Pink Peony Flower Meaning

Pink peony flower meaning

Pink Peony Flower (Paeonia ‘Roselette’) is a symbol of prosperity, romantic love, beauty, full of emotion & caring marriage. Pink also represents romance, warmth, love, harmony, friendship and femininity.

Pink Peony are also used in flower arrangements, weddings and for gifting purposes. The Pink Peony bouquet is the best gift for the newly weds, or for new mothers and all the ladies , relatives that loves the pink color.

They can also be good for those who are trying for an exam, for a job or for a business because Pink Peony flowers are lucky for long term success. As you know successful people seem to have given too much hard work while starting their career or their dream to reach the level that they are now today.

Yellow Peony Flower Meaning

Yellow peony meaning

The yellow peony (Bartzella) is a symbol of happiness, joy, fresh starts, and wealth. They also represent good luck, emotional connection, encouragement and a new beginning.

It can be gifted to people who are just starting a new career, new job, or for parents who have just become a father to a son or daughter.

It shows the moment of happiness and new beginning that gives that motivation in anything that they start new.

For the final year graduates who just finished their graduations this can be a joyful moment for them and now is the time for them to decide what career path they are going for. Buying a new car or new house the Pink Peony Flowers can be for good future and prosperity.

Orange Peony Flower Meaning

Orange peony meaning

The Orange Peony (Peony ‘Mock Orange Yellow’) is a symbol of determination, honor, longevity, creativity and freedom. They also represent healing, balance, enjoyment, warmth and health.

Orange Peonies are considered a better get well soon gift for those who are having health related issues, and also for those people who want encouragement in life such as giving them orange peonies may enhance their creativity level.

They are given to anyone who likes them or has a garden which needs orange flowers. They are best suited in hall, balcony, gardens and lawns. You can use orange peonies with a combination of daisies and poppies.

Blue Peony Flower Meaning

blue peony meaning

Blue Peony (Paeonia ‘Seeing Blue’) is a symbol of calmness, stability, trust and mystery as well. They also represents honesty, bravery, commitment. Blue peony is a color of sea and the sky that is associated with expansion and limitlessness.

Blue is sometimes considered as one of the unique colors that is used to portray beauty and it is also used to show peace and relaxation.

They are the best gift when meeting a friend after a long time because it shows a lifetime friendship. They are used to being gifted to business partners for their business to run long term. They are also given to mark the truth in each other of a couple’s relationships. 

Peony flower used as Bouquets and floral Arrangements

Peony flowers make the best bouquets of different colors and they are used in various functions to decorate the interior and exterior with the petals and flowers of peonies.

They are arranged in such a way that the event becomes a success and the pictures clicked there makes everyone happy and cheerful because that place gets all the appreciation and hips for its beauty.

Peony flower uses

Peonies are commonly used in flower arrangements and flower gardens. They can be used for weddings, for home decor, and as a gift and decoration for gardens and hotels.

Peony flower benefits

White Peony Flower health benefits which scientists are still discovering. These include: anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-stress, anti-oxidant and anti-cancer. And, because peonies require so much less water than other flowers, they can help to preserve the environment.

White Peony Flower are a great natural way to help with depression, insomnia and nervousness. White Peony Flower are great to use when you are feeling low. White Peony Flower can also help you to feel more confident in your own skin and help you to relax.

They are also known for their ability to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Their ability to help with respiration and the circulatory system is unsurpassed. This flower is also known for its ability to improve memory and prevent mental decline.

Peony Flower in Different Culture

Peony flower meaning in Chinese

Peony flower in China is a symbol of beauty, prosperity and capital. They also represent love, desire and good luck. The flowers are mostly held by the emperors, riches and also those who have status and big positions that’s why it’s most considered king of flowers.

Chinese believe that it is one of the beautiful flowers that symbolizes female beauty. Before 1929, the peony was the national flower of China but it was replaced by some other tree. These flowers are used in Chinese new year and some religious functions.

The association with the petals’ colors with richness mostly makes it more important in Chinese culture. Many believe that it can bring prosperity and wealth to the people.

Peony flower meaning Japanese

Peony flowers in Japan are a symbol of honor, good life, resilience, bravery and beauty. It also represents masculinity, feminine beauty that is why it is also titled as the queen of flowers.

Today era, we can see the peony is used in floral arrangements, wedding bouquets and it is given to bless the couples for their happy married life. The colors of peony shows its female beauty while it can be a symbol of nobility.

Peony flower meaning biblical

Peony flowers biblical meaning is a symbol of good life, resurrection and prosperity. In Christianity they represents the Return of Jesus Christ.

It is also associated with wealth, spiritual path, purity feminine beauty, new beginning and compassion. Peony Flower are attractive but they bloom slowly in nature and keep the bloom intact until the fall.

There are more such flowers that describe the biblical symbolism; they are roses, lilies, daisies, etc. Some flowers mean beauty while others link it with the love of god. A lotus is also another flower that is considered sacred and spiritually pure in most religions in the world.

Peony flower meaning tattoo

The peony flower tattoo means love and beauty. The flower tattoo is a design that is often associated with romance and beauty. The peony flower tattoo is typically a unique and personal design. The meaning of the flower tattoo design is also unique and personal.

Some people will get the flower tattoo to symbolize love and beauty in their life. Others will get the flower tattoo as a reminder of a loved one. Some people get the Peony Flower tattoo to highlight their love for gardening.

Peony flower tattoos also symbolize prosperity, richness, wealth, nobility and beauty. Peony tattoo also represents strength, bravery, noble, glory, and honor.

It is also associated with new beginnings or courage and when people take risks in life they become successful and wealthy and their future generation prosper.

In Japan and China, the influence of peony tattoos can be seen with the use of ink to design the tattoo of different flowers that has made it popular.

What does peony mean spiritually?

Peony meaning spiritual indicate a lifelong dedication to spirituality and soul immortality. They symbolize enlightenment, transcendence, and spiritual regeneration in many civilizations. The peony’s delicate beauty and fragrant aroma symbolize life’s fleetingness and the value of cherishing each moment.

Peony hues have significance too. Pink peonies indicate purity, beauty, and angelic attributes, whereas white peonies represent humiliation, shyness, remorse, or apology. Purple peonies symbolize appeal, charm, and profound admiration, while red peonies symbolize passion, desire, and power.

Peonies are also culturally significant. Peonies were holy to Aphrodite in ancient Greece and symbolized love and fertility. The “king of flowers” peony symbolizes riches, prosperity, and dignity in China. Japanese peonies symbolize courage, kindness, and goodwill.

Several methods exist to incorporate peony into spiritual practice. Peony flower essences are infused in water and diluted. To balance energy and cure emotions, consume these essences orally or topically. Peonies’ soft beauty and fragrant scent might help you meditate.

Peonies need sunshine, water, and fertilizers. To avoid illness, they need well-drained soil and air movement. Regular trimming and deadheading help peonies develop and blossom.

Peonies Varieties

The peony flower is a flower from the genus of Paeonia. There are 6 types of peonies: single, semi-double, double, semi-triple, orchids and wild peonies. Wild peonies are not cultivated and are not domesticated, but they grow in the wild.

The peony plant is one of the most beautiful flowers around. It is also one of the most beautiful and popular flowering plants. There are many different types of peonies these days. The plant has been around for more than 5,000 years.

There are also many types of peonies that have been bred by people over the years. The most popular type of peony is the white peony.

This type of peony has large, fragrant flowers with a pure white color. The peony is one of the few flowers that can be bred to be both white and fragrant. The other type of peony is the pink peony.

This type of peony has a pink color with a slightly sweet fragrance. Other types of peonies are the yellow peony, peach peony, and rose peony.

The peach and rose peony have a light yellow color with a slightly sweet fragrance. The yellow peony has a yellow color with a tart, yet sweet fragrance. The pink peony has  a light pink color with a slightly sweet fragrance.

Interesting facts about peony blossoms.

Here are 10 interesting facts about peony blossoms:

  • Peonies are indigenous to China.

Peonies are indigenous to China and have been grown there for more than 1,500 years. They were previously coveted for their beauty and therapeutic qualities, and were seen as a sign of riches and power.

  • Peony blossoms may grow up to three times their original size when they open.

Peony blossoms are tiny and firmly closed when they initially start to open. However, the flowers may expand up to three times their initial size over the course of a few days, exposing layer after layer of petals.

  • Peony plants have a lifespan of more than 100 years.

Peony plants are renowned for their longevity; with the right care, some types may survive for more than 100 years. In China, peony plants have reportedly been flourishing for more than 600 years!

  • Peonies have been cultivated since 1,000 BC.

Peonies have a long and illustrious history that dates as least to 1,000 BC. They were first cultivated for their therapeutic qualities, but over time they have gained popularity as attractive plants.

  • Peonies are the flower for wedding anniversaries that last 12 years.

Peonies are the ideal flower to send for a 12-year wedding anniversary since they are said to symbolise love, passion, and wealth in the language of flowers.

  • Sho yu, which translates as “most beautiful,” is the Chinese word for peony.

Peonies are also known as sho yu in Chinese, which means “most beautiful.” This demonstrates how highly regarded flowers are in Chinese society.

  • Peonies were traditionally thought to have therapeutic properties.

Peonies were first cultivated for their supposed medical qualities, and they were thought to provide a variety of health advantages. Everything from migraines and pains to epilepsy and asthma were all treated with them.

  • In China, there is a city solely devoted to peony.

China’s Henan region has a city called Luoyang that is referred to be the “city of peonies.” The Luoyang Peony Festival, which takes place in the city, draws tourists from all over the globe.

  • Ants in the yard adore peonies

Ants can’t resist the luscious nectar that peony blossoms exude. Others consider it as a natural technique to keep pests away from their plants, while other gardeners see it as a nuisance.

  • There are various superstitions associated with peonies.

If offered as a gift, peonies are regarded in certain cultures as being unlucky. They are regarded as a lucky charm in certain cultures and are said to bring money, joy, and success.


There is no doubting the draw of the peony, regardless of whether you are an expert gardener or just someone who enjoys the beauty of flowers. It is simple to see why peonies have enthralled humans for millennia given their unique history, gorgeous blossoms, and captivating features.


Peony Flower Care

Beautiful peonies come in many hues and forms. They live long and are simple to care for. Peony care instructions:

  • Peonies appreciate autumn or early spring planting. Select a sunny to somewhat shaded spot with well-drained soil. The planting hole should cover the root ball and two inches of soil.
  • Watering: Deeply water peonies once a week, particularly in hot, dry summers. Peonies dislike standing water.
  • Fertilizing peonies is easy. Spring slow-release fertilizer may boost growth and blooming.
  • Mulching: Mulch the plant’s base to preserve moisture and prevent weeds. Avoid mulching plant stems.
  • Pruning: Cut stems to the ground in autumn after the first severe frost. This prevents illness and promotes spring development.
  • Disease and pest control: Peonies are disease-resistant yet sensitive to fungal diseases including botrytis and powdery mildew. Avoid overcrowding and ensure plants have excellent air circulation to avoid these illnesses. Treat disease and pests quickly with fungicides and insecticides.
  • Staking: Unsupported peonies might topple over. Keep stems erect with bamboo stakes or peony rings.

Peonies flourish and bloom year after year with these basic maintenance suggestions.

Peony flower physical appearance

Peonies are gorgeous and come in white, pink, rose, and deep red. Annual stems from succulent rootstocks sustain these huge blooms. The peony’s glossy, split leaves enhance its beauty.

Single, double, or semi-double peony blossoms have fringed or two-toned petals. Modern peony flowers contain more petals than the natural five to ten. The peony’s swollen and grouped stamens and filaments enhance to its beauty.

The peony blossom blooms into two beautiful parts. With its magnificent hues and unusual look, the peony blossom is a natural wonder.

Final thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our article about the peony flowers. Peonies are such a lovely plant to grow and they offer so much in the way of health benefits. Maybe you have been thinking about growing some peonies in your garden or you have some flowers that are still blooming.

These are all great times to start growing some peonies and get in touch with the beautiful flowers they can be. If you like to read more such articles check below.

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