Are Jade plant Toxic to Cats? – Humans, Dogs(Is It Safe)

If you are searching for how poisonous are jade plants or are jade plant toxic to cats, Before that let me tell you this plant symbolizes good luck and provides positive energy in the surroundings. Jade(​Crassula ovata​) is easy to care for and if you protect it from cold weather it can grow for many years. It has oval shaped foliage and jade plant looks like a miniature tree without flowers. This plant is added in Toxic classes and yes it is poisonous to human , there is no particular evidence to this. So move to the question How Poisonous Are Jade Plants?

Are Jade plant Toxic to Cats

Jade plant are poisonous with toxic class 2 and 4 which include Dermatitis and minor toxicity that leads to vomiting, stomach related problem. These Jade can harm less in humans but for Cats, Dogs, Horses after ingesting they feels depressed, lack of coordination, itchy, bad irritation and stomach issues. If your cat and dog eat poisonous jade plant sap or leaf leaf part then visit a pet care center immediately if you see any of these bad symptoms.

I will explain Everything about classes, sources of information, prevention, more symptoms, recovery of cats and how much poisonous jade plants are in reality. Is There a treatment needed or not? 

According to Cornell University website, Jade plant is poisonous to humans and it can affect the intestine activity. They have mentioned that jade plants are toxic but only a major issue that can lead to potential toxicity. 

According to NC State University(Extension Gardener) Jade plant included to make problem for cats, dogs and horses. The toxicity of humans is Low, So no major severity but they have given symptoms that a human can get like vomiting, incoordination and people might feel depressed if ingested. The toxic principle is still unknown and they have mentioned there is no sign of dermatitis.

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Jade Plant Toxic to Cats

But According to University of California(List of Poisonous Garden Plants), The toxic class jade plant included in is 2 and 4 and guess what class 4 is dermatitis, means what NS State website said, they have said opposite to that. 

To get a conclusion- Jade Plant is a Minor Toxicity plant and with symptoms of Dermatitis.

Let me Explain both of these Terms –

  1. Minor toxicity – if anyone including humans, cats can ingest this plant they may see problems like vomiting, illness, diarrhea. No major problem but if you are taking any medicine then you should visit doctors. I suggest that owners of cat,dogs should visit pet care centers. I don’t think you should take any risk if your pet is not feeling good.


  1. Dermatitis – It is simply irritation, redness, itchy feeling on skin and this happens because of thorns, saps or juice that a certain plant has on its stem section or leaves. You can easily get rid of this problem with washing skin with soap and water to get relief.  If the rashes takes much more and irrational exist for many days then visit the poison center don’t risk your life or any pet life.

According to ASPCA, Jade is toxic to all 3 animals including dog , cat, horses and symptoms are very common depression, vomiting etc. Those who didn’t know ASPCA website is non profit organization of Prevention of cruelty to animals and it has lists of all the plants which are toxic and non toxic to human and pet animals. 

Want to know – spiritual meaning of jade plant.


First I Recommend if any serious problem occurs then you should visit the poison center or vet doctor. Other Symptoms like muscle functioning affected, Lack of cooperation, Weakness, Feeling of sleep, Heart Rate may slow down, Uneven feeling, Stomach pain etc.

jade plant and cats

Which Part of Jade Plant is Poisonous

Jade plants all parts are poisonous but most probably its stem or leaves sap. It is very unclear how much is toxic and how much can give minor symptoms only. Every education website and university website doesn’t explain this in detail that makes the confusion bigger so i suggest to place this in a safe place.

Treatment of Jade Plant Toxic

There is no clear medicine to rectify this but your vet doctor will give medicines based on certain symptoms like vomiting. They will suggest a medication to reduce vomiting or to clear the intestinal tract for infection. Activated charcoal cure some issues of stomach and fluid therapy to balance hydration in the body can be done to save the life of your pet cat.

Otherwise treatment can be done in hospital in severe condition and the cat might be admitted to hospital.

Know 7 Amazing Benefits of Jade Plant.

How to save your cat from the jade plant toxicity?

It depends on pets’ own health on how long it will take to recover her from jade plant poisoning. Most cases 24 hours are sufficient and in severe cases you need to watch them what they do and how they behave. Cats will usually start to show symptoms if not then it can recover but in severe cases you should need a vet to diagnose them and treat them according to symptoms.

If you grow jade plants outdoors then watch over the cat for a few minutes, or often check them if they are taking a bite on a plant.

cats are btw intelligent spices so they know what to eat. Many times the owner gives them so much food that they will not eat anything else. They know which bowl has their food. 

generally animals only eat plants until and unless they are actually hungry. I have seen many dogs eating lawn grasses and they don’t get any problems. Some dogs adopt this nature of eating anything from nature.

Also before buying any plant from a nursery or online store you should check its toxicity and experience from people. Because in some cases people train their pets to not eat unwanted things.

& some train dogs to not spoil the pot of plants.


  • The Home remedy way of keeping cats out of indoor plants is by putting lemon peels around the plants so they can’t stay near the plant. Cats hate citrus fruits, not only cats even dogs also.
  • You can also purchase lemon juice from the market to spray over the leaves and don’t worry these citrus fruits don’t harm your plant. what they will do is it will act as a pest repellent and you won’t see much insects around the plant.
  • You can also buy cayenne pepper as cats hate the pepper smell.
  • You can also put your plant in a location where you don’t go often. It helps your houseplant and you cat are both safe from harming each other.
  • Cover the top position with stones and pebbles as some cats might dig the sand so just cover the top layer of soil.
  • Hanging plants are the best option as most animals don’t want to jump over to get anything. Dogs will not do any jump, but cats still do so to protect them from spraying lemon juice over the pot.


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Is Jade plant poisonous to pets?

Jade plants are poisonous to pets and 3 are listed by the ASPCA list and they are cats, dogs, and hourse and some other sources explained the symptoms in humans as well.

Is Jade plant toxic to humans?

Yes jade plants are toxic to humans as per Cornell University website, it can give minor problems and can affect the stomach or intestinal tract.

Jade Plant Care

Jade plants are one of the beauties grown in indirect light and are easy to care for. They require a few 3-4 hours of light which is sufficient for the growth of its small leaves. Best location for jade is considered to be south facing window if you don’t have one then i suggest to find a spot where it can get partial light for minimum 3 hours or move your plant to a light area every 3 days and return back the plant to the same spot. This way you are not compromising on its health, a healthy jade plant is when its leaves are all green.  

These plants require water only when they are fully dried and there’s no water left on the soil to fulfill its needs. Watering in jade is only done if the 2 inch topsoil is dried, you can then pour some water on the center to edges of the soil.

Wrap up

I hope you get the answer on “Jade Plant toxic to Cats” and if you like to read more article check below.

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