November Birth Flower – Meaning(What It Represents)

If you are curious about the November birth flower then before that let me tell you it’s a month of Scorpio and Sagittarius born children’s. Nowadays November is specially known for veterans day or thanksgiving. Even black Friday comes in this month with lots of offers, huge discounts, lucky for many & people get most of the savings right? What’s more, the people born in this month are generally down-to-earth, modest and sweet. So What flower represents November?

November Birth Flower is Chrysanthemum, A flower that is suited for birthday presents because mum’s symbolize youth, perfection and long life. Chrysanthemum commonly known as mums comes with different blooms each holds some meaning like white one’s represents purity and righteousness. November birth flowers are also associated with happiness and good luck, with that they are easy to grow and care for.

These plants are perennial meaning they can be grown every year and planted in spring to autumn. Also if grown in fall you need to take care of it and after frost November flower will grow again in spring and summer. Chrysanthemum has 2 words – Chrys which means golden in Greek, while the word spelled anthemion means flower.  The main variety of mum’s is golden or yellowish in color, after popularity it is cultivated in many other colors including red, orange, purple, white, burgundy.

What flower represents November?

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Chrysanthemum is a flower that represents November month. It is one of the most charming flowers that gives the feeling of friendship, love and can be gifted for best wishes. These plants are best planted in spring and you can expect the blooming in between sept to oct. These perennial flowers were initially cultivated by china and at that time it was used for medicinal purposes for relieving head pain, lower BP. They are native to Europe and Eastern Asia and now it’s popular all over the world because it is cultivated by many countries through trade.

November flowers like chrysanthemums represent those people born in this month. Generally Scorpio is the zodiac sign for November birth children’s and the characteristics they hold includes great thinkers, passionate, emotional, loyal to friends and true in relationships. 

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These flowers come in various colors and shapes, some may have spider-like structure while others look like pom- poms. They belong to the Asteraceae family which has flowers like daisies, sunflowers, asters and more. 

November Birth Flower Quick Facts

Scientific Name   Chrysanthemum indicum
Other Names     Mums, Chrysanths
Family     Asteraceae
Native    Northern Europe and East Asia
Type   Perennial
Colors   Red, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Golden, White
Uses  Ornamental, Insecticidal


Chrysanthemum Colors

There are many different varieties of chrysanthemum that can be brought to home for planting. The list includes white, yellow, deep red, purple, orange, golden, etc. These colorful chrysanthemums hold special meaning so before gifting it to someone you can choose which one you should give by following my advice on its meaning.

  • Original Yellow or Golden Chrysanthemums symbolize neglected, abandoned, broken down love. But the color itself shows youth, friendship and happiness. This is a color of sun and also the November month flower which often represents hope and can spread positivity.
  • The red chrysanthemum is often used for deep, passionate, crazy love and it also shows emotion, warmth in love. 
  • Also known by the name mum’s when they are in purple color represents good luck and it is often given for well wishes and long life.
  • Pink mum’s are for those who are into love as it is associated with attachment, romance, fondness, affection and flirting.
  • White mum’s flower symbolizes purity, uprightness, morality, innocence, modesty, honesty.
  • The orange chrysanthemum’s meaning is about interest, excitement, passion, hunger, zeal, warmth, etc. 

November Birth Flower


Birth Flower Chart

Month  Birth Flower
January Snowdrop(Hope) and Carnations(friendship, Love)
February Iris(passion), Primrose(young Love), Violet(Love)
March Daffodils(New beginnings)
April Daisy(Clean and pure)
May Lily of the Valley ( happiness)
June Roses(Passionate love)
July Larkspur( happiness)
August Gladiolus ( Respect and Integrity)
September Aster( Success)
November Chrysanthemum(Youth, Perfection)
December Narcissus (Purity)

How to Grow Chrysanthemum?

When Growing chrysanthemum flowers, first you need to know the best time to plant them in your garden. The best time to plant mums seeds would be in early spring or after frost. You can also plant them in summers but that needs special care like providing them proper moisture, humidity conditions for root growth and development. 


Make sure you use a well draining fertile soil used for flowering plants that should be moist and not get soggy. Mum’s flowers don’t like flooded water, otherwise it can lead to root rot. 

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Light requirements

My chrysanthemums are best grown in full sun so finding a bright direct light spot would make your mums more healthy and alive. Don’t plant them in partial shade or under the tree or shrubs; it would limit the growth of our mums.


They generally grow about 1-3 feet in height and can spread the same length. So plant them in a proper area with at least 2-3 feet space.

Initial Planting Advice

Seeds of mums need proper watering, moisture to root, it takes a few days to weeks to see the growth but once you see the plant growing and forming stems, leaves it’s time to plant them in full sun, until then it can be grown in shade. 

Chrysanthemum Care

These plants need to be fertilized with flowering plant food. You can give it balanced fertilizer or slow release both works. They can also be given mulch that protects it from losing water to the sun. Pruning is another important step that could give more fuller growth. By trimming some of the top leaves it can encourage more brushier growth, make sure if the plant is tall enough for about 3-5 inches and that way you cut off some top leaves. This pruning is done only in the growing season between mid June to august so pinch 2-3 leaves in 10-15 days. Also don’t use fertilizer in large quantities as it might result in leaf drop.

Chrysanthemums as gift for Parents

The flower can be gifted to the moms who work day and night for the happiness of their children’s, so why not this mother’s day you celebrate it by giving these chrysanthemums to your moms and basically the behind story is the flowers also symbolizes cheerfulness, idealism, joy, happiness. Originally these flowers are referred to as mums so why not give it to your mom on special days. 

I would also like to add fathers here because they are the ones who fulfilled our wishes in our childhood. Just like we asked for a remote control car. He first rejected it but on birthdays he gave it to us as a surprise. 

This is what father’s do, they are our ideal, they make us learn about the good things and also protect us so why not give both your father and mother these beautiful flowers on any special occasions. My parents are getting married in November, so these mums can be the best present for them with a large cake of celebrations.

For your Soulmate

So if you are familiar with red chrysanthemums then let me tell you these red blooms symbolizes deep love, passionate feelings. They are used in various arrangements and can grab attention easily as many couples find it charming and beautiful that can be presented to their soulmates or partners.

For your Friends and Officemates

As you know these mums are related to spreading positivity and it’s lucky when you give them to your friend and office mates for the good wishes and long friendship.


What are the two birth flowers for November?

The 2 most famous flowers for November are peonies and chrysanthemums.  November flowers like Peony blooms in mid summer while the chrysanthemum blooms in late fall. Both flowers are gorgeous and could be given as gifts for good wishes. Both flowering plants require direct sunlight for proper growth. Peony symbolizes honor, love and beauty while the chrysanthemum symbolizes youthfulness, perfection and a long lovely life. These flowers are used to express feelings as well as to cheer somebody who is depressed or not feeling good.

Peony flower blooms belong to Paeoniaceae while the chrysanthemum is a member of the Asteraceae family. 

Is Peony a November birth flower?

Yes, peony is another November birth flower which is a symbol of good fortune, prosperity, romance, honor, love, passion , and beauty. It is an amazing looking flowering plant that can attract many people easily. It is a flower for those born in the month of November. The beauty of peony cannot be described as it gives positivity and also cheers someone who is in a bad mood. It can also be gifted to friends for great friendship and togetherness.

What color is the November flower?

There are many colors in chrysanthemums, which is the November birth flower. It is commonly referred to as mums and they come in different varieties including red, yellow, pink, white. They come from the Asteraceae family which has sunflower, daisy, and aster flowering plants. Mums are termed as perennial plants and it is grown throughout the year as it blooms in late fall as well.

What are November babies called?

Babies that are born in the Month of November are called Scorpio or Sagittarius. People that are born between 1-21 November are called Scorpio which are great thinkers, passionate about their work but also more secretive in their life. People that were born after 22 November till the end of November month are called Sagittarius, they are more into free lifestyle living and they never stop for things rather they find they will just go with the flow.  

What is November born personality?

People born in the month of November can be creative, down-to-earth, loyal, hardworking, dedicated, emotional and clean. They are good looking but they don’t really like to socialize with others. You know when 2 people are born in the same month, they share a lot of traits and even behave similarly, it’s just how life and the surroundings they get in those months. I would love to explain these traits of November birth people & tell you about their personality in detail.

  • Loyal

People who are born in November are more reliable, trustworthy and loyal that is needed in today’s life. Imagine a friend who you can rely on, trust on that won’t break it. Even in relationships your november partner would be more loyal and truthful that’s what is needed to run a good relationship. People born in November have that personality which is needed in today’s world where dishonesty and disloyalty exist more.

  • Looks what matters

November born people are charming, handsome and beautiful. They have a personality which you can’t resist and it’s not common. They can be someone who works in the movie industry as looks are what matters first then acting right? Sometimes it’s just the opposite. November born is someone who has good character and good facial structure, and if you are November probably when you become mature it will reflect. 

  • Emotional

People born in November are hardworking, talented but in the same way they are emotional. That’s why they can be easily cheated because these people often open up and tell their secrets to the untrusty people which then hurt them back. If you ever emotionally feel low then don’t lose your calm and control your emotions. It can be difficult to control emotions but you have confidence, talent, skills you can do anything think about the positive thing you have rather than the negative.

  • Misjudge

November born can be misjudged many times and think that he or she has ego problems but you are not egoistic or greedy, it’s just how people will misunderstand you. You can be humble and down-to-earth. That’s why sometimes you just can’t control and get furious, angry which results in people thinking bad about you.

  • Creative

You can be a person who is imaginative, inventive as you get original ideas and you have the brain that can make new things. November born people think what most others didn’t think, something fresh, new which can be made. Creative, innovative ideas, and out of the box thinking is what makes people born in November.

Wrap up

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