Rose Flower Meaning By Number, Colors, Variegated Varieties

If you are curious about the rose flower meaning then before that let me tell you they belong to Asia and its cultivation began in China over 5000 years ago. It is used in various celebrations like marriage, proposals, party arrangements, or to make perfumes because of its mesmerizing fragrance.

What does a rose symbolize?

Red Rose flower symbolism and meaning includes love, romance, passion, beauty, togetherness, attachment and courage. Most Popular and Gifted in Valentine are Red ones and nowadays cultivated varieties for example purple, orange, white, yellow is among the favorites in different cultures and countries.

Roses that are smaller in size come from North America while the variegated roses are very similar to the original rose and now it’s difficult for the normal public to discover the parent species.

In ancient times, the Romans used roses to shower rose petals’ for welcoming. It is believed that Roses are created by the goddess of Love Known by the name Aphrodite that’s why Romans have made this flower special. For Romans the flower defines love and beauty. The flowering arrangement used in banquet halls and during kingly dinners showcases the empire’s worth and highness.

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Meaning of Rose flower

Rose flower symbolism and meaning includes love, romance, passion, beauty, togetherness, attachment and courage. Red flowers symbolize love. Valentine’s Day and profound love presents are common for them. Pink flowers are graceful and magnificent. They’re commonly offered as presents of gratitude. Yellow flowers indicate friendship, pleasure, and happiness.

They’re typically presented to cheer someone up or commemorate a great event. White flowers signify innocence, purity, and fresh beginnings. They are commonly offered as wedding or new beginning flowers. Orange flowers indicate attraction, passion, and sensuality. Gifts of them express passionate love.

Mysterious, elegant, and sophisticated black roses. They symbolize death, sadness, and the unknown. Rose meanings vary by culture. Red flowers symbolize good luck in Japan and respect and adoration in China. Roses may represent many feelings. Roses are wonderful for showing love, admiration, or thanks.

Roses are beautiful, fragrant, and meaningful. They are great for landscaping and bouquets and may be enjoyed inside or out. Roses are elegant and simple to care for. Roses are a lovely and significant flower. Roses may represent many emotions due to their many hues and meanings.

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Rose meaning by Number

Rose meaning by number – I used to receive a lot of roses from my boyfriend and It was always multiple roses with various numbers of stems. On Valentine’s Day I used to get 12 roses and some days it was 9 and 6 and that time I got impressed just by reviewing them. When I was young I didn’t know that the number of stems has meaning behind it when you give it to someone special. Now He is my husband and I know what number of stems would be lucky for you and your love and how many you should give to your soulmate, boyfriend or love. Also Don’t worry about color just choose 1 color that you think is perfect for gifting to your partner and take the stems from the table i prepared for you to understand it easily.

number of roses meaning

How to Use the Rose on a Man

Roses are a traditional representation of love and passion, and giving them to your boyfriend might be a wonderful gesture. The greatest approach to show your love with roses will depend on your relationship and your man’s personality. There are many various ways to express your love with flowers.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Send him a rose bouquet. He will definitely grin at this timeless gesture.
  • Possess a rose in your hair or a boutonniere. This is a delicate method of expressing your affection without being overt.
  • Include a rose petal or two in your love message to him. This is a thoughtful and unique method of expressing yourself.
  • Make him a special supper and present him with a rose salad. This is a unique and mouthwatering way to express your love.
  • Massage him with a rose-scented oil. This is a soothing and pleasurable method of expressing your affection.

Roses are always a hit with men, no matter how you choose to utilize them.

Royal purple purple rose meaning

Purple roses are often linked to majesty, richness, and intrigue. They may also stand for enthusiasm, inventiveness, and passion. Purple roses are also seen as a sign of grief in various cultures.

Depending on the situation, a purple rose might represent several things. For instance, a purple rose received as a gift on Valentine’s Day can symbolize passion and love, but a purple rose received during a funeral would symbolize grief.

Black rose meaning in relationship

A symbol of mystery, elegance, and refinement is the black rose. They may also stand for sadness, death, or the unknown. Black roses are also seen as a symbol of love and passion in various cultures.

Depending on the situation, a black rose might represent several things. A black rose, for instance, may symbolize unrequited love or a dark passion when given as a Valentine’s Day gift, while one presented at a funeral may stand for grief.

What do wild roses symbolize

Wild flowers stand for simplicity, beauty, and the natural world. They may also stand for fresh beginnings, innocence, and purity. Wild roses are often seen as a symbol of love and passion in various cultures.

Depending on the situation, a wild rose might symbolize several things. For instance, a wild rose presented as a gift on Valentine’s Day may symbolize a straightforward and sincere love, while a wild rose given at a wedding would signify a fresh start.

Synonyms for rose flower

Here are some synonyms for the rose flower:

  • bloom
  • blossom
  • carnation
  • daffodil
  • daisy
  • gardenia
  • hibiscus
  • jasmine
  • lily
  • lotus
  • orchid
  • poppy
  • rose
  • tulip
  • violet

What do upside down roses mean

The upside-down rose is a representation of love, hope, and faith. They may also stand in for metamorphosis, rebirth, and fresh starts. Upside-down roses are also regarded as a lucky charm in several cultures.

Depending on the context, an upside-down rose may have a variety of meanings. An upside-down rose, for instance, may symbolize a fresh start in a relationship when given as a Valentine’s Day gift, while an upside-down rose presented at a funeral may symbolize optimism for the hereafter.

Middlemist red flower

A rare and endangered species of rose that is indigenous to China is called the Middlemist Red. One of the first roses to be grown, it is valued for its intense crimson hue. The Middlemist Red also represents romance, love, and passion.

Middlemist Red is an extremely uncommon and hard to locate flower. It costs a lot of money and is often sold for thousands of dollars. The Middlemist Red, on the other hand, is a highly unique flower and a representation of love, passion, and romance.

Type of Rose Colors

Every rose color has a different meaning and if you have multiple roses like one, two or ten then every number of roses varies in some way. lets now one by one about the rose colors. Buy All Color Seeds of Rose Flower – Shop Now.

Red Rose Symbolism

Red rose symbolism love, romance, strong feeling,  desire, affection. Just like most couples I used to receive many red roses on 14 Feb. specially on valentines day. You may be asking what rose I get on rose day. That is actually a bouquet of roses with different colors of rose. Red roses are the most common and loved flowers when it comes to proposals.

These roses convey feelings, love for the someone he/she likes. It’s such a powerful tool that I think would work for many loved ones in confections. People generally give to their partner that they are in love with, from the bottom of their heart.

Red roses are perfect for valentines and other occasions. Think if your girlfriend has a birthday coming next week that you may need a red rose and a chocolate to impress her. When red roses are grown in lawns it depicts love and growing in the garden gets our mood fresh with the sweet fragrance.

Black Rose Symbolism

Black rose symbolism is mystery, class, grace, secret , riddle,  majesty, luxuriance and magnificence. If someone likes the dark color of rose just like the black one he/she may be silent, mysterious, willful and you may also like to wear black dresses, watches, and if asked your favorite color must be black.

Black roses are imaginary and many artists, florists who want a black variety just paint it to make it look like one but it’s not actually present in nature. There are some of the red versions that look similar to black when seen from far like the dark red and magenta roses. You may have seen it in painting, as tattoos as well.

Generally a black color represents many things like evil, mystery, darkness, power, fear and aggression. Those who wear something which is black can protect them from negative energies. While many people think it can enhance a person’s intelligence and authority as the black color is associated with power and strength.

Sometimes the black is also a dominant color which is misunderstood by people. Black color is also referred to as an expensive and unique product. Black also gives an impression and coolness in the outfits. 

On the positive note, a black color is associated with elegance, sophistication and protection.

Purple Rose Symbolism

Purple rose symbolism is used to show bravery, courageousness, heroism, spirituality and hardihood. On the  positive side the light purple has association with romance and feelings of partners while the darker version of this color shows irritation, aggravation, dissatisfaction and sadness.

Purple roses are one of the good looking flowers that can be present in a form of impressing someone special. Yes, they can be great gifts in weddings, graduations and can be used in birthday arrangements,  or on special nights. Purple roses can be used in most functions from decoration to gifts. There are very similar varieties like a royal purple rose or a lavender rose that shows luxury and lavishness.  These flowers symbolize beauty, richness, dignity, romance and extravagance.

The purple also represents deeper understanding and knowledge that someone gets by its own. If you ever see the purple also has its own set of people and selecting a purplish color would make a sense of impression in your mind about royalty, luxury and power. Purple is also my favorite color, this color sometimes symbolizes dreams, imagination and mystery.

Yellow Rose Symbolism

Yellow roses are special because they are associated with happiness and giving it as a gift means that you want the person to be cheerful in life & don’t lose hope. It also symbolizes friendship, companionship, fellowship and brotherhood. When I Talk about friendship it comes with many benefits like caring, fun, brothers from different mothers, silly fights, help and best advice. Yellow roses are also fitted in most occasions because it has a positive and bright color that gives warmth and joy. You can give it to people who are not feeling good in life and give it to them for good luck. Some people give these blooms just because they make happy feelings so giving them will result in other people remembering you.

Blue Rose Symbolism

Blue rose symbolism loyalty, affection, trust, firmness, friendship and dedication. These are given as gifts to those who you think are loyal, trustworthy and can be reliable. Blue roses are for those who like freedom, creativity, imagination, invention and are open to everything that gives life. It’s a color of sky and sea which are open and large in size. These people have good confidence, trust, intelligence and faith.

These plants doesn’t grow in nature but with biotechnology they are producing by turning white roses to blue though a bacteria which gives blue pigmentation to the petals. Some artists just paint the white flower to blue to make it look real but they do not exist naturally. That’s the limit.

Orange Rose Symbolism

Orange roses symbolize ambition, passion, warmth and fashion and excitement. These blooms have a color that is a combination of yellow to pale peach orange. 

The peach rose represents fondness, relish, amazement and enthusiasm while the yellow-orange rose is linked with joy, fascination, desire. It is the color of the sun that shows energy, consistency and pride.

The oranges are actually a hybrid version of yellow and red rose and it was so popular in the 20th century that many cultivators tried to create more such varieties that result in more charming roses like Rose Alexander and Rose Independence.

Orange color is used in various safety equipment and dress codes just like a vest of construction workers and firefighters. Orange symbolism is also for the fall because in those months a tree, flower drops and prepares for winters. In Halloween you may have guessed that the pumpkin fruit has an orange color which is meant for excitement and enjoyment for the Halloween party.

Pink Rose Symbolism

These roses are used in various dresses and this makes the person more attractive. The pink rose symbolizes different meanings including appreciation, acknowledgment, and gratification. Meaning vary based on the light and dark pink rose is:

Light pink rose meaning is happiness, joyousness, compatibility, comfort, pleasance and cheerfulness. It is also associated with grace and beauty, perfect flowers for couples, married and young ones. These flowers are used in various cultures and for weddings the arrangement of light pink roses are so beautiful and mesmerizing.

Deep pink meaning is about appreciation and thankfulness. You can also use it to tribute your loved ones. Pink is one of my favorite roses and I have 2 of these pink varieties but the blooms are less. Still I like when they flower.

White Rose Symbolism

The white variety of rose is basic and this one is hybridized to make other varieties, and also some roses are white roses painted to make the purple and black roses.

White rose represents purity, brilliance, glory, nobility, faith and love. Whites are pure roses that are used in various rituals, cultures, events, weddings, even in funerals. They hold a special place in people’s hearts and are very much popular and high in demand flowers. They are the most selling ones just like the red rose but those only sold high on valentine day or week. White roses are used in events that need special white petals and flowering all over the place so that it looks amazing. I have seen marriages where the whole marriage hall is decorated with white, pink, yellow roses and the dress code is  white. So I wore a white gown and the event looked amazing. I still remembered it was the best décor I have seen so far.

Peach Rose Symbolism

Peach rose symbolism is modesty, purity, sincerity, down-to-earth, humbleness, and innocence. If you are someone who wants to say “thank you for doing an amazing work”, or “thanks you for spending the best time with me ” or just a “thanks for being an amazing person” then you can give a peach rose flower.

This flower also spreads positivity and bond between two friends. They can be used in marriages, parties, in cultures for worshiping and much more. Peach roses are glamorous, pleasant, delightful and engaging flowers on earth.

Green Rose Symbolism

Before you ask, let me tell you green roses do exist. Originally known by the name Chinensis viridiflora or green rose is a kind of rose that doesn’t have true petals but has full circular sepals with leaf-like rose structure. Sepals are something if you invert or make the rose upside down after cutting it from the stem. That greenish leaves present just below the petals are sepals. This flower is the most unique and unusual looking rose that is produced in a rosette form. 

Green roses mean rejuvenation, renewal, rebirth, growth and fertility.  Just like nature that is made from trees, plants, grasses and forests with a lot of greenery, the green rose symbolizes new beginning, renewal, freedom, revival. Just like nature that revives itself and starts with new beginnings. 

rose flower meaning


Rose Facts

  1. Roses grow largely in gardens so many people mistook them as shrubs but they are still flowering plants.
  2. Roses get so popular that’s why many regions make hybrid versions of this plant and they all look like their parent plant and no one can guess which one is the original plant.
  3. Particularly Roses with flowers they can be eaten in salads and used for perfumes, fragnance.
  4. There are more than 140+ species of rose plant, all created by hybridization and you can also find other shape, colors in roses.

Rose Care

Rose flowers are best grown in full sun but you can also grow them in partial shade but it will limit the plant growth so I will highly suggest to you about the light requirement for growing roses in direct sun. The North Facing window can be a good spot for a rose plant. 

For Watering, roses need good drainage soil. You should always make sure your rose plant gets enough water and its soil is moist. My grandparents when they grow rose flowers try to pour water directly into the soil so the plant gets water, otherwise I have seen many people watering rose foliage that is not correct. It should need all the water in soil, not in leaves. To make your rose plant healthy and thriving it is given water regularly or whenever the soil is dry. On rainy days it doesn’t need watering so let it get all the natural water from the sky. 

So where do you plant roses?

Roses can be planted in pots or gardens, both the medium has its benefits. For Pots you can decide where you want them to grow and get full sunlight while the garden cannot run anywhere so if you have a garden which is getting partial light then growing roses in a container is a better option. 

What Pot will work for the rose plant?

You can use any pot, literally roses are so capable of growing in every pot, container. My favorite pots are terracotta and plastic ones that work best. Terracotta pots are best as the pot dries effectively and you don’t need a root rotting problem again. For plastic ones they have holes at the bottom to drain water so your plant can also grow there.

What potting soil is best for my rose flower?

Using a fertile potting soil would work for our rose plant. I mostly make my own potting mix and they work for most of my indoor and outdoor plants.

#1 Recipe


#2 Recipe

  • Garden soil (50)
  • Cow Manure (30%)
  • Coco Coir (10%)
  • Vermicomposting (10%)
  • Fertilizer(any)

I hope these will work for your rose plant. If you don’t want to make a soil mix then I would recommend potting soil that would work for all varieties for the rose plant. 

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Rose flower quotes


  1. Those who don’t fear to grab the thorns, are the ones who deserve the rose.


  1. My Love is just like a rose, she is sweet and has an amazing fragrance.


  1. Rose is for those who dares to accept the challenge and  win it.


  1. The Scent of Rose is just like the scent of my love.

Final Thoughts

I know there are a lot of rose flowers to choose from, and the meaning of each bloom changes when something new comes to take its position. Just like lucky bamboo, you can first select the number of stems that is still the best way to express your feelings and emotions. After making a choice on stems you can now choose something with the time of the month like if it’s February so the best is the red roses for your loved partner. But if you think you want to give something that tells you about good friendship then yellow roses would be the best choice for you. Simply for other occasions like weddings and ceremonies you can choose pink and white roses that show happiness and purity.

Each flower symbolizes a different meaning that is why I bring out all of them at one place here. I hope you like my answer on “rose flower meaning”, if you like to read more articles like this find below.

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