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Orange Star Plant Drooping – How to Fix Droopy Leaves

If your orange star plant drooping leaves or flower suddenly after purchase in 2-3 days, even some people report that it wilts even though it’s new, maybe they don’t have a place to give it a nice bright light. Some even say it was growing well earlier but it started limping again. This problem happened to me as well and how I solved it. I will discuss more of the early problems, how to take care , and why is my orange star plant drooping?

Orange star plant Drooping

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Most Common reason for orange star plant drooping is because it is grown in a controlled environment which your new orange star plant has adapted to, now living in different place with different soil, less bright light than usual is affecting its growth . One of the other reasons for orange plant droopy could be a small pot so I highly recommend using a bigger container to rectify orange star needs and also use a good well draining fertile potting mix for orange star.

Change Soil

So what are you waiting for? Change the soil and don’t remove the existing soil. Now you need a new bigger pot for your orange star plant and put your plant first and drop some soil with your hand(you can wear gloves and do it with a hand shovel). After filling all soil inside the pot now water it full until water leaks out of the pot. 

orange star plant drooping

Here are the recommended Soil, Tools Required :

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Slow release fertilizer for orange star.

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Incorrect watering

So One thing That I Observed in my other plants like polka dot is that it could be because of overwatering sometimes but if the owner didn’t care and forgot to give water to the orange star it would result in limp, droopy leaves.

Both the cases can occur so you have to check whether it is being overwatered or underwatered. Flowering plants like hibiscus, orchids, dahlia, jasmine all require water and just like them orange star is also a flowering type so it also needs water. Sometimes dry soil or too much soil can lead to droopy leaves and that time you need to remember one thing that is don’t make your pot of orange star dry completely. They like moist soil but still hate the sogginess in soil.

Drooping can be a sign of too much water, as it could fill water all over the soil resulting in loss of air pockets where plants get oxygen. Now if soil can’t have air circulation it could make roots unable to absorb any more nutrients. 

For solving this, you need to shop for another potting mix coming with better draining. Even adding perlite can increase drainage and aeration, some people use gravel at the bottom of the pot to enhance the water to flow out from the pot quickly. Even helps the soil to soften and not become hard.

If you ever see any leaves droopy immediately check the roots. Sometimes rotting can become a headache as orange star plant leaves turn yellow, droopy and then drop. Light root rot can be solved by reducing watering.

Environmental Surroundings

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In many cases, Orange star plant is brought in an environment that doesn’t suit this plant, making it droopy, wilt,limp, and hanging leaves that indicates something is wrong with the plant itself as it is not thriving as it was when you brought it from the store.

Did you know many humid loving plants like prayer plant, Fern, Monstera, Nerver plant, parlor palm, spider plant like in an environment with moisture so they quickly adapt and grow very healthy because it was given ideal conditions for growing. 

In the case of Orange star, if it isn’t familiar with the surrounding area it won’t live for long, and show signs of drooping.


Your orange plant may seem to have a pest infestation that is causing leaves to droop. Most common problem they get is spider mites, mealybugs and scales. Some bugs suck the sap which makes the plant lose all nutrients resulting in dry leaves which again lead to dropping of leaves.

You can prevent this easily by rubbing alcohol, cleaning the stem and leaves will prevent any existing bug for coming back. 

How do you revive an orange star plant?

To revive an orange star plant from drooping leaves in the following points.


  1. Take a Look at the soil, if it’s too much water then make sure not to pour any water until it dries.


  1. If you have purchased a new orange star plant make sure to put this plant in a bigger pot with fresh potting mix. After that put it under a shade which gets indirect sunlight.


  1. This plant can grow near south facing windows and it is able to fulfill its bright light requirement.


  1. Drooping can also be an issue if your orange star is overwatered or underwatered multiple times.


  1. Make sure not to put them in heavy sunlight which again impacts the leaves turning yellow.


  1. Care for the plant in the starting days as this is his new pot and environment. Once the orange star starts to thrive then it will surely grow and you can rest assured that it won’t die now.


  1. Reviving the orange star plant will require soil change, pot change, light requirement needs, water on time and many more.

How do you revive an orange star plant

How often do you water an orange star plant?

Watering an orange star plant is once every 3 days in Hot Summer and Spring. This watering schedule can be changed according to location as some people don’t have a place with south facing windows and may be growing in shade which can take longer time to water.

The trick is to always check the orange star plant soil, if it’s not dry in the top 2 inch upper layer of soil then don’t give water for 1 or 2 days until it dries. 

Overwatering can be avoided and remember checking this with your finger, if we don’t check then sometimes we actually don’t know if the orange star needs water or not.

During winters, these plants need water once in 10-15 days or you can check the soil for dryness. Also Don’t use any kind of fertilizer as plants generally go dormant.

Once mid string hits, you can fertilize this plant with slow release fertilizer or you can check the article above. I have a link for the fertilizer. Make sure not to overdo any fertilizing in the orange star flower. You can feed the plant every month from string to summer end. Also don’t forget to read instructions for fertilizer use for fertilizer, it is also important.

Wrap Up

I hope you get the answer on “orange star plant drooping” and this is how I solved the problem in my orange star. Below are some articles if you like to read.

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