Plants that Release Oxygen at Night – Top 30 Houseplants

If you are searching for plants that release oxygen at night before that let me tell you these are some great plants which would help to increase the oxygen level in the nature or when placed in your house in purifies and increase the pure air indoors.

Plant that produces the most oxygen

Plants that release oxygen at night & produces most oxygen is Peepal but their are Popular oxygen producing plants are Snake plant, Gerbera Daisy, Areca palm, Spider lily, Peace Lily. Some more indoor oxygenated plants are bamboo plant, Peepul, English ivy, Weeping fig and Chinese evergreen. A study on air purifying plants by NASA has shown that these plants can clean the indoor air as well. Most of these grows in my house, some placed outdoors as I like to collect them. It makes my mood fresh when these plants are nearby.

These plants have used a technique called CAM which is used by these indoor plants to produce oxygen at night(some may release 24 hours) which can benefit us as humans from various sleeping problems and it may also reduce the overall toxic air present in our house. There are many popular plants that release oxygen at night or produce 24 hour oxygen. 

Top 30 Plants that release oxygen at night

Plants that Release Oxygen at Night are Snake plant, Gerbera Daisy, Areca palm, Spider lily, Peace Lily. Some more indoor oxygenated plants are bamboo plant, Peepul, English ivy, Weeping fig and Chinese evergreen. A study on air purifying plants by NASA has shown that these plants can clean the indoor air as well. Most of these Grows in my house, some placed outdoors as I like to collect them. It makes my mood fresh when these plants are nearby.

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Below is the top 30 oxygen producing indoor plants:

1. Snake plant

snake plant that produces oxygen at night

The first plant Oxygenated Plants that I recommend to my friends & family would be this snake plant. It is the plant that produces oxygen at night using CAM technique. Snake plant has sharp pointed foliage with strips on it and all these leaves are grown in a straight upright position having a height of over 2-3 feet tall. Nowadays it is popular as a houseplant and it is known by the name mother in law tongue because it removes harmful toxic gases inside our house. There are many variegated versions of the original snake plant, some have light green leaves while the main variety is different and has darkish color foliage. Some of those varieties have different shapes but look very similar to sansevieria.

When growing a snake plant you don’t need an expert, the only requirement is to water it when the soil seems dry. It’s an excellent plant with lots of benefits. Read my article on Snake plant benefits in the bedroom

2. Spider plant

spider plant (1)

In my list of oxygenated plants, Spider plant placed in second place because it removes gases like formaldehyde and benzene that are harmful for humans. Secondly, spider plants look very gorgeous the same way they add oxygen at night to our bedroom. The appearance of this plant is the same as spider legs, that’s why it is named after the spider plant. Growing these plants are quite easy and they don’t need much sunlight to grow.

Cleaning toxic air from the surroundings is the specialty of this plant. They need well drained soil and do not overwater this plant as it can’t tolerate soggy wet soil. If you can save it from rotting then this plant is best for you as it is beautiful as well as cleanse the impure air. Know more about the benefits of spider plant.

3. Aloe Vera

aloe vera (1)

Number 3 in my list of plants that release oxygen at night is aloe vera. Yes, these plants produce oxygen and cleans toxic air. Aloe vera has many benefits including cleaning skin and making it hydrated, also healing wounds. Nowadays, juices of aloe vera are popular for lowering the blood sugar levels & it also reduces problems related to digestion. It can be placed in Dining hall or bedroom to maximize the benefits. Aloe vera have pointed thick leaves same as snake plant but the gel that is extracted from the leaves are useful for medical purposes and now cosmetic industry is taking benefits from it. Caring is simple and you shouldn’t overwater aloe plants because that’s the only major reason why people fail to grow aloe successfully.

4. Peace lily

peace lily meaning

  • Peace lily is also Oxygenated Plant, one of my favorite indoor plants that produces oxygen at night.
  • It helps to increase the moisture content in the bedroom and may remove most of the toxic gases that disturbs our sleep, negatively impacting our throat & respiratory system.
  • Purifying the indoor air and cleanse toxins like carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, xylene and toluene.

Growing peace lily is easy and it needs well drained soil in pot and it mostly grown in pots and not in garden. They also blooms with a white flower while the leaves are all green. You can definitely grow a peace lily if your room doesn’t receive a good amount of sunlight as it can grow in indirect light. The white flowers can be seen  every year in spring once the lily is mature. These plants are generally gifted because of their beauty and clean air toxin benefits.

5. Neem


Neem is grown outdoors that’s why most people didn’t select it but do you know Neem has many benefits that can resolve your hair and dental problems. It is used in many products take a second and search the internet for benefits of Neem. It has antibacterial properties and neem is the best plant that releases oxygen at night for 24 hours. It is the one of the oxygenated plant or tree that is often get ignored by many gardeners and plant enthusiast. It can purify air and also can be used as natural pesticide if you have a garden. Neem tree is easy to grow but in the initial days of growing it you may need to give it some attention. After it matures and become a tree it will grow on its own mostly.

6. Areca Palm

areca palm produces oxygen at night

This plant looks best inside the house, seeing those green leaves growing refreshes our mood. Areca palm is also an oxygenated plant that releases oxygen at night. These tree like plants need low sunlight and can thrive in less water. It can remove toxic air like benzene, formaldehyde and most other gases that are harmful for humans. It also enhances the humidity at night which helps in getting good sleep. It is also called by the name butterfly palm, golden palm and yellow palm. Mostly when you grow areca palm remember you need to water it and make it moist. Don’t overwater it otherwise the leaves might turn to brown. You can grow it in sun or partial shade both works.

7. Peepal Tree

peepal tree

Plant that Produces the Most Oxygen is Peepal tree or sacred fig which has special place in Hinduism. Peepal produces the most oxygen in the world and gives out 24 hours of oxygen which means it will release oxygen at night. It is native to India and its benefits are connected with leaves and have the ability to treat problems like constipation and asthma. It has medicinal properties which include lower sugar and may be used in dental health. Ficus religiosa is another name for this tree and it looks amazing and religious sitting under this tree.

8. Tulsi

Tulsi produces oxygen 24 hour

Tulsi is one of my favorite plants that Release Oxygen at Night you can place in your balcony and let it grow why? because it repel pests. It has health benefits just check about it and if you ever drink tulsi leaves water it detoxifies the body. Tulsi has a great significance in Hinduism and every hold in India has 1 tulsi plant grown in their house even if they have a small portion of land. Symbolism it has is that it purifies the house. Yes tulsi is another oxygen producing plant and it does release oxygen at night. It is famous for its importance and numerous health benefits like treating Asthma, cold, cholesterol and high BP are some problems. It even reduces inflammation in the body and may lower the stress so that your mood can be good enough to live a healthy life.

9. Sage


Another plant called sage which is a perennial in nature and has the ability to release oxygen at night. It is grown in bigger lands and the leaves of sage are used to provide relief in stomach related problems. This amazing plant is related to the mind family means it by default has some great scent and many other uses.

10. Gerbera (orange)

Gerbera (orange)

Gerbera flower that is orange in color produces oxygen at night. It gives the environment the most beautiful blooms and it can be grown in the garden. It is easily grown and caring is less. It has its own fragrance which makes it attract more people. Ever grown it and your neighbor asking you what’s the name of these flowers then you may find it more appealing to your garden. They can be grown in pots as well and provide good partial shade to them.

11. Bromeliad


Bromeliad is another plant that is amazing in looks and it may give your garden more greenery. Extremely easy to grow and mostly thrives in shade areas. It can also give out oxygen at night, it does produce flowers when they mature. Other caring needs like soil should be well draining so the water doesn’t get stuck in soil and it keeps thriving for a few years.

12. Lavender plant


Lavender plants are such a beauty and everyone wants at least one or many in their garden. These good looking plants have uses like making essential oils that can be sold off in the market. The smell has benefits that may reduce stress and it may help to get good sleep. Lavender is one of those flowering plants that produces oxygen at night. These flowers are so good that they have a large following in most of the world because of their smell and appearance.

13. Passion flower

passion flower

Passion flower is unique and has large green leaves. It is grown in gardens as well as container pots. Passion flowers also release oxygen at night time and absorb C02. It needs water whenever the soil feels dry and a fertile potting mix can increase the chance of getting flowers more often. It’s also a looking plant that produces flowers.

14. Orchids


Orchids are gorgeous looking flowering plants that produce oxygen at night. It has low requirement when growing and you should water it whenever it feels too dry. It comes from largest flowering family that made to the top. When grown as indoor plants or outdoors in gardens it removes toxins like xylene that are present in today’s paints whether they are walls, gallery, furniture and doors. This plants has the ability to cleanse the air and absorb this toxins from the surrounding that would be beneficial for humans. Lavender and orchids are very similar in terms of color but the appearance of both flowers are different. 

15. Bamboo plant

bamboo plant produce oxygen 24 hour

Plants that grow in only water and also require more water in soils. yes bamboo plant is one of the air purifying plants that release oxygen at night for 24 hours. It can easily propagated and growing this plant requires less of your time. It can tolerate many different conditions. A bamboo plant is also a symbol of luck and if you have multiple stalks each of these stalk bundles signifies some meaning. I wrote an in-depth article on the meaning of number of stalks in lucky bamboo. you can check that out, as these numbers tell us about good luck and great fortune.

16. Golden Pothos

neon pothos
Photo by David J. Stang, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Golden pothos are one of the air purifying plants that release oxygen at night and has ability to remove major toxic gases like formaldehyde and CO that are present in air and surrounding. Generally this pothos has green leaves and the stem is vine based so you can use a hanging basket as well. It is also known by the name devil’s ivy and it is used as a houseplant and you can grow it in the garden also. It can be grown in partial light to shade while the watering schedule is the same as for plants grown in partial light.

17. Gardenia plant

Gardenia plant

Gardenia is a robust plant with white blooms in season. It is a plant that produces oxygen at night and this can be grown mostly outdoors and you may require extra efforts to grow it indoors. The plant requires larger pots with fertile well draining soil. It has a high transpiration rate that is why it releases oxygen that may help you sleep better at night.

18. Weeping fig

weeping fig

It is plant that grows in garden mostly and not indoors because of its size. Weeping fig is a plant that release oxygen and may purify toxic gases like trichloroethylene, benzene and formaldehyde. Growing weeping figs is easy but in the initial days you need to provide good care, then after that it can grow many more years without any maintenance. Fig has dark green leaves just like any other tree has and it needs partial light and not direct sun.

19. Money Plant

money plant that produce oxygen at night 24 hour

This plant also has a special place in India because it believes that how much good this plant grows your financial conditions would be the same as that. Money plant also produces oxygen at night and it counters the bad air which impacts our sleep. So growing it in balcony or room could give your better focus or sleep. The leaves are heart shaped and mostly the color is light to dark green with white spots or lines. Money plant is strong, vine based plant and it grows many years. Even some grow this plant in water but you have to change water in every 3 days so it can be save from any bacterial growth in roots.

20. Valerian Plant

Valerian Plant

It is a seasonal blooming plant with gorgeous looking flowers. The blooms are in pink color with whitish threads. Valerian plants provide oxygen at night and it has health benefits that can treat insomnia. These flowers have their own fragrance and they always bloom in summer time. Growing valerian is easy and they are best suited for enhancing the garden beauty. Watering is done whenever the plant feels dry. They can grow in both partial shade to sunlight. The height would be around 45-75″ & it needs well draining soil that doesn’t become hard or soggy.

21. Chrysanthemum


Chrysanthemum is a flowering plant that has pinkish or purple looking flowers that requires potting mix specially made for flowers so that it can bloom lots of flowers. The flower with yellow blooms is the plant that provides oxygen at night.

22. Chamomile


This daisy-like flower with white-yellow blooms is used for medicinal purposes to treat stomach related problems. Chamomile also gives out oxygen during night time but the popularity of this plant comes with its health benefits including lowering blood sugar and menstrual pain, in some studies it also treats diabetes. Chamomile tea is used to relax the mind and may improve sleep patterns.

23. Christmas Cactus

christmas cactus 1

The major attraction of Christmas cactus is the flower blooms that have vibrant pinkish colors with nectar in it & has tabular shape. It cleanse the air inside the house and also produces oxygen at night. It is native to South-eastern brazil. It has a leaf -like stem that is another specialty of this plant and blooms in winters. You need to water more in hot summers while they get moisture in winters so less water is needed at that time.


24. English Ivy

English Ivy Watering
Mokkie, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

It’s a perennial plant that is one of the popular houseplants because of its leaf shape and how it grows using the aerial rootlets to reach a height of over 70 feet. English ivy also produces oxygen at night and maintenance is low while growing ivy. It thrives aggressively and many consider it as invasive.

25. Ficus


Ficus is a popular plant that looks similar to a standing tree. It was grown indoors and many offices for attention. The plant releases oxygen at night and it has a longer lifespan. With the thick trunk and glossy leaves it is one of best looking plants. growing ficus is easy and you need a partial to shade area to grow these plants. They don’t like direct sun and also giving it water only when the soil is dry.

26. Philodendrons

Philodendron Lemon Lime vs Neon Pothos
Photo by David J. Stang, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Philodendrons has so many varieties but one thing is clear that they grows really fast. These plants also produce oxygen at night time and can help the indoor air clean. They specifically purifies the harmful gases like formaldehyde. These plants are vine based and most of the varieties are known because of the different shades, shapes, and appearance of their leaves.

27. Syngonium Plant

Syngonium Plant

Also known by the name arrowhead vine because the syngonium plant has arrow shaped leaves that look amazing when grown in large size pots. Syngonium is also a plant that provides oxygen at night. For Caring it needs indirect light so place it where it won’t receive direct sun. Watering is need when they 2 inch topsoil is dry. These syngonium plants belongs to araceae family and they can be grown indoors as well as outdoors you can choose where you have empty place and grow. It is definitely an attractive plant in my view.

28. Chinese Evergreen

Chinese Evergreen
Mokkie, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

One of the unique looking plants having large leaves with pattern in it. Chinese evergreen is another gorgeous plant that produces oxygen at night. It is easy to grow and best plant to place indoors for decorative purpose. I would also suggest it to be placed in an area with moisture. It really likes the bathroom and kitchen or you can place it near these places.

29. Jasmine plant

jasmine plant

With the unique fragrance and beautiful blooms Jasmine plant is popularized all over the world. These plants also produce oxygen at night and may reach a bigger height if provided support. Growing an environment is important for jasmine plants as they want to grow in a cool climate and require well drained soil. It comes from a family of over 190+ species.

30. Elecampane


Elecampane is a yellow flowering plant that even has some medicinal properties which makes it an important herb. It gives oxygen at night and the plant looks very similar to our sunflower that also has yellow petals. These plants are great at climbing over trees and other fencing. They are also easy to grow and are able to grow over the years.

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Which plants produce the most oxygen?

There are my favorite 6 plants that produce the most oxygen : Snake plant, Gerbera Daisy, Areca palm, Spider lily, Peace Lily. Some release oxygen mostly at night time are bamboo plant, Peepul, English ivy, Weeping fig and Chinese evergreen. I have most of these plants at my house indoors, some placed outdoors as I like to collect them. It makes my mood fresh when these plants are nearby.

Which plants produce 24 hours oxygen?

One of the sacred trees in Hinduism and Buddhism, Peepal tree is one of the best plants that produce 24 hours oxygen. At night they take C02 from the environment and give out oxygen using CAM techniques, a different mechanism to release O2.

Is there a plant that breathes oxygen?


No, I don’t think there is any plant that breathes oxygen. Trees and plants only take C02(carbon dioxide) from nature and release oxygen for humans. I don’t think plants will inhale oxygen anytime soon, it’s the humans that breathe oxygen and live otherwise humans can’t stay alive if they don’t get oxygen to breathe or inhale. Humans are the one that gives C02 that plants take in as they breathes or inhales whatever you say. 

Which tree gives most oxygen?

Trees that give most oxygen are maple, spruce, beech tree and Douglas based on the total leaf mass that they have. When it comes to plants they have less leaves and small ones so they produce low oxygen. Trees like oak and pines have less leaf mass so they give less oxygen. Most famous trees would be Maples or Spruce and you can even enjoy the blooms in autumn. That is another advantage in your area if you plant it.

Final thoughts

I hope you like the answer on “plants that release oxygen at night”. These plants are nowadays so popular that every household now has one of these indoor plants growing in their house. Providing oxygen for 24 hours, these oxygenated plants are a good gift to human society that might change the world one day.

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