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Polka Dot Plant Leaves Curling?

I have heard from People that their Polka dot plant leaves curling even if they are doing everything a plant needs. Sufficient bright light for some hours , watering everyday or when dry and using the best fertilizer for the growth and even misting them if they feel dry. So where is the problem? why is it curling, shrinking, wilting inward? There can be many issues in Hypoestes phyllostachya that we will discuss here Read Lotusmagus.com Answers.

Polka dot plant leaves curling outward is due to too much heat or stress of not getting enough water to fulfill its requirements. If you live in an area where temperature is too high then it is the reason and it happens on younger plants more than the established one. Solution is pour plenty of water and wait for the day, the result will be leaves start to get normal.

Most Common reason for polka dot leaves curling inward is due to heat stress or wind stress, and leaves are trying to protect the upper layer that makes the food using photosynthesis. They are curling so the heat won’t damage or burn the upper portion which is making food. 

This curl helps them against the dehydration. But if heat is intense then you need to shift the location to a more shade area & sprinkle some water on the leaves and soil.

In Polka dot’s once leaves are curled it is difficult to make them uncurl. for younger plants it’s normal and can be solved.

If one or two leaves are curling and don’t worry it’s okay , This is the nature of plants getting wilted sometimes due to various reasons and it’s not a big issue. It happens on every plant and you should see the plant as a whole , not 1-2 leaves.

If leaves of polka dot a plant curling downwards or drooping then it is due to overwatering , you should solve the issue by giving plant water when it is dry or about to dry. always check the top soil for water if it feels dry then give water to the plant.

If you want to know more about caring guide on polka dot plant. Check my other article.


I hope you like this article and you get the solution of “Polka dot plant leaves curling” problem. Many people don’t know the exact reason and give it nutrient deficiency name, but it’s simply a heat stress that can be solve with misting water and changing its position to shade place.

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