How to Prune Polka dot Plant – Trimming Hypoestes Guide(WITH CARE)

If you are searching for How to Prune Polka dot Plant so before that let me tell you Hypoestes phyllostachya is a flowering perennial plant and also an annual according to NS gardener extension because of one reason that it gets leggy and doesn’t survive. That is why we need to trim polka dot plant to make them grow more compact and bushy. This plant has been misplaced in the Lamiaceae family and then after knowing that it belonged to Acanthaceae. Some of the names referred to this plant according to the region its grown are measles plant, baby’s tears , freckle face, pink splash(one of the cultivated). Let’s Read on How to Prune Polka dot plant succesfully without harming them.

How to Prune Polka dot plant? Pruning polka dot plant can be tricky when you are in a condition where it becomes leggy. Basically Just Start with the tallest stem at the top, prune it back and then check for another stem that is hanging downward and shorten them an inch. We want to make sure all the stems are straight and growing upward, also not largely going downward. You can cut from a node where it has many leaves as from there you may see new healthier growth of 2 more branches. Polka dot plant cutting is done many times of the year just to keep them healthy and those pruned stems can be used in propagating polka dot plant.

Growing Hypoestes phyllostachya

Polka dot grow basically in partial or indirect light, even if you can put them in direct sun in the morning for 2-3 hours, don’t give them afternoon sun that can burn the leaves. In Partial Shade they require at least 3-6 hours of bright light so better place them near the South Facing window. The More Light Polka dot get the more green it will look. They have showy leaves which comes in different colors like white, green, pink. It also produces flowers but you can pinch off those as there is no value. It just makes the growth slower, and the most attractive part of the plant is its foliage.

How to Prune Polka dot Plant - Trimming Hypoestes
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After Polka dot plant Care

How to Grow Polka Dot Plants From Cuttings Polka Dot Plants Indoors

Outdoors Polka dot plant can be attacked by pests like mealybugs and whiteflies to counter them and use any form of pesticide to kill them as they absorb plant strength. Secondly Giving them plenty of water every time when they are already in water can result in root rot so make sure medium watering should be done and always check the soil dryness before watering.

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They prefer partial shade with 4-6 hours of bright light so location should have indirect light and if you avoid this thing then polka dot plant may become leggy in search of light.

Using well drained soil with organic matter can boost its overall strength and can make plants grow faster and healthier.

Polka dot plants

Wrap Up

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