Polka Dot Plant Propagation: Water and Soil Method(Care)

If you are searching for Polka Dot Plant Propagation so before that let me tell you Polka dot plant is a flowering plant as the name suggests it was grown because of its gorgeous leaves that are unique and colorful. The scientific name of this plant is Hypoestes phyllostachya And it is Particularly from 2 regions Southeast Asia and South Africa. It was also called freckle face and mostly they prefer warmer environments rather than the colder ones. Leaves if you see have dots with another color it can be pink, green or red basically multicolor foliage. Because of its huge popularity, gardeners like me do polka dot plant propagation so that we can multiply it and also share it with the neighbor if they need to grow some of these polkas.

Polka dot Propagation Gardener tips

Polka dot plants are easy to propagate by 2 methods used for many years now. It can be done using cutting or seed and the best time for propagation is summer or spring. In Both the techniques your Polka dot cutting needs proper water and for starting days it needs to be moist in well drained soil , check pot holes also. They need indirect sunlight for some days and no direct light as root germination can only be done if the soil is moist as consistent water retention is needed. But don’t overdo watering or make it moist.

When You Pinch off 2-3 leaves then roots start producing more and in this case they will also increase the rooting. These plants are grown in 66 to 79 degree F temperature and from the starting days medium levels of humidity can work.

polka dot plant propagation
James St. John, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

How to Propagate Polka Dot Plant using Seed

When starting propagating polka dot plant using seeds you need to make sure the growing seed heads dry and then take out the seeds. These seeds can be taken out anytime once they are dried and then you can store and sow only in growing season like spring or summer. For soil , Make a well drained potting mix with the perlite which increases the drainage so your plant doesn’t get rot, it’s good for the younger seeds also.

Polka dot plants can germinate roots in warm temperature but for seeds it needs some moisture and humidity to grow roots. The ideal temperature would be 65-75 degree F for the plant and for seeds it can also germinate in below 55-70 degree F. It takes about 10-15 days to show any growth. To boost the rooting you can use a plastic bag and cover over your plant and make 3-4 holes in it so our polka dot plant can get air. Place the pot in a shade area and don’t put them in direct sunlight. 

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Once it starts growing and becomes big then report it outside of the house in a partial sunlight area and make sure your soil is good and fertile.

Polka dot plants


They are also dramatic why? because if you don’t give them water the next thing you see is plant wilting or looks like dying but it’s the indication that the polka dot plant needs water and when you fulfill their request they are back growing again.

Can Polka Dot Plant Grow in Water?

Although the polka dot plant can grow in water, it might not be as healthy as those that are planted on soil. Here are some instructions for growing your polka-dot plant in water:

  1. Remove the bottom leaves from a healthy cutting of the plant.
  2. Put the cutting in a water-filled container or vase.
  3. To maintain the water fresh and stop the development of germs, change it every few days.
  4. Put the vase or container in a spot with strong, filtered light.
  5. You may transfer the cutting to soil after the roots have grown.

Polka dot Plant propagation in Water

Polka Dot Plants Outdoors

For water propagation, all you need is a bottle with water in it. Polka dot plant propagation is low maintenance and without ever making your hands dirty you will propagate. Use a Sterilized cutting tool and cut a 2-5 inch stem , make sure it is healthy without any disease. These cutting won’t take months or weeks to grow, it will grow roots in some days , only you need to put the stem inside the water bottle. 

Remove any leaf that is on the base of 2 inch (if you take 5 inch stem cutting). Also For backup take 2 cutting not one.  When you cut the bottom leaves you are allowing the nodes to open and develop roots from there. Place it in the window where it will only receive indirect sunlight , soon you may see it started producing leaves and then the stem. Once it has some roots you can place it in the pot. Change water every 3 days so it doesn’t get bacterial infections.

Now you have successfully learned the method , try it.

Polka Dot Plant Propagation in Soil

Polka Dot Plants Indoors

Here are the steps to propagate a Polka Dot plant (Hypoestes phyllostachya) in soil:

  1. Look for a polka dot plant that is healthy and has no signs of disease or pests. The parent plant should have vibrant, colorful leaves.
  2. Take stem cuttings from the polka dot plant. Cuttings should be about 3-4 inches in length and have at least two sets of leaves.
  3. Remove the lower leaves from the cutting, leaving only the top two sets of leaves.
  4. Dip the cutting in rooting hormone: Dip the cut end of the stem cutting in rooting hormone. This will help the cutting to root faster.
  5. Plant the cutting: Plant the cutting in a pot filled with moist potting soil. Create a tiny hole with a pencil or finger, insert the cutting, and gently press the dirt around it.
  6. Water the cutting: Water the cutting well, making sure the soil is evenly moist but not soaking wet. You can mist the leaves of the cutting to keep them from drying out.
  7. Cover the cutting: Cover the cutting with a plastic bag or a clear plastic container to create a humid environment. This will help the cutting to root faster.
  8. Place in bright, indirect light: Place the cutting in bright, indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight, as this can scorch the leaves.
  9. Monitor the cutting: Check the cutting regularly to make sure the soil is moist and the leaves are not wilting. After a few weeks, you should start to see roots forming.
  10. Transplant the cutting: Once the cutting has rooted and is growing well, you can transplant it into a larger pot or into your garden.

Some unique tips for propagating Polka Dot plants:

  • You can propagate Polka Dot plants from either stem cuttings or leaf cuttings.
  • To encourage bushy growth, pinch back the tips of the stems after planting.
  • Polka Dot plants prefer moist soil, so make sure to water them regularly.
  • Keep these plants warm.
  • Fertilize Polka Dot plants regularly to encourage healthy growth and vibrant foliage.

By following these steps and tips, you should be able to successfully propagate your Polka Dot plant in soil and enjoy its beautiful, colorful leaves for years to come!

Polka dot Plant Cutting

How to Grow Polka Dot Plants From Cuttings

You can take polka dot plant cutting anytime of the year and mostly we gardeners prefer spring as this is when plants have both the environment and also germination of many of the plant species happened in this time. These 2 seasons I have told are best and give good results. You can take any stem cutting or any part of the plant but make sure it should be 2-3 inch(5-7 cm) tall stem cutting and remove any leaves from the base. Don’t cut off any leaves from the upper portion of the cutting.

Once you put the stem cutting inside the potting mix, now use any plastic bottle(2 ltr) and cut its bottom part and now you need to cover the plant with this plastic bottle and make some small holes on the bottle to only get plants some air to make humidity. Put them in a shade place and check every 3 days its condition, you may find its leaves start to grow. Once it’s established you can repot it into a larger pot size and place it in partial sun.

Polka dot plant cutting wilting

If polka dot plant soil gets too dry or you may ignore watering then it may result in wilting or dropping of leaves. Also remember not to overwater your plant polka dot want soil to be moist and not soggy, Excessive water leads to another problem like leaves turning yellow. When the next day of watering check if the soil is dry about 2 inch? If it’s dry then pour water else don’t overwater.

Polka dot plant care

Caring is easy and making sure the polka dot plant gets water in time and placing it in a place where it doesn’t get infected by any pest. Avoid any water excessive watering issues, even overfertilizing. Read an detailed article on how to care for polka dot plant.

How to pinch back polka dot plant

Pinching is done using a finger to grab a stem or leaves, in Polka dot plant you can take out any leaves or stem by your hand, use your thumb, index and middle finger to pinch back any overgrown part of the stem or any uneven foliage of polka dot’s. You can also use pruners that may give you help , but mostly we gardeners can also do it with our plant for plants like polka we can easily do by pinching back and using both hand one to grab the other part of the plant so it doesn’t take out the whole plant.

Can you propagate Polka Dot plant in water?

Direct answer would be Yes, Propagating Polka dot plant is easy and doesn’t make your hands dirty. What you need it pair of pruner , small glass and water in it. Cut any stem which is healthy and of 3-5 inch size. Put it inside the glass of water. Wait for some days 8-13 days to germinate it. With Glass you can see its actual growth of rooting. else you won’t see root development in opaque glass or containers.

How long do polka dot plants take to propagate?

Polka dot plant propagation takes at least 10-15 days to show any root growth. Once they are produced lots of roots you can then replant it in a new container with a potting mix , 20% add perlite for drainage. Then place it in partial shade and see it growing and enjoying. It is fast to germinate when it comes to propagation.

Where to Cut Polka Dot Plant for Propagation?

To propagate a polka dot plant, you can take stem cuttings. Here are some steps to follow:

  1. Select a stem that is at least 4 inches long, healthy, and has numerous leaves.
  2. Just below a node, cut the stem. (where the leaf meets the stem).
  3. The lowest 2 inches of the stem should be free of leaves.
  4. Apply rooting hormone to the stem’s cut end.
  5. In a container with damp potting soil, plant the stem.
  6. To make the atmosphere humid, wrap a plastic bag around the pot.
  7. Keep the soil wet and place the container in a bright, indirect light.
  8. The stem should begin to form roots after a few weeks.
  9. You may move the plant to a bigger container after its roots have grown deeply.

How to Make Polka Dot Plant Bushy?

If you want to make your polka dot plant bushy, here are some steps to follow:

  • To encourage branching, pinch the stem tips back.
  • To promote new development, cut off any stems that are lanky or straggly.
  • To maintain your plant bushy and compact, prune it often.
  • Keep the soil wet and give your plant bright, indirect light.
  • Regularly fertilize your plant to encourage strong development.

How to Propagate Polka Dot Begonia?

To propagate a polka dot begonia, here are some steps to follow:

  1. Remove the bottom leaves from a healthy stem cutting you took from the plant.
  2. Apply rooting hormone to the stem’s cut end.
  3. In a container with damp potting soil, plant the stem.
  4. To make the atmosphere humid, wrap a plastic bag around the pot.
  5. Keep the soil wet and place the container in a bright, indirect light.
  6. The stem should begin to form roots after a few weeks.
  7. You may move the plant to a bigger container after its roots have grown deeply.

Polka Dot Plant Repotting

When repotting a polka dot plant, here are some steps to follow:

  1. A pot that is one size bigger than the existing pot should be chosen.
  2. Fresh potting soil should be added to the bottom of the new container.
  3. Loosen the roots and gently remove the plant from its present container.
  4. Put the plant in the new container and cover the roots with extra potting soil.
  5. The earth should be firmly pressed around the plant to remove any air pockets.
  6. Put the plant in a bright, indirect light after giving it plenty of water.
  7. Over the following several days, keep an eye on the plant and maintain soil moisture.

Wrap Up

I Hope you get the solution by reading all the problems I provided on “Polka Dot Plant Propagation “, If you want to see other posts please check below.

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