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String of Dolphins Flat Leaves – 5 Causes & How to fix it!

Are you searching for string of dolphins flat leaves Problem? Before that let me tell you about this plant(Senecio hippogriff) which is known for its beautiful dolphin-like leaves which look gorgeous and charming from the hanging pot. It is basically a succulent plant which means they will be easy to grow , propagate and even caring is very minimal. It was a hybrid plant which used 2 other varieties of Senecio that are S.articulatus and S.rowleyanus and what is different about these plants is they tolerate the same conditions as the parent plant and sometimes take characteristics from both the hybrid.

How to fix String of Dolphins Flat Leaves :

String of Dolphins flat leaves are caused by insufficient sunlight exposure. For the plant to grow, it requires direct yet bright sunshine. It may benefit from more light if you place it next to a window that faces south or use artificial lighting. Mirrors and walls painted in bright colors may help reflect more light onto the foliage. For the plant’s general health and look, it is also crucial to provide the right care in terms of watering, soil type, humidity, temperature, fertilizer, repotting, and trimming.

Secondly Reason or it could be a natural phenomena that the shape of a plant looks flat at first when new leaves grow but eventually it starts the curling and gets its original shape which is dolphin-like leaves.

Third and the most unreal reason is they are getting too much water and the soil is consistently damp. If this happens which is a possibility of 1% then check the soil before watering next time. You just need to use your finger and feel the water retention if the soil is moist or wet then don’t water it until it is somewhat dry.

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string of dolphins propagation Senecio Peregrinus
Meganesia, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons


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Why are my string of dolphins flat?

Most common reason for a string of dolphins flattening is due to Minimal Light, as this plant enjoys bright light. If you have placed it in a partial shade check for the days if it is really getting sunlight or not. To rescue dolphin plant try to put this plant in morning sunlight for 4-5 hours daily and shift it to bright location, this may solve the problem.

Here are other 5 reasons: Leaves Flattening due to Low Light Too much watering Drought Soil Conditions Low Soil Nutrients Pest

  1. Low Light

String of Dolphins is a great indoor plant with long, thin leaves that resemble a string of pearls. It is most commonly seen in a hanging basket. The main reason it is Flattening is because it is not in the right lighting. It should be in a place that gets medium to low light. This means a room with windows, but no direct sunlight. You should also make sure that the string of dolphin leaves is not too close to a window. If it is too close to a window, it will get too much light and the leaves might get sun burns.

  1. Too much watering

If your string of dolphin leaves is flat, it could be too much watering or overwatering. The leaves can’t grow if they are constantly wet. You should water the plants when the top 1/3 of the soil is dry. This will give the plant more time to absorb the water. You should also make sure that the soil is evenly moist and not wet for long periods of time. Another reason why your string of dolphin leaves may be flat is if it is too crowded. You should make sure that the string of dolphin leaves are not touching each other. You should also make sure that the leaves are spaced out so that the plants can grow.

  1. Drought Soil Conditions

Another reason why my string of dolphin leaves flattened is because I didn’t water the soil which makes it dry for a few days. You should always take some time on your balcony where you place your important plants. Whenever they feel dry you just need to water them to make it moist. It also avoids pests and other diseases.

  1. Low Soil Nutrients

One of the most common reasons why my string of dolphin leaves flat is because my plants don’t receive enough nutrients. Nutrients that are added to the soil are essential for the growth of plants. They are also what help plants fight off diseases, pests, and other issues. If you are growing plants and they are not receiving enough nutrients, they will have a hard time surviving and show signs of flattening leaves.

  1. Due to Pest infestation

I have seen a few types of insects that I think may be the cause of the leaves to flatten. I have seen ants, aphids, and mites that can infect the plant to make them sick. You can use insecticide to prevent this problem.

How much light do Dolphin strings need?

Light requirement in dolphin string is minimal but you should give sunlight for 3-5 hours per day in the morning. It is succulent so taking care for string of dolphin is important, giving it sufficient light will grow healthy leaves otherwise it can make spots, sun damage to the dolphin leaves.

How do you revive a dolphin string?

Most possible reason for string of dolphins getting fade is when you pour too much water. To revive you have to water only when it is completely dry as soil needs time to dry and root need to revive from overwatering.

Also Sometimes people check only soil , you should also check for drainage holes if it is causing the problem , remove any extra sand which is blocking the water. 

To test this drop plenty of water on the plant and check if the water is getting drained. If Yes then its ok else fix this issue as soon as possible.

Also change the timing of how often you put water it also depends on location & climate on how fast water will dry. 

Can a string of dolphins grow outside?

Yes, a string of dolphins can be grown outside just in a particular area , although you need to find a place where you can place it in a hanging position so its vines can come out from the hanging pot. Location would hang to the balcony or use Vinyl arbor check the below image and you can just stick them to a hanging pot in your garden.

Sometimes they even hang under the trees using a wire and the hanging pot looks amazing there.

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How to grow String of Dolphins

String of Dolphins is a perennial plant that can be grown in many places such as balcony, lawn, garden or inside the house. It is an easy-to-care-for plant that will grow well in most climates. To propagate String of Dolphins, it is recommended to use stem cuttings or seedlings. To propagate by stem cuttings, take a few inches of stem and place it in moistened soil. To propagate by seedlings, simply put a few seeds into moistened soil and cover them with about an inch of soil. The dolphins seeds should sprout within 14-15 days or 1-2 weeks.

String of Dolphins is a beautiful attractive plant that can be grown in a mid to large container or in the ground or balcony. It is a great plant for beginners because it is easy to grow and the owner doesn’t need to give extra time to care for them. It is important to make sure that the soil you use for the dolphins plant is well drained, so that the plant does not get trapped in soil leading to fungal infection. You should also make sure that the plant has enough light to grow, so it should be placed in a spot where it will get plenty of sunlight. String of Dolphins requires little maintenance, but it can also survive in low light conditions so it can be kept inside during winter months.

String of Dolphins plant Care

Caring for String of dolphins you should take care of watering, soil, sunlight and much more.

  1. Soil

A string of dolphin plants is a plant that is often used as a houseplant. It is easy to grow and care and requires minimal time for the owner and is a great addition to any home. The soil of the dolphin plant should be moist and fertilized. They grow well in good draining pots and if you can grow them in a hanging pot, they will be more than happy. 

  1. Sunlight

The String of Dolphins plant is a low-maintenance plant that will thrive in the low light, shade and partial sun. However, it also needs some shade to stay healthy. It’s important to get a balance between sun and shade. This will help the plant stay healthy and will also keep the plant looking beautiful. The best way to get the right balance is to place the plant in a spot that is in the partial shade but not too in the sun. 

  1. Water

The plants like to be watered only if the soil is dry from the 2inch from the top layer. They mostly grow in moist soil which fulfills its need for water for a few days. They are watered every week or in 10 days only if they are placed in partial to shade locations.

  1. Temperature

String of dolphins grow in 55-80 degree F temperature. They do not like to grow below 40 degree F so make sure you provide them the adequate temperature so they better thrive and have large stems which look attractive in hanging pots.

  1. Repotting

Repotting is important in dolphin plants when they do not have any space in the soil. Otherwise when you prune the plant it keeps the growth in limit which reduces the possibility to repot the plant nil. so only report the plant in case of overwatering, root rot or disease issue. 

  1. Pruning

String of Dolphins Pruning is important because it helps the plant grow and stay disease free. It also keeps the plant from getting too big and burdensome. There are a lot of different ways to prune this plant and the most common way is to remove only the top third of the plant. This helps the plant form a new plantlet. 

  1. Fertilizer

In the spring, use a slow release fertilizer for String of Dolphins Plants. The String of Dolphins plant prefers a light fertilizer, so it is best to use a water soluble fertilizer.

  1. Humidity

Place the plant in a room with moderate humidity, but not direct sunlight. 



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