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String of Dolphins Flat Leaves

Are you searching for string of dolphins flat leaves Problem? Before that let me tell you about this plant(Senecio hippogriff) which is known for its beautiful dolphin-like leaves which look gorgeous and charming from the hanging pot. It is basically a succulent plant which means they will be easy to grow , propagate and even caring is very minimal. It was a hybrid plant which used 2 other varieties of Senecio that are S.articulatus and S.rowleyanus and what is different about these plants is they tolerate the same conditions as the parent plant and sometimes take characteristics from both the hybrid.

String of Dolphins Flat Leaves is due to the low amount of light it receives from the room you have placed in it. What happens is some of the stems which have dolphin leaves started flattening because the plant wanted to capture more light that was coming. The best solution would be to change the location and check if the problem is still there or not. This Even happens with new growth. It doesn’t matter if you remove the old flat leaves, if the plant doesn’t get sufficient bright light it won’t grow healthy and you will still see this again and again.

Secondly Reason or it could be a natural phenomena that the shape of a plant looks flat at first when new leaves grow but eventually it starts the curling and gets its original shape which is dolphin-like leaves.

Third and the most unreal reason is they are getting too much water and the soil is consistently damp. If this happens which is a possibility of 1% then check the soil before watering next time. You just need to use your finger and feel the water retention if the soil is moist or wet then don’t water it until it is somewhat dry.

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string of dolphins propagation Senecio Peregrinus
Meganesia, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons


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How do you revive a dolphin string?

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Most possible reason for string of dolphins getting fade is when you pour too much water. To revive you have to water only when it is completely dry as soil needs time to dry and root need to revive from overwatering.

Also Sometimes people check only soil , you should also check for drainage holes if it is causing the problem , remove any extra sand which is blocking the water. 

To test this drop plenty of water on the plant and check if the water is getting drained. If Yes then its ok else fix this issue as soon as possible.

Also change the timing of how often you put water it also depends on location & climate on how fast water will dry. 

Can a string of dolphins grow outside?

Yes, a string of dolphins can be grown outside just in a particular area , although you need to find a place where you can place it in a hanging position so its vines can come out from the hanging pot. Location would hang to the balcony or use Vinyl arbor check the below image and you can just stick them to a hanging pot in your garden.

Sometimes they even hang under the trees using a wire and the hanging pot looks amazing there.

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