These Are Some Tips To Keep Your Houseplants Healthy While Traveling

These Are Some Tips To Keep Your Houseplants Healthy While Traveling

Getting ready for the things you know you will enjoy makes your heart beat fast and excited, especially if you think about this for quite some time. Making yourself happy is part of self-care, and giving yourself alone time will be a great experience you will treasure for the rest of your life. That is why, when planning activities and itineraries for yourself, there are some things you must check off your list, such as making sure your home and belongings are safe and secure while you are on travel. If you have pets that need food while you are away, who will take care of them? Their security and health are your top priorities. Additionally, if you are a plant parent and have different varieties of plants, some may need water baths daily, and some need direct sunlight. To whom will you entrust the responsibility of your plants?

Tricks and Tips for Your Plants

Are you at the state of excited about every detail of your travel time and want to spend it with no hesitations and overthinking your beloved plants that are alone in your house? If you want to spend your alone time for a week or even a month. Whether on a beach, on road trips, or traveling outside the country. You don’t need to worry about your belongings, especially your beloved plants, because this article will give you suggestions on tricks and tips for maintaining your healthy and bloomy plants while you are on travel. When you’re home, you know there is nothing to worry about because all your beloved plants are in a safe state with these following tricks and tips:

1.  Adjustment to Light and Temperature

Plants use most of their water during the process known as transpiration for many reasons, including all facts and reality. The amount of sunlight a plant receives determines and accelerates the rate of the process. If a plant acquires extra sunlight, it will require more water. To prevent your plants from moisture loss while you’re away from home due to lack of water, you can move them a little bit away from direct sunlight or add some sheer curtains to your window. If you don’t want to, you can return your plants to their original location when you’re home. The same as dragon plant care and any other indoor plants you may have at home because it doesn’t require the full attention of care, rest assured that when you get home, it is still alive and healthy.

2.  Maintaining its Moisture

Watering your plants properly before leaving is acceptable if you’re only going to be gone for a week or less. Make sure you only water plants in dry pots or nearly dry. Before you leave, let any excess water drain from your potted plants so that the soil stays wet without resting in a saucer of water, which could attract pests or cause root rot. Remember that this is only necessary for plants that require weekly or more frequent watering. Succulents and cacti are samples of indoor plants that may survive without water for a week or two. You could also try to avoid watering them during the winter when plant life declines and some plants go dormant.

3.  Fertilizing Tips

If you fertilize your houseplants sometimes, wait until after vacation; patience is the best remedy for healthy plants. You must not apply fertilizer to your plants in the weeks before you leave; it might put them at risk. You want your plants to grow as slowly as possible while you’re gone since this will help them preserve water and energy. It is always best to know the kind of plant you have, apply proper care, and follow the proper guidelines.

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In General

Even if you are far from your plant, knowing it well will help it survive and bloom. Being knowledgeable enough about your beloved plant will help you increase its life span and enjoy growing with it.

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