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ZZ Plant Feng Shui: Enhancing Your Home and Life Energy

Do you want to improve the energy in your life and home? If so, you may want to think about adding a ZZ plant to your home’s interior design. Popular houseplant Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, popularly known as the ZZ plant, is renowned for its resilience and minimal care requirements. Did you know, though, that the ZZ plant is also believed to possess potent Feng Shui properties? In this post, I’ll look at the history and benefits of the ZZ plant in Feng Shui and provide advice on how to use it in your home to have the best energy flow possible.

Is ZZ plant good for feng shui?
According to Feng Shui, ZZ plants can enhance energy flow, attract prosperity, and promote a sense of calmness and relaxation. Placement of ZZ plant in a north or east direction helps increase money and career energy, maximizing its Feng Shui benefits. To create a welcome atmosphere in your workplace, place your ZZ Plant near the door or reception area. You may set a ZZ plant near the front entrance and utilize its towering height to block any external negative energy or “poison arrow” that may be directed at your home, such as a sharp wall corner.

What is Feng Shui?

Let’s first define Feng Shui so that we may better comprehend the intricacies of ZZ plant Feng Shui. The goal of Feng Shui, an old Chinese concept, is to encourage the flow of good energy, or Qi (pronounced “chee”), by the arrangement of things in a room. A harmonious setting that promotes health, wealth, and luck is the aim of Feng Shui.

History of ZZ Plant Feng Shui

Eastern Africa is the natural home of the ZZ plant, which was first brought to the west in the 1990s. The ZZ plant is often used to treat respiratory conditions, headaches, and fever in traditional Chinese medicine and is believed to have therapeutic properties. The ZZ plant gained popularity in the west, and it was quickly recognized that the plant also possessed potent Feng Shui properties.

Benefits of ZZ Plant Feng Shui

There are many benefits to incorporating a ZZ plant into your home for Feng Shui purposes. Here are just a few:

1. Purifies the air

The amazing ability of the ZZ plant to remove numerous hazardous chemicals often found in interior environments is one of its most notable characteristics. These include benzene, formaldehyde, and xylene, all of which may be found in furniture, home goods, and certain construction supplies. The ZZ plant functions as a natural air filter by absorbing and degrading these dangerous substances, promoting a healthier and more pleasurable living or working environment.

The chemical benzene, which is often present in paint, plastics, and cigarette smoke, may be harmful to human health and cause cancer as well as respiratory problems. The risk of exposure to this dangerous toxin is decreased because to the ZZ plant’s capacity to remove benzene from the atmosphere.

When present in high amounts, the volatile organic compound (VOC) formaldehyde, which is found in certain textiles, adhesives, and cleaning solutions, is known to irritate the respiratory system. The ZZ plant effectively filters the air by actively absorbing formaldehyde molecules, reducing any possible health hazards related to this substance.

The ZZ plant is also capable of successfully removing xylene, another VOC that may be found in a variety of paints, solvents, and gasoline. This plant drastically decreases the amount of xylene in the air by absorbing and neutralizing its particles, fostering a cleaner and healthier environment.

The ZZ plant has advantages in addition to cleansing the air. It is a low-maintenance plant that needs little watering and may flourish in a variety of interior settings with little light. This makes it the perfect option for anyone who want to breathe clean, fresh air but do not have much gardening knowledge or access to plenty of sunshine.

2. Enhances energy flow

According to the principles of Feng Shui, adding a ZZ plant to your house may have a favorable effect on the flow of energy. This traditional Chinese placement practice stresses the need of establishing peaceful situations that encourage the unrestricted movement of chi, or life force energy. You may improve the energetic balance in your environment and perhaps attract a number of advantages, like as more energy, wealth, and prosperity, by carefully planting a ZZ plant there.

The ZZ plant is said to have certain properties in Feng Shui that help to promote energy flow. Its rich, vivid leaves and upward growth pattern represent growth, vigor, and upward progress. The ZZ plant may assist promote the flow of good energy by bringing these traits into your house, which can then have a beneficial effect on a variety of elements of your life.

The ZZ plant is said to draw and activate chi, causing a flow of good energy to be stimulated throughout the space when it is put in important parts of the house like the entryway, living room, or office. The environment may become more lively and dynamic as a result of the increased energy, which may help people feel more alive and content.

According to Feng Shui concepts, having a ZZ plant around may also promote wealth and plenty. It is a well-liked option for attracting riches and financial success because of its lush and strong look, which stands for growth and prosperity. You may allow the flow of good energy and perhaps improve your financial chances by planting the ZZ plant in regions of your house or workplace that are connected with wealth and success, such as the southeast corner.

The ZZ plant is a great option for improving energy flow in regions that may lack natural light or have stagnant energy due to its resilience and capacity to survive in low light circumstances. A healthier atmosphere that in turn supports general wellbeing and a more positive energy flow may be created by its capacity to filter the air.

It’s vital to keep in mind that although the ZZ plant is said to improve energy flow in accordance with Feng Shui principles, individual reactions may differ. When applying the principles of Feng Shui to your environment, it’s important to take into account your personal instincts and tastes since the technique is extremely individualized.

3. Increases focus and productivity

The ZZ plant is a great option for your home office or study place when it comes to fostering an atmosphere that encourages attention and productivity. This extraordinary plant is said to have properties that help improve mental focus, clarity, and general cognitive function in addition to its visual appeal.

Your capacity to concentrate and sustain concentration may benefit from having a ZZ plant nearby. Studies and anecdotal evidence suggest that indoor plants, like the ZZ plant, may increase mood and lower stress levels, creating a setting that is better for attention and productivity. The ZZ plant’s natural greenery and colorful leaves provide a visually appealing and peaceful environment that encourages calmness and concentration.

The ZZ plant has been linked to several physiological properties that promote cognitive function in addition to its advantages for vision. Indoor plants, like the ZZ plant, enhance humidity and release oxygen, making the air healthier and more oxygenated. The enhanced alertness and mental clarity that result from the better air quality may directly benefit brain function, hence improving attention and productivity.

Additionally, it has been shown that having plants about the office may lessen weariness and enhance general wellbeing. You may counteract mental fatigue and improve your capacity to remain focused and involved with the work at hand by introducing the ZZ plant into your home office or study place to create a more stimulating ambiance.

The ZZ plant also has the benefit of being low-maintenance, which makes it a great option for folks who may not have a lot of time or a green thumb. It is a practical and dependable ally in your search for greater attention and productivity because of its capacity to flourish in diverse lighting situations and tolerate extended periods of neglect.

Consider putting the ZZ plant in your line of sight or close to your workplace to get the most out of its advantages for concentration and productivity. This plant’s presence may provide a calming and revitalizing visual aspect that can assist lessen eye strain and mental tiredness brought on by extended periods of work or study.

4. Brings luck and good fortune

The ZZ plant is highly valued in the art of Feng Shui when it comes to bringing prosperity and wealth into your house. This plant is a favorite among individuals looking to draw good fortune and riches because to its vivid appearance and thick leaves, which is said to be a sign of wealth and abundance.

The ZZ plant is related to the Wood element in Feng Shui, which stands for expansion, energy, and plenty. You may generate a strong energy presence that is said to draw luck and wealth into your home by bringing this plant into it.

The upward growth pattern and vivid green leaves of the ZZ plant represent upward motion and upward energy flow. This quality supports development and success in numerous facets of life, such as work, wealth, and general well-being. It is consistent with the concepts of Feng Shui. You may use the ZZ plant’s symbolic energy to encourage the manifestation of prosperity and good fortune by strategically putting it in regions connected to money, such as the southeast corner of your house or the wealth sector of a room.

Beyond its symbolic meaning, the ZZ plant’s propensity for thriving and growth with little maintenance is consistent with the ideas of wealth and drawing in good energy. It is the ideal partner for people trying to create a successful and thriving environment because of its resilience and flexibility. You invest metaphorically in the expansion and prosperity of your own life as you take care of and nurture the ZZ plant.

Additionally, the ZZ plant may provide a feeling of balance and harmony to your living area. Feng Shui places a strong emphasis on the value of creating a peaceful atmosphere that encourages the movement of chi, or good energy. The ZZ plant adds an aesthetically beautiful and energetically bright ambiance to your house that improves the overall energy dynamics of the area. According to popular belief, this balanced energy flow draws favorable circumstances, luck, and fortune.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that genuine plenty extends beyond material money, despite the ZZ plant’s reputation as a sign of wealth and success in Feng Shui. To take full use of the potential advantages that the ZZ plant and Feng Shui concepts may provide, it’s crucial to have a good outlook, act on your inspiration, and practice appreciation and giving.


How to Incorporate ZZ Plant Feng Shui into Your Home

Now that you understand the benefits of ZZ plant Feng Shui, let’s explore how to incorporate this plant into your home for optimal energy flow.

1. Choose the right location

Location is crucial when it comes to ZZ plant Feng Shui. The plant should be put in an area of your home that encourages the flow of good energy, such as the wealth, health, or career area. Because these rooms are believed to have stagnated energy, stay away from putting the ZZ plant there.

2. Use the right container

The container you choose for your ZZ plant might affect its Feng Shui properties in addition to its location. Choose a circular or oval-shaped container since these forms encourage energy flow. Avoid using containers with sharp edges or corners since they might attract bad energy.

3. Maintain the plant

It’s crucial to keep up with your ZZ plant for maximum Feng Shui benefits. By giving the plant the right amount of light, water, and soil, you can keep it strong and growing. Do not overwater the plant or place it in Direct sunlight should be avoided since it may injure plants and interfere with their energy systems.

4. Combine with other Feng Shui elements

Consider using your ZZ plant with other Feng Shui components to further improve the energy flow in your home. For instance, you may put mirrors or crystals next to the plant to reflect and enhance its energy. To achieve a perfect balance of components, you may also add more plants or water features.

5. Consider plant placement in specific areas

There are certain Feng Shui rules to adhere to depending on the location of your home where you wish to install your ZZ plant. Here are a few examples:

Wealth area

Put your ZZ plant at the southeast corner of your home if you want to bring money and plenty into your life. To improve the energy flow, other components may be added, such as a money tree or a bowl of coins.

Health area

Place your ZZ plant in the east or southeast corner of your home to foster health and wellbeing. Other things that are good for your health may be included, including herbs or fresh flowers.

Career area

Place your ZZ plant in the north section of your home or workplace if you want to increase your professional possibilities and success. To encourage job advancement, you may also include additional components like a fountain or a picture of a mountain.

ZZ Plant Feng Shui: Enhancing Your Home and Life Energy

ZZ Plant Causes Cancer: Fact or Fiction?

There is no proof in the scientific community that ZZ plants cause cancer. The ZZ plant is really regarded as being harmless for both people and animals. The ZZ plant is recognized for its air-purifying properties, making it a safe and healthful addition to any home, unlike certain plants that may emit hazardous compounds into the air.

ZZ Plant Disadvantages

There are numerous benefits to the ZZ plant, but there are a few possible downsides to take into account. The following are a few of the most prevalent drawbacks:

  • ZZ plants need well-draining soil and might be susceptible to root rot if overwatered.
  • ZZ plants may also attract pests like mealybugs or spider mites.

The ZZ plant continues to be a preferred option because to its hardiness and simple care requirements, despite these possible downsides.

ZZ Plant Bedroom Feng Shui

According to some practitioners, having zz plants in the bedroom might disturb the energy flow, which can lead to restlessness or sleeplessness. Others, however, contend that certain plants, like the ZZ plant, may actually improve energy flow and encourage sound sleep. The decision to add plants to the bedroom ultimately boils down to personal taste and intuition.

ZZ Plant Vastu Direction

In Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian science of architecture and design, the ZZ plant is associated with the North or Northeast direction. It is believed that pointing a ZZ plant in this direction would encourage wealth and good energy to flow throughout the home.

Where to Place ZZ Plant at Home

There are a few important things to take into account while placing ZZ plants in the home. First, think about the general energy flow of your area and choose a spot that encourages balance and harmony. Place the ZZ plant in a location that supports your aims while also taking into account its special benefits. Place your ZZ plant at the southeast corner of your home, for instance, to draw money and success.

ZZ Plant Flower Meaning

Despite not having flowers, the ZZ plant is nonetheless full of symbolic value. The ZZ plant is symbolic of wealth, plenty, and expansion in Feng Shui. It is a representation of resiliency and strength due to its hardiness and capacity to flourish in dim lighting.

Feng Shui Plant Placement 2023

It’s a fantastic idea to review our houses’ energy flow as we start a new year and make any required changes. Consider using a ZZ plant in your home’s decor if you’re looking to install a Feng Shui plant in 2023. An excellent addition for fostering health, wealth, and well-being is the ZZ plant, which has air-purifying properties and good energy flow.

ZZ Plant Benefits at Home

The ZZ plant offers many more benefits for the home in addition to its air-purifying properties and good energy flow. Here are a few examples:

  • The ZZ plant requires little care and may grow in a range of lighting situations.
  • The ZZ plant may remove pollutants from the air, improving the quality of life.
  • The ZZ plant is a wonderful addition to any area since it is a representation of tenacity and power.
  • The ZZ plant is adaptable and works well with many different types of home decor.

Best Feng Shui Plants

Here are some plants that are considered good feng shui plants:

  1. Basil
  2. Jasmine
  3. Money tree
  4. Chinese Money Plant
  5. Pothos
  6. Aloe Vera
  7. Philodendron
  8. Citrus Tree
  9. Peony
  10. Orchid
  11. Fern
  12. Lucky bamboo
  13. Golden pothos
  14. Hade plant
  15. Boston ferns
  16. Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema)

ZZ Plant Care Guide


ZZ Plants prefer direct, bright light. Put them next to an east or north-facing window so they may get strong, filtered light all day long. They shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight since it will burn their leaves. They are appropriate for places with little natural light since they can adjust to low lighting.


Temperatures between 65 and 75 °F (18 and 24 °C) are ideal for ZZ plants. Although they may handle a little bit of colder or warmer weather, it is recommended to stay away from sharp temperature changes or drafts. During the winter, keep them out of drafts since sustained exposure to cold air may harm their leaves.


ZZ Plants can withstand mild neglect and are drought-tolerant. When the top inch (2.5 cm) of the soil feels dry to the touch, water them well. ZZ Plants are prone to root rot, so make sure that any extra water drains out of the container to avoid waterlogging. Since they can survive brief periods without water, it is preferable to submerge than to overwater.

Soil and Potting

ZZ Plants demand soil with good drainage to avoid waterlogging. To make a well-draining combination, combine peat moss, perlite, and common potting soil. Avoid soils that are dense or compacted because they may hold too much moisture. When repotting, use a container that is just a little bit bigger than the previous one to accommodate growth.


ZZ Plants need little fertilizing, making them minimal care. You may fertilize them once a month with a balanced houseplant fertilizer at half the recommended dosage during the growth season (spring and summer). Fertilizing should be avoided in the winter when plant development is sluggish.


ZZ Plants may thrive in environments with humidity that is often found in a home, although they prefer somewhat greater humidity. A tray of water placed next to the plant or the use of a humidifier may improve humidity if the air in your house is too dry, particularly during the winter. However, they may still flourish in the typical indoor humidity range.

Pruning and Maintenance

By cutting them at the base with clean, precise pruning scissors, regularly remove any yellow or damaged leaves. In addition to keeping the plant neat-looking, this also stops the transmission of illnesses or pests. To maintain the leaves clean and free of dust, gently wipe them with a moist cloth or use a gentle brush.


It is crucial to remember that ZZ Plants are poisonous to both people and animals if consumed. If you have inquisitive pets around, keep them out of the reach of youngsters and animals or think about buying pet-friendly plants.


ZZ Plants may be multiplied by using stem or leaf cuttings. Choose a healthy leaf and let the cut end dry for a few days to proliferate using leaf cuttings. Plant the leaf in a soil that drains properly and keep it slightly wet until the roots appear. For stem cuttings, choose a robust stem with several leaves and proceed similarly. To establish new plants and produce roots, propagation might take a few weeks.


Is ZZ Plant Good for Feng Shui?

Yes, the ZZ plant is considered an excellent plant for Feng Shui. It is believed to improve the Qi, or flow of good energy, throughout your home, resulting in an increase in vigor, affluence, and success. A healthful addition to any home, the ZZ plant is also renowned for its air-purifying properties.

Where Should I Place My ZZ Plant?

When it comes to ZZ plant placement, consider the overall energy flow of your space and choose a location that promotes balance and harmony. Your aims and the precise Feng Shui rules you are adhering to will determine where exactly you should put your ZZ plant. Place your ZZ plant at the southeast corner of your home, for instance, to draw money and success.

What is the Luckiest Plant According to Feng Shui?

There are other plants that are believed to offer even more luck and success, even if the ZZ plant is regarded as a great plant for Feng Shui. According to Feng Shui, the following plants are among the luckiest:

  • Money tree: a representation of riches and success
  • Jade plant: a sign of prosperity and luck
  • Peace lily: a symbol of harmony and peace

Is it OK to Have a ZZ Plant in the Bedroom?

According to some practitioners, having zz plants in the bedroom might disturb the energy flow, which can lead to restlessness or sleeplessness. Others, however, contend that certain plants, like the ZZ plant, may actually improve energy flow and encourage sound sleep. The decision to add plants to the bedroom ultimately boils down to personal taste and intuition.

What Are the Spiritual Benefits of ZZ Plants?

ZZ plants are believed to provide spiritual benefits in addition to their Feng Shui benefits. The following list of ZZ plant benefits is a partial list of the most popular ones:

  • Encourages resiliency and strength: The ZZ plant is a representation of resiliency and strength because to its hardiness and capacity to survive in low-light environments.
  • Increases Mental Clarity and concentration: The ZZ plant is believed to increase mental clarity and concentration, making it an excellent choice for the home office or study space.
  • Encourages development and plenty: The ZZ plant is an excellent addition to any environment since it is connected with growth and abundance in Feng Shui.


As a result, adding a ZZ plant to your home’s décor may not only provide a touch of greenery but also improve energy flow and foster happy energy. You may optimize the benefits of ZZ plant Feng Shui and create a peaceful and successful living environment by adhering to the Feng Shui principles described in this article. For best benefits, pick the proper location and container for your plant, take care of it, and integrate it with other Feng Shui components.

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