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Underwatered String of Hearts

If you didn’t care for your plant which resulted in an underwatered string of hearts and now it’s looking like all dried up and leaves are getting brown, shriveled, dying off and dropping itself or becoming fainted or low and brittle.

Underwatered String of hearts can be a problem if not taken good care , they are succulent and if not given water they become wrinkled. To solve this you need to put some water and make sure you have provided proper air circulation to the plant, if it’s inside the glass container eg: Terrariums.

Also if your area’s climate is kind of hot in summer then put them in a more cold or shade place for some hours. They don’t like heavy heat. By the way you just need a partial light requirement and no hot temperature.

Giving it some water spray can also help in warm seasons. Also Adding perlite can have a better drainage to the soil it will help the root to be healthy.

Solution for underwatering is to water every 5 days or in a week to make it moist, they like moist soil and indirect light. They will survive in normal room temperature and if you want to know a full care guide on string of hearts check. 

Propagation in string of heart is also an easy thing to do and I have also done it and multiplied my chain of hearts many times using tuber and stem cutting.

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Underwatered String of Hearts
Underwatered String of Hearts

How do you know when string of hearts need water?

My string of hearts needs water when it starts shivering, becoming dry or feeling sorry by looking at its leaves. Even the shrinking of leaves or getting brown is a sign that they need water. Also if the soil it is fully dried out then immediately give water to this plant.

How often should I water my string of hearts?

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Actually what I do in my string of hearts is I give them water every 5-7 days depending on the weather or season, if there is hot summer then it probably needs water in 4-5 days if winter then 18-20. 

The basic idea of how often you need to give water is to check the soil if it’s dry quickly then you need to water many times in a week and if it’s not drying then it needs to be in water in 10 days.

Can String of Hearts survive in water?

yes String of hearts can survive in water as you don’t know the propagation of chain of hearts can be done in water and it’s a very easy process that even beginners can try out. Only water can be used to propagate it after that you have to put them in soil to further growth. 

Their is different intervals on how often you need to give them water to Ceropegia woodii plant. 

generally this plant is semi succulent so it needs water, other succulent don’t generally need much water they survive very well without water for many days.

How do you save an overwatered string of hearts?

If your string of hearts is overwatering then simply stop watering for 2-4 days and check the soil. Also over watering can happen if the drainage is not proper and roots don’t have air circulation which is needed for plants to get air then it will face brown and drop leaves problems.

Drainage problems can result in rotting issues also. Water in 7 to 10 days according to me if you live in more colder climate area.

Why is my string of hearts dying?

There are many reasons why your string of heart is dying and the major reason is overwatering or underwatering. These 2 issues can create problems and I suggest if it happens with your Ceropegia woodii then try to avoid giving them water in case of overwatering and vice versa for underwatering. 

Leaves give sign to these problem so notice that when it happens. If it’s dying then cut 2-3 healthy stems and propagate it as soon as possible which will basically save you from losing a plant.

I have written a full article on 6 different ways on string of hearts propagation checks & if you want to know string of hearts seed pods then check.

Wrap Up

I hope you get the answer on “Underwatered String of Hearts“ and if you want to read other such articles check below.

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