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What Flower Symbolizes New Beginnings – (Various Color Meaning)

If you searching for “What Flower Symbolizes New Beginnings” but before that let me tell you Flowers always have been used to symbolize various things for a long time. Each flower has a different meaning. This concept was first introduced in the book ‘Le Langage des flues,’ published in 1819 by Charlotte de Latou. One of the most significant symbols is for New beginnings. This can be either personal to your or a general new start, as a new year. Either way, there are flowers that symbolize new beginnings. If you are unfamiliar with them, no need to worry! This guide will enlist and explain those flowers and answer your relevant questions. 

What Flower Symbolizes New Beginnings

Here are the 5 Flower Symbolizes New Beginnings :

  1. Daffodil

flowers for new beginnings

Daffodil is a colorful and delicate flower. Daffodil is one of the popular flower symbolizes new beginnings & rebirth & they blooms in several light colors. All these flowers variety fit in the aesthetics of Spring, the season for Daffodil growth.

You will find Daffodil in white, off-white, and yellow colors. The flower’s growth has a powerful symbolism behind it. A Chinese legend considers Daffodil a good luck sign for your home, especially if they bloom during the New Year.

Others consider Daffodil the symbol of prosperity as it grows after the end of winter. Whether you believe in these legends or not, one thing you can agree with is that Daffodils make the prettiest presents.

There is a legend that you should never gift a single flower of Daffodil as it may symbolize misfortune. Thus, you should always present them in a bunch.

History of Daffodil

  • Daffodil has a vast history, especially in Greek culture. The flower’s botanical name is after their egotistical God, Narcissus. During the old times, the flowers were given in an odd number bouquet as a present.
  • Even back then, Daffodils were a symbol of happiness, prosperity, and friendship. Hence, making them the ultimate new beginning flowers.

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  1. Daisies


Daisies are also popular flower for new beginnings. They symbolize many things, and rebirth stands as one of the most significant. Daisies are also found in a variety of colors. If you like dark colors, you can find purple-shaded daisies. However, the most common are the white and yellow ones.

Generally, Daisies are considered innocent flowers. You can gift them to someone who is going through a new beginning. It can be the start of the new year, a new job, a relationship, etc. That is why you will see daisies being gifted for newborn babies, as it is the start of a family’s new journey.

It is a sun-loving flower, originated from Europe. However, they are found in almost all parts of the world now. There are also different types of Daisies found across the globe, where each stands for something different. Usually, Daisies are the symbol of purity and loyalty.

History of Daisies

  • Originally, Daisies were found in North and Central Europe. And soon after, they became the favorite flowers of the region. The different shades of the flower make it unique, where each shade has a particular meaning.
  • Daisies are offered in a lovely bouquet. These flowers for new beginnings have been gifted throughout history when a baby is born. It is a moment of happiness, joy, prosperity, and a new beginning.
  • Besides that, daisies are also the perfect gift for a new year.

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  1. Calla Lily

calla lily (Zantedeschia aethiopica)

Calla Lily flowers are one of the most unique out there. That is mainly due to their appearance. It is quite different from other flower that symbolize new beginnings. Calla Lily is also used as a symbol of timeless elegance, besides purity and rebirth.

The flower has silk petals that express simplicity and elegant allure. However, these plants are also quite sophisticated.

Calla Lillies are usually gifted to someone going through a major change or starting a new journey. The best example is of a woman who is becoming a mother. It is a phase that every woman goes through, and you can elevate the joy of this moment with these silk flowers.

Other types of lily flowers are also very popular. Each represents something different. For instance, the Easter lily is the symbol of resurrection, while the tiger lily symbolizes a new financial start. Similarly, Rain lilies are a sign of spiritual awakening.

History of Calla Lily

  • Calla Lily is a Greek word, which means ‘Beauty.’ The flower has a rich religious history during the Victorian era.
  • It was the time when the use of flowers for expressing different feelings became popular. People used to write letters and gift them with similar flowers to elevate their words. During this time, Calla Lily became quite popular.
  • It started representing Christianity. Thus, it garnered a lot of attention from religious people too. Calla Lily also symbolizes Virgin Mary. Many legends also say that the flower was gifted during the Easter period.
  • Even today, it is associated with Christian Easter services and Savior’s resurrection. As a Christian, you can express holiness, faith, and a new beginning with this flower.

Other Uses of Calla Lily

Calla Lily is one of the richest flowers for new beginnings. That is all because of its huge variety of colors. You will find the flower in orange, purple, green, yellow, black, and pink.

Each color signifies something different. Calla lilies are also used for funerals, thanks to their graceful appearance. In addition to that, the white and pink calla lily is a common gift at weddings. You will find them lying across the floor as they decorate the entire place with their grace.

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  1. Lotus

Lotus Plant Care (Nelumbo nucifera)

Lotus is not just flower that symbolize new beginnings. Instead, it is considered the literal embodiment. Lotus is one of the most sacred plants in many cultures. Legends say that the plant contains magical properties.

One of the main reasons for that is the Lotus’ lifespan. Its speed can withstand thousands of years without water. Even after that, the flower can still germinate. Lotus plants have strong roots and can survive even during hard times. The roots are fastened in mud so that they can absorb water underground.

Lotus has a vast meaning in its different colors. Even its lifecycle is said to contain a deeper meaning about life, death, and rebirth.

Different Interpretations of Lotus Colors

Lotus flowers for new beginnings come in a variety of colors. The entire symbolism of Lotus is kept within its shades. Here are its different colors and their meanings:

  1. White Lotus: The White Lotus is one of its rarest colors. It stands for a soul’s purity. The white color also represents a body’s purity. The yellow color in Lotus also represents the same spiritual ascension as white.
  2. Red Lotus: Like Red in other flowers, it stands as a sign of love and passion. However, Red Lotus expresses the true feelings of a heart.
  3. Light Blue Lotus: The blue shade, particularly the light one, represents the victory of spirituality. It is also the sign of earthly attachments. Thus, victory is spirituality over earthly attachment.
  4. However, it expresses intelligence and wisdom.
  5. Viola Lotus: Viola lotus flowers are very rare. Much like their nature, the flowers represent mystery. Although they also stand for spirituality, purple is more inclined towards meditation and asceticism.
  6. Pink Lotus: Pink Lotus is one of the most common shades of the flower. This color has a close relation with religions, especially Buddhism. It represents religious deities. However, Pink Lotus is the symbol for Buddha.

History of Lotus

  • Lotus flowers originate from Ancient Egypt. In old times, these plants were said to have magical abilities. People believed that Lotus could heal and even resurrect a deceased individual.
  • The Hindu and Buddhist cultures have significant importance for Lotus flowers. That is because the flower represents purity and spiritual ascension.

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  1. Roses

rose care

Roses are usually restricted as symbols of romance and passion. However, they also represent purity. The flower symbolizes new beginnings as well. The main reason why they are offered at a wedding is that they signify the importance of this new journey.

People do not understand the importance of roses when they offer them to ladies. These flowers identify the dawn of a new relationship.

Even in different colors, the rose still maintains its true nature.

White Rose: White rose is presented at a wedding. It weighs on the new journey that the couple is starting. Moreover, it represents the start of this new and pure relationship.

This ‘pure’ symbol also makes the white roses eligible to gift when a baby is born. You can gift these flowers at New Year, and other such occasions.

Black Rose: Although black rose is presented during funerals, it has the same meaning. A funeral represents the start of a deceased’s new journey.

Red Rose: Red Roses are usually offered in love. Thus, they carry the same meaning of passion and expressing the feelings of one’s heart. 

History of Rose

  • Rose is one of the most ancient flowers. According to fossils, it originated in Central Asia. Their cultivation began about 5000 years ago.
  • The flower belongs to the family Rosaceae and genus Rosa. The latter has over 150 species.
  • Rose also has connections with Greek Mythology. They believe that Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty, gave a rose in honor of her son Eros. She arranged the letters in Ero’s name, who then gave the rose to Harpocrates as a bribe. From there, Greeks consider the rose as a symbol of love, silence, and secrecy.
  • Passages about the rose are also found in Confucius’ writings. He mentioned the growing of flowers in Imperial Gardens in about 500 B.C. He also wrote that the emperor’s library had hundreds of books on the flower rose.
  • Whether you believe in the mythology or not, the vast history indicates that the rose has been a significant flower throughout time. Today, it is one of the most popular flowers that symbolize new beginnings.

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What Flower Color Represents New Beginnings?

Like what flower symbolizes new beginnings, there is no straightforward and single answer about the color. The colors vary depending on the flowers.

For instance, white roses represent new beginnings in the rose family. But, the same can not be said for Daffodil.

Similarly, white calla lilies are gifted at weddings to symbolize a new beginning. But, you can not say the same for Daisies.

As for lotus, there are different colors, and all of them are somewhat related to the concept of new beginnings.

Hence, no single color is restricted to represent rebirth or new beginnings.

Which Flower Symbolizes Rebirth and New Beginning?

Daffodil, named after an egotistical Greek God Narcissus, is one of the most common flowers that symbolize new beginnings and rebirth. Do not get fooled by the flower’s name, as it has nothing to do with narcissism.

Since Daffodil grows at the end of the winter, it also represents future prosperity. You can gift a set of daffodils to someone who is newly married, recently became parents, started a new job, or for the joy of a new year.

Either way, a bouquet of daffodils is the perfect gift for everything related to rebirth and new beginnings.

Lotus is also connected to the concept of new beginnings and rebirth. That is mainly due to its long spiritual history. The flower was considered a plant with magical properties. People believed that it had the power to heal or resurrect someone, which explains its relation with rebirth.

Many religions still consider the Lotus one of the most sacred flowers for new beginnings. Christians see it as a symbol for Holy Mary. On the other hand, Buddhists symbolize Buddha from the flower.


And, that brings us to the end of this detailed guide on “What Flower Symbolizes New Beginnings”. We have covered all the relevant topics and questions regarding this topic.

This guide also answers what flowers that symbolize rebirth by giving you a variety of options. So, if your loved one is also experiencing or starting a new journey, you can easily choose a flower from this list. 

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