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Lotus plant is a beautiful aquatic plant that every gardener wants to grow as they look quite exotic and become the center of attention in any gardening area. It has very nice looking leaves and colorful flowers. Let me tell you why these plants are great as they grow in both mud and water , with the poorest of mud and bad water they thrive very nicely in these conditions. The Flower Bouquet is used to gift to someone special and also the petals are used in various company inauguration and public occasions. Lotus plant care is easy and below is the information provided. Read On.

How Do You Take Care Of A Lotus Plant?

To take care of this flower plant you need to know various aspects of caring. Let me tell you caring is easy in lotus plants if you put them in a good spot, everything is good then. Lotus Plant Care – 

1 . Container

They require 2 containers without any drainage hole and as they need a water environment so you need to shift them in a bigger pond container. The Seeds and its germination can be done in a glass of water. After that you need to shift it to the small container. Put this smaller one inside the bigger container. I have explained everything in the above section on growing lotus plants. You can check that for more information.

2 . Soil 

You can grow them in poor soil also, they even grow in mud and in poor water so it has seen every possible soil. If you want to grow at home you need Sand (70-80%) and some compost (20-30%).

3 . Fertilizer(compost)

They require about 20% fertilizer to grow healthy and also for strengthening rhizomes.I have used this fertilizer for lotus plant growth & it was quite good for the flower plants. Here is the link to buy.

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 4 . Water

This plant loves water and wants to stay in water forever. Make sure to regularly fill water and don’t forget to give them water.

5 . Light

Lotus plants can grow easily in both partial shade and full sunlight, but to see vibrant flowering you must put them in a full sunlight area where they can grow better and give bright leaves and flower color.

6 . Soil (addition)

To make sure the stem stays in its place you can use gravel and sand to cover the top layer of Soil.

7 . Winter Effect

It can be an issue if water in the pond container gets frozen or the temperature drops to very low. It may freeze the plant that might be the issue. For that to prevent you can the water and if its solid take it inside the house and warm it. For this issue you can take them inside throughout winter but sometimes move its container in winter sunlight so the plant gets some good light.

8 . Pests

It can be affected by spider mites and whitefly so to get rid of them you can use diatomaceous earth power which is good solution for these type of pests. For flies lie Brown china mark, Elophila and china mark moths you can use BT caterpillar Insecticide/pesticide. Here is the link to buy.


Lotus Plant Care (Nelumbo nucifera)
Lotus Plant Care

Lotus Plant (Nelumbo nucifera)

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Family Nelumbonaceae
Scientific Name Nelumbo nucifera
Common Name Sacred lotus , Indian lotus, , Egyptian bean or Bean of India or simply Lotus plant
Soil Sand Mix
Species Aquatic
Native India and East Asia
USDA hardiness zone  4 to 11
Temperature 71-80° F
Fertilizer Liquid
Light 5-6 hours Direct sun
Flower Color pink, purple, white, red,blue
Leaf Color Green
Height 7-12 inches(Dwarf) or 6 feet

How do you grow a Lotus Plant

To grow this flower plant , the first thing you need is seeds. Once you have the hard seeds make sure to hit them lightly with a hammer so that we can get a slight crack on the seeds. This way when you grow them it will sprout faster and in only 4-5 days you will see its germination. They are fast growing flowering plants with excellent petal color. Growing lotus plants is easy but yes you need a second container so that you can see its real appearance as it was shown in any picture library. They need water and water all the time to make sure you do check them whenever lotus plants need it. I have given step by step procedure on how to grow lotus plant :

1 . Use container without holes.

This plant doesn’t need any drainage holes and the container should be smaller so that we can put them in a bigger pond container after that.

2 . Prepare Soil Mix.

You need to put about 80% of sand and 20% would be any fertilizer but the best work for me is Osmocote Slow release fertilizer. You can check it Here is the link to buy.

3 . Water it and make it full wet.

You need to make the soil fully wet and make sure no area is left.

4 . Time to Plant.

Use your finger to make a hole on the sand and put the sprouted seeds in the soil and cover with the wet sand. Use gravel or sand and cover it on the top layer this way the rhizome won’t move and stays in the same position & keep in its place.

5 . Use Pond or Larger container

Now it’s time to place your smaller container inside the bigger container and make sure to put it in the middle.

6 . Fill Water.

Now you need to fill water to the pond container or larger container you have. Make sure it is full of water only.

7 . Place it in a direct sunlight area.

Now you should find a place and move this big container to a location where it gets 5-6 hours of light.

8 . Water Keep in Check.

As you put these in sunlight so water may evaporate so water it whenever lotus plants need. Keep an eye on these plants as they need water everyday and every time. Water is their daily requirement to grow properly, make sure to give them water and always care for them.

Most Searches

Mini Lotus Plant

As you know plant hybrids are very popular and also research. This mini lotus plant is a variety of dwarf lotus and they are smaller in size. Even their rhizome or what you call it tuber is also tiny and these are well fit for a 6 inch pot. They can be easily grown and require very less space. If You want to Buy the dwarf variety of lotus plant here is the link.

Pots for Lotus Plants

Here are the 3 best pots for lotus plants :

1 . Aquascape Fabric Plant Pot – Here is the link to buy.

2 . Classic Home and Garden –  Here is the link to buy.

3 . Dahlia 8.3” Inch Large – Here is the link to buy.

Clay soil for lotus plant

It can easily rot if they are grown in a high fertilizer soil mix so you should use clay soil for lotus plants when it is given to grow in a pond container. Also you can use sand for potting mix and some fertilizer about 20% only this can work and won’t hurt your plant. These plants grow in mud back then and can tolerate any bad soil but won’t survive with rich soil.

Small lotus plants for sale

As this flower comes in many different color, its dwarf variety which is actually a smaller version of lotus plant. They are easy to care and maintenance so you can easily grow them and take care for them which is minimal. Small lotus plant for sale with 25 color dwarf seeds. Here is the link to buy.

Dwarf Lotus Seeds
Lotus Plant for Sale

Lotus Flower Meaning:

Lotus Flower Meaning in Buddhism – Symbolism, Facts, 4 Types

White Lotus Flower Meaning – Symbolism(Special And Spiritual)

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Can Lotus plant grow without soil?

Some of the variety do grow without soil, but these varieties of lotus need to be taller about 16-18 inch long. Dwarf lotus is one of the kinds which can grow deep in water with a height of about 10-12 inch. These plants survive in water easily and the only cause of concern for them is ice or water freeze in winter or colder climate.

Does Lotus plant need sunlight?

Lotus plants thrive in full direct sunlight and they enjoy this more than shade but it is preferable to grow them in partial shade because the sun can evaporate all the water easily so they need water all the time. These plants like warm temperatures between 70-75  and when they get full sunlight they grow very well on those days.

How long do Lotus plants live?

Lotus plants have long life and can grow upto 1000 years , even in 1994 a sacred lotus seed was germinated and did you know it was about 1300 year old when researched. Lotus has ability to survive and revive itself if conditions are met.

Is Water Lily the same as Lotus?

A good difference is water lily leaves are always found floating in the water while lotus has its leaves grown above the water and can be seen clearly. You can’t see water lily leaves from far but you can see lotus leaves from a long distance. These 2 are flowering plants and members of different family groups.

Why is the lotus plant flower so special?

Lotus flower has a meaning which is from ancient times and it symbolizes that even in mud or dirty water , Lotus blooms without getting any impurity on its flower. Lotus plant spiritual meaning is it is connected with good luck , good health, honor , purity, long life, pure heart.


I hope you get the answer on “How Do You Take Care Of A Lotus Plant?”, and what i like is that this is lovely and looks beautiful, provides more colors to your gardens. Butterfly can be seen flying and the growth of this lotus plant is faster and care is minimum so it is best plant.


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