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Rose Care : Rose is a Flowering Plant which has spines on it, at the same time rose has a very beautiful fragrance and a stunning flower. There are many ways where you can use these flowers , it looks quite charming in gardening borders, hedges, wall covers , screens. Some people grow them in medium sized pots to large containers. There are many types of roses in the world. The numbers would be in thousands differ in size, color, fragrance, leaves and its shape. Below I will be Explaining some of the popular ones you might get interested in after reading the article.

Background Information

Rose Scientific name is Rosa rubiginosa & it comes from the family Rosaceae which has over 90 genera species. These plant varieties are in a group of trailing and shrubs where plants are defined as long stems & woody growth. Most popular flower colors are yellow , white and red. Mostly You will find roses in Asia, and small parts of them found in Africa , Europe and North America. As you know because of its beauty , shape and aroma , Cultivators made hybrids of rose plant species & these are grown widely in different places. These are even included in cultural ceremonies in many parts of the world.

Family Rosaceae
Scientific name Rosa rubiginosa
Native Africa , Europe and North America
Flower Color Yellow , White, Red, so on.
Plant Type Perennial
Height 8 inch to 50 feet (Variety Vary)
Width 1-5 feet long
Light Full sun, partial sun, filtered light
Soil Moist , Well drained
Propagation Stem
Toxic Non toxic to Dogs, Horse , Cat According to ASPCA

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(Rosa rubiginosa) Rose Care

Rose Caring is easy and can be done without taking help from outside. Roses are easy to maintain and grow , they can even tolerate many climatic conditions.


As you know roses like water and being moist when they are young. It generally boosts the long lasting growth of rose flowers that’s why they look rich and attractive in color. Roses use water as a way to transfer nutrients to every other part of the plant.

Roses are unique plants as they make food using leaves which is the normal way and also with roots.

  • Water is given in early morning so rose plants have time to dry and it protects the leaves from getting burned.
  • Overwatering should be stopped , make sure soil gets dry before the next watering session otherwise you may find fungus disease appearing on the plant.
  • If you have put them in full shade or partial shade, then give water twice a week, otherwise water them daily when placed in direct sunlight.

* Avoid watering when soil is wet, always check rose soil if it is dry or not.


Roses thrive best in direct sunlight and if you give them a minimum of 5-7 hours of sunlight daily then you will see their happy blossom. You can grow them indoors also but make sure they get enough sunlight from the window or maximum filtered sunlight.

Rose is Best for those who live in Hot Climate but yes it works in most locations.


They easily Survive in most temperatures , still if I tell you at least 10° C at night and daytime prefers 19 to 25° C. Mostly They love to stay in warm temperature, but You have a young baby rose plant then provide it shade and humidity.

They even grow whole year long without much of the things just water them and prune it once every year or 6 months.


When They are young or you have propagated one from a big rose plant then they need maximum humidity to thrive and for developing roots , after that full sun can do its job. In 25-27 °C with 60% humidity they grow well. In Maximum hot climate

around 32 °C to 35 °C with 40-45 % humidity they easily grow.

Rose plant Propagation Pruning benefits Flower
Rose plant (


Most roses need well drained soil with a good pot having good drainage holes. The Soil Should be rich in organic compost and It prefers pH 6.5 for rose and make sure soil shouldn’t be too acidic or alkaline as they may affect the plant overall growth.

This can be noticed when your rose plant leaves changing color without any seasonal change. You can maintain pH by using agricultural limestone and it will change the pH and it is slightly acidic which is good for most plants. I know this is a technical part

but don’t worry if you don’t put it still your plant can grow , rose is a strong plant.

Soil Mix:

2/3 of the potting mix. –  I am using All purpose Potting Mix

1/3 compost –  Jobe’s Rose Fertilizer

Fertilizer for rose plant

Rose requires fertilizer with a high amount of phosphorus in it with the NPK ratio like 18-24-16 even with 5-10-5 can work , only phosphorus is high here. But generally there is no special type of fertilizer requirement it has.

  • All purpose fertilizer can work well. – Buy on
  • Don’t use fertilizer in winters and stop using it 2 months before.
  • Fertilizer in every bloom cycle.

What you should make note :

when to apply fertilizer on rose plants?

When your plant starts to grow leaves for the first time, plus when the first bloom appears. Each of the blooming you can fertilizer them.

Rose Diseases

Just like any other plant rose is also affected by many fungal diseases including root rots, rust, powdery mildew, canker diseases, left spot disease, gray mold, anthracnose etc. Plant virus like rose rosette and rose mosaic , bacterial infection called crown gall. 

For common Fungus & bacterial infections you can use BioAdvanced Fungicide, It also works to get rid of many diseases. Others can be solved using pruning as you need to do pruning multiple times in a year if any fungal infection is there.

(Rosa rubiginosa) Rose Propagation

Rose Propagation process is very easy and only thing you should keep in mind before taking cutting from rose plant is wear gloves as it has needles like spines which can hurt your finger or hand so make sure to follow the below instruction carefully on

how to propagate rose plant :

1 . First sterilize your shears or any cutting tool.

This is important as you don’t want your rose cutting to get any fungus or bacterial infection. Clean it with rubbing alcohol.

2 . Find A healthy thick stem and cut it.

Now See if you have a thick stem which is looking healthy cut about 4-5 inches of stem , as thick stems have more success rate when growing rose plants. Remove the thin stems and only use the thick ones. You should also cut back the extra leaves or cut it 1 inch only. also me and many other people only believe that 2 leaves in single stem can do better growth so no extra leaves when propagating.

I even revive a died stem, I take 4 stem and 3 of them shown excellent growth

rose plant revive regrow rejuvenate (
Rose plant revive (

3 . Make a Cut on with 45 angles why I am saying this.

It’s because when you make a cut 45 angle the roots formation is faster there.

4 . Snip off the small thorns/spines from the base.

Here you need to remove every little throne you find on the base and from above 1-2 inch. It depends how deep you want the stem to be put under the soil. generally you remove spines about 1.5 – 2 inch from the base cutting.

5 . Put rooting hormones on the cutting.

The throne/spines you have removed in the previous step look like plant wounds. Right! Now to cover the wounds you need to use the power of rooting hormones. This Will Boost the development of roots , you will notice the growth more early.

6 . Prepare the pot with well-drained soil & water it.

You need to wet the soil fully so that every corner has water reached, also make sure you have proper holes so that water goes out properly.

7  . Now time to put the Stem Cutting on the soil.

Simply lay the stem on the soil up to the base where you put the rooting hormone.

8 . After Propagation Tips:

Now you need to cover the plant with a plastic bag or polythene (make 1 ,2 holes in it so air can flow) or use a half cut bottle with no cap ,  I will be giving a video just below you can also check that. This is a NEED step because rose plants need humidity when it’s fresh cutting, humidity plays a big role in developing the roots , You will see in 3 weeks , roots have started developing, also you will find new leaves coming out between day 22 to 40. Wait for at least 6-7 weeks , then only you should shift them in full sun. Otherwise only grow them in a shade area where it can retain moisture.

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(Rosa rubiginosa) Rose Pruning

Pruning Rose is easiest way to do that, but safety is first as you need a pair of gloves and make sure to wear them when pruning. Also you don’t have pruning shears, here is Link to buy one. It will work in any plants cutting.

Use pruning shears or any good cutting tool.

make sure when using these tools , first sterilize it with a liquid cleaning agent like rubbing alcohol.

Remove any dead or outfacing wood stem.

You need to cut down all the diseased , dried, unnatural , dead stem and prune it from the main shoot. Also If you find branches that are outfacing and dried you should cut them.

Prune 1/3 of the rose plant.

If you don’t know how much you need to prune just cut the 1/3 part. Also some thin branches that are faded or not having any leaves.

Prune Cross branches and stems.

Rose stems grow complex with so many small branches popping out of many main and sub stems. Problem is when they cross paths with the main stem, it looks ugly and also that it shouldn’t be growing to make a cross but to grow on the other side. trim those small stems.(Watch Video below)

Hard Pruning.

If you do hard pruning on your rose plant , then it may take another 1 year to reach its length. Sometimes when the whole plant is affected by fungal infections or a virus , then it’s needed. Otherwise you shouldn’t cut them to 2/3 , It’s ok with 1/3 part of its stem pruned , It will grow back again.

Time for Pruning.

It is basically the first question that comes to people’s mind, Winter can be the best time to prune as it will start growing healthy after the next 3 months. You will notice growth in spring to summer.

After Care for Plants.

if you are pruning them in the may to July , Then use a good slow release fertilizer or any fertilizer you get nearby, or I have suggested above. It will encourage growth. Keep them in Sun , Water should be given in time and if any fungus affects just use a fungicide I suggest above.

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How to take care of roses in the house

Rose indoor care is same as outdoor, as you may find less pests issue and any weather change problem so less care but that doesn’t mean you forgot to give water, Keeping them in shape is important. let’s Check Rose Care indoor instructions:

  1. Make sure to find a good location in the house where light is directly dropping so roses can’t get enough daily sunlight. Near Window is a good location to shift them.
  2. Always Check if your rose is feeling thirsty means low in water. To know if the soil is dry just use your finger to dig 1 inch on the soil , if it’s dry then your plant needs water. Make sure your rose gets plenty of water on the deep soil and also to the whole corner of the container. Roses are heavy water drinkers so give them water until the water leaks out from the holes, make sure you have 3-4 holes in a container.
  3. Cut the old flower using pruning shears or a sharp cutting tool , before that make sure you clean the tool. Also check if there is fungus or virus infection because It means you are at least and if this problem happens use any fungicide or i have given a link you can also buy from there. If there is pest infestation then you will need pesticide but roses are very less prone to pests, mostly they get affected by different fungal or bacterial infections.
  4. Use fertilizer that you are using in outdoor care , that will work. Nowadays you will find fertilizer made specially for rose plants. I have given a link for fertilizer. You can check that also. Roses need fertilizer when they are in growing stage either summer or spring. Indoors they get warm temperature so it doesn’t need much fertilizer , so minimize its use when growing rose indoor, Once can be enough in summer then after winters according to its , if its not giving blooms then you might need.
  5. This is important like pruning is the most basic thing to do in a rose because it keeps on growing and becomes very large, this will also take more space in your garden. Pruning is done so we get fresh blooms again, and also to remove dead foliage, dried stems , cross stems that look ugly. Cut back branches that are dropping in the ground. suggests to trim rose plants to 2/3rd only and not more than that as it will encourage new blooms early.

Know more about rose flower meaning.

(Rosa rubiginosa) Rose propagation in water

There are a lot of ways to propagate roses and one of the easy and clean ways means those who don’t want their hand to get dirty with sand/soil can apply this method. Rose propagation in water can result the same way it results in soil there is no big difference here. Lets see the steps and full method on rose propagation.

Here are the simple instructions on how to grow rose plant in water

  • The best time to take a cutting is summer and make sure you propagate a healthy stem which must be free from fungus and viruses. Any bad infection can transfer in new cutting to take care of that.
  • Use a clean shears for cutting the rose stem , ideally you can take 4-5 inch of stem that is long enough. So where you should take a cut, it’s generally below the node and takes a 45 degree angle cut , this will make sure the root appears early. Node is the point where the leaf can be seen with its branch. Now Remove the base leaves about 2 inches. Make sure there is no flower in the cutting. Only 2 leaves can do the magic. You can also remove the thrones shown below 2 inch.
  • Use normal water or not too cold or hot, fill water half in a jar and make sure leaves are above the water. You can also put the base 2 inch part in water only because that is the one that can start developing roots. Place the jar in an area where it gets filtered light or indirect light dropping on the jar. Don’t put them in windows sunlight water will dry out quickly.
  • On every 3rd day , remove the water inside the jar and fill it with fresh water. Also, if you see water getting low in the jar , fill it. Roots can be seen developing in 20-28 day , So keep patience , also sometimes you may find them rooting after 28 day so don’t worry it will develop.
  • Now after the time period given above , Your roses have 5-10 cm roots , Now it’s time to put them in soil. Prepare a small pot and put a well drained fertile soil. Also make hole in the pot if not present, Water it until water leaks out. Now slowly lay the cutting inside the soil.
  • For some days avoid full sun, keep them near a window where it gets partial or filtered light.
  • Be consistent in giving them water, as I have seen many forgot to give them water. putting in hot sun requires plenty of water. Make sure to check soil in every watering session.
  • After the plant is established, time to move them outdoors. Repot them in New Bigger pot and fill more soil and water it. Keep in check on starting days, if in 20 days it gets affected by any fungus use fungicide. Once the plant is mature enough check for dead stem and prune it. It will power the growth of rose plants.

Rooting roses with honey

Most people who don’t have rooting hormone power for rose stem can also use honey in the base of the cutting, It is used by many & proved to be useful as a rooting hormone alternative according to University of Hawaii, It can fast root growth.

Rose plant Height

There are different varieties of roses available and they all vary in sizes , the height can be from 8 inch to 50 feet and more. Hybrid tea roses are about 4-6 feet high and the type called floribundas are around 3-4 feet tall According to Clemson.

Rose FAQ’s

How do you take care of a rose plant?

Rose plants should get 6 hour sunlight, good soil, mulch for moisture, regular watering, pruning to encourage growth, fungus and virus spray to get rid of problems, not excess wet soil, good fertilizer on leaf development are things to take care. Properly Follow every tips given above.

When should roses be cut back?

You can cut back roses when the plant blooms over or the preferred time would be year start january to april. You can just prune them before the spring as this is the time when roses and leaves start to get mature & have proper development.

Do you cut off dead roses?

Yes Cut off all the dead flowers and even the stem which are dried out. In Case of flowers prune the 0.5 inch stem. By Doing this it helps the roses to promote root growth and means more foliage & new flower development. Also the energy waste when you didn’t remove faded flowers.

Do roses like coffee grounds?

Yes roses like coffee grounds, it provides nutrients to the soil & fast growth. But remember with a high amount of nitrogen your plant may get affected for long, so only use it minimum. Also don’t put them near the roots , just mix them in soil.

How do I keep my roses blooming?

Provide them good fertilizer that provides them nutrients in the growing stage. Roses need liquid based plant food before blooming and also you can put in the blooming stage also. Use mulch so the rose doesn’t lose water easily. Care for them will bloom the whole year.

But most of the time you will see leaves and not flowers.

How long do Rose Bushes live?

As you know rose bushes can live for many years as these are perennial plants and lifespan of these plants are 30-35 years and ever more According to The guardian.

How often should Roses be watered?

It depends on the climate conditions and where you live, for those living in hot weather you need to water 2-3 a week. and for those who already live in cold freezing temperatures it was a week or more of time to dry out water.

Do roses do well in pots?

Roses are mostly grown in pots or containers because many use it for decorative purposes, the plant can stay until there is a root space. container size should be 2 to 2.5 feet depth having 20 inches diameter. The more space rises the more healthy it becomes.

What happens if you don’t deadhead roses?

As you know deadheading can encourage its growth and make it diseased free. If you don’t deadhead roses what happens is either your plant will bloom in the next season as production of seeds and bud formations starts or it may continue to bloom in this season with new shoots.

WHY DO rose petals fall off?

Rose petals fall off when they encounter unnatural weather conditions, this may be due to change in cold to hot climate or vice versa, this will affect rose petals to drop but don’t worry it’s temporary and it happens quite often. If this continues there may be some other problem.

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