ZZ Plant Symbolism – Feng Shui Benefits, Vastu(Is This Bad Luck)

In this text we can discuss zz plant symbolism, whether or not it is a superb feng shui plant(or having any benefits for growing them indoors), or will also let you know about what vastu says approximately this. People having diverse questions like “Is ZZ plant Bad luck” or fortunate for wealth increase or fitness!  Lets first discover approximately symbolism  and advantages of zz plant life.

ZZ Plant Symbolism

According to Chinese feng shui, ZZ Plant symbolism and which means associated with willpower, consistent, growth, balance and enhancement ZZ plant is every so often called cash plant or fortune tree as placing it inside the place of job, house, office, or preferred wealth nook will bring appropriate fortune to the owner or each person who lives there. Zz plant is a remarkable addition as it’s also blanketed inside the feng shui plant listing meaning it may also offer high quality chi to your home.

Zz plant represents boom, encouragement, determination and its gain can put off the awful indoor air like xylene, ethylbenzene and benzene which stays interior means that is capable of clean the air or terrible chi(power) from the surroundings. Zz plant blessings includes :

  • Purify Indoor Air Quality
  • Good for Bedrooms
  • Feng Shui  Recommed plant to unfold Positive strength
  • Calm thoughts
  • Medicinal makes use of

This plant has many names consisting of “fats boy”, “ZZ plant”, “eternity plant”, “Zamioculcas zamiifolia”,  “aroid palm”. About the light condition it could thrive in indirect light but grown as indoor plant life they’re able to developing in any region in the house that’s fine perfect for you or you can put ZZ plant in a rich nook which creates proper luck and vibrant fortune for the circle of relatives.

Zamioculcas zamiifolia or ZZ plant life are first observed in Africa vicinity and these feng shui vegetation have bright foliage. It has many feng shui benefits as indoor plant. It has low mild requirement and water needs is also less than the opposite indoor household plant. ZZ flowers need water in 10-14 days and it’s far particularly tolerable if now not given water as it is already tailored to these conditions but if you put them in sunny regions in which it may get four hours of daylight then more watering is needed for positive.

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ZZ flowers are grown above 60 diploma F temperature however don’t permit it sit down under 50 diploma F in freezing bloodless as this damages the everyday shiny foliage. These flora additionally do not have any pest hassle so it’s true for the amateur gardener as you won’t get many problems while looking after this plant.

If you are a person who has pets inside the house then the ZZ plant is toxic to cats, dogs. You ought to make certain they don’t touch the plant as it can bring about skin infection and if ingested can result in different stomach troubles.

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The ZZ plant flourishes in massive to medium pots and may grow slowly however the increase can be visible as robust, powerful and regular. Its foliage slowly grows and it additionally grows the peak in 3 toes with time and with minimum renovation. It has slow growth however it can make it to the closing and higher than many which survives annually or 2 years.


ZZ plant increase encourages us to comply with a path that might take time much like a zz plant grows slowly however in the end it reaches its intention the identical manner you maintain up the pace and locate yourself to the pinnacle just keep growing and this plant is to inspire you to obtain your goals and very last dreams.


How the zz plant grows with dedication the whole year long and doesn’t lose desire even in drought conditions, further in lifestyles hardwork and dedication needed to work and reap something. Proper steerage and a mind full of dedication that irrespective of what you have to satisfy that final destination.


The ZZ plant grows again and again and with steady dedication, frequency. It tells us that you could most effective win the existence purpose if you hold going, be committed to that, be regular, be fixed and do not alternate. Just maintain regular growth in existence and you may acquire many stuff that you desire or dream of.

ZZ Plant Symbolism
Forest & Kim Starr, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Is ZZ plant Bad good fortune?

The bright attractive foliage in the ZZ plant may additionally represent how people get attracted to Glitter from gold or gloss from diamond. ZZ plants are lucky as they are Evergreen in nature, uprises, floursing and it can power the constant increase which could result in wealth. These plant life are first-class for the ones folks that came overdue from offices as it is able to tolerate drought conditions pretty properly, as living with out water or minimal liquid is their one such function as succulent.

No, ZZ plants do not convey terrible good fortune and the opposite of what they represent is right fortune and lucky increase in lifestyles.

Where have to the ZZ Plant be placed in Feng Shui?

You can vicinity a zz plant in a place that offers a fantastic and alluring feeling just like the Main door, Dining area and mattress room. Make certain our Indoor plant receives proper indirect sunlight. Many feng shui experts agree with setting a zz plant inside the southeastern corner should bring extra wealth and growth, & that role could be high-quality if you can make one.

Where have to I place a ZZ plant in my residence?

A ZZ plant may be placed in an oblique mild source, in which it may acquire a minimum brilliant mild for the foliage to make food although it doesn’t need hours of mild like different plants require. You can place this in the toilet, eating room, in the front of the door and anywhere it may get vibrant mild. 

If your window doesn’t get mild or it’s far shaded by a tree or constructing then I propose the use of fluorescent light. These are synthetic lights to provide guide to indoor residence vegetation.

ZZ plant can be placed inside the residence near the window , best possible area is south facing window that gets 2-four hours of sunlight then color for the whole day or indirect mild. ZZ plant life can develop indoors within the house very superbly as they have got minimal requirement and even if given low light zz plant can grow successfully. I placed ZZ plant in  a location that receives 2 hours of direct mild now it only desires weekly watering or in 8 days so I go away the region and let it develop on their very own.

Inside the residence ZZ plant growth is slow however its shiny leaves can supply eye catching view is best if it could be used as a miniature or exhibit plant.

Is the ZZ plant true for the bedroom?

Yes, ZZ vegetation are accurate for the bedroom as they get brilliant light from the window and are able to purify indoor air. The brilliant foliage inside the zz plant will be desirable. These flowers additionally regulate to choppy watering schedules and little light however caring should deliver excellent good fortune to your private home. Note on watering as keep an eye on damp soil if its soil is simply too watery then do not pour for next few days till its dry about 1-2 inch from soil floor.

ZZ plant is good for increasing the creativity and lower the stress if a indoor plant is placed inside the house. It surely gives positive vibes and can flush out the bad air and provide the healthy breathing air. These plants are low requirement plants so it doesn’t need much of the attention but it can create a better appearance in the house.

Why is the ZZ plant called Fortune Tree?

ZZ plants are often called fortune trees, Eternity plants, fortune plants and many other names means People believe that ZZ plant can bring good luck, bright fortune, prosperity. The texture of its foliage, thickness, and how it grows steadily with minimal care is what makes it a good feng shui plant. ZZ plant flower are unique and rarely grown and it may grow once the plant is fully mature or lived for few years. Flowering in zz can only be possible if certain temperature and conditions are met.

ZZ plant is considered lucky and its evergreen growth can be associated with wealth, capital, assets and it can grow in low light and less water that leads to steady and long term growth in life.

ZZ plant direction as per Vastu

ZZ plant can be placed in north, north east or east direction as per Vastu and it also suggests that you never keep indoor plants that are dying as it affects the positivity. The ZZ plant may bring good fortune and it can be lucky for many people.

As Per Vastu in Indian Culture you shouldn’t place large sized plants that block the positive energy flow and also avoid any shiky, thorns type of succulents or houseplants.

ZZ Plant Benefits

zz plant benefits
Mokkie, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Zamioculcas zamiifolia benefits include purifying air, clams the mood, attractive for decoration, great feng shui addition, Produce night oxygen and some medicinal uses that are such advantages of zz plant. Here are the proven benefits an indoor plant provides:

  • Purify Indoor Air Quality
  • Perfect for Indoor and Bedrooms
  • Great Addition As Per Feng Shui
  • It makes your mind at Calm
  • Medicinal uses of ZZ plant

1. Purify Indoor Air Quality

Many People Nowadays Work from Home and as you may have known that we spend plenty of our time indoors watching movies, series, drama and office work as well.

Additional ZZ plants can clear your indoor air quality and you don’t have to breathe in bad pollutants like toluene, xylene and other harmful gases that affect your lungs in the long term. According to the NASA Clean Air Study, Indoor plants can remove this bad air and purify the surrounding air to help people breathe freely in good air.

2. Perfect for Indoor and Bedrooms

The ZZ plant uses CAM, a technique which allows it to produce oxygen at night without a light source and it will store all the CO2  and still perform the food making process. When we sleep at night if you close all the doors you may feel suffocation right?  But once you open windows you may feel relaxed. 

This plant will produce oxygen at night and that way your mind can calm which results in good sleep.

3. Great Addition As Per Feng Shui

The purifying quality of zz plants would make this in the feng shui list of good indoor plants. Also It brings good fortune to many and removing bad air will result in positive energy(chi) would be a great addition to feng shui.

4. It makes your mind at Calm

Yes Indoor plants are best to relax our mind and it also reduces stress as you may be doing some task like indoor gardening that will help you to focus on these beauties. Your mind’s creativity may enhance with that you reduce the psychological stress.

5. Medicinal uses of ZZ plant

ZZ plant roots have antioxidants as they are filled with polyphenolic, triterpenoid and various other micronutrients that would be able to counter ear ache. Its plants are used to treat inflammation over the body and also leaves are able to reduce stomach problems. 

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ZZ plant medicinal benefits are limited and once more such studies gets published we will update it here more. I request reader to not use any of the roots or part of zz plant for medicinal benefits, before you use it, make sure to take a advice from a doctor or expect.

ZZ Plant Care

It requires you to focus on the watering schedule, Light requirements. I will discuss this below zz plant care:


ZZ plant don’t have problems with water and you can even give it water anytime. Only requirement is that please check the soil if it’s dry or not. Only giving water whenever it dries is a good habit and it will  grow your zz plant for a long term otherwise you might damage the roots if soil becomes damp and watery for a few days.


ZZ plants grow in bright indirect light as it is a succulent plant so no need for direct sunlight which could burn the shiny looking leaves.

Wrap Up

I Hope you like the answer on “ZZ Plant Symbolism” and if you like to read more articles please check below.

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