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Peace Lily Meaning – Symbolism(Spiritual benefits, Feng Shui)

If you are searching for Spathiphyllum or peace lily meaning then before that let me tell you that this is a delightful, attractive looking plant which is capable of removing toxins from the air. Its Dark Green leaves may calm your mood and enhance the room decoration. It is grown with minimal care and the scientific name of peace lily is Spathiphyllum. Now let’s find out about peace lily meaning, its symbolism and if this houseplant can bring good luck or if it can be placed in the house? Let’s answer one by one.

Peace Lily Meaning and Symbolism is associated with peace, calmness, purity because of white flowers. Spiritually, its a hope, prosperity,  modesty, innocence, compassion, kindheartedness. Feng shui experts consider this white flower bloom plant to be placed in offices as this can bring positive chi(energy) and also reduce stress, strain, tension of work. Plants at the workplace will automatically create a calm environment.

Every year many people lose their loved ones, someone they admire or have feelings for or connected with. Gifting Peace lily plant will show sympathy & they will feel good with your kind behavior. Also these plants convert negative energy to positive and that is why many people give it as a gift. Being an indoor house plant lilies can purify bad air inside the house According to NASA’s Clean air study.

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Peace Lily Meaning

As you know Meaning and Symbolism of every plant is unique and shows something that is sometimes related to culture, tradition and words of saints or stories that occur in the past just like cherry blossoms. Peace lilies are also the same but having that plant will not only improve indoor air but give you positive vibes. Ever feel when we are close to nature it always feels different and enjoyable.

Peace lily holds various meanings all connected to one another and it is associated with peace, purity, cleanliness, hope, simplicity and innocence. These lilies symbolize Fresh Start or new beginning or sympathy to someone. I will discuss everything to make you understand.


Peace lily itself comes from the word Peace and this name comes from a word called “spath” which is a greek word meaning leaves. The plant is said to be the bringer of peace as white represents the meaning of purity and peace. Many Countries where white flag as you know represents a signal of reconciliation, truce- temporarily stopping the fight. Peace lily has white flower blooms and whenever they bloom it shows the sign of peace. Many people use this plant to start a new friendship, bond or life. If you ever seen some of the weddings, the peace lilies are used to just decorate the Area. Taking it indoors is also useful as this peace lily provides positivity and calmness.

Purity & Cleanliness

The Feng shui white flower blooming in peace lily represents purity, cleanliness in the surrounding. According to Chinese Feng shui , Peace lilies are good indoors as this can convert the negative chi to positive and make them clean from inside. These plants can purify bad souls and as you know NASA air study also suggest that these plants can clean the benzene and formaldehyde which are harmful gases present inside the house. This plant will purify the bad air and clean the environment of your house.


Hope that makes us run an extra step even though you know you are exhausted and have no energy left to run. Peace lily is also a bringer of hope as this plant blooms in spring to summer but with the right conditions you may see it growing the whole year long without any drop of growth.

Season by season it grows and keeps growing. That gives us hope in real life that yes there’s always a hope which fills our confidence in real life. Same way Chinese feng shui also describes this lily to provide a positive, cheering, assured, confident feeling.

On many occasions, peace lilies are given as a gift , like if someone is having a baby, so giving them peace lilies will make them remember that it is a new hope that comes in their life which will fill the small gaps between the parents. If you ever see small babies or kids playing with the father and sometimes with the mother , the baby is sometimes that will connect both of the parents together.


Notice this plant, being a very simple plant it has an attractive foliage and gorgeous blooms. Simplicity means something which can be understood easily, in simple terms. Ever seen children’s who are simple are being nice to other kids. A peace lily is actually a tropical plant that grows the whole year and simply has no big requirement to grow them. A plant that has a simple appearance provides some things like cleaning the indoor air and providing the owner with fresh air. Being a plant it can be placed to beautify the decoration inside the house.


The white flower blooms in Peace lily is a sign of purity as well as innocence. It is a plant that doesn’t harm at least not with intention of harming but will purify the bad air particles present in the air.

Ever see children having no knowledge of anything, being pure of heart we don’t get angry at them and most of the time laugh whenever they say something that they don’t know may be in a funny voice. Peace lily innocence that it doesn’t know it can provide good indoor air even to help the surroundings increase the humidity so one can breathe smoothly and then you can sleep well in your bed – A calm, resting sleep that will heal the daytime stress.

What Do Peace Lilies Symbolize?

Peace lily with white flowers symbolize purity as I talked above with that it also shows simplicity, goodness, cleanliness and innocence. Purity defines how it can purify the indoor air and innocence is how simple it is and unaware that it can give positivity to the house if placed indoors.

Spiritual meaning of peace lily defines as peacefulness, calmness and who are looking for inner peace. In buddist culture They belief that one should practice meditation so that they can find inner peace and get out of life’s sufferings.

Peace lily symbolism is about living life peacefully and coexisting more with the peace of mind. It also means that someone who is calm can build a good fortune which is why peace lily is such a good plant that tells about life and its nature.

Peace lily Symbolism

Peace lily Symbolism

Peace lily symbolize different things like Rebirth, Sympathy, Decency, beauty, integrity, Long Lived, excellency. 


Peace lily is a flowering plant that blooms every year even in seasons and it thrives like that the whole year. This is why I included rebirth as this never dies and the consistency in growing for years is one of its selling points. Peace lilies here symbolize revivification, resurrection, renewal, restoration or recovery.


Peace lily symbolizes humanity, sympathy, kindness as if you want to present someone who have lost their closed ones then giving this peace lily can be a great gesture by you and it shows your good heart. Also It means that you are telling them that “don’t worry we are with you” it’s a kind of sympathy that you give to make them feel light and soft.


Peace lily also means decency that should be maintained in life, like your behavior or character should be right and acceptable. This plant is accepted by everyone as a gift or present. This plant telling us that become a person who is decent, having moral. This is how this plant is so simple and white flowers tell us about goodness and good character.


One just by looking at peace lilies can say this plant is so beautiful and attractive that everyone wants to buy it. Used for decorative purposes and house inner peace this plant makes our home more stunning and ravishing. Its beauty is so pure that many lovers do use this plant to describe their love for each other and giving this plant will tell them how deep and pure your life is for him/her.

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Peace Lily Symbolism In Cultural Aspects

This plant is popular with NASA Air study and after that everyone is searching for this plant’s meaning and symbolism. Peace lilies are popular in the 1800s also but after that there are many varieties that came into existence but only one gets popular which is this one with long leaves and white flowers blooming. Being a Tropical Plant it was selected for NASA study and it passed to remove 2 major pollutants in air.

Peace lily is used in many events and religious functions, even I have seen some events where these plant flowers are used to decorate the outdoor place. In Christianity, Peace lily is associated with the resurrection of Jesus Christ and I even describe it above that it also symbolizes Rebirth, Revival. One Good Thing About lilies is that the leaf can grow back very rapidly if cut down and it shows how the plant revive itself.

Peace lily benefits

Peace lily benefits are many as this is an indoor plant grown with low light. These plant thrives whole year with minimal needs that’s why it is so much popular with that it also signifies meaning and symbolism now let’s talk about its advantages:


  1. This plant can remove major toxic pollutants in air like formaldehyde, benzene and many more. with that if placed inside the house can remove these gases and purify your air.


  1. People who don’t have good sleep at night and many I people i know don’t get sleep and they wake up till 1am every night just to get tried and sleep, as they don’t easily get sleep. These types of people who are suffering from sleepless problems can place indoor plants like peace lilies that promote oxygen and remove bad air, which results in good sleep. Yes it can also be useful in enhancing the humidity of your room which can help you breathe normally and seamlessly. 


  1. It can reduce the number of mildew present in bathrooms, kitchens everywhere where there is water present. These plants absorb moisture easily so these mildew can form in those areas if a peace lily is placed near the area. 


  1. This last point is everyone knows that it can be grown by a beginner easily as it is a very low maintainable plant that thrives throughout the year and grows in low light conditions, less water is best for those who don’t get time to water or care for the plants. Many people get this plant via gift as I also receives this plant as gift for good luck and being always active in gardening stuff i get many other plant gifts and vice versa and gave them some beautiful plants in their birthdays or something when they achieved goals in their life as a motivation although i gave party after that but plants given as gift are remember able and grows long for years.

Wrap up

I hope you get the answer on Spathiphyllum plant that “What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of A Peace Lily” and if you like to read more articles check below.

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