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Lotus Flower Meaning – Symbolism in Christianity(What Does it Means)

If you are searching for lotus flower meaning then before that let me tell you Lotus plant is an aquatic plant which thrives in water for the lifetime and rooting forms inside the water garden. Quickly grows with the large leaves and beautiful flowers. It was Native to Asia particularly India and China that is why it is more popular there and used for various purposes. Even Religious point of you has made this plant more precious. Lets now check what does lotus mean, symbolizes and how to care, what is the meaning behind lotus flower.

lotus flower meaning

What is the meaning of the lotus flower?

Lotus flower meaning is connected with purity, moral values, goodness and righteousness. White lotus flower Symbolism means is growth, birth, ethics, right-mindedness, decency, integrity and more. Being Grown in Deep Mud and still blooms above the water level, means it tells us to detach ourselves from the things that made our soul befoul(muddy). Lotus Flower Symbolisms that Be pure and focus on the spiritual Path, Good relationships, and understand the inner characteristics you have and don’t go or detach yourself where you find filth(meaning Mud, Dirt just like Lotus flower have and grow/live above these things).

Being an aquatic plant, grown in mud, water gardens this plant is also invasive meaning it can spread easily. The scientific name of lotus is Nelumbo nucifera and generally found in India’s Himalayan Region To South and Central India. 

Many of you have seen it growing in river banks, or where slow water flows. I myself saw this plant in Mud growing and The good thing is no Mud touches the flower, it blooms above the water garden or mud.

For a Gardener or Beginner who wants to grow Lotus will have to purchase a Big Container for this plant and make sure that it doesn’t lose water from sunlight. This is why we grow it in partial sun and fill water once the water level drops, even if I water those every day to fulfill its requirements. Growing these beautifies have produce goodluck for people as some people makes extra money out of selling lotus plant and flowers as these flower used in marriages, functions and events.

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Lotus flower meaning in Buddhism

Lotus flowers meaning in Buddhism is about purity of mind, our voice, our body and inner soul as you know lotus flower floats above the sullied, muddy water same as people in real life attaches to the materialistic objects and physical desire that spoils the mind of a human being. So lotus grows above to enlighten the way to tell that you should not be attached to these temporary desires and bloom just like lotus.

In Buddhism, The meaning describes the spiritual understanding and Lotus is an important part in the culture and traditions. There was a saying that When baby buddha steps there’s always a Lotus blooming.

Lotus flower meaning in Christianity

Lotus flower meaning in Christianity represents devotion, morality, purity, righteousness, fertility, holiness, blessedness. The lotus tells about the creation of the universe, and it also plays an important role in various other relations like Jainism, Hinduism, Buddhism etc.

Rose is one flower that has importance in Christianity, as this was used in prayers and also used in various other events.

Japanese lotus flower meaning

In Japan, Not only lotus and most flowers are associated with spiritual meaning and every flower represents its own meaning like how lotus rises from the mud and grows above the water. It tells about the purity flower holds and symbolizes that it could not attach to temporary objects and focus on peace of mind and body.

What does a lotus flower mean spiritually?

Lotus flower has made place in many cultures spiritually and it is a symbol of goodness, purity, virtue, rebirth, revival, morality and hope. Lotus flower spirit shows the beauty it holds with how it moves upward from the mud it shows how pure it is being grown inside in the bad energy. This muddy water means irregularity, distortion, attachments, darkness, sin and much more.

Lotus flower color holds different meaning as white shows purity while pink is associated with kindness, love and calm mind. The red lotus shows passionate love, love or connection with heart, friendship, feeling and much more.

In Buddhism, lotus flower spiritually means the new beginning, fresh start, restart. Flower also means purity, uprightness, integrity, enlightenment and decency. Even lotus symbolises having attachment to the materialistic world or things that destroys someone’s focus on mind.

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Lotus is considered to be the most beautiful flower as it looks extremely powerful and gorgeous. Its white variety has meaning that gives peace of mind because growing in muddy water still manages to uplift the flower meaning growing from the bad energy still able to stand. So it motivates us more to plant these lotus and have a pure mind full of life.

What is so special about the lotus flower?

Lotus flower is so special in many religions and most cultures that it doesn’t seem to have anything bad. Lotus ability to grow in muddy water shows the sign of purity as it grows above the mud and still blooms. It’s a perfect example of beauty as well as positivity and purity.

Lotus flower grows above and shows the meaning of cleanliness, simplicity and taintless, flawless and untarnished.

Does Lotus mean strength?

Yes Louts do means strength and hope that you can still grow even in impurity. Lotus plant has the ability to grow and uplift its flower bloom in bad water and it shows the meaning of greater strength and hope that the end will be good even if it is not grown in pure water. It gives vigor, sturdiness and energy in people live those who are in struggling phase that a bad start can also bring good results if you hope to become big and keep yourself motivated.

Does a lotus flower mean new beginnings?

In terms of new birth, yes lotus flower meaning is a new beginning as per Buddhism it also means purity, enlightenment, goodness, mind and speech to be at peace. lotus symbolizes attachment from the material things. Every flower has its own meaning so lotus also holds meaning not only in this religion but various other religions.

What symbolizes overcoming struggle?

Lotus flower symbolizes how one can overcome obstacles, struggles and hard times, or grow back with more energy, pure, and beautiful.

Why is the lotus flower sacred?

Lotus flower is sacred because Many Hindu Gods appear with this flower or even portrayed, if you ever visited India you may see one of such photos where “brahma ji ” one of the 3 major gods sitting inside the white lotus flower.

A very Good and unique explanation in India about Lotus flower is –

” In the time of rain, you may see some droplets on the leaves of lotus plants. Those droplets will stay until someone moves it. So just shake the leaf and you will see all droplets will be washed and there are no signs of water drops. 

Meaning Just like this leaf – Do not attach to the illusions of the real world. Just like the drops it was there for some time, but don’t attach yourself with it. Be there but unattached because if they leave you, you will suffer.

Eg: Having a friend is what everyone wants but that friend betrays you who you trust like nobody, it shatters your trust on everyone you will meet in future. So Having someone important is great but being attached to it will make you suffer when they leave you. “

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Wrap Up

I hope you get the answer on “Lotus flower meaning” and if you like to read about Lotus Plant Care Guide read now.

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