Bleeding Heart Vine – How to Propagate from Cuttings, Care, Trellis

Bleeding Heart Vine is dual color flowering plant. They are vine based tropical plants that look like bleeding heart but they are eye-catching and gorgeous if grown in containers and near fencing. These bleeding hearts vine are attractive & very popular plant among other vine plant. They grows very beautifully but you need to wrap its veins around a wooden trellis for its support.

This plant is known as an evergreen subtropical plant because of its green leaves and how it made its structure. Its Flower are the main reason why it sold very fast, Flowers is in bicolor one is crimson and other one is white.

The Inner flower part has crimson red color and the outer petals are in white color.

People generally prefer it to be in a hanging basket , from there it’s veins started to come down on the ground.

It looks amazing and This one can add More beauty to your house as well as your small garden.

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bleeding heart vine plant


Background – Bleeding Heart Vine

Bleeding Heart Vine is known by many names including bleeding glory bower , glory tree and bag flower. The Binomial or Scientific name of this vine plant is Clerodendrum thomsoniae which comes from the Lamiaceae Family.

These plants are discovered in the tropical region of Africa to the west. It is a long lived and existing plant for decades.

According to National parks , it can reach a maximum height of 3 to 3.5 m (11 to 11.5 feet). It has drupe(fleshy thin skin) like fruit which are in black color.

These vein plants are used for decorative purposes in various landscapes including indoor and outdoors.

Quick Facts

Scientific Name   Clerodendrum thomsoniae
Common Name  Bleeding heart vine Bleeding Glory Bower, bagflower, beauty bush
Family Lamiaceae
Native West Africa
Type Tropical Evergreen
USDA hardiness   Zone 9 to 11
Height  9-11 feet (over 3.5 m)
Spreads    20-23 inches(over 55 cm)
Blooming Season  End of Spring to Summer
Soil   Well draining & moist
Light   Partial Shade to Sunlight
Medium to grow    Container or Garden
Fertilizer   Liquid Fertilizer
Propagation   Stem Cutting
 Yes, they are Poisonous


grow Bleeding Heart Vine

How to Grow Bleeding Heart Vine (Clerodendrum thomsoniae)

To Grow these vine plants you need to make sure it doesn’t stand in below 48° temperature ( 8°C ) & the hardiness zone suggests to be 9 or above.

It Needs Potting blend soil for its overall growth requirements & Make sure the pot you use has sufficient holes so that water can go out easily.

It needs pruning every 5-6 so that the dead leaves and stem which are either faded or pale should be removed.

Sometimes it grows more vines that stops the growth of bigger vines if you want you can cut those that will boost the other long vine growth.

In the Spring season You can see it will start growing more veins , so don’t worry if you trim some of them. before spring.

Now let me give you one by one all the parameters to insure its better growth.


They can grow in partial or full sunlight , best if you can give them 6 hours direct sunlight.

It is necessary for them to take proper light as they want to make flowers , if light is not received you won’t be seeing its flowers.


They like to be in temperatures above 49 to 55°F ( 10-13°C). & USDA hardiness zone is prefered to be in 10,11,12.


You can water them daily but before that you should check if they still are in moist soil.

If they are in moist soil leave them and whenever they need water sprinkle it as they need water to fulfill its daily needs.

As they grow and become mature it requires more watering.


For its flower growth , These vine plants need high doses of plant food. We know that the slow release fertilizer works best , which can be used every 55 days.

It comes in liquid form and it means you don’t have to do much hard work.

If you want to purchase other fertilizer then i suggest to make sure they have a high level of organic calcium add on to its plant food.


The Soil can be well drained with pots having proper drainage holes. Mix Organic Compost so that soil can be in good health.


Repotting is done when it doesn’t have any more space in its previous plant.

You can use a 1 to 2 size larger pot and plant your bleeding heart vine and before that make holes in your pot if not already made.

How to Grow Bleeding Heart Vine
How to Grow Bleeding Heart Vine

How to Care Bleeding Heart Vine (Clerodendrum thomsoniae)

To care for this vine plant you should check them during hot days, as they can feel dry and even its soil gets dried out so give them water on time.

Make sure not to make them stand in flood of water , give them water to make it moist.

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When it comes to fertilizer these are hungry for soil food , they want to grow flowers so it needs fertilizer for that , In every 55-60 days it requires plant food.

It can tolerate many pests conditions and still if you have to face pests problem in this vine plant use insecticidal soap spray to get rid of pests like spider mites and mealybugs they are one that damages the plant leaves and stem.

This pest spray can be applied every 8 to 11 days till every pest is removed.

How to care Bleeding Heart Vine
How to care Bleeding Heart Vine

How to Propagate Bleeding Heart Vine (Clerodendrum thomsoniae)

To Propagate this vine plant You just need its cutting to grow a new plant, for cutting to work and not get any disease.

You Must use Sterilize Cutting tool that makes the clean cut without damaging the existing plant. Cut any 3-5 inches long Stem from the base and start preparing for the pot mixture.

The best potting soil can be made using peat moss and perlite , Mix them well & Put them in a new pot and Water the mixture until you see water coming out from the soil.

dig a hole and put your cutting in the soil and wait for 4-5 week as these plants can take this much time to start proper growth.

once root is formed it can skyrocket its growth and Shift them in a new pot if you see it doesn’t have any space.

How to prune Bleeding Heart Vine (Clerodendrum thomsoniae)

To Prune this vine plant You need to check if any overgrown stem is coming out of the plant and also if there are any dead leaves or stem that gets pale.

If you see any of this thing then you should proceed to prune it.

It is preferred for light trim of vines and if you want a vine to grow long then cut the shorter one to encourage the growth of larger ones.

Remember to always use a Clean Sterilize tool for trimming , cutting , pruning for plants.

How to prune and propagate
How to prune and propagate

Bleeding Hearts Flower Meaning

I have explained the meaning of this beautiful flower Read More.

Most Search Questions

Bleeding heart vine poisonous According to NC State University, Bleeding heart vine is poisonous with low level of severity means it can cause vomiting , breathing issues, diarrhea and some skin irritation when consumed by humans. It is a Toxic wildflower and every part of it is toxic to us.

Bleeding heart vine hanging basket These plants look beautiful in hanging basket and its vines grow and touches the bottom of the ground which looks great. They can be put on balcony and small garden house.

Bleeding heart vine for sale This plant sale can be seen on offline and online store and this is available in every country and i can even provide links to its some good website for those who wants to buy them.

How to grow bleeding heart vine from cuttings? They are very easy to propagate using its cutting , You just have to take 3-4 inches of its stem from the bottom part and plant it into a fertile soil , and don’t worry about its growth when this plant starts to grow its root then it will grow longer but first you have to wait for 13-15 days as this plant take time to grow.

Bleeding heart vine seeds If you want to buy seeds you can from here, For those asking about growing it using seeds , it is preferred to sow them at the end of summer so that it can grow in winter as they get a moist environment when they are starting to grow. It will take time for seeds to germinate, that’s why it needs a cold temperature for its germination, mostly the humidity it needs. This Seed germination can be done indoors as they can grow and you can even slow its seeds in spring , the indoor environment is good enough to grow these seeds. 

Bleeding heart vine trellis If you want to buy trellis you can from here. for those asking how it will look and why it is needed to make sure its vines can grow and spread fully. With Trellis you can grow multiple vines from the same pot and you can manage it using trellis.

Bleeding heart vine invasive This plant can do harm to us if someone by mistake eats it , every part of it is invasive and poisonous. It doesn’t do harm to the human if contact but wash hands if you touch it.

Bleeding heart flower It does have flower it is one of the vine plant which produces flower and its flower has been every unique with 2 different color and a great color combination makes it so attactive and popular choice amoung gardeners. It grows fast and the color it has is red and white.


How poisonous are bleeding hearts? Yes this plant is poisonous and if anyone eats it by mistake it can give so many issues Diarrhea , vomiting and breathing related problems and some skin issues according to NC State University. It is Wild plant and Its Toxic severity is low. 

Do Bleeding Hearts climb? Yes it can Climb Easily , The More it grows the more vines it spread and whatever it sees it climb on them or just go and bypass the object. You can use trellis so that it can grow a good long vine that looks beautiful and colorful when its flower blooms.

Do bleeding hearts need a trellis? If you want it to grow bleeding hearts longer and spread higher then Yes, it needs Trellis which helps heart vine to climb on walls to spread further with its leaves. Trellis is used to make sure it grows bigger and higher. Also with that it can get proper sunlight and pruning both.

Are Bleeding Hearts poisonous to dogs? It is Toxic to Humans , SO Yes it can be toxic to pets like dogs and cats. Make sure not to put these plants in front of a cat or dog , if they eat this they may get sick and also vomit. If this happens contact your nearest animal center for help.

Do bleeding hearts multiply? Yes roots can spread easily and even you can propagate them using its cutting , You can multiply them easily , and Plant them in locations where it gets proper sunlight.

Do you deadhead bleeding hearts? You can do deadheading if you see any dead or pale leaves , trimming the bleeding heart can refresh its growth. Don’t remove unnecessary stems , you just have to prune overgrown or ugly parts of it.

Can bleeding hearts grow in full sun? Yes it can grow in full sun , half sun and partial shade but you need to take care of one thing to water it regularly so it gets moist and uses a good soil mixture for its water drainage.

How long do Bleeding Hearts live? This plant can multiple and regrow from its stem so it is long lived until it gets disease it can grow much longer. Vine plants are strong and grow very well.

Do hummingbirds like bleeding hearts? Yes they do like bleeding hearts , hummingbirds come and sit on the stem of bleeding hearts and they like this vine plant. It is so attractive to them , its flower color is pretty and pure.

Will bleeding hearts grow in pots? Yes it grows in pots and you have to repot once it grows bigger , This plant will grow until you care for them like doing watering , giving plant food, proper sunlight, trellis , etc. You can also grow them in the garden, in the garden it can spread much longer and multiply its growth easily. Water retention is also good there.


This plant sure has many good words firstly Look wise its just awesome, second they just regrows means you never has to buy a new plant if you care for them , propagation is easy and you can make a new plant with its stem is a plus point. this is resistant to many pests and they are strong plant.

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