Bleeding Hearts Flower Meaning

If you are searching for Bleeding Hearts Flower Meaning but before that let me tell you it is a very popular and beautiful looking flowering plant and blooms in spring to get all the attention from a garden. These flowers look like a pillow and have a shape of heart but its color is not red but pink making it the most eye-catching flower. This plant holds deeper meaning and it tells about the emotions. I will explain this in the article below.

Bleeding Hearts Flower Meaning comes with its scientific name which is Dicentra spectabilis, First Dicentra means two spurs which I think 2 spikes forming from the side of this heart plant and for spectabilis means spectacular if we translate it is like something that is noticeable, picturesque or eye-catching. And this plant is literally worth getting attention for people with its amazing looking flowers. Also Bleeding heart quite looks like the heart is bleeding from the middle and blood is dropping. That makes this plant more breathtaking. Bleeding heart Plant represents void, forgotten, rejected, empty love and what this plant symbolizes  creation of love, feeling, good-heartedness, kindheartedness and compassion, sensitive feeling of  attachment. People can also relate it to a love that is passionate but lost.

The scientific name is Dicentra spectabilis & it has a meaning and did you know it was also cultivated in white color which gives the plant lovers to choose from an extra variety. When This plant blooms it stays the gorgeous appearance for many weeks and once the summer starts it slowly gets faded as there is too much heat in this season.

One Good thing I like about this plant is it’s not going anywhere , roots will be healthy and it will take time to bloom again in autumn or next spring if possible. These heart shaped flowers float down from the stem and its foliage is very attractive and green. The combination of these two colors makes this plant more appealing.

Its varieties are able to bloom in summer also so you should care for them and use good soil so it can take strength and grow healthy. So About the Question Let’s answer this first, also will be giving its symbolic meaning so keep reading.

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Bleeding Hearts Flower Meaning

What Do Bleeding Hearts Symbolize?

Bleeding heart symbolizes love that is pushed away or rejected, also it does have other meanings like passionate love, devotion, fondness, People that are so connected with emotions, or feelings of true love.

In eastern culture the meaning is refusal or rejected love but as you know even if love happens from one side it is true to oneself, and the other person doesn’t want to be in a relationship that’s okay. audience loves this kind of posts and this flower shows the passion of love  that tells about doing love that has no limits and flower symbol means just expressing the love freely without anyone cares. The bleeding heart flower also defines the connection between living life to the fullest or just dying for it.

This plant grows in Asian region and it is one of such flowers that is thriving for thousands of years and tells a story of feeling a nonacceptance of love.

If I explain only the meaning of bleeding heart is a person who is soft from inside like his nature is peaceful, calm and transparent. Generally these red bleeding hearts or flowers used to describe bad luck, hardship and disappointment.

Did you know any person who has heart problems has symptoms like Low blood pressure, fast breathing, breathing problems, easily faint, weakness and anxiety etc.

In Birds These Bleeding heart plants attract beautiful birds like hummingbirds, and the foliage is so vibrant and glorious that anyone wants to grow these plants. In winters these plants shred foliage because of cold but one good thing is that the rooting still survives and grows back again in the growing season. You can make it healthy by pruning on time and cutting all leaves and flowers that seem dry and going to drop. Trim those stems which are no longer growing.

Ferns, orange star plants, wandering Jew plants, hydrangeas etc. are some of the plants that can be used as companion plants for bleeding heart plants.

What is Meaning Bleeding Heart flower color?

As you know our bleeding heart flower comes in pink or creamy white color. The pink color is always connected with a meaning of cute or romantic love. also it tells about something that is sweet or charming.

In Some Context, the Pink flower color represents passion 

or fire for doing something. Pink is generally girls ‘ favorite color and every barbie doll to cotton candy or bubble gum comes in this pigmentation.

White color in Bleeding heart flower has the meaning of faith and purity. It symbolizes a fresh start or open mind to start the new world, even in some cases it is the color of good or right and its opposite black color has bad or left meaning. 

In some context white is represents as simplicity or cleanliness, when I think about clean it means the environment should be clean and if that is clean we feel more comfortable and enjoying.

Are Bleeding Hearts rare?

For Normal Public to us, gardener bleeding heart is most beautiful and elegant flowering plant that has heart shape which grabs attention of many. It has the advantage of growing in most High or Low temperate zones as the white variety is more capable of thriving in different climates.

It has a rare shape just like someone is wearing a pendant of pink and white blooms.

Do bleeding hearts come back every year?

Yes, bleeding hearts will come back every year as they are perennial plants that come again and again. Although you have heard that these plants lose all their blooms in heavy frost, the good part is that the roots survived and that helps the plant revive and show bloom next spring in a fresh start.

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When I talked About Fresh start in white color, Yes this plant clearly resembles it meaning as it comes back every year with fresh new blooms and shows us gorgeous looking heart shaped flowers.

Do bleeding hearts bloom more than once?

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Bleeding heart bloom can be seen in spring or summer but as per my experience they will bloom once every year and stay blooming until autumn where it starts wilting and dry up. But It will come back next year with a fresh start.

Do bleeding hearts bloom all summer?

Yes they will continue to bloom all summer until fall and  when winter comes bleeding hearts will go into dormant stage but survive with roots active. Next year at the same time in spring or summer it will bloom.

Wrap Up

I hope you get the answer of “Bleeding Hearts Flower Meaning” in and for similar type of article check below.

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