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When Do Calla Lilies Bloom? (Seasons, Florida, How to Kept it Flowering)

If you are new to this plant and want to know “when do calla lilies bloom?” and in which month you can see the flowering, and can they grow every year like this? What are the things that make these calla lilies keep growing?

When do calla lilies bloom?

Calla lily takes 20-30 days to produce shoots from a bulb. The time for calla lilies bloom to appears is after 3-5 months, except in late summer if planted in spring. For those who planted in the last days of the Christmas can see calla lily flowers in early summers. a warmer climate is the best time to fertilize the calla lilies, as it makes the early blooming possible for any plant.

If calla lilies get well drained and fertile soil it may see blooms early, and here I am assuming the weather is hot in your area. Otherwise calla lilies bloom might be delayed but they do bloom so not to worry.

When do calla lilies bloom

Calla lilies like pots that are 3-4 inches deep and they usually grow 2-3 feet tall and can spread about 1 feet. The rhizome or bulb needs to be put in such a way that those eyes of calla lily bulbs are facing up.

Calla lilies are such beautiful plants and used in cultural functions and given as presents. These white calla lilies represent pure energy and the right path.

These plants can be grown in gardens as well as in large containers with nutrient rich soil. As you know once you plant the bulb, you need to provide care like watering and placing them to the proper light location. When the calla bulb is in its early stage it needs shade and regular watering so it can develop first shoots. After that, placing it in Direct sun can give the plant more freedom to grow and thrive in that environment.

Calla lilies are capable of growing in direct sun and partial light. It’s up to you where you want to grow them. For people growing them indoors , calla lilies may take time to bloom as partial light would limit its full possibility to grow, but yes it can be grown indoors as well.

For outdoors once they are planted and given proper care it will do all things by its own. These are perennial plants so they flower every year, and can go dormant once they close the flowering. Again next year after providing proper fertilizer, water and change in potting mix would definitely give it a boost to grow and flower again.

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What months do calla lilies bloom?

Calla lilies bloom in the month of June and if planted in late spring calla lilies  can flower in August as it takes 4-5 months to bloom. Calla lily early blooming also depends on temperature, climate conditions and fertilizer as they increase the bloom time early in summer. You can also plant calla lilies once frost ends & the chances of rhizome damage is reduced.

When calla lilies are given enough light and proper nutrients it is able to grow more and thrive which result in early bloom. These plants belong to the Zantedeschia family and they are termed as perennial plants which means they will grow next year again if protected from the winter frost.

People living in USDA zone 8,9,10 and above can expect early blooming of calla lilies as it is more warmer compared to below zones. For zone 3,4,5,6,7 the calla bulbs can get damaged so we can say they are annual in those zones as the chances of survival of calla lily bulb is less but if they safeguard from the frost it will definitely grow next year as perennial.

Do calla lilies bloom all summer?

Calla lilies can grow outside in full sun to partial shade and they most likely bloom in summer months like June, July or august. If it was flowering in august then it was planted late after waiting for the frost to be cleared. Calla lilies that are grown in containers indoors can see flowering late as less light source would reduce the growth of the plant.

Calla lilies can grow all summer but that depends on  when calla bulbs are planted. You can see bloom in the first 1-2 months but I have heard that if you plant it indoors we can expect the bloom to stay the whole year.

Why is my calla lily not flowering?

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Most common reason why calla lily is not a flower is due to Too much fertilizing. Also Calla lily not blooming because of less depth in containers or used small pots, low light can also be a reason behind calla lily not flowering. Wrong pruning done by Cutting off some of the leaves that would bring flowers but it was cut down early and next year we can’t find new flowers.

Too much Fertilizer or particularly nitrogen in heavy quantities can prevent the calla lilies from flowering. Plants which have added phosphorus rich fertilizer can make new blooms in calla lily. Less caring and not proper water also result in no bloom in calla lilies.

Do calla lilies come back year after year?

Yes, Calla lilies are perennial plants; it means they can come back year after year and bloom. If they receive all nutrients, light, water then they will definitely grow and flower in summer. For zones which are cold can have hard time growing calla as they can be denoted as annual due to frost damage in calla lily bulbs. If you can save it and plant it next spring then it will surely come back next year.

Flowering plants like calla lilies are fast grown if you give them proper sunlight although they can also grow in partial shade. For winters some people place calla lily indoors to protect them from damage and use heater or warmer to make sure these plants don’t feel frost. This way they save the life of the calla plant. Once frost months end they used to grow them back in the outdoor garden.

How do you keep calla lilies blooming?

Here are the list to keep calla lily plant to bloom longer:

  1. Sufficient Parital Light or Full Sun.
  2. Protect it from winters as the coldness is very challenging for calla lily bulbs.
  3. Using a nutrient rich soil is helpful.
  4. Using a flowering phosphorus rich fertilizer could make a difference in blooms.
  5. Calla lily moist soil and timney watering can help plants grow to its fullest.


Where is the best place to plant calla lilies?

Best places to plant calla lilies are inside the garden, lawns, sideways and container pot as they like full sun but also grow with partial light sources. Calla lilies are stored indoors in winters to protect them and they are then planted back in spring so that it can bloom after that otherwise they will survive a year or 2 and can be called annual flowering plants. 

Calla lilies are actually perennial plants that grow year after year in warmer climates. For cooler areas you can place it in full sun for overall growth of these lilies. These plants are so beautiful as container plants, if you are in zone 9 and above you can give it a try and grow them, they’d definitely make a good plant.

Do calla lilies bloom all season?

Most Calla lilies bloom in the summer season, and they were planted 3-5 months before they can give new flowers. It can take more time depending on the quality of soil and also if given fertilizer and adequate light. As you know, warmer climates have more early blooms because the growth in full sun is better than the partial light. Also Sometimes they don’t bloom if they are inside container with less depth but there might be more reason like some owner forgot to give them water.

When do calla lilies bloom in zone 7,8,9?

Calla lilies in zone 7 bloom in late summer or at the end of summer season. While zone 8,9 can see calla lilies blooming in early summer to mid as they get lots of warm climate and full sun. As you know, growth increases when plants get all the things that they need.

When do calla lilies bloom in Florida?

Calla lilies bloom in Florida in early summers when they are planted at the start of spring or late winters. Florida represents zone 8 to 11 so it is possible for the calla lilies to grow in this zone and can bloom in early summers. All you need to do is to make sure calla lilies are getting enough water and light for a few hours a day in Florida.

Gardeners in Florida can enjoy calla lilies in summer every year and the zone is good for the plants to grow. When you plant calla lilies in spring it takes time to grow shoots. After that it will thrive for 4-5 months and show flower blooms. These calla blooms in Florida can be seen for 3-7 weeks depending on the climate change or frost status.

When do calla lilies bloom in Florida

These plants are actually perennial and in some regions calla lilies grow as an annual because these plants don’t like the cold and can get affected by the frost easily. Some people take it inside the house and provide a warmer temperature while others pack its roots and safeguard it until the next spring. Once the spring starts they plant it inside the pot and again wait for the calla lilies to bloom.

Soil should be well drained and fertile, providing a good light source in Florida can enhance its growth. As you know every plant needs water to build its shoot and foliage so does calla lily.

State/Country Zone Bloom Time
California 5a to 11a late summers
Florida 8a to 11a      early summer
Georgia 7 late summers
Australia  7 to 12   early summer


Do calla lilies bloom the first year

Yes if calla lilies have been planted in spring then it can bloom in early summer for the first time of the year. You can also save the rhizomes and plant it back next year. 

How long does it take for a calla lily to bloom?

You can expect the calla lily to bloom in 90-150 days after the bulb is planted. It depends on the variety of when they will bloom but most will bloom in a 90 days period and others take a long time to bloom, like 150 days. It also depends on other factors including light, water and potting mix. 

Most possible answer is to when you see calla lily bloom in 90 to 140-150days. Some may say it can be flower early other would question they have foliage but no bloom till 130th day. So it really depends on a lot of factors. 

Do calla lilies bloom continuously?

Calla lilies bloom continuously for 2 months or 3-7 weeks and it depends on the climate change, other relatable factors like light, water. These are perennial plants so it will surely continue to bloom next year and you can see bloom in summers so this is also the time for plants to get fertilizer for further growth.

Final words

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