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Do Aloe Plants Need Sun? (Can It Survive Without Sunlight)

If you have a house which doesn’t get enough sunlight for indoor plants like aloe vera then you are at the right place. I would be answering whether “Do Aloe Plants Need Sun?” or May be It can Survive without sunlight or in low light conditions here we will discuss below everything.

Do Aloe plants need sun?

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Aloe plants need sun or direct light for at least minimum 3 to maximum 5 hours per day for their overall growth and to create more dark greenish robust leaves. Experts believe that if aloe vera receives sunlight from the window for 6 hours then it can have faster and compact growth. Otherwise with the lack of sunlight aloe vera gets droopy, leggy, dried, loses pigmentation and might drop some leaves resulting in development of less leaves and slow growth and it weakens the plant.

Do aloe plants need sun

For People who have houses built near the trees or buildings or having backward in position where you don’t receive direct sunlight from windows can purchase some artificial lights that could save your aloe plant from becoming leggy. 

Aloe vera Plants likes partial sunlight and they grow best in few hours of direct sun so providing them best light possible would enhance the leaves positive growth and you can see dark green leaves, with perfect thickness as aloe stores water on its leaves but once aloe plant matures it has gel inside its leaves that can be used to relief from sunburns and may help heal the burnt skin faster. Even the juice of aloe leaf has antioxidants that can reduce the risk of chronic growth in the body according to webmd.

One more problem we see here is if you are someone who grows more indoor plants they can’t place every plant to the south facing window because it can have only 1-2 plants but what about other plants maybe you can use a balcony or if you really don’t find any place then artificial lights are the only option.

For these lights to work you can give your plant more than 10-14 hours of man-made lights that could deliver some sort of strength to counter the droopy aloe vera problem. Using a 4’x2′ Full Spectrum LED Grow light that would work for your most indoor plants if they are suffering from low light issues.

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Sun is the important factor in providing aloe plants green pigmentation or color. This is not only important for every plant but it decides the growth of every plant other than some succulent that doesn’t need sun but still need light to grow.

Plant Name Requirement Growing Worth
Aloe Vera Partial Sun Slow growth
Aloe Vera At least 3-6 hour direct sun Faster growth, More Vibrant color

Can aloe survive without sunlight?

No, Aloe doesn’t survive without sunlight as it will probably need sunlight for future growth for making new , strong leaves. Although aloe does survive in indirect light but may encounter problems like leggy aloe vera which might kill the plant or it may reduce the growth. Generally speaking these plants grow in bright light but having a few hours of sun can make them more bright, strengthen its leaves and have faster growth.

Can aloe survive without sunlight?

If aloe doesn’t receive enough sunlight it weakens the leaves or you may find aloe vera leaves bending sideways or drooping. These are some problems you may come to know while growing aloe vera in low light.

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If you don’t have sunlight try buying some fluorescent artificial lights that would work perfect for aloe plants or any other houseplant that requires minimum sunlight.

Lastly, I am not saying aloe won’t grow in indirect sunlight. It will grow but not that healthy. It surely needs your windows to drop sun rays for its growth. There is a better difference that can be seen with low light aloe vera and one which gets 4-5 hours direct light per day. 

Also If you have a place which has sunlight for some hours then you will often need watering as the possibility for the soil to get dry is higher in light conditions. So make sure to water whenever the soil is dry or put your index finger inside the soil to check its dryness. If it’s dry then give water to the plant else you shouldn’t water. 

Aloe plant are grown without having the exposure of sunlight as they are succulents and these plant grow without much light. If you really want them to grow with there full potential then it surely needs sunlight.

Aloe Plant Without Sunlight Dull, Slow Growth
Aloe Plant With Few hours of Sunlight More Greener, More Foliage, More potential

Can aloe vera grow in low light?

Yes you can grow aloe vera in low light and it will slowly grow but might get leggy if aloe doesn’t find sufficient light for its growth. This low light weakens the plants leaves and it would be soft if they don’t have enough light source. I would highly recommend placing your aloe vera to the south facing window that would give it a few hours of sunlight.

Low light conditions can be useful if you don’t want its leaves to grow larger in size and you can easily place them indoors. When they grow slower then you don’t need to water them often, they require very less water in low light and also don’t have much caring requirements in indirect sun. 

Placing Aloe vera near the window and it gets some sort of 3-5 hours sunlight then believe me you will see aloe growing much faster and healthy. Even light can protect its leaf color and overall health as they can do photosynthesis and can prepare food that would result in good health for your aloe plant.

Can I put my aloe plant outside?

Yes, you can put aloe plants outside in partial shade or beneath the tree or place it where it doesn’t get harsh sunlight after 12am which may burn leaves and damage plants.  When growing aloe vera outdoors temperature should be over 65 degree F and not less than 50 degree F so they get enough light to grow in spring to summers.

If your garden or yard has a specific place which gets at least 5 hours of sunlight then gets shade then it is perfect as aloe is able to grow there and thrive. When growing aloe vera outside you need to take care of watering as heat can easily dry up in the soil but remember to always check the potting soil for dryness before watering.

Where do Aloe vera plants live indoor or outdoor?

Aloe vera plants can live both indoor and outdoors, but best if you find a location which is perfect in terms of light source and minimum 5-6 hours of direct sun. Many people grow them outside in the garden as they feel aloe vera can get faster growth and have robust thick leaves. 

Those living in USDA zone 9 to 12 have a warmer climate so  growing aloe vera in those zones can make it more stronger and it might thrive faster. Best growing condition for aloe plants is indirect light with a few hours direct sun.

But make sure the plant get water on time and don’t make it live for many hours in sun as it may burn the aloe vera leaves. This leaf damage can not only make it look ugly but your plant may get more severe symptoms and turn brown so be careful about the light requirements.

Best to grow light for aloe vera?

Aloe vera grows in partial to full sun and best grown light would be Full spectrum LED, that is made for indoor plants growth as many of the people don’t find good light source so they are using artificial light to provide them with all the plants living inside the house.

I would recommend these lights in the bedroom or hall as these 2 locations we generally put our good plants. Some houseplants even have the ability to provide oxygen at night while others have a beautiful appearance that is so good. Link is below for best grow light for aloe vera plant:

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Final Words

I hope you get the right answer on aloe vera light requirements and “Do Aloe Plants Need Sun?”. Also check my other similar article on this.

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