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China Doll Plant Outdoors (When, How to Grow And Care)

Radermachera sinica, Also called a serpent tree or emerald tree , You and I know it as China doll is from Asia Region particularly South and East where climate is more warm. This plant is more strong , Looks Graceful and able to grow about 30 feet in height, definitely it takes time but you may see it growing perfectly without much of an issue. It is a mature height and it can also reach a bigger size. Indoors They probably see 5-6 feet growth and basically you need to shape them, It may look shrubby and compact as branches are close together. Read more information on growing china doll plants in the garden and how you will be able to care for them first.

How to Grow China Doll Plant Outdoors

China doll plant loves outdoors full sun and warm climate. These shrubs gives benefits to its overall growth as leaves become more greener. Shrubs best outdoors location is near the fence or wall & it can be saved from heavy winds and storms. Make sure you put fertile well drained soil which needs to be moist when growing as a younger plant. China doll plants hate cold weather and winters and they are not able to handle frost, that’s why you need to care for them.

China Doll Plants Outdoors caring is necessary as this makes your plant’s life stronger and longer, ensuring proper watering. China doll plants need water more often so always check if they don’t dry fully. Watering inch or 2 per week can ensure its requirement and if rainfall happens then No need on that week or you may give it on weekends. Also Check 1-2 inch of soil to reconfirm that it is not feeling dry. You can use mulch like Wood Chips, Peat moss or leaves, grass clippings to slow down the sun to absorb water from soil and this makes the roots happy and soil moist. 

You can also apply balanced fertilizer or plant food every 80-90 days or in a quarter(3 months) and it will only be used in the growing season so spring to fall is when you can put it.

Growing tips for China doll plant Indoors

As you know they grow in USDA hardy zones but When growing them indoors they need a large container and perfect potting mix to thrive. Location is also very important , placing them in indirect light location does work but some of the sunlight if it receives can do well like morning sun. Yes it can also do well in partial shade so make sure it receives indirect bright light for hours per day.

Water is a necessary need and plays a big role in keeping them growing. Make sure water is moist and never be soggy. China doll plants will be able to grow at room temperature and a little bit warm can be preferred like 70-80 F (20-25 C) and at night it should not go below 10 F.

Plant food which is liquid based can be a good choice and providing them once or twice in every 29 days will make them happy and only give them when they are in growing season, Never use it in winters.

china doll plant outdoors
Forest & Kim Starr, CC BY 3.0 US, via Wikimedia Commons

When to Grow China doll plant Outdoors?

Best time to grow china doll plant outdoors would be in late spring  and it can become fuller easily so using fertilizer would also make it more greener. For outdoors you need to do extra care and many times it you need to spray some insecticide to get rid of some of the bugs.

How to you care for china doll plant Outdoors?

Those growing china doll plant outdoor would need to take care about the watering and light as you won’t be growing these china doll to any place it needs to be a partial shade to full shade or having a area that gets morning sunlight would be perfect for our emerald tree.

Can you grow China doll plant outside?

Yes you can grow china doll plant outside and choosing a place where it can get 3-4 sunlight in the morning would definitely make it perfect and it will thrive to the fullest.

Can China Doll plants live outside?

Yes, if you are person who don’t have a place inside the house then definitely it can be planted outside and with utmost care. Placement of china doll tree is important and choose right area would be perfect. Your china doll plant needs partial sunlight so you should not plant china doll in a open area with direct sunlight as it can burn the leaves of our china plant.

Is china doll plant invasive outdoors?

No, China doll plant is not invasive outdoors and it won’t interfere with other biodiversity or gardening plants. One thing that every tree has is that if it needs water it will definitely search through the bottom soil and increase the length of roots until it finds the water source. So yes you need to take care for them.

Why China doll plant not grown outside?

Those who grows china doll plant indoors because they can do pruning and have a place for them inside the house. It can be grown as indoor plant but if you grow it outside their is no issues, their are china doll tree with height of over 30m tall with a shoot of 1m people grow them because they like this tree and those who wants to grow mini version can grow smaller china doll plant.

Growing China Doll Plant Outdoors Possible?

So this Question Would be In your mind that can we grow china doll plants in the garden outside for our house in USDA Hardiness Zone 10 ,11. This Plant gets its popularity from the shiny divided leaves that are on the branches, which float and shine on the Sunny days.

Caring for China Doll Plants Indoors

Frequently used in floral arrangements, China Doll plants are a species of bromeliad that requires little maintenance and are easy to care indoor and outdoor growing plant. Because they are hardy and tolerant of low light levels, they make excellent houseplants. They may also be cultivated both indoors and outside. You must keep the soil moist but not soggy and replace it every week in order to keep the plants alive. Find a shallow container with drainage holes on the bottom for this purpose. After that, you may fill it with dirt and water the plant until it is completely submerged. Then take the plant out of the container and put it in a fresh one with fresh soil.

The China Doll plant is a beautiful indoor decoration that can be kept alive with a little effort. They are very simple to maintain and may be watered every day, although during the winter they require extra care. These plants require both more frequent watering and less light throughout the winter. Keep your China Doll plants cold and dark during the winter months to properly care for them.

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