Do ZZ plants bloom flowers? (Rare, Poisonous, Smell)

ZZ plant is famous for its unique leaves & the tall size. But there are many questions regarding its flowers. So in this article i will talk about zz plant flowering :

Do ZZ plants bloom flowers?

ZZ plant flower blooms are rarely seen because they don’t bloom often. Just like its dark green leaves, zz blooms are spathe-type similar to peace lily blooms. A thin stalk produces white flowers near the base. They are a great choice for ornamental purposes mostly placed in desks, entrances of the house or in guest rooms. They are great fit for offices because the leaves are charming with a length of 50-60 cm.

Zamioculcas zamiifolia also has been in the study of NASA where they selected plants to check whether they clean the harmful pollutants. It is noted that this houseplant has the quality to purify and remove bad air compounds like xylene, toluene, and CO2.

They are also made for the bedroom as it produces oxygen and cleans the air of the bad air kept inside in the room. Plants such as bromeliads, jade plant, aloe vera, snake plant, Heartleaf Philodendron, Areca Palm (my favorite), Peace lily, Gerbera Daisy and Pothos are some of the best bedroom plants that cleans indoor air.

What does it mean when a ZZ plant flowers?

The ZZ plant is known for its evergreen leaves then it becomes popular due to the quality of purifying indoor air. 

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So your question: when the zz plant flowers it has a white color with a spathe-like shape just like a peace lily flower has in it. It’s extremely rare to see zz plant flowers but it’s true as they grow in stress conditions that lead to flowering. 

Some signs that cause the zz plant to flower is inadequate environment, no light, watering is not regular enough to fulfill its requirements.

With its unique flowers, they may remove toxic air from your house, including benzene and xylene. They tolerate dry conditions in drought areas, and can even survive with low light but not very long. These dark green leaves represent growth, strength, and new life.

ZZ are one of the best plants to grow in offices because they can tolerate the low light conditions and can provide some feng shui benefits. Here the article You can check about zz plant symbolism.

What does a ZZ plant flower look like?

What does a ZZ plant flower look like
Mokkie, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Similar to peace lily, The ZZ plant flower looks like white spathe-type from Arum family. The Stalks are long similar to our lily plant. ZZ plant is famous for its dark evergreen leaves but for its flowers that rarely grow even I put it outdoor in frost or indoor in the warm temperature. They often bloom in nature where temperature, water, humidity and light plays a big role.  The roots of this plant looks like a potato that is light brownish and comes in different sizes with thin and thick cuttings.

One day if you want to multiply zz plants then you have various options like using roots, leaves, stem, seeds because every part can make new roots.

How do you make a ZZ plant flower?

How do you make a ZZ plant flower
Mokkie, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

It’s not easy to make a zz plant flower because they rarely bloom. The ZZ can get flowers only when they live in stress over not getting enough light, high transpiration, less water, low nutrients on soil. This creates an extremely poor effect on the zz plant which makes it produce only 1-3 flowers and die due to these conditions.  There are cases where some of the conditions are met and they still bloom due to root bound or age. Whenever you find this happening to your plant make sure to solve all the problem zz plant is facing.

Few problems include:

  • Low watering
  • Low fertilizer
  • Low nutrients
  • No Light
  • High Transpiration
  • Root bound

And many more unknown conditions that we still don’t know. What you can do is to solve each of the problems one by one and make it healthy so it won’t die and keep blooming.

Do ZZ plants bloom flowers
Mokkie, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Here is how to save zz plant:

  1. Check soil for water and if not moist then pour water whenever it feels dry.
  2. Provide it with Liquid or granular based fertilizer so it receives enough nutrients to revive its strength.
  3. Although they can grow in low light, you should place them a few days in a partial light area so it can recover from pigmentation losses.
  4. You should make a proper schedule to water them whenever they need or note how many days when they become dry.
  5. Solve the root bound problem by changing the pot. It is best if you see roots coming out of the soil that way you know it’s time to repot it. This helps the plant to further grow and you might see the rare blooms.

Is the flower of ZZ plant poisonous?

According to Queensland Government Data, the ZZ plant is highly poisonous and not just flowers, all other parts are toxic to humans as well as pets. It Can Give burning sensation in the stomach and inside the mouth that might cause swelling. It also irritates the eye and skin and may cause diarrhea if ingested any of the parts of the zz plant. Prevention is necessary in case of handling the zz plant. 

The plant is not related to any big chronic issues that made headlines and became false. The plant should be planted in an area away from pets due to its irritating effects on the skin. The plant can be played in a desk high for children’s so they don’t reach there. 

Is the ZZ plant flower good for Feng Shui?

The ZZ plant is so popular with evergreen foliage but do they have any benefits related to peace?

Yes, ZZ plant flowers are good for the house as they can spread positive energy indoors and are considered good feng shui plants. ZZ leaves keep on growing without stress that makes the plant associated with growth which leads to good fortune so eventually it’s lucky for many people. 

Some may call it a fortune tree while others enjoy the tree-like foliage indoors. There are so many benefits of growing an indoors plant and one such advantage is it encourages creativity in mind and peace over the house. 

What to do with zz plant flower?

Just Enjoy When a zz plant flower cause they rarely give appearance. Many people have been growing them for years but never saw any flowers but if you get one zz plant to flower it’s considered lucky and enjoyable. 

Grow them in Low light or partial shade. It’s your choice but always make sure they do not get excess water on its soil. The watering schedule is different in low light and partial shade, even in sunlight. So better care for it by checking the soil before watering. When your plant is happy it will surely grow more foliage and seems healthy.

Should I remove ZZ plant flower?

I do not recommend removing zz plant flowers because they rarely bloom with magnificent white spadix form just like any other arum family member.

Cutting the zz plant flower may increase the growth of its foliage. For propagation, flowers can give seeds to new plants but any part such as leaves or stem has the ability to propagate itself to create a new plant. Do not damage any stem or leaves. Use only healthy leaves or stems to be pruned and with that another zz plant can be formed.

ZZ plants grown from seeds are slow but you can always rely on its leaves or stem to propagate this plant. You do not need to give shape while pruning because they grow themselves naturally and give the best shape of their own. Just remove the bad, disease, brown and yellow foliage from your plant to increase its lifespan. 

Flowers make any tree or plant more charming and appealing. That’s why I said don’t cut the blooms.

Do ZZ plants flower smell?

The ZZ plant smell has a light fragrance, but animals deter from the zz plant due to its toxin property. The flower smell can be similar to the peace lily of the arum family.

What I know they are beautiful plants for desk and indoors growing purposes. They provide positivity inside the house. The flowers are rare to be seen and many times it’s just luck that plays a great role in flower blooms. 

My Thoughts

I hope i finished your curiosity on the zz plant flower. By the way, I am happy to tell you they are one of the best growing houseplants so if you have one then it’s great to see that greenery everyday.

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