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Gold Mop Cypress Companion Plants

Are you looking for some gold mop cypress companion plants Before that let me explain about this amazing cypress plant which has shaggy , golden yellowish foliage that can increase any landscape’s appearance & it won’t look bare anymore now. They are eye catching shrubs that can thrive in low maintenance and growing them is easy. They are hardy to zone 4 to 8 and grown in full sun but you can also plant them in shade area only the growth rate is going to reduce otherwise it will tolerate most conditions. They look like a golden mop positioned upside down. So back to our question on What can I plant with gold mop cypress?

Gold mop cypress companion plants list included plants are Ultra Violet Buddleia, Oakland holly, Dwarf Alberta Spruce tree. Also you can Pair my favorite plant periwinkle that has blue and violet color flowers. Try planting San Jose juniper shrubs and Lavandula Spp with gold mops will look on your garden. Evergreen gold mop cypress is happy to combine with other plants and they make the whole landscape more beautiful.

Below I will explain every plant with pictures in details that can be grown with mop cypress shrub.

Here are the List on What can I plant with gold mop cypress?

  1. Maidenhair (Adiantum pedatum)
  2. Hart’s tongue (Asplenium scolopendrium)
  3. Periwinkle
  4. Alberta Spruce tree
  5. San Jose juniper shrubs
  6. Ultra Violet Buddleia
Gold Mop Cypress Companion Plants
Gold Mop Cypress Companion Plants

What can I plant with gold mop cypress?

Gold mop cypress companion plants

1 . Maidenhair fern (Adiantum pedatum)

This fern has over 199+ varieties in the world and it has fan-shaped foliage which is green and attractive. It has small fronds that are interesting and adds beauty to any landscape. Generally they are grown outdoors just under a canopy of trees which gives them partial shade light that is perfect for them. 

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Maidenhair fern

2 . Hart’s tongue (Asplenium scolopendrium)

It is an evergreen fern plant that grows in USDA zone 5-9 and requires minimal care. They also grow under a tree or shrub and are native to North America, Europe and Western part of Asia. It has large fronds that are green in color and it is actually tongue shaped. This can be grown with gold mop cypress easily. It can be grown in well drained and well moist soil. It can become a good companion plant for our gold mop cypress 

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Hart’s tongue Gold mop cypress companion plants

3 . Periwinkle

Mostly found in hillsides and this is used to provide ground cover to a area. They have beautiful flowers of blue color that look attractive. This has over 29+ varieties and you can find different colors of periwinkle. They grow in a partial shade area and some of its variety needs sunlight, they prefer acidic soil. They are easily grown but you need to care as they spread quickly.

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4 . Alberta Spruce tree

It is an evergreen conifer tree that is pyramid shaped and it has varieties which are able to grow over 99+ feet in height. You can buy dwarf Alberta spruce that is a smaller version and can be a companion plant for gold mop cypress. They thrive in full sun and can be able to adjust in a shade area also. This is hardy to zone 3-8 and can handle more cold climates. You should use well drained soil for this tree and it can grow upto 4 inch per year and don’t worry it’s easy to care for shrubs.

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Gold Mop Cypress Companion Plants

5 . San Jose juniper shrubs

These are conifers used as container plant or to provide a ground cover . It has green branches that just look amazing for any landscape. It can grow slowly but once established it needs minimum care and they are easy to grow. They thrive in full sun and water is needed often when the temperature is high.

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 Gold mop cypress companion plants San Jose juniper shrubs

6 . Ultra Violet Buddleia

This is an attractive miniature butterfly bush that attracts most of the pollinators like butterflies, insects and birds and it is a flowering bush so it blooms in spring to fall season. It can be used as borders, containers and for ground cover. It is hardy to zone 5-9 means it can tolerate full sun and you need to give it more water if it’s intense heat outside. Fertilizer can be used once every year and it can grow in most soil types. It can also become a companion plant for our mop cypress.

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Gold Mop Cypress Companion Plants

More Options : for cypress trees-

Japanese Blueberry

These are also one of such evergreen trees that needs minimal maintenance and the height it holds is about 60 feet when grown fully. It has very bright green foliage and once leaves start to mature it becomes orange/red/crimson in color and drops off from the tree. Every season it keeps thriving and it looks attractive also.

It was popular in Japan and China where this was originally born.

Japanese Cedar Tree

Best with the combination of gold mop cypress as this becomes a pyramid in shape with so much green foliage. This tree is said to live upto 600 years long, and a major attraction is its blue green tips on stems shown. The actual high would be over 100 feet  & may spread to 30 feet.


I have Provided the List of what I know the best. These pictures won’t tell how much these plants look good if you really want to match up with the gold mop cypress just check each plant. I hope you get the answer on Gold Mop Cypress Companion Plants or What can you plant with gold mop cypress, if you like to read more check below.

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