Golden Mop Cypress Turning Brown

If your cypress is starting to see discoloration and slowly dying it could be golden mop cypress turning brown from the outer portion, It needs an immediate solution which can fix this problem. Let’s find what makes this happen in the first place. They are best grown in full sun and soil should be eventually moist not soggy. Many Time foliage turns yellow because of shade and lack of sunlight this too reason applies for browning Let’s Find out Why is my golden cypress turning brown?

Golden Mop Cypress Turning Brown due to improper growing conditions such as lack of sunlight, getting dehydrated in winters, Constant damp soil, diseases and pests, heavy pruning which is the reason for the brown foliage. Common reason for Golden mop cypress browning is due to Overwatering, Underwatering or cypress shrub may lack nutrients on soil, also it is injured from dry spells or winter frost.

If you just brought the golden mop then it could due to not putting regular water as young trees will need more water but if we compare this to old established cypress tree they handles the dry spells and doesn’t get brown leaves. New Golden mop Cypress needs regular water and consistent care so doing so will resolve its issues.

I Will be explaining each of the problems with a solution.

1. Bad Conditions

If your golden mop turning brown this could be due to low light or may placed in shade for some days then it may start to discolor and may lose some leaves also. It will turn to a yellowish color if put it in shade area for too long. They like full sun and can tolerate drought conditions. I have seen people growing cypress trees in a location where One side gets full sun and the other side is being shaded. It creates issues on the other side not getting enough sunlight, which leads to drying and yellowing of foliage.

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If your plant was in constant damp soil then again it will root rot and fungal infections which is harmful to your mop shrub. In the case of winter, You need to protect them using burlap and wrap around the shrub so it doesn’t get affected by the cold winds that may dry out or freeze the plant. It turns brown patches in winters. In winter you should be careful on watering as it needs water once a month, in summers you can pour once a week in case of no rain in your area otherwise 2-3 weeks if rain has been consistent coming on your zone.

Browning in Golden mop could also be a overwatering issue as this effects the root and which leads to yellow then brown or you may have ignore it and it was craving for water which lead to dry leaves turning brown.

Golden Mop Cypress Turning Brown
Photo by David J. Stang, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

2. Over Pruning

These golden mop cypress need pruning when there is uneven growth, straggly tips or diseased branches. You should avoid any pruning technique that can  shade the inner branches and foliage. This results in outer growth can be healthy and the inner would turn brown and start to fade. Also make sure not to trim the new growth or don’t do anything to the point where it has fresh branches coming in , just cut down the older and dead leaves.

3. Diseases

Disease includes cankers that have open sores on the branches or it may also happen to the truck on your golden mop cypress shrub. Leaves that are growing near this disease turn into brown. The best you can do is to solve this is prune the infected branches or area that needs pruning. Also there are other varieties that are resistant to this cypress cankers disease. 

In case the canker reaches to the main trunk then it may possibly die, So prevention would be once it should prune it. Rusting is another fungal problem that causes browning of foliage , You may see redness pustules or oranges once that are forming to make this shrub look more diseased. When pouring water don’t give it the soil rather than the top as it may spread the disease easily. Also Make sure to clean the dead leaves or branches that fall on the soil. Rust problems in cypress don’t do much harm and it is limited so solve the issues that I discussed above.

4. Pests

Attracting pests is not new and can happen to any tree or shrub. Golden mop cypress may see some scales, aphids, bark beetles or tip miners infestation, These normally damage the tip portion of the shrub and you can easily notice the insect infestation signs such as sticky glue or white powdery or sawdust on these plants. If any such thing occurs on your plant you can treat it with insecticides or pesticide and it’s all available in the market. 

5. Lack of Nutrients

Golden mop cypress turning brown may also cause when there is a lack of iron in the soil which may cause chlorosis. Feeding them fertilizer in the growing season can solve this issue. 


Remember Most basic reason for browning is too much or too little watering.

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Why is my potted cypress Brown?

If cypress is browning without any seasonality issue then it could be a problem of overwatering or underwatering. You need to check for its drainage whether the soil is consistently being damp or Its getting dried out if the climate is too hot.

Why are my cypress trees turning brown?

If you’re cypress tree is turning brown then one such reason could be it has been affected by winter cold then it can result in fungal disease that again affects the branches and stems and all is due to  

If you have grown this in a container then check for its holes at the bottom if they are not covered by the hard sand. Waterlogged soil can cause root rot that can kill your plant. Even Dry soil is a problem as not keeping it moist will make it lose its foliage colors. So Always check the soil for its dryness and water it only water potted cypress needs.

Why is my European Cypress turning brown?

If your european cypress turns brown then it is because of 2 reasons I have discussed before and you need to control your watering. Don’t give them water when there is a rainfall in the coming days or earlier as it can just increase the water logging inside the soil which is harmful for the plant. Browning is a sign of caring for your plant too much by watering it – means your Cypress is overwatered. Reducing the watering can solve the problem.

How do you revive a brown conifer?

If it ever happens with your conifer then it is a severe damage which makes most of the branches turn brown but don’t worry it can recover only you need to cut down some of the diseased branches. In case of winter drying it will be able to revive once the soil is defrost and the conifer will receive water. You can plant those conifers which can be grown according to your climatic zone and are native to your area.

Why has my Conifer turned brown?

In winter season, Conifers generally lose all the moisture it has collected in the needles which results in water shortage or dehydration. But this is actually normal in many trees and it won’t damage your conifer. No water in the needles and soil water being frozen for some time may not provide the sufficient moisture or water means it won’t be reached to roots it will lead to some of the needles may turn brown and this phenomena is quite normal in winters.

How do you know if a cypress tree is dying?

If your cypress trees slowly turning brown and again it shows a serious sign of its overall health problem. Yellowing can indicate underwatering if it was grown in a pot where it can easily be dried and lack of availability can cause this in full sun. Discoloration is another issue if you transplant it from pot to normal grond and the falling of some of the leaves is normal.


I hope you get your answer on “Golden Mop Cypress Turning Brown” , please share this article if any of your friend needs help with this kind of problem Thank you.

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