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How Much Water Does a Peace Lily Need? – Often, Without, Mist

If you are searching for how much water does a peace lily need before that let me tell you Spathiphyllum is a houseplant that has over 45 species and it is native to America and Asian Region. Let’s now know about the light needs or if sun needed for the peace lily plant.

How Much Water Does a Peace Lily Need

How much water does a peace lily need? A peace lily grows in moist soil so it should be watered regularly right but it’s not. As per shade location, peace lilies need water once per week. Water should be poured from the topsoil or if you can arrange a saucer for your pot then it can give our plant water. Peace lily needs water until it leaks out from the drainage hole. That is what I used to do with my peace lily plant.

For winters you need to control the watering because it will cause root rot due to the dormant stage. This is the time when it slows down or stops growing until the next season. You should give less water and only give after 15-20 days only if its topsoil feels dry. Lets now focus on more questions related to peace lily water needs.

How much water do I give my peace lily?

Ideally peace lily wants moist soil most of the time in warm climate areas so it requires water once in 5 days or a week. For watering needs I prefer once in a week watering if grown in shade or low light. Here I am trying to make sure the plant doesn’t attract any root rot issue due to overwatering. For Hot Summers, Check the soil for about 2 inches and give water to your plant if the soil is dry. 

If the plant is grown indoors then using a humidifier just like i do most of my houseplants grow healthy. Otherwise misting orally can be a good way to protect the plant from becoming dry. Also you should check the pot if it is draining the water clearly. If not, check the drainage hole and remove any obstacle from the bottom hole of the pot.

Another effective way to water your peace lily is by pouring a small amount of water and letting the soil absorb it so that the peace lily can get it. Again do the same by adding more water, this way your peace lily watering requirement is fulfilled & it will grow then healthy.

A general rule applied to most indoor plants that grow in shade or low light is to water them once a week so they don’t invite any overwatering issues in future.

You do not need to give water in winters for 10-14 days because that time the plant also goes to a dormant stage, which means it stops the growing phase and lets it sleep through winters. Only giving water when the soil actually feels dry in winters would encourage its growth even in winters although it doesn’t grow much until the next warm season.

Spathiphyllum has large foliage which needs good watering as well as plant food for its essential growth. 

Should peace lilies be watered from the top or bottom?

The best way to water peace lilies is by pouring from the top of the soil and not sprinkling on their leaves that causes black spots. Peace lily wants its soil to be moist so water is needed for sure. Some gardeners suggest that using a saucer at the bottom of the peace lily pot can make its requirement for moisture complete. If the water is given from the top it will cause leaf spots and they can be dark and black. To overcome this problem either pour water from the topsoil or use a bottom saucer for water needs in a peace lily plant.

You can also slowly pour the water so that our peace lily absorbs it and the extra water goes at the bottom then drains out. It is effective in providing water to the plant as well as properly moisturizing the soil.

Always remember that you should be watering a peace lily till the bottom hole leaks the water out. Otherwise some people give water to the top half after a few hours it goes to the bottom half and by any chance if the roots are only at the top half then your plant may struggle to get water before it drains out.

Try both techniques like pouring from or using a saucer that will irrigate it from the bottom. 

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Should I mist my peace lily?

Yes, you can mist peace lily in hot summers as it loses water through transpiration a lot. Misting would save your peace lily from turning brown or if they begin to wilt then it will help to moist the soil as well as leaves.

Misting water sometimes stays on the leaf while most of the time it naturally drops to the soil making it moist. Also misting your peace lily would clean its leaves so better photosynthesis can be done by our plant. I used to mist my peace lily in summers till I felt there’s too hot. Nowadays if you compare the temperature from the last 5-6 years today it is high so misting is a process that will save a plant life as well make it healthy. 

do not over mist your plant as some of the drops of water can stay in the leaves and cause scorches or leaf spots or darken the leaf from the middle. It will not happen if the humidity around your house is low and in warm temperature generally the water droplets just evaporate or drop in soil.

Misting also increases the humidity temporarily and solves the problem of a plant which is facing too much heat that is making its leaves lose more water.  Also I remember to add one more thing about misting – you should not mist your plant if the top soil is already moist. It is because your plant has sufficient water and it doesn’t need more. If you do that then the excess water can cause fungal infection in plant roots or it might invite pests as well.

I would also tell you to avoid any misting if you live in a cold area. Only for a few months that are too hot then plants need misting otherwise they just survive with regular watering or twice in a week watering schedule.

How long can a peace lily go without water?

A peace lily needs water once a week but without water it can survive 10 to 13 days then starts to show brown tips, crisp, dried out leaves and leaf spots and pests infestation. After A week the plant may give signs like wilting, curling of leaves due to underwatering but once you supply water to the plant it will again recover and start growing. Maximum houseplant that are grown indoors can go without water for 2-3 weeks and some succulents can go over a month as well but understand that the plant needs a good amount of water to grow so not giving water will invite problems.

Some plants that are similar to peace lily that can go without water in summer season are pothos, snake plant, monstera, aloe vera, money tree, English ivy, spider plants, air plant, wax begonia, fittonia, parlor palm, boston fern, daisy, lucky bamboo and more.

Peace lily are generally water once every 5-7 days but it depends on the location and weather. Plants that grow in cold areas are less likely to need water while the plants that are in hot climates need more water might be in 3-4 days.

If you are going on a vacation leaving your precious plants then try adding a saucer to your plant which can be filled with water. Another way is to call your neighbors and tell them “please could water my plants, I will be out of station for a few days”. I would be making a place with shade and putting all my plants in the garden so my friend or neighbor can access it and he can pour water once every 4 to 5 days. Your plants can wait for like 7-10 days easily without water so don’t worry.

Thumb rule for the long life of a peace lily plant is whenever your soil is dry then immediately give water to it. First check the 2 inch topsoil if it’s dry then pour water and make it moist. 

How often do you water a peace lily in the house?

Ideally a peace lily placed in the house often needs water once per week only if it is in shade or east facing window. While some people use curtains as filters to give sunlight to peace lily as it is placed near the window. That can dry up the soil through heat and your plant may need water every 4-5 days.

For caring it in the house a peace lily should be located in a bright, indirect light location. Using a well drained soil which is full of nutrients specially made for indoor plants is the best choice for peace lily. You all know that this plant needs moist soil to grow properly so make sure water doesn’t stop in any month and if needed it should be misted with water.

It is also important for peace lilies to get plant food which is important for its overall health. The fertilizer should be given in summers when peace lily is growing to its full potential.

Indoors peace lily can be situated in south, west, east facing windows. Better location would be where it can get shade or filtered sunlight that may give it a good amount of light which is good for our plant growth.

In winters, peace lily is not often watered and can be taken care more due to colder weather. It should be watered once in 15-20 days or you can check the topsoil if it’s dry then pour water else not.

Wrap Up

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