Lobelia Flower Meaning and Symbolism, Definition, Spiritual

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What Does Lobelia Mean?

Lobelia Flower meaning is different in blue, pink and red petals & they represent love, prosperity and togetherness. These flowers also mean good luck and bond and hopefulness. They are also said to be for partners, lovers or people who are in a strong relationship. It can be any relation like family and friends.

This beautiful flower is not only beautiful to look at but holds many health benefits and spiritual importance. So, what are those benefits? What does this flower symbolize? And what type of spiritual importance does it hold?

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Lobelia definition

Lobelia was first introduced in the 17th century by Carl Linnaeus in Species Plantarum. It is named after Flemish botanist Mattias de Lobel.

Lobelia is usually a blue-colored flower, a genus of plants comprising four hundred and fifteen species with sub-cosmopolitan distribution in tropical to warm climates.

Nevertheless, few species do extend to the cooler temperature as well.

The flowering plant obtains a good number of small and more significant annual perennial and shrub species from various habitats in various colors.

All species have simple leaves with two-lipped tubular flowers. Each flower has five petals.

So if you are a blue color fan and want to decorate your windows, gardens, terrace, and even backyard with your favorite color, then there is no better option than Lobelias. However this flower is available in some other colors as well.

Lobelia Flower Meaning

Lobelia definition

What Do Lobelia Flowers Symbolize?

What Do Lobelia Flowers Symbolize

Humans widely use lobelias to enhance the look of their homes. However, there is a different lobelia flower meaning in a spiritual context. To some people, lobelia flowers are the symbol of love and affection. At the same time, others consider them a lucky charm and a sign of a pure soul.

Nevertheless, in some religions and cultures, this plant also signifies the deep bond between family members and friends who are emotionally connected.

However, the lobelia’s spiritual meaning may differ from its color. That means each color obtains a distinguished meaning, such as

  1.   Blue Lobelia: blue petals represent a person with a peaceful mind and sensitive nerves.
  2.   Pink lobelia: pink lobelias symbolize friendship, love, happiness, and prosperity.
  3.   Red lobelia: red-colored lobelias signify deep affection, love, and passion. Hence, most of the time, people use this to propose to their crushes.

Types of lobelia flowers

There are various types of lobelia flowers you can find. Here are some of its significant types you can easily find

  1.   Edging lobelias: Also known as the Lobelia erinus, these flowers are tender and hybrid perennials grown in warm climates. You can grow edging lobelias in containers as they have bushy and trailing habits. Five tiny petals bloom in the shade of blue, purple, and even white.
  2.   Cardinal flower: This is the most popular type of lobelia and is named after its showy spikes of red flowers. You can find cardinal flowers in various shades of red and bronze. This flower is native to wet areas and can be found near stream banks and low woods.
  3.   The great blue lobelia: Also known as the Lobelia Siphilitica, is native to a perennial wildflower that produces big-sized beautiful and long-sized blue flowers.
  4.   Lobelia speciosa: It is another popular type that comes in various shades of blue, such as navy blue, lavender, pinkish-blue and purple
  5.   Lobelia inflata: This plant is not usually grown as a garden plant due to severe toxicity. However, it is called an Indian tobacco plant and is sometimes used for many decades.

How to grow lobelia?

How to grow lobelia

You can grow this fantastic flower nearly everywhere. However, these plants require direct sunshine, so choose an area that is exposed to the sun. In addition, lobelia is a flower that grows well in moist and mineral-rich soil.

However, you must start about 12 to 3 weeks before the last frost in your region. To start, spread the seeds thoroughly on top of the soil and water.

The seedling will start to pop within two weeks. At this time, you can begin to think them out. After your seeds have grown 5 to 7 cm tall, transplant them into your garden. For the rest of the information, look at the below-mentioned plant table.

Caring for Lobelia flowers:

Light requirements

 Lobelias will need a little shade in midsummers for blooming. However, they need at least 5 to 6 hours of direct sun exposure daily.

Water requirement

Water the plant regularly to keep the soil moist. You may need to water the plant daily in scorching and dry weather.

When to plant: The perfect time to plant lobelias is in spring, when all the frost danger has passed.

Where to plant: The preferable location for the plant is a place with moist, humus-rich, and slightly acidic soil.

Lobelia flower aftercare

Below are some significant points you must consider for good maintenance and aftercare.


Fertilizers boost plant growth by energizing them. Make sure to provide your plant with a high-quality fertilizer every spring.

Pruning and deadheading

Most of the lobelia plants are self-cleaned. Hence you do not need to worry about beheading them.

Nevertheless, the best way of removing your plant if their blooming has slowed down is to cut them as much as one-half to two-thirds. The radical pruning accelerates growth and makes plants stronger.

Winter protection

Roots can rot if they are covered with a heavy layer of snow. Hence use a light layer of mulch to cover the basal leaves in the winter season.

What is the Cultural Significance of a Lobelia Flower?

Lobelia flowers have cultural significance that is believed to be a symbol of security, protection and cure and there are different meanings which say it is about love and relationship.  They are also called Indian tobacco due to its influence in relieving pain, stress, and treating various problems. These are smoked by native Americans and they can be grown in the garden due to its safeguarding features. These flowers often represent spirituality and they come in different colors like blue and red, each has some other meanings like one can be described as love and other as healing trait.

When Giving Lobelia flowers as a gift?

When Giving Lobelia flowers as a gift

They can be given as a gift to somebody who has health related issues because these plants have medicinal properties which can benefit your friend, neighbor or partner.  These flowers are natures directly comes from nature so the healing power of it also magical and can relief pain.

If you have a girlfriend or anyone who cares or loves most in this world, giving lobelia flowers could protect them from any negative energy. It also increases the bond between you and your partner. It also makes them think that their is somebody who cares a lot for them. Whenever your life goes in harsh conditions by seeings this flowers might make your mood.

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On the bottom line, lobelias are one of the most beautiful plants you can have in your garden. They are appealing to look at and hold great spiritual importance. Above you can find all details of lobelia spiritual meaning.

There are various types of lobelia flowers present. You can grow your favorite type in your house using the guide mentioned above.

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