7 Leaves Money Tree Meaning – What Does It Symbolize(Luck)

The Money Tree holds significant symbolism, representing wealth and prosperity in the real world. It is often associated with financial success, indicating capital and overall prosperity. In various professions and fields of work, the Money Tree serves as a symbol of good financial standing. It is believed that the presence of a Money Tree may bring good luck, leading to increased wealth, luxury, and overall well-being for individuals.

As a symbol of good luck, the Money Tree is thought to have the power to generate wealth for those who possess or cultivate it. This belief in the Money Tree’s positive influence on financial matters has contributed to its popularity as a decorative and symbolic element in homes and businesses. People often keep Money Trees as a way to attract prosperity and positive financial outcomes in their lives.

money tree meaning
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What does a money tree Symbolise?

The Money Tree symbolizes not only great wealth for its owner but also brings good luck and abundance. In Chinese culture, the Money Tree is associated with good fortune, richness, power, and strength. Its popularity worldwide, especially the Braided Money Tree or Pachira, extends beyond its aesthetic appeal as a Bonsai plant. It has become a symbol of positive energy, satisfaction, happiness, and wealth.

A popular story about the Money Tree revolves around a Taiwanese farmer who, facing challenging conditions, discovered a small Pachira plant growing in his farming land. Recognizing its mesmerizing beauty, the farmer realized the potential for financial gain by growing and selling this plant. Planting more of these beautiful trees transformed his fortune, elevating him from a poor farmer to one of the wealthiest individuals in Taiwan. This transformation led to the plant being aptly named the “Money Tree.”

In the 1980s, a person named Liu played a crucial role in popularizing Pachira plants by interlacing their stems. This unique method of structuring these plants, especially through braiding the stems, gained widespread popularity. Liu also observed that by braiding the stems in the initial stages, the plant learned this pattern and continued to braid its stems as it grew. This technique became a distinctive feature associated with various types of Pachira plants globally.

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The popularity of Money Trees is deeply rooted in the belief that growing these trees can bring wealth and good luck. Known as bonsai plants or trees, they gained significant popularity in America due to their minimal care requirements and their striking resemblance to actual trees.

Gifting a Money Tree carries a meaningful message, implying that the recipient will soon experience an increase in wealth and happiness. The braided trunk, coupled with bright glossy foliage, not only adds aesthetic appeal but also brings positive energy, goodness, and livelihood to the space when grown as a houseplant.

What is a money tree

The Money Tree, scientifically known as Pachira aquatica, is a tropical plant characterized by the braiding of its stalks in the initial stages, with each stem eventually braiding on its own. This distinctive plant is closely associated with good luck and wealth. Numerous legends and beliefs surround the Money Tree, recounting stories of farmers and truck drivers who achieved prosperity by selling and braiding Pachira plants.

One popular story revolves around a farmer who, facing a loss of hope, discovered the Money Tree and decided to grow it due to its adaptability and hardiness. Learning from the plant’s lessons, he began selling these braided plants and eventually became wealthy. The Money Tree served as a lucky charm for this man, transforming his future. In today’s era, these plants require minimal care and have found a place in offices and homes. When given as a gift, the Money Tree is believed to bring positive changes to the recipient’s fortune.

Pachira aquatica belongs to the malvaceae family and is native to the South and central regions of America. Typically found in wetlands and water areas, these plants are known by the name “money plant” in some countries. Interestingly, the Crassula ovata, commonly known as the jade plant, is also referred to as the “money tree.” The shared association with wealth and prosperity has led to the interchangeability of these names in certain regions.

Want to read about Jade plant symbolism? Check I have written an in-depth article on that as well.

Money tree benefits

Money tree plant benefits includes may become wealthy and lowered stress. Other benefits of tree like purifying air, removing bad luck and tensions, medicinal uses that makes your mind more calm, reduce financial losses and much more. As you know one great benefit of a money tree is providing prosperity and wealth in your house and it also gives positive vibes. They also have a beautiful look that may enhance the interior of your home.

Let’s discuss money tree benefits one by one:

Reduces Stress

Money Tree is a greener and richer plant that gives good vibes when sitting with them. It allows the mind to get relief which results in lowering of bad stress. It’s a Houseplant that can be grown indoors as well as outdoors but the magical things that it gives to your mind would definitely work to reduce anxiety and stress over the period of time. Money tree brings wealth which plays an important role in the house’s financial condition & makes it in good shape which then results in relief from the major headache that is a good thing for your overall health as well.

Beautify Decor

Yes you heard it right, a money tree not only brings good luck but also gives a reason for neighbours and friends to give you appreciation on your home decoration as it adds so much beauty to the house. It looks gorgeous and fresh, and you can place it in the dinner hall or at the door entrance so it can spread positive energy indoors. Leaves of the money tree are greener because it makes us feel the nature inside the house. For home decor you can add this to your collection of indoor houseplants.

Wealth Generator

As you know as the name defines Money tree has a reputation and the backstory of bringing wealth and goodness to someone who believes it. It also provides happiness, prosperity and good luck to people. Many believe that this money tree can change their bad fortune and make them rich. This is why many offices, workspaces and houses have one such plants that provide capital as well as goodness to the people.

Tolerates Water

One of the benefits of having a money tree at your house is that it is simply able to make your garden greener with just minimal care and most of the beginner gardeners have one complaint that their plants get overwatered easily that kills the plant itself after sometime. So Money plants do have advantages over other plants like you can’t overwater these pachira aquatica as they have a history of growing in wet soil and wetlands. But still if you want them to grow perfectly then 2-3 times per week water is sufficient and make sure not to overwater because it may impact the growth but can’t plant still survives.

Money tree also goes into a dormant stage which leads to a temporary stop of growth of our plant. Once winters are over you can see the growth of pachira plants are back and it starts to produce leaves again. 

This money tree is also not immune to the side effects of over watering like yellowing or browning of leaves. So I highly recommend the 3 days per week water supplied to the plant if the soil is dried to 1-2 inch from the top soil.

Easy Care

One of the benefits of taking a money tree is that you don’t need to prune the foliage for many months and its care is very simple. So it is the best gift for some who need good luck and a plant that doesn’t need much to grow. Also I recommend only pruning the leaves that are getting old or you can shorten the plant to only 1/4 part this way you won’t lose a lot of leaves and your plant won’t get much shock while it gets pruning.

Non Toxic to Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

According to ASPCA, Money tree is not toxic to cats, dogs or horses. It has a scientific name called pachira aquatica if you want to search for this plant by the botanical name. Still in the Web mentions, the symptoms include vomiting or loose stool if they eat it mistakenly otherwise it’s not poisonous which kills a life.

With the list of Most of the plants found in the earth, UCANR added money plants to the safe list but I won’t find the money tree in their list of plants. 

Bigger better

Money tree looks amazing and has bright foliage which I liked the most. Pachira plants are about 55 to 60 feet taller when grown in forest or in their favorable areas for years. While the normal money trees are from 1-2 feet tall when you purchase them for the first time but once it enhances its size they can be moved outdoors for further growth. Mostly these plants are popular as bonsai as it looks like an actual tree but it’s a miniature version of it that is alive.

Braided Structure

One of the benefits that comes with its Beautiful braiding makes it more charming and unique, these money trees are best for indoor use and it provides a stress free and positive environment to the house. One of the high selling points of this plant is the braids that look so nice and stronger when they get mature. In the initial stage these money plant stalks can be joined and overlap with each other which strengthen its core and make it unique as structure wise. These are best for home decor and you can learn from this plant about the overlapping of 2 or more stems to make it stand still. 

7 leaves money tree meaning

Seven leaves money tree meanings represents extra good luck, but it’s rare to find a stem on a money tree that has foliage with seven leaves on it. Seven number is associated with absoluteness, wholeness and perfection or completeness as this means you can have everything in life if you have lucky number 7. Our money tree or pachira plant grows leaves but it’s not everyday you see seven leaves thriving so if you see seven leaves stem in a money tree you should have it. As this would give more luck to have a good fortune.

This number holds special meaning in most religions in the world and even in the gaming world you can see everyone sees the number seven as a good luck charm.

Does the money tree give you money

The short answer is NO, because it’s not a money tree that grows money instead of leaves. The money tree is a symbol of good fortune that can bring change to your life, but it’s not for everyone. For example, if a person who owns a business really tries and gives his best yes, I am talking about giving 101% so no one can stop him from becoming successful. 

These trees are symbolized to bring prosperity and capital to the owner but still you need to do all the hardwork in life and this may give you the motivation towards your goals that could change your fortune or who knows you can be financially stable.

How big do money trees get

Money trees can grow more than 50 feet tall and as big as 60 feet when grown outside while many keep these mini trees indoors that limits the height so they grow only 6-10 feet tall. You can see how a big environment plays a role in the growth of money trees. When braided money trees get all nutrients from potting mix, get timely water and sufficient moisture so they thrive better in those areas. These get taller when they have enough space underground and sunlight. 

Money trees require full sun but they can grow in partial sunlight as well. You can place it somewhere it can get 5 hours of natural light from the sun and it will grow on its own. For Potting mix you can purchase any but make it get well draining soil with all the nutrients.

Water is needed when the top soil is dry for our money tree. You can give more water in warmer seasons like summer while in winters limit all the water as they go in dormant stage that stops their growth but still you can give them water but don’t overwater the pot or container.

Fertilizer is needed in growing months for the growth of our money tree and you can basically use any plant food that is slow release.

Pruning is required for this tree but you should not trim more than 2/3 part of the plant. You can also cut one by one to check for the structure and only cut the extra growth and let it grow.

Unbraided money tree

Unbraided money trees should be braided in the initial growth stage and if they are hardened and don’t move you shouldn’t do any bending because it can break the trunks. I would recommend only purchasing the braided money tree or finding a professional to do braiding for you. If somehow you try to do it and break one such unbranded trunk then don’t worry it will take time but recover on its own. You may find new leaves and stems growing at slow pace so leave it and care for them normally.

Unbraided money trees are hard to bend and it may break from the middle or you may prevent the supply of nutrients if the damage is bigger. If you like the bonsai then buy only the braided ones.

Money tree location

According to the Feng Shui principle, money tree locations should be southeastern, eastern or south. These positions are great for the financial health of the house, even if it works for good luck that everyone desires. The bad location for money tree placement is west, northwest, center, north.

Some locations like bathroom which is good for the plant as it gets humidity but it is not recommended to have a money tree in the bathroom. Most of the rooms are faced southwest so it is also not suggest to place the money tree.

Where can you buy a money tree?

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Final words

I Hope you like the article on “Money tree meaning” and the legends that we heard. You can get this plant and have good fortune. That is what we believe everyone should have in their life and no one can be sad. 


Thanks for reading.


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