Poppy Flower Spiritual Meaning: Orange, Red, Yellow, Pink Colors

If you are searching for poppy flower meaning then before that let me tell you these flowering plants that grow as perennial plants but live for a short period of time.

They also live as an annual to biennial plant. Poppy flower is a member of Papaveraceae family and they come from North Africa and Eurasia. 

Poppy Flower Meaning

Red poppy meaning symbolize mortality, sacrifice, undying love, passion, reincarnation and everlasting affection on spiritual level. It also represents military remembrance, courage, romance and admiration.

Poppies are associated with death and eternal sleep when placed on tombstones. Generally the flowers are meant to remember those military personnel who lost their lives while protecting the nation or country.

There are different meanings of poppy flowers and their colors. I have written about all those flowers like red, yellow, blue etc. and given meaning about them.

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You can also find the use of poppies in real life as well. I have described the Poppy flower meaning and what they symbolize.

Poppy symbolism sleep because of the opium which enables sleep used in medicines while the word death used to represent the color of the red poppy flower while the flowers are also used as offerings to those who lost their lives.

There is mythology where it is associated with the resurrection while some novels made the poppies give long lasting sleep to the main character.

Poppy Flower Spiritual Meaning

Poppy Flower Spiritual meaning includes life, sacrifice, sleep, dreams, resting, illusion, rebirth, remembrance, lavish, rejuvenation, imagination.

The poppy flower was revered as an expression of regeneration and fertility in the past.

According to a research paper from Syracuse University, the poppy holds significant symbolism as the British nation’s symbol of remembrance.

This blood-red flower serves as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by military personnel and is widely recognized as a timeless symbol associated with commemoration.

According to a blog post from Arcadia Abroad, the poppy flower carries deep symbolism.

The image of the poppies blooming in the devastated battlefields of the Western Front during World War I is closely associated with the symbol of the poppy.

It serves as a powerful reminder of the sacrifices made by soldiers and the enduring impact of war.

According to a news article from the University of Georgia (uga.edu), also known as the Poppy Lady, played a significant role in starting a movement related to the poppy flower.

She advocated for the poppy to become a lasting symbol and reminder of society’s responsibility to support veterans and their families.

Through her efforts, the poppy became a powerful symbol of remembrance and gratitude.

According to the Nutritional Geography department at UC Davis, the poppy flower holds symbolic associations in mythology. It is often linked to concepts of eternal sleep, oblivion, and its connection with blood.

It was utilized in a variety of therapeutic procedures since it was thought to have potent restorative powers. Poppies were connected to the goddess Demeter, who was the embodiment of agriculture, fertility, and life, in Greek mythology. The poppies were seen as a representation of Demeter’s ability to resurrect life from the dead.

The poppy flower has served as a sacrifice and remembering emblem in Christianity. The poppy flower is an emblem of enlightenment and spiritual growth in Buddhism. Because of its short lifespan and delicate beauty, flowers serve as a symbol of the transience of life and the need of savoring each moment.

The poppy flower has long been linked to both death and the afterlife in several civilizations. The startling beauty and vivid colors of the poppies serve as a constant reminder that life is short and that dying is an inevitable part of the cycle of existence.

The poppy flower has been used into a number of artistic mediums, in addition to its spiritual importance, such as painting, poetry, and music. The flower’s beauty and significance have served as an inspiration for artists and writers, who have used it as a metaphor for love, life, death, and rebirth.

Poppy Flower Symbolism

Poppies are special flowers that symbolize peace, sleep, regeneration and resurrection. They are also linked with death and eternal sleep when placed on tombstones. Generally the flowers are meant to remember those military personnel who lost their lives while protecting the nation or country. Poppy flower are used to remember soldiers & their sacrifice.

Red poppy flowers have red and black in them that is why it is the Non-Official flower of Albania and the national flower of one central Europe country called Poland, but its corn poppy.

I will explain the meaning of all the words that it represents and why it is included and what’s the associated with poppy flowers. here are the top meaning of each word:

poppy flower symbolism

1. Sacrifice

Poppies means sacrifice because of 2 reasons, one with the soldier who protects the nation while the other is about the Christ blood where his sacrifices are remembered. 

We also know the soldiers who lost their lives in World War II made the final sacrifice for the country. That is why these plants are used in the graves of those soldiers and it symbolizes sacrifice where they lost themselves while protecting the nation.

2. Sleep

poppy has the ability to naturally induce sleep but after many years past now these poppies are used for medicinal purpose. The name poppies come from Greek gods named Hypnos which are associated with sleep and the other one called Morpheus which is for dreams. Greek mythology used these poppies which symbolizes sleep and death. These flowers are also used in tombstones.

3. Imagination

A poppy is a symbol of imagination because it has the ability to change the consciousness of a person where they have the possibility to make their life more precious and wonderful. I mean as a human we are stuck with our time, management, and life’s various other things. These poppies tell us that there is a way to make life more happy without risking anything that is imaginary. Take time to enter into the world of imagination and skip the world of busy life of management for once, this is what I understand about the poppies.

poppy flower meaning

4. Dreams

Poppies are also associated with dreams as it reminds us that dreams are a part of life and you won’t get judged in dreams so making them may give you ideas and messages that can help you to achieve some goals. The dreams that give you life’s motivation are important and if you are motivated then it helps you hit the target and get a chance to be happy with the fulfillment of your dream. 

5. Remembrance

Poppies are the symbol of remembrance because poppies are placed in the tombstones of soldiers who are no more but we still remember them for protecting the people in world war 1 and 2 by giving their own life. We remember them for their sacrifice and their greatness.

6. Peace

The white poppies represent peace and a decoding solution that doesn’t require fights, bad arguments or conflicts. In The World War The main focus was to achieve peace. Other poppies color flower have different meaning but white shows the path of purity, fresh start and peace. 

Poppy flower colors

The poppy flower colors includes blue, red, orange, pink, purple, yellow, black and white. Red poppy symbolizes love and attachment while the white poppy symbolizes purity and goodness. Purple poppy represents peace and success while the yellow poppy represents joy and happiness. They are grown as garden beds or container plants. It may bring some positivity in your life if you grow them in your garden.

Yellow Poppy flower meaning

Yellow poppies symbolize happiness, hope and renewal and positivity. It is a sun color that’s why it grabs attention, being a powerful bright color that spreads positive thoughts.

Sometimes it also means success which leads to wealth for some and joy and happiness for others. It is used as a memorial of people who once loved and are not present now. The flower tells us that we should focus on the good part of a person’s life and get positive memories to remember. 

Positive thoughts are best to keep us focused and live life being calm. It also results in more success and livelihood. 

Yellow Poppies

Blue Poppy flower meaning

Blue poppy symbolize are rarely found but most charming flowering plants. They have a similar appearance as red poppies, and blue poppies symbolize magic, spiritual power, inspiration, love and desire. Sometimes it means imagination, hope and beauty as they are quite gorgeous poppy colors.

Blue poppies

Red Poppy flower meaning

Red poppy meaning symbolize mortality, sacrifice, undying love, passion, reincarnation and everlasting affection on spiritual level. It also represents military remembrance, courage, romance and admiration. the poppy flowers given and placed to the graves of soldiers who lost their life in war-like situations so that everyone can remember them and know their sacrifice. In Asian region the red poppies have different meanings like having more success and a good positive fortune.

Red Poppy

Purple Poppy flower meaning

purple poppy is a symbol of success, luxury, peace, royalty and they have different shapes and their petals are larger than the red poppy. These purple poppies are also associated with tradition, nobility. 

As you know purple seems to tell about the royalty, capital, wealth but the charm of these purple poppies is graceful.

Purple poppy

White Poppy flower meaning

White poppy symbolize color of purity, white poppy meaning tells about remembrance, innocence. The white flowers are used in bride’s bouquets and funerals for military servicemen.

White Poppy

Orange Poppy flower meaning

Orange Poppy flower
Owen Benson from UK, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Orange poppy symbol represents energy, excitement and renewal.

Black Poppy flower meaning

black poppy flower

Black poppy symbolize strength, mystery, goodbyes and much more. It also symbolizes farewells, power and success with a new beginning.

Poppy Flower Meaning tattoo

Poppy flower tattoo is symbol of love, passion, life, war, courage, sensitivity and joy. Poppy tattoo is quite unique and impactful and may remind you about the history and mythology of many cultures. It is also used to honor the people who lost their lives in war. Sometimes it also means creativity as the poppy flowers are present in various art of ancient Egyptians artifacts. 

Spiritually poppy is associated with peace, sacrifice and Remembrance. In some cases it is associated with reassurance, condolence, recovery and kindness.

Poppy flower tattoos also symbolize sleep, remembrance, imagination and much more. It also represent peace and has cultural significance and the soldier who was remembered is Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae, he was in World War 1 & has written a poem called “In Flanders Fields’ ‘. It also represents everything from peace to death, and used for medicinal purposes it also sometimes means a simple sleep.

Poppy Flower Meaning military

Poppy flower military meaning comes from World War 1 where many soldiers who given their life for the service for the country. The poppy flower is a symbol of remembrance for those soldiers and this understanding keeps going forward for all the soldiers who are doing their duty for the country’s protection.

We as civilians are very proud of our soldiers and what they are doing for the country, because of them we feel safe. That’s why I always say militaries all over the world do the same protection to the normal citizens of their country. 

These puppies are given to graves of those soldiers to honor, to respect them and to remember their sacrifice for the country. We are Proud of you Sir(Each and every Soldier).

Poppy Flower Meaning august

Poppy flower is the august birth flower meaning that it can be given as a birthday gift to someone special. Generally yellow poppy flowers is symbol of Joy, happiness, and success so they can be used as a gift. The poppys basically has a different meaning based on the color. For example a red poppy used to represent deep love and passion while the white poppy represents purity. 

Poppy Flower Meaning for memorial day

Poppy flower for memorial day meaning Poppy become the official flower for the American Legion Family dated on September 27, 1920. Poppy is a symbol of the First World War and to mark the remembrance and sacrifice of soldiers who lost their lives while protecting the nation. On Veterans day(Nov 11), Many veterans are praised and acknowledged but poppies are not generally worn by the public while on the memorial day many people wear the red flowers to memorialize all who fought for the country during the war and their sacrifice are remembered on that day. 

Military Coins

In addition, in order to show respect and commemoration for these soldiers, we can also customize some military coins for them, using the names of these soldiers, the images they represent, or meaningful dates to customize military coins. Military coins are not only a symbol of honor but also a way for us to honor these soldiers. Thank you for everything they have done, it will always be remembered.

Poppy Flower Meaning Chinese

Poppy flower meaning in chinese is about love between 2 people who can be lovers. Chinese also believe that the poppy flowers represent wealth, success, hope and beauty. In America, The poppies are often considered for remembrance of those who lost their lives in war. There are legends which say that it’s about the attachment, affection and fondness between the lovers that makes them trust each other.

Poppy Flower Meaning japan

Poppy flower meaning in japan is funerals. Poppies are used in gravestones and they are associated with death. They also represent remembrance and peace. Japanese people believe that poppy flowers are used in arrangements where someone lost their life. While the flower also has other meaning such as courage, sleep, peace and beauty.

Poppy Flower Meaning in Spanish

Poppy Flower Meaning in Spanish is ‘Flor de Amapola”. Poppy is a red flowering plant that has history with the first world war where soldiers fought and to mark the losses and their courage we memorize and remember those who protected the country and protected the people. Their sacrifice is remembered every year in the states. Poppies are beautiful flowers and portrays different meaning which can be used in various other places. 

Poppy Flower History

In Ancient Egypt, the poppy flower history is still associated with regeneration, eternal sleep, peace and rebirth and death. Egyptians believe that poppies are linked with Osiris who is a god of death and it is also associated with agriculture. In 1550-1292 the poppy flowers are seen in artifacts and jewelry and the seeds of this plant are used to relieve pain as it has codeine and morphine 2 types of medicine present which reduce the pain. These were used by Ancient Egyptian doctors at that time and these are still used in today’s world.

Poppy flower in Greek Mythology

In ancient Greek mythology, Poppies are present many times & used as a symbol of sleep and death. The God of sleep is related to Morpheus, the medicine named morphine got this name from the god of sleep. 

In history the poppy has a important symbol and the characters like Nix, Thanatos, hypnos have poppy as their sacred symbol. Even in agriculture the poppy are grown with other crops like wheat but they are used as life giving, nourisher soil that’s why sometimes the meaning is associated with fertility and life.  

Poppy flower Folklore

Poppy flower folklore as these poppy flowers are associated with many cultural beliefs and are mentioned in Ancient mythology of Egypt and Greek, roman. Poppies have meaning with sleep, dream and used as medicine in ancient times. today people rely on those and it is still applied in medical science. It has remembrance in World war, Christianity and other meanings in Asia Continent. 

Poppy Flower in Christianity

In Christianity, the poppy symbolizes with Christ blood. Also it is also associated with sacrifice, resurrection of Christ. Many Christians believe that these puppies are connected to Jesus Resurrection. Poppies also means regeneration, peace and remembrance and sleep. 


Red Poppy Flower 

Red poppy flower is a colorful flowering plant which has 4 to 6 petals. These poppies have different names and have different colors like California poppy is yellow and if we talk about the Corn poppy which is red belong to the Papaveraceae family of over 700 species. Growing Poppy flowers is easy.

All you need is already existing plant roots or seeds which can be purchased from the market. It is an annual, biennial plant native to North Africa and Part of Eurasia. They have different meanings so you won’t find similar meanings in all cultures.

Below is the link to Purchase seeds of 4 Different Poppy Flower:

  • Corn poppy(red)
  • Oriental poppy (orange)
  • Purple Gleam
  • White Linen



Poppy flower Color


Poppy flower Uses

Opium Poppy

Poppies were used in ancient times as a sleep inducer. It contains opium that enables sleep in person and it also works to reduce normal to severe pain. During World War II, It is used for the soldiers that were wounded. Later it also has a resolution for headaches that occur with work.

Poppy seeds are used for cooking purposes like backing and even oils are gathered from those seeds and then it is used in vegetables and other dishes are also prepared just like we use butter nowadays to make things yummy and likewise butter is used in some of the known dishes to make it more flavored and royal. These are also used for home décor and other ornamental purposes. Growing them in the garden is easy and taking care is minimal.

Poppy Flower Famous Location

There is a reserve of California poppies called Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve and if you don’t know poppies are the state flower of California. It is used by native Americans for extracting oil from it and it can be used in food sources.

Here is the map location if you want to visit it:



What is the spiritual meaning of the poppy flower?

The poppy flower holds spiritual significance and shares symbolism with spirit animals like the snake, deer, and caribou, all of which represent regeneration.

What is the poppy flower in the Bible?

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In the Bible, the common poppy is referred to in the context of Peter the apostle’s writings, where he likens human life to grass and its glory to the flower that withers and falls. The poppy flower serves as a metaphor for the transient nature of human existence.

What is the legend of the poppy flower?

The legend of the poppy flower traces back to its flourishing in Europe after World War I. The growth of poppies was attributed to the enriched soils in France and Belgium, which contained lime from the war’s rubble. The red poppy came to symbolize the bloodshed during battle after the publication of the wartime poem “In Flanders Fields” by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, M.D. In 1920, it became the official flower of The American Legion to honor the soldiers who fought and died in the war. The distribution of poppies became a national program of The American Legion in 1924. Today, poppies serve as a global symbol of remembrance for those who lost their lives in military service.

What are the healing properties of poppy flower?

The poppy flower has various healing properties. Its flowers have been traditionally used as a painkiller for mild aches, a mild sedative and relaxant, an expectorant for treating catarrh and coughs, a digestive aid, and even for reducing wrinkles and as a component in lipstick.

What god is associated with poppies?

In Minoan art, there is a famous terracotta figurine often referred to as the poppy goddess. Although not considered a cult image, this large female figurine with raised hands in a gesture of greeting or blessing represents a goddess. It portrays a state of meditation or ecstasy, and three poppy heads are carefully modeled just above her forehead at the center of her diadem. This terra-cotta statue, measuring 79 cm tall, was discovered in a small shrine at Gazi, west of Knossos in Crete, and dates back to the thirteenth century BCE.

Do poppies represent blood?

Red poppy flowers symbolize consolation, remembrance, and death. They have been used historically to represent various concepts such as peace, death, and eternal sleep when placed on tombstones. Additionally, poppies are globally recognized as a symbol of remembrance for those who died in military service.

Why do we wear purple poppies?

There is no established significance associated with wearing purple poppies. However, it is important to note that the red poppy remains the predominant symbol of remembrance for military service members.

Final thoughts

Poppies are well known flowers and in fact very popular. Having red shades comes in different colors; each symbolizes a different meaning. I hope you get the answer on poppy flower meaning and if you would like to read more such articles. 

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