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Snake Plant Flower

Are you searching for Snake Plant Flower Meaning? If yes, first let me tell you about Sansevierias (Mother-in-Laws Tongue).  It has grown for decades and mostly we didn’t know it could produce flowers. Caring for them is very simple and even if you neglect them for some days or weeks they still manage to grow and show long strappy leaves. They Survive in Low light conditions and even rarely get any pest infestation. Mostly grown indoors for clearing bad air that is present inside the rooms. Back to our question read on.

Snake Plant Flower Meaning? Mother in law’s tongue flower is that many believe it bring good health as it absorbs many harmful gases inside the house and makes the environment clean. Snake plant bloom is rare thing which grows with the stalks. Sansevieria flower is produce in stress conditions and it has lily flower appearance which is again best eye catchy plants. But just like any other plant growing near you ; it refresh our mood, make you happier and enhance your mind’s creativity. Even snake flower adds good appearance to the space. Although Flower doesn’t have any meaning it is very rare to get flower blooms, even research has confirmed it.

What happens is when snake plant continuous stress means root bound then it started producing bloom. First you will see a stalk with little bit of fluid has come on the plant and they after 2-4 days you it develops flower.

Sansevierias flower stalk is long and has white or creamy color in it just like lilies have. These stalks are generally able to grow about 2-3 feet and develop some flowering buds. These blooms have its own smell that can attract pests which then you need to protect it. 

one in 100 snake plants gets this rare bloom otherwise it’s hard to get them all because of the conditions it is put in which makes them bloom a flower. Even mine was root bound but I just repotted it. I didn’t know it would produce a flower if root bound.

I don’t suggest people stress their Mother-in-Laws Tongue plant and make it root bound. It’s a rare case and you don’t want to kill your plant in this process. So repot it and let it grow as they grow and enjoy the fact how they remove indoor air pollutants as more leaves means more oxygen production & more cleaned air would be.

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Snake Plant Flower Meaning
Snake Plant Flower Meaning

What does it mean when a snake plant flowers?

Sansevieria have flowers when they are in stress of not being repotted and it becomes root bound. In this case the snake plant forms stalks with liquid in it and after that flowers bloom. It’s a rare case and once in a decade it can happen.

If it was developed on your plant then be happy you plant is one of the rare plant that does that. Mother-in-laws tongue Flowers are white in color and are pretty in appearance.

Why does a snake plant flower?

Blooming in a snake plant is rare but it can happen any day when you wake up and suddenly you see it has flower stalks. Your plant might have mildly stressed and produced the flower and don’t worry it won’t hurt your whole plant or its growth.

This bloom is unique and only 1 out of 100 plants have this and the bloom is quite similar to lily flowers when they open up. Only thing you should not do is don’t force it to produce flowers.

What is snake flower?

Dracaena trifasciata or viper’s bowstring is a flowering plant that is also known as snake plant. they first discovered in African region particularly in East Nigeria and Congo and it was circulated around the world. Cultivators even made a variegated snake plant which looks more attractive.

Mother-of-law tongue is another name and it comes from Asparagaceae and it was growing in Tropical forest. It has white flowers that are rare to see but once in a decade you might encounter one suddenly appears in your snake plant garden.

How often does a snake plant flower? 

Snake plant flowers don’t often grow and it is very rare to actually see them. Generally if you have these plants in bulk then only one day you might see one Sansevieria Trifasciata produce a flower stalk. It happens when they are in stress of root bound.

If they ever bloom it would be in spring or just start of the summer and most importantly they should be grown outdoors so it gets everything from nature. Snake plant leaves are sharp pointed and they are capable of generating oxygen and removing bad quality of air.

Do snake plants ever bloom?

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It’s very rare in snake plants. Blooming depends on how harsh the conditions are for this plant and even if it shouldn’t get killed in the process. What happens is they do produce flower stalks when they are in constant stress because all the roots are filled by pot and their would be less soil and it is very hard for the plant to make more leaves so in the process it might produce the flower only. 

But that doesn’t mean you left it to make a root bound situation for your mother-in-law tongue plant. It can become worse if you do that , that’s why I said it’s rare to get the bloom. You can grow multiple snake plants and then maybe one day you might get a white flower bloom in your garden.

How do I get my snake plant to flower?

when you neglect your snake plant and don’t care about if they need a replacement pot then in this case your plant can bloom. Giving Little water and intense light will enhance the process to create more roots quickly which eventually reduces the soil slowly with time once it becomes root-bound as your sansevieria plant might bloom.

This is the process but I highly recommend not to make your plant in this position.

What Other Say 

As you know Sansevieria is able to handle the summer heat and without water. Snaky can live for a few weeks easily. Buzzfeed explained ,People who think that they have pets at home which can harm the growing plant by touch then you should try a snake plant. If they do get damaged it will grow back a new leaf. Everything the old one gets cut down or lost.

Mr. Hachadourian, Senior member who brought a snake plant when he was a small boy, he even mentioned in NY times that these plants even survived the house fire and it thrives beautifully for more than 10 years now. He is experienced with snake plants and when asked about the blooming flower he told NY times that you only need ” A snake plant, Indirect light and lastly your pot needs to be pot bound” means all the roots are covered with soil.

Now your snake plant will produce flowers once it feels stress from the bottom. He even told me that these flowers are very similar to honeysuckle flowers which is white in color and pretty small.


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