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Snake Plant Leaves Bending – How to Fix(Bent, Drooping)

If you are wondering about Why Are My Snake Plant Leaves Bending, you were growing them as usual giving them all that they needs but suddenly they were folded, drooping and looking unattractive. This is a problem I faced with my snake plant, How I fixed the snake plant drooping problem, below I will explain why it happens and the main cause of concern.

Why Are My Snake Plant Leaves Bending?

Snake plant leaves may bend in half if they are in a small pot for a long time and don’t have enough space. Best solution is to repot the snake plant as soon as possible because your plant needs it and if not done then you may see more leaves bending. I have a snake plant which is full of leaves and there is no space left for more foliage to grow. Literally I kept on growing them on that small pot and didn’t know it was asking for a new bigger pot. Some people forcefully root bound the snake plant to stress out this plant which in turns results in flowering bloom in sansevieria. But I stick to changing the pot cause why would I make my plant suffer just to see a flower? I won’t do that.

See my snake plant , This is how it was bent.

Snake Plant Leaves Bending

See How they bending downward!

snake plant leaves folding

Some more.

wrinkled leaves

Second reason would be It was facing too much heat and water level on the soil keeps on dropping. Yes Check where you were growing them and if it’s too hot sun then try to change the location of the snake plant to resolve the bending problem. I have some plants that show leaves folding or curling outward so I solved this issue with watering them On TIME.

If your landscape gets too much sunlight then it must get more water to tackle the heavy heat. Even a snake plant can handle the sun if water is intact in soil. I Placed them in an area where they were getting direct sunlight from 9 to 12am only after that all shade.

They have fuller growth and faster leaves development. How? Because of SUN , they thrive and grow best in sun but only in morning sun , and you can’t grow them in afternoon sunlight because of its intensity.

The third reason would be overwatering and that leads to root rot , This reason many define it on reddit blogs and Quora but literally its very rare reason.


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How do I fix my sagging snake leaves?

Sagging snake plant can’t be fixed and you can only prune it to make place for another leaves to grow but to prevent this from happening make sure to check your pot size and if it small then change it. Even Snake plant don’t like too much water so avoid putting water every other day. Leaves hanging or declining occur with this two reasons.


Live plant 16 inch

Live plant 2 feet (24 inch)                   

Snake plant Care


Snake plants don’t want regular watering, all they want is to check them if they feel thirsty once in 3-5 days. If the top soil is dry then pour water, else check this next day. Best way to find when they need water is by touching the soil about 1-2inch if snake plant soil feels dry then give water else no need.

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Indirect bright lights are a snake plant’s favourite and they thrive beautifully if you put them in a location where it can receive morning sunlight for 3-4 hours (from 8 to 11 am). This light is very useful not only for plants but for humans as well. Snake plant is not hurt with this direct sunlight if it is only for 2-3 hours. Morning sunlight is always healthy and doesn’t damage the leaves. What it does is boost the growth of snake plant leaves and you may see the change in just 20 days.

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The soil for snake plants is well drained and not soggy most of the time as these plants hate the water to be with soil, if you ever do overwatering then it can damage the plant. So Every Time when I start to pour water check the soil if it’s dry and only and only give  them water if the topsoil of 1-2inch is dry. The best soil I use is Air Cleaning Plant Soil and the best thing i like about this mixture is it has a perfect ratio of all the nutrients that are needed for a snake plant like mine. 

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Snake plants can keep thriving in temperatures between 56 to 80 degree F That’s why they always prefer warm environments and dislike colder climates. 


Plant food for snake plants is not necessary, but have you seen snake plants that are very long and green? It’s because most people use all purpose fertilizer and it works best for our sansevieria plants.

If you want to know what i am using, I use Perfect plant Liquid fertilizer especially designed for Snake plants.

Now let me answer some of the short questions.

Why is my snake plant curling?

Curling, Wilting, Inward outward curl up all are signs that your snake plant is not getting enough water means it is getting too much light and to overcome this problem leaves automatically curl up to avoid any further water loss. This is a sure short problem in snake plants about underwater or Excessive direct sunlight.

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Should I mist my snake plant?

It is not recommended for anyone to mist snake plants, as these plants live in desert and sandy areas when they were found in tropical Africa. Snake plants don’t want misting in its leaves and it could lead to overwatered, soggy leaves and other leaf related problems. It can live a few days without water but not with overwater.

What does an overwatered snake plant look like?

Overwatered snake plants may look like watery, soaked leaves, you may see the sign that the leaves over watered and dropped on the soil. You may have seen soggy soil but I also got to see soggy snake leves. Avoid Watering for some days if this happens, you can see the sign  that 1 or 2 leaves are firstly affected that time immediately just don’t water it for a few days and give time to sanseveria to recover. Once it’s revived you can pour water only when soil is dry fully or 1 inch from the top soil.

Why is my snake plant wilting inward?

Curing in a snake plant is in case of too low water on its soil or its getting too much sunlight that is making the pot soil dry. Sansevieria does this to protect further water loss in its huge leaves which have green stripes. To fix snake plant curling is to keep the plant hydrated by giving it water and changing the position to a partial shade or indirect sun.

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How do you know when your snake plant needs water?

To know your snake plant needs water is when the top soil dries fully or check with finger and make a hole to feel if the soil is dry or wet. After knowing do according to snake plant needs. If Sansevieria soil is completely dry then immediately give them water else wait for a few days to dry the soil.

Wrap Up

I hope you get answers on “Why Are My Snake Plant Leaves Bending?” and if you like to read more check below.


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