Spider Lily Meaning – Red, Blue, White, Golden, Black, Colors

If you are searching for red spider lily meaning but before that let me tell you there are many varieties of this lily plant like red which is most popular. Other such as electric blue, golden and white are some of the types of lycoris(red spider lily ). Every color of this variety has a different meaning and that is why I will explain each one of the separately. 

Spider lily Meaning

The Spider Lily meaning symbolize sad memories, incarnation to the cycle of death, farewell, and heavenly feelings. In Japan, Spider lilies(higanbana) was traditionally used to protect rice paddies due the toxic properties from rats and other wild animals. Its presence in graves is associated with ancient customs of protecting the deceased loved ones.

Additionally, the bloom of red spider lilies marks the onset of autumn during the autumnal equinox, which falls on September 22nd each year. In Japan, there is a place called Kinchakuda Manjushage Park in Hidaka , Saitama District where you can find over 5 million red spider lily growing and thriving in beneath of the trees.

You can find wonderful looking area and a fairy tale experience all about nature and beauty of lily blooms.  And don’t worry you will find many people visiting there so you will have a company with you or travelers around the globe. Scientific name of red spider lilies plant is Lycoris radiata and it is also called red magic lily and Equinox flower. 

The blooms appearance are very similar to spiders that’s the reason why this named was given. They first found in Asian countries including China, Nepal and Korea then later it was populated in the United states and the people there loved its different flower colors.

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In Japan it is linked to Buddhist temples, hills, river banks (as it was growing near the river), cemetery and rice fields are common reasons for its existence. Spider lilies plant belong to 4 common genera which has over 200+ species. Our plant is a member of the Amaryllidaceae family which includes Nerine, Lycoris and Hymenocallis, all these have over 13 to 30 species, some come from the South African region while others grow in subtropical areas over the world.

Crinum is another genus of red spider lily that has 170+ species, most are perennial meaning they can survive the winters and bloom again and again for many years. This red spider lilies has long stalks that look elegant and charming especially those red spider lily grown up to 12 to 17 inches tall and given good care it can grow more vibrant and tall.

Lycoris radiata is the best addition for your garden, lawn, sideways, Even in container pots.

Did you know the bulbs  of Lycoris Radiata yes the rhizomes are toxic that is why it is sometimes called with a bad name like D flower.

Spider lily Meaning
What does spider lily symbolize?

red spider lily Meaning

Spider Lily Colors

Spider lily plants come in bold red, pink, white, and even yellow shades with long, curling filaments. They’re also known as magic lilies and resurrection lilies. The colors include white, yellow, pink, red, blue, and more. These vibrant flowers are a perfect addition to gardens and arrangements.

White spider lily Meaning

white spider lily meaning

The white spider lily holds the meaning of new beginnings, purity, and simplicity. It symbolizes positivity and a fresh start. Unlike its red counterpart that signifies death, the white spider lily represents the circle of life and the potential for a bright future. Beyond simple biological depiction, this flower’s meaning captures the hope that comes with choosing a new course or embracing a new stage of life.

The white spider lily with its cultural value and connects with people on an emotional level. In difficult circumstances, it may serve as a guiding light, suggesting the possibility of development and change. Those looking for consolation or inspiration during difficult times may find this interpretation to be very reassuring.

Golden spider lily Meaning

Golden spider lily meaning
What does the golden spider lily symbolize?

Golden spider lily meaning is associated with wealth and yellow spider lilies color shares some characteristics of richness. Also yellow lily flower color symbolize courage, love, wisdom and so many more things. Its also an eye catching and lovely variety of red spider lilies.

Yellow spider lily is a symbol of happiness, a soft mind, cheerful life. It also conveys smiles and calmness in people’s minds. People loved to have yellow lilies in their garden as they look pretty and gorgeous. Also Yellow spider Lilies denotes thankfulness and remembrance of someone precious.

Orange spider lily meaning

Orange spider lily is a symbol of pride, self-assurance, self-confidence, wealth, honor and conviction. Orange lilies meaning is associated with enthusiasm, success, enjoyment as this color is so vibrant and beautiful that it attracts many and makes us feel good emotions.

Blue spider lily Meaning

blue spider lily meaning
What does blue spider lily symbolize?

The Blue Spider Lily (Lycoris sprengeri) symbolizes calm energy and honesty. Popular in Demon slayer, It is associated with stability in life, inspiration, gratitude, and positivity and doesn’t exist in real world. The Red Spider Lily holds significance in Japanese folklore, often believed to guide spirits. In different cultures, the blue spider lily holds varying meanings. In China, it symbolizes death and mourning, while in other contexts, it represents truth and calm energy.

Blue spider lilies also means Trustworthiness, reliability and accuracy of work. Spider lilies means in blue looks quite attractive and beautiful. The full name of this plant is Electric blue spider lily. There is a anime series called Kimetsu no yaiba, very popular in Japan nowadays with its season 2 coming this year. The Use of Blue spider lily as medicine to treat the villain’s body which was diseased and his condition is not going good. Muzan(the man villain) and the doctor who used blue spider lilies to cure the disease but muzan wipe the doctor who was treating him because his condition is getting worse. 

After the doctor is no more, Muzan realized that this medicine worked but he still has disadvantage over not being able to walk when daylight or in sunlight. So He only travels at night time and he starts to find the blue spider lily again so that he can fulfill the treatment left unfinished. He searched all over for the flower but could not find it, he wanted to become immortal with his strong body.

The blue spider lily blooms 2-3 times in 12 months so only in that short time they can get the flower. Mythical flower in the popular anime series is shown for its uniqueness and power as this can cure the problem of main demon “muzan”. When he was a normal human being, following his daily routine but he got a disease that couldn’t be reversed back so his doctor created a medicine which worked actually but its too late because muzan thought it didn’t work so he just murdered the doc. That medicine was made form blue spider lilies and it was so effective that it gave tremendous powers to his body. But he didn’t like the fact that now he couldn’t stand in sunlight and only walk at night in dark. That is why he still searching for the solution. this is the why blue spider lily which didn’t exist in real world has mentioned in anime for its unbelievable powers.


Is blue spider lily real?

In this the story but basically blue spider lily does not exist in real world but a flower called electric blue spider lilies still there which is same as the original red spider lilies plant. A very beautiful and different variety grows every year and makes the garden more beautiful.

What do blue spider lily represent?

Blue spider lilies depict the truth, peace, restful and calm feeling, it’s like positive energy which brings our mind cool and peaceful. Lilies in blue do represent self determination, sovereignty, freedom and inspiration, stable life.

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Higanbana Meaning

What is the meaning of Higanbana? – Higanbana meaning comes from a flower called red spider lily which blooms in the autumn  and when we translate it means flower of autumn equinox because exactly this time every year the flower blooms.

Can Higanbana be a name?  In Japan, Higanbana is also the name of Japanese babies and yes it represents this flower known as  red spider lilies. O-higan, a special day of 23rd September which is the autumn equinox and this day we can observe long nights. Higan is described by Japanese visitors as the land of the dead but on O-higan day various people in Japan remember departed souls of their loved ones like family, close relatives and pray for their happiness. 

This Higanbana flower called red spider lily is originally from China but Japan has made another variety but it’s female so they can’t reproduce another plant through pollen as male part is required so they mostly use bulbs to grow red spider lilies.

Black spider lily Meaning

Black spider lilies hold various meanings including death, rebirth, and shadows. They are often associated with mourning and are commonly found in parts of Japan. Black spider lilies also represents the enigmatic aspects of life and personal growth. Its dark hue evokes curiosity and fascination. Additionally, it can serve as a tribute to departed loved ones, honoring their memory with its presence.

Purple red spider lily Meaning

Purple spider lily symbolizes nobility, creativity, spirituality, and passion. Its regal color represents power, dignity, and grandeur. The vibrant hue inspires artistic expression and imaginative thinking. It also signifies spiritual awakening and the pursuit of higher consciousness. Additionally, it is associated with deep emotions and the intensity of love.

Green red spider lily Meaning

Green spider lilies symbolizes renewal, balance, healing, and fertility. Its vibrant green color represents fresh starts and rejuvenation. The serene hue signifies harmony and equilibrium. It is associated with the healing power of nature, promoting physical well-being. Additionally, it symbolizes fertility, abundance, and the flourishing of life.

Pink red spider lily Meaning

Pink spider lily symbolizes love, beauty, compassion, and hope. Its delicate pink color represents deep emotions and affection. It embodies the nurturing qualities of love and the graceful beauty it holds. The flower symbolizes compassion, promoting understanding and care for others. Additionally, it signifies hope and optimism for a brighter future.

Story Behind red spider lily Meaning

It is said that these plants are often called as flower of death and the story behind red spider lilies is that these are toxic flowering plants and In Japan many grow rice paddies but people have fear over mice and other animals eating them and spoiling their grain fields. So to overcome this problem People used to plant this red lily to the border and edges so if any mice or pests came it would protect their growing grains.

Also Many Buddhists used to plant these red spider lily into the graves of the dead to give them tribute that we still remember and respect the people who are no more in the land. And generally they symbolize this plant as a goodbye but also it is said that you shouldn’t give these plants to the grave as a bouquet because it is associated with death and you should respect them, its association with death makes this plant called as the flower of death.

Red spider lily Info

Plant has a spider-like shape having an equal length string with a wide top portion and bottom is narrow just like an inverted pyramid or simple cone. It is a fast growing and colorful plant and can handle most difficult climatic conditions.

It is a perennial plant that can grow back every year and has curly petals with long stamens which makes it a beautiful funnel shaped plant. It has a very long stem without any leaves. These plants bloom in early fall & it is hardy to zone 7 to 10. 

The height is around 13″ – 16″ and If you are thinking about it maybe it has some fragrance but it doesn’t have any smell but it looks great with other companion plants like Blue Lily Turf, dwarf hosta, Echeveria, Japanese Sedge and ornamental grasses.

Red spider lilies as you know grow from rhizomes that looks like a bulb or thick root kind of thing. It is one such flowering plant that can able to grow with little maintenance. In Many places these plants thrive like you plant and forget it, it will grow every year. That’s why it is a very impressive and extraordinary plant. 

Different colors can give people choice of what they want in their garden like I like the Red spider lily which is the original one, but there are also yellow, white and orange varieties which people take home to grow. 

China and Japan were 2 of the major countries that cultivated these red spider lilies and also it generally grows in many areas.

Property Description
Common Names Equinox Flower, Hurricane Lily, Naked Lily, Red Magic Lily, Red Spider Lily, Red Surprise Lily, Spider Lily
Scientific Name Lycoris radiata
Family Amaryllidaceae
Type Perennial bulb
Bloom Time Late summer to early fall
Bloom Color Striking red
Bloom Size About 2 inches long
Leaf Color Grayish-green
Leaf Type Simple
Leaf Arrangement Rosulate
Leaf Shape Linear
Leaf Margin Entire
Height 1 to 2 feet tall
Width N/A
Fragrance None
Hardiness Zones 7-10
Native Range China, Japan, Korea, and Nepal
Toxicity Low severity poison characteristics
Uses Garden decoration, photography prop

Red spider lily Symbolism

Red spider lilies symbolism is connected with 3 different things. First it bloomed in a month of autumn which came just after the end of summer heat. There is beautiful flowering in this season. The meaning it has is about people when they do farming of rice paddies it was eaten by the mice and other animals or pests, then this plant comes to the rescue as this has no scent and at the same time it is poisonous so it was grown in the border when the paddies field is. It is a good way to protect the grains from getting spoiled.

People in Buddhism also give tribute to the dead by growing this plant in the grave. The red spider lily has a meaning like it is a message of goodbyes and remember of the people who are not here today and tribute them with respect.

what do red spider lily mean?

Red spider lilies symbolizes energy, passion, strength, and love. The vibrant red color represents both power and aggression, but also carries positive connotations of love, passion, and romance, like on Valentine’s Day. It signifies a strong willpower and dedication, making it a perfect symbol for motivating those who may feel lazy or lack motivation. The red spider lily inspires a drive to accomplish tasks and embrace life’s challenges.

red spider lilies have gained popularity in Asia, especially in Japan and China, due to their rich cultural significance. These striking flowers are closely tied to the concepts of bidding final farewells and cherishing the memories of loved ones. In Buddhist teachings, red spider lily symbolize liberation from the cycle of death, rebirth, and the suffering experienced in life. They serve as a reminder that the karmic cycle continues until one attains enlightenment and breaks free from the cycle of rebirth.

higanbana red japanese flower

What do white spider lily symbolize?

The white spider lily is associated with positivity, simplicity, cleanliness and it symbolizes a new start of something like if you are a person searching for a job and once you get the it’s a fresh journey in your life or beginning of something that helps you.

In negative way these lilies have meaning of isolation but white is actually a color of purity and good over evil.

When considering the white spider lilies in the context of seeking employment, it becomes a beacon of hope and anticipation. For individuals in pursuit of a job, the process can be challenging and uncertain. However, once a job opportunity is secured, it marks the commencement of an exciting journey filled with new possibilities and personal development.

Are red spider lily bad luck?

Red spider lilies being called as bad luck is a associated with death as this was grown near grave of people and Some people believe it is also connected to bad luck, disaster, afterlife and hell but believe it or not but this plant is poisonous to According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government as this plant is popular in Japan as well and there is a place where these lilies grow in million in numbers.

The bulb which is the rhizome of this lily plant is the most toxic part , and the stem and other parts are mild in toxicity that one site claims and nausea and vomiting is sign if someone ingested it, immediately take them to a care center.

Do red spider lily mean death?

Red spider lilies mean some like other shore which basically describe as other life or afterlife. It is linked with death. People go to heaven and what it symbolizes is that you may lose someone but for them it’s a new life.

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These lilies come from china , nepal and korea and it was then circulated to other countries through trade between countries like china, japan and the USA.

Where do red spider lily come from?

Originally red spider lilies were discovered in 3 countries like China, Nepal and Korea then after that it was traded and with people doing communication it reached to Western Countries and Japan as well. In Japan this gets popular and also gets superstitions. Lycoris radiata is also known as the equinox flower and it is a flowering plant having a spider -like shape.

Do red spider lily come back every year?

Yes red spider lilies can come back every year as it is a perennial plant and its bulbs are active in winter and many people plant this in autumn and if the conditions are good this lily plant is able to produce another bulbs that will again make long stems which will produce flowers in fall next year. Each bulb makes 5 more bulbs which create more such lilies fields.

These plants belong to Amaryllis family. It’s not true lily but it can easily tolerate most conditions according to the place you live in.

If you are a traveler you want to visit there in autumn to see the amazing blooms. Below is a map location I shared  -you can get help to reach to the exact place.

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Japanese death flower

Japanese death flower is red spider lily that are known by the name flower of death because it protects the dead from the wild animals or rats as they eat the dead. So to prevent this people plant the red spider lilies as they are highly poisonous so it avoids any damage in pre-cremation days. This is the connection of red lilies flowers with death in japan and these flower also meant to show the dead the path of afterlife and that is why it is used often in funerals.

What do red spider lily mean in anime?

red spider lily means in anime is associated with last goodbyes, memories, compassion towards love. red spider lilies are planted in the field of rice to prevent the rodents or animals from spoiling the grains while it also means to say final goodbyes as these flowers  are grown in a place where people part ways and never have another chance to meet.

Tokyo ghoul flower

A popular anime series that hits in Japan and gain popularity around the world including USA shows the spider lily flowers associated with the loss of memories, people and his own self as Kaneki the main protagonist doesn’t feel himself in the 2nd season but later remind who he was and all the death of his close ones and even he found some friends that he lost and never met them again.

Wrap up

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