How Do You Care For a China Doll Plant?

If you are searching for How do you care for a China doll plant before that let me tell you this plant is an attractive evergreen tree and also a houseplant that is easy to take care of. These plants are also named as emerald trees or serpent trees because of their appearance. This plant has leaves that are compact and fuller means water in its soil can’t evaporate that easily if placed in the sun. You can grow this plant outdoors and indoors both and are able to tolerate many conditions.

How do you care for a China doll plant?

China doll plant need partial light to grow but this plant also supports full sun. Growing it in low light can affect its new growth and its leaves will start curling. Mostly I Suggest you to grow them in Indirect light so it doesn’t lose much water and bright light is enough for this plant to grow. Why would I be inviting other leaf problems in Full Sunlight. The South Facing window is the best location and makes sure it gets 4-5 hours of light for proper food making in day time.

Also My friends who didn’t have south facing window or no bright sun I Recommend purchasing an artificial light that can cover the plants needs. For Water needs this plant in particular wants its soil to be moist mostly because it consistently growing and developing new leaves if grown properly in best condition. They don’t like drought or heavy winds that can affect the leave structure.

Radermachera sinica can grow about a height of 4 to 6 ft and 2-3 feet wide when grown inside the house. For Those Who want to grow this plant outdoors it is hardy to zone 10,11,12. And These beautiful plants are native to Asia. Even its included in a non toxic list of safe plants in

I would also suggest you to avoid excessive watering in Radermachera sinica(china doll) because it is sensitive to overwatering and it can even kill your precious plant. Water only if the top portion of soil is dried fully otherwise a problem called root rot can happen in no time. 

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Also if you see any leaves yellowing issue then try to check the pot holes or check the soil drainage these 2 reasons could save your plant Otherwise it is easy to care.

how do you care for a china doll plant?
Photo by David J. Stang, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Pests like Scale, fungus gnats , flies can affect these if grown outdoors but you can easily prevent them from using pesticide. Diseases like fungal infection can be rectified using fungicide.

For Soil you can use any well drained soil as I already told you this plant is very tolerable and yes mix 10% perlite it can boost the drainage system in soil.

For use of fertilizer it can be used in the growing season in china doll plant and equal NPK nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium like 10-10-10 can be used in this plant. It is generally for additional nutrients that are missed at the time of growing this plant or used a poor soil with less nutrients.

When Caring for China doll plant you also need to prune its stems so it can become healthy and cleaned and attractive. Even today when my china doll plant becomes bushy and leafy, I just prune to clean the overgrown part or to maintain this plant’s good health. I suggest don’t prune in winters as they will not respond and will not grow back easily. Cutting can be done from spring to mid autumn.

Propagation of Radermachera sinica is done by stem cutting and its basic process just like any other plant. Also When putting it inside the sand, In the initial stage just put a plastic bag over the pot so it retains humidity that creates the best environment for china doll plant. Once the roots start to begin you can shift the pot to a partial shade area and keep the soil moist. The time it takes to start rooting is in between 20-30 days.

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Is China Doll an indoor plant?

China doll plant is both indoor and outdoor plant but many people grown this embreld tree as a houseplant and it is best for interior and it was also gives a look of bonsai tree. Caring is easy and everyone recomaned this because of its green glossy apperance.

How big do china doll plants grow?

China doll plant grow big enought and to be exact it has a height of over 4 to 6 ft tall and they can speard about up to 3 feet. Radermachera sinica is popular and distributed all over the globe for its attarctiness.

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