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Black Lotus Flower Meaning – Symbolism, Tattoo, Spiritual Definition

If you are searching for black lotus flower meaning before that let me tell you these are not found in the real world but it is used in tattoo designs, even some tv program, movies there is mention of these flowers. A fictional black flower has an impression on many people because it portrays many things that we will discuss below.

Black Lotus Flower Meaning

Black lotus flower meaning symbolism includes Power, Authority, Elegance, Style, Rebellion, Darkness. Black lotus flower represents detachment from the materialistic world in the same way the lotus flower grows above the dirty water, unstained & pure. Spiritually, the lotus flower represents purity, fortune, the inside strength of a person, long life, resurrection, rebirth and much more.

Lets now focus on where the black flower mentions, and also what is the meaning of it in different religions like Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism tattoo means and much more.

What Does the Black lotus symbolize?

The black lotus symbolizes rebellion, strength, power and rebirth, style, energy. Flower black color in lotus represents absence of other colors which makes the darkness more creating black. The black lotus is never in the world but it is portrayed in many movies, paintings, and tattoo making which create curiosity among people. This black lotus also means sophistication and darkness.

The black lotus doesn’t exist in real life but it is famous for its glamorous presence in different tv programs. There are other colors which have different meanings but black is more powerful among them because it gives an impression on people’s minds. This color shows power and authority that makes it above the other colors.

The white lotus is different which means purity but the black lotus is more about darkness, mystery.

Black lotus definition:

By definition, a black lotus flower symbolizes different things including power, mystery, darkness, insurgence, outbreak, authority. Black lotus has never been in the physical world and it is the color of absence. If you don’t find any color in the place then there will be darkness and the color black. For ancient Romans, the black and white color is special because it shows the life circle of death and rebirth. It is also associated with the past, present and future. Sometimes teachers tell students who are not good in math that your future is dark if you can’t calculate this sum. 

Dark or black color always have impression of something bad but it also sometimes seems to show elite class. Black is emotion of angry, sadness, jealousy, mystery, aloneness and formality. 

Black lotus flower Spiritual meaning 

In the Spiritual way of life, black lotus flower symbolizes detachment from the materialistic world in the same way the lotus flower grows above the dirty water, unstained & pure. Spiritually, the lotus flower represents purity, fortune, the inside strength of a person, long life, resurrection, rebirth and much more. It tells about how one can overcome the difficulty in life and become pure, kind and beautiful.

It is unstained, no mud, dust touches the flower bloom of lotus while the roots and stem are still in the dirty water. Still with all the mud and dirt the flower blooms above the water level and pure and clean.

The black color in lotus appears when there is no color or light, because in darkness the only color that is seen from the eyes is black. Black lotus is not present but it can be defined in many ways as the black color shows darkness, mystery, strength, power and sophistication.

Black and white lotus flower tattoo meaning 

Black and white lotus flower tattoos symbolize pureness with power and strength. Also White and black lotus represents perfection with authority, intellectual sense. When Both flowers are designed in the arm or body they show a person’s personality that comes from the original meaning of black and white lotus.

White lotus flower blooms above the muddy, dirt water. It is all pure and beautiful, the black color shows the dark, dirty water and the white color shows the beauty of lotus and how it arises pure even in the muddy water. 

Lotus is generally a flower which relates to human life, how a person’s life is filled with hardships and if the person is able to overcome all the problems in life, he will grow above the other people and get close to success.

In Buddhism, If a person is pure from the soul, mind and body then only he can reach the final enlightenment and that is what a white lotus shows when it blooms above the dirty water. In Hinduism, the lotus is important because many of the gods sit on the lotus which makes it more special. 

In Many cultures the lotus petals used to worship the gods while there are marriages happening with the white and other flower color arrangement to beautify the marriage hall.

The flowers have got value more when they appear in the beauty world as there are so many products manufactured like soaps, perfumes and much more.

Black lotus flower meaning Buddhism

In Buddhism, black lotus flower is not specifically anywhere but there are various meanings of the lotus flower itself. Black lotus is unique and cannot be found anywhere in the world, instead white lotus which is popular as well as symbolizes the purity of soul and mind. 

As you know the Buddha is often shown sitting in a similar position just like lotus flower, which makes it more special to the Buddhists believers in this magical flower. Black is a mysterious flower but not the other colors that give a positive impact on life. Many Buddhist believes that the 

Black lotus flower tattoo Meaning

Black lotus flower tattoo symbolizes Power, Authority, Elegance, Style, Rebellion, Darkness. Black lotus is uniquely designed to make an impression on other people. Flowers look glamorous and sophisticated on the arm, body, neck and so many body parts.

Those who were tattooed black flowers associated with strong and powerful energy. they have higher authority over things. If you have never seen a lotus tattoo , it is quite beautiful and charming on your arms and back. It showcases style and out of the box thinking. It also impresses people around you if you have these tattoos.

Generally if you choose a black color on lotus it means that the person would be associated with mysteries, security, prestige, strength and dominance.

Black moon with lotus flower meaning 

Black moon represents constant change when we see it from the earth, similarly when combined with the lotus flower it symbolizes the constant change that happens which shows the strength and purity of the lotus flower. Although the flower petals closed at night and when check in morning It blooms and still pure, clean even though it was in muddy water for whole night. 

There are many tattoos popular among women with black moons and lotus flowers that tell about feminine power, strength, and desire. It symbolizes the dark moon which gives enlightenment at night when there is no light. The meaning explains how light spreads over darkness in the physical world.

The black moon shows that constant change in human lives occurs every day but we are still the same person we were back then. A person learns about life each passing day and when they make their life more meaningful it becomes pure. That is what lotus flower represents purity. So the moon tells about constant change and the lotus indicates purity and both come together to spread change with purity. The purity can be from the mind, heart, soul, body or anything. Just making life more beautiful and disciplined. 

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