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Do Epsom Salts Help with Sunburn – Bath Benefits, Side Effects

If you are searching for do Epsom salts help with sunburn then let me tell you Epsom salt has magnesium, sulfur that can be used in enhancing the  flower blooming or making plants more green and bushier. Same way Epsom salt baths are popular because it is beneficial for pain relieving. Lets know the answers below.

Do Epsom Salts Help with Sunburn

Do Epsom Salts Help with Sunburn? Epsom salts helpful with sunburn when mixed with water in the right quantity and will soothe sunburn, reduce inflammation and relieve pain. Epsom salt lowers the swelling that occurs due to sunburns or sun poisoning.  If you have sunburns then using it in the right way will make the skin recovery possible much more quickly.

Using Epsom salt in a bath can be a perfect way to do this, it is not only beneficial for sunburns but also relieves any pain on skin or muscle. 

here are the steps you should do to lower sunburn using Epsom salt water:

  1. First use warm water, and the water should not be too hot for the skin otherwise it may give irritation.
  2. Now Use 300 grams of Epsom salt and add it to your bathtub of warm water. Then Mix it well.
  3. You need to soak your body for less than 15 mins in the bathtub because this way the Epsom salt will be absorbed in your body & gives a soothing effect to skin and your mind.
  4. Massage your affected skin and you may feel reduction of pain in any part which has pain previously. Epsom salt not only works for sunburn but also for relieving pain on the body or muscle. 
  5. Keep giving massage to your dark skin and the salt will automatically be absorbed.
  6. Now clean your body with water and use a towel to dry yourself. Now this way your sunburnt skin will get relief and this cleaning would definitely reduce the time of recovery of your skin.
  7. I Recommend people that apply pure coconut oil or pure aloe gel from fresh leaf in your dead, rash, stretch marks skin because it helps the dead skin to rejuvenate and become healthy again.
  8. Now do not go outside in the sun again for sunburn and always use full sleeves shirts to cover your arms.


I hope you get the steps right and hope your skin recovers itself from the sunburns.

Is epsom salts good for sunburn?

Right way to apply solution of epsom salts are good for sunburns or sun poisoning. Soaking in right amount of epsom salt with water would give your skin quick and easy recovery. There are many external sunburn treatments which cost thousands of dollars and I would suggest avoiding any treatment as your body has the ability to recover and yes it does take time so patience is necessary. 

Epsom salts have anti-inflammatory properties which can relieve muscle cramps, burns, aches, and irritation in parts of the body. Also do not use too much epsom salt which might irritate your skin so always remember for 1 cup of epsom salt use 1 gallon water similarly for 2 cups use more gallons of water or a bathtub full with water. If you are someone who wants to get a clear number on how much salt can be added to a gallon of water then I would say adding 200-300 grams of epsom salt is recommended for a gallon of water by Mayo clinic and it is safe for bathing. 

If you have broken skin somewhere in the body then I might not suggest to soak the epsom salt water because it may give skin infection and irritation, itching or hives and rashes.

Too much epsom salt in bath

If too much epsom salt is used in bathing then it can dry up your skin and make the water too slippery and soft. Epson salts are best in lower concentration like 2 cups of epsom salt for a gallon of warm water, not too hot. Patients with the Low BP problem may face the blood pressure going down because the epsom salt might trigger the BP to lower while bathing.

Generally the epsom salt is not harmful and safe to be added in the bucket of water. It can also smooth the pains and aches in the body, if you have swelling on any side of the body it may provide relief. Epsom salt is easily mixed with water and it adds the sulfates and magnesium in water which can be absorbed into skin which result in reduction of pain or swallowing.

It should be used in concentration if in bath:

  • 200-300 gm of epsom salt per gallon of water
  • bathtub full of water with 2 cups of epsom salt
  • 1 gallon water = 1 cup epsom salt


Do not use too hot water which may trigger swelling and might increase it. Using water that is warm and not hot to touch with your finger. Soaking for 10-15min will benefit muscle aches and other body parts.

Does epsom salt help with allergic reactions

Epsom salt can help with allergic reactions that are on the skin like itchiness, redness, irritation burns, rashes and more. Epsom salt has powerful components which are magnesium sulfate that may relieve the skin from these many allergies. Basically any problem that is on the skin, a warm bath can smoothen the pain and itchiness and can make your mind relieved from that whole day’s irritation.

If you don’t know the science behind the redness, these are just some inflammation which your immune system starts so it can heal the particular place from the damage. Sometimes you have seen allergic reactions like redness, swelling, itchiness and heat which your savior body system does because of pathogens, irritants of the air that traps the skin pores, sunburns that might damage the skin cells and more. Your immune system knows what to do when this damage happens to the skin , it starts the healing process called inflammation which gives swelling and redness and basically they are not long term but can be cleaned after a few days of healing process by the immune system.

If you may not know about the skin pores, they are tiny pores which pass the air and liquid on the skin. Whenever I go outdoors I get so much dust, sometimes it is full of oil from the hair. These oil and dust trapped into the skin pores making pimples at the end. Epsom salt which has magnesium can be beneficial in reducing the inflammation on the skin. This salt reduces the pain that occurs with inflammation and makes your mood more relaxed. Bathing with epsom salt with a bathtub full of water will relieve any pain that was there because of the skin problems.

Epsom salt bath for hives

Epsom salt bath may relieve hives which are red, itchy welts even if it works for the insect bites. Epsom salt may reduce the swelling and prevent it from spreading like in case of poison ivy rash. 

Hives basically occur because of allergic reactions and in most cases they automatically disappear after a few days. The part where you get hives may be your arm, legs and they look like short swollen skin, sometimes reddish. 

Taking a warm water bath with epsom salt can relieve pain that is happening due to hives. 1 cup of epsom salt in the bathtub full of water. Epsom salt has many benefits for plants as well as for the skin of humans.

Epsom salt bath side effects

Epsom salt bath is safe when used externally meaning the salt of the cup is mixed in the water tub then you bathe from it. generally it is safe for everyone, even for children’s.

Epsom salt bath is safe but oral consumption from the mouth has side effects including headaches, flushed skin, and could be harmful for pregnant women. Some might get side effects like they might faint, have kidney issues due to overdose of magnesium content on epsom salt. 

Epsom salt has magnesium and sulfate and only the doctor can prescribe these things in low doses. Overconsumption can be fatal and might cause bigger issues and allergic reactions. 

It also has some symptoms including stomach pain, diarrhea and you may feel discomfort all day due to its laxative effect.

If you are allergic to different salts then applying a epsom salt bath can give side effects like itchy skin, infection, rashes, hives and do not apply on already damaged skin otherwise it may give more redness and irritation to your skin.

What you can do is soak this solution in the skin. If you don’t find issues on the skin then it has a positive effect on your skin. 

Epsom salt bath benefits

Epsom salt bath benefits include pain relief, relax body and muscle cramps, reduce stress, soothing the body and may reduce inflammation. The benefits of epsom salt are known for 100 years and can relax the mind and soul.

Following benefits of epsom salt bath:

1 . Epsom salt bath eases muscle cramps

A bath with epsom salt can be soothing to muscle cramps by reducing inflammation. Using 1 or 2 cups of epsom salt in a warm water tub has benefits for relieving pain in the body. You can also soak the body where you have month-old pain. It will definitely give me relief. All though if you have a severe pain then taking sufficient calcium and vitamin D is helpful in major recovery. When I say take these meaning, only take this with the natural source of calcium and vitamin. Natural means that comes from natural, here I am will not to take calcium from milk but fruits and vegetables only. Taking milk would reduce our digestion and make us gain weight. But taking calcium from fruits or vegetables as they digest faster and the food will be absorbed by your body very naturally.  

2 . Relaxes the Body & Stress

Imagine a situation where you get pain all day in the body and it might be increasing your life stress right? Taking a bath with epsom salt can relieve your pain because the magnesium is absorbed by the skin and it produces a special chemical which gives a happy mood to our body. The name of that chemical is serotonin. When this chemical touches and is absorbed by your skin it gives a signal to your brain and then your brain creates a feeling which is about making you calm and more relaxed. That’s why in many cases people taking epsom salt baths would reduce body pain.

One more thing if you are someone who is suffering from a problem about body ache, pain, then it is best to give rest to your body and also giving your body all the nutrients from plant source and vitamin D from SUN and not from the non veg foods. Any part which has pain like the hand muscle or back, first take some fresh aloe vera gel and apply to your back or muscle and sit on the morning sunlight for vitamin D. This source of vitamin D would definitely give you more strength and doesn’t harm the body. 40min in the morning sun with aloe gel applied on the affected part of the body is the sure shot solution.

But doing this for only 1 day would work? No, until the pain gets out you should do it everyday. Taking vitamin D from the sun is the best thing you do to strengthen your bone health.

Does epsom salt bath dry out your skin

Yes epsom salt bath can make your skin dry out because if you use more than 2 cups of epsom salt per gallon for bathing. It can make water more slippery and soft and according to the mayo clinic, 2 cups are sufficient epsom salt or magnesium that your body absorbs and give you relief from the pain or muscle cramps. They are effective on dry skin and can be able to reduce swelling or may relax your pain. Its chemical present in epsom salt sends signals to the brain to make the body more relaxed & can lower the pain.

You can always use a low concentration of epsom salt if you get dry skin. Using about 200-300 gms of epsom salt can be mixed with a gallon of water to soothe the pain.

There are 2 more concentrations like using 1 for a gallon of water or 2 cups for a full bathtub. It is effective and can relieve pain of muscle, back, lower leg, thighs and all over the skin. 

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Wrap up

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