Can You Freeze Aloe Vera Plant – Store and Preserve Gel, Leaf

Curious about the question like can you freeze aloe vera plant, before that let me tell you it’s a succulent with no stem but only leaves. The leaves have gel that are evidence based which heals the burn wounds, sun burns according to many health researches. With that it also produces oxygen & clears the bad air from the surrounding.

Can You Freeze Aloe Vera Plant? Yes you can freeze aloe vera plant gel for 6 years and leaf for 8 years. Storing only aloe vera gel requires completely freezing it in the freezer. For a leaf, the aloe vera can last for 7-8 years which is because the plant leaves is in balanced temperature and humidity which it requires, with that the gel is in the leaves are in its original place that’s why it is stored for many years and still the benefits are their to support our skin problems.

Skin is sensitive that is why many experts advise not to expert it with any unknown product. Aloe vera benefits which have scientific proofs are said to provide relief from digestive problems , skin issues and much more. You can freeze aloe vera for a long term and still get all the benefits because the aloe gel is powerful and doesn’t get spoiled easily when frozen instead its shelf life increases with the balanced humidity and temperature. Lets now read about all the questions regarding the freezing of aloe vera.  

How to store aloe vera leaf at home?

To store aloe vera leaf at home there are different methods like freezing in the fridge, using a freezer bag, use of vitamin C powder and naturally occurring honeydew can be used to increase the shelf life of stored aloe vera plant. 

We will discuss all the methods of storing aloe vera in glass jars, cleaning it, storing it properly and making them use for skin burns and other skin related problems.

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  1. To keep your aloe vera leaf fresh at home, stored correctly. What I do is : Wrap the whole leaf in a plastic wrap and tie it with an elastic band so no air passes through it. Now put it in the freezer and take it out whenever you need to extract the gel. This way, you can store aloe vera leaf for 6-7 days. 


You can also use tin foil to wrap the top and bottom of the leaf and tie it up with an elastic band. Then again use a large plastic wrap to wrap it fully and tight. This is how I store it for a long time, like 4-6 days. 


  1. To store aloe vera leaf for longer duration like 6-8 months. Simply take the aloe vera leaf and put it in the freezer bag which is made to preserve the inside contents. Then this bag should be placed inside the freezer. This way your aloe leaf can be stored for 6-8 months fresh and healthy. It can stay good enough even longer than this period but I always recommend people that you use the aloe vera gel in 7 days or maximum 1 month to get all the benefits.


This is only possible if you have a garden or container pot with lots of aloe vera growing in it. We can always take a single aloe leaf and take out all the gel and apply it on the skin.


  1. To keep the aloe leaf safe for 2 days you can always place it inside the freezer and let it sit there until you use them. If you use a leaf for 24 hours then you can place it indoors on the table but the temperature should not be hot as this makes the leaf degrade its value faster and the bacteria and fungus can attack it easily which can spoil the whole leaf in a day. So use it before 24 hours.


  1. There is a homemade technique to store aloe vera leaf gel for a month, It requires a jar with honey. Yes Honey is a special ingredient which has the ability to preserve itself in the cool environment for months. Once you take out the gel from the aloe leaf, it should be grinded and mixed with honey this will surely increase the life of aloe gel.


  1. As you know vitamin C is something which is important for a human body, but do you know that many food products today have vitamin C to preserve the food from getting spoiled. The last method is to use vitamin C powder and mix it with the grinded aloe gel and this mixture will be put inside of a glass jar. Glass is important because it helps to maintain the freshness of contents.


These are 5 methods that can be used to store aloe vera leaf and its gel.

How long can you freeze aloe vera gel?

Aloe vera gel can be frozen for 6 months if you store it in the refrigerator by freezing it. The aloe gel would not get spoiled until this time so that’s how you make its shelf life more than what it is when you didn’t freeze it. 

If an aloe vera leaf has been cut from the bottom and stored in the freezer this would make the life from its inside gel to be more than 8 months. What you need is a freezing bag which has the aloe vera leaf and that is put inside the freezer. This is the way to preserve the profitable gel for many months.

I have tried it myself and it works for 6 months but when you naturally grow it for aloe plants you just have to cut the leaf whenever you want to use its gel for skin cleaning and curing. When I used the method I generally used it for 1 month then the stock of frozen gel got empty. Still I saved the 2-3 cubes of freeze aloe vera gel for more than 6 months and it’s still usable. So My conclusion is that it doesn’t spoil that easily.

Can you put aloe vera gel in the fridge?

Can You Freeze Aloe Vera Plant

Yes, you can put aloe vera gel in the fridge or refrigerator for more than 6 days. Aloe gel if frozen can last for more than a year and it’s still usable for skin care. But I believe every product that is stored in the freezer does expire. If you see the vegetables, they cannot be stored for more than 5-7 days, otherwise they just get ripening and spoiling soon. 

Anything whether it’s a vegetable or a plant leaf just like aloe vera leaves or gel it should be used as early as possible because the benefits it has in its gel will be 100% on the 1st day and after a few days or month the gel will not be as beneficial as when it is fresh. So using it in 1 month could be more beneficial than using it after 4 year or 2 years. 

Although the gel is super good and can be preserved for more than 1 year or as healthline experts suggest the frozen aloe gel can be stored for 6 years and still doesn’t lose much of its benefits. 

How long can you keep aloe vera leaf in the fridge?

Aloe vera leaf can be kept in the fridge for a week and if left outside at room temperature it will be fresh till 24 hours after that you can be aloe leaf getting spoiled. 

In winter the shelf life of many fruits and vegetables increases with increase in humidity in the room or outside. If you have frozen bags, put the aloe leaf in it. They are frozen for longer use and this helps it increase the life of aloe vera leaf.

How do you preserve fresh aloe vera?

You can preserve fresh aloe vera gel by freezing it, or using honey and vitamin C powder as there are natural preservatives that support the immune system. Preserving aloe vera gel by grinding it and making a liquid out of it. After making the liquid of aloe gel you can pour it in the ice trays that would give it a cube shape for easy use on skin, even different trays are used to make soaps from the aloe gel. 

You can also use honey as it has qualities of preserving the aloe gel for more than a month. Mixing honeydew with the aloe gel may increase the shelf life of the liquid and you should always put them in a glass not in a plastic container.

Third and the last method would be using a vitamin C powder which can be mixed with aloe vera gel and stored in the glass bottle. It will also increase the aloe gel life. 

When you have cut down all the aloe leaves into multiple slices, now remove the thorn like edges. Then by using a table knife or a spoon you can take out all the gel from aloe leaf. Then wash the gel in a jar of water.  One of my friends suggested that you never throw the aloe water where you washed the aloe gel, because it is rich in rooting hormones and can help other plants get benefits. Just like when you wash rice it gets white powder called starch which is essential for the plants but not for us. The waste water is used likewise to boost our plant health.

Many of my friends used it for a face mask and for cleaning the skin because it has the advantage of curing the sun’s burns and making the skin better and healthier. I have even seen many people making a moisturizer out of this gel of aloe vera plant.

  • If you ask me, the freezing method is easy and can last for weeks or months. I would recommend using the gel before 7 days to get best results.

Freeze Aloe vera for Skin

Yes you can use frozen aloe vera for skin burns, or even making healthy drinks to rectify the digestive system. The aloe gel taken out from the leaves would be fresh in the freezer for 7 days and you can grind the gel and make it soft so putting it in ice trays can be easy. A shape of an ice cube can be used to directly apply to your skin, as it refreshes and heals the skin burns. 

Today there are many products which claim aloe vera face wash for skins without using any preservetes. There are air tight bottles which are used in these cases to store the gel and that can be used in the skin. But somehow they would need to add a preservative to increase the shelf life of the gel. 

  • A frozen bag can be used for aloe vera and placed in a freezer, this can be used after many years and it is still pure and beneficial for skin.

Can you freeze aloe vera stems

Aloe vera doesn’t have stems but large leaves that can be kept inside the freezer which can be used in no more than 7 days time period. If you freeze it using and put it in a frozen bag and then it freezer it will definitely be used after 5 years as well. The benefits are the same but I suggest you use fresh aloe stems or leaves and use it for a week if put inside the freezer. 

Aloe vera is a succulent which is stemless but if you see it clearly you may find it has a very short stem and then the whole leaves has grown up straight.  Succulent like aloe vera are mostly popular because of the circular rosette like arrangement which it only forms using leaves.

Does freezing affect aloe vera?

Freezing aloe vera with the right conditions will not affect aloe gel quality while if frozen incorrectly then you might see reduction in its benefits when used in skin care. Sometimes selecting a bad leaf can be a reason. 

There are other reasons like selecting the wrong freezing temperature & storing it without freezing bags would lead to descremenet on ist health and skin benefits.

  • You should always be using a fresh aloe for skin burns, if you want to use it for many days then taking it in the freezer will extend its life for 7 days. I recommend using it in this time period will provide you the most benefit from the aloe vera gel. 

How do you freeze and cut aloe vera?

Aloe vera leaves can be cut from the bottom and these can be frozen in the refrigerator to increase their shelf life. These leaves can be cut into 4-5 slices and then the thorns on the edges should be removed. This way it is safe for you to touch them leaf while taking out the gel from insides of the leaf.  You can either use a table knife to sharpy and very thin cut to take out the top and bottom green part. Then you will be leafed with the gel only which can be cut into cubes so you can store it in an airtight jar. This way, now the gel cubes can be used for a week. 

  • You can also grind the gel in the mixture and let it become thick liquid which can be put into the ice cubes so it gets a shape as well as it is easy to carry and usable. 

Wrap Up

I hope you get the answer on “Can You Freeze Aloe Vera Plant” and if you like to read more such article check below.

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