Spiritual Meaning of Lotus Flower

If you are searching for spiritual meaning of lotus flower then before that let me tell you these flowers have different meanings according to their colors. They also used to inspire people in many religions. Lets now find out What does the lotus flower represent spiritually?

Spiritual meaning of lotus flower is purity, kindness, compassion, good heartedness and enlightening of the spiritual path. The lotus flower grows above from a muddy, gritty, filthy water and this means that human life is the same , comes with a lot of difficulties but those who overcome and rise above it shines just like the lotus blossom. 

The white lotus is about inner purity, cleanliness, positivity, goodwill, growth and spiritual perfection. 


Spiritual meaning of lotus flower

A Lotus flower represents rebirth, regeneration, renewal, pureness and the path to spiritual enlightenment. The lotus flower roots grow in impure, smutty, tainted water but still the beauty of the lotus blossom remains intact. It grows above the nasty, muddy water which proves that in life a person who does hard work would definitely achieve big things. 

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The most beautiful flower grows in the mud that inspires and motivates people. Anyone who has the courage to achieve and has the zeal to grow will definitely find its way to the top. It emerges from the nasty water the same way if people who don’t have a rich background, shoes might have holes, cloths not so cool but still with the spiritual mind and calmness they can do wonders. 

If businesses ever wonder what makes them sell more, it’s 90% of the time a good customer review. With Spiritual peace of mind, if you talk to customers in a friendly & calm manner, then even if your products seem bogus and not exciting they might purchase it. This is how life and goodwill & way of talking works.

Our lotus flower also symbolizes fertilizer, prosperity and beauty, pureness and enlightenment as you have seen. These flowers are not only sold as products of perfumes and scents in America but they are cultivated mostly to make profits. These plants bring good luck to many farmers who grow in their agricultural land. 

Generally These Lotus comes in 2 colors pink and white but there are more variations of it developed in these years. The flower is the national flower of India and it is connected to Hinduism, the biggest religion followed across india. Blossoms are used to worship gods and it can be used in many rituals. The plant petals are round in shape and these petals open in daylight then after the day is dark then they start to un bloom & close all petals. 

Below I will be talking about its spiritual meaning in different religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity.

Lotus flower meaning spiritual

What does a lotus flower mean spiritually?

A short answer about lotus flower mean spiritually includes fertilizer, innocence, purity, goodness, decorum, morality, spiritual enlightenment, virtue. The lotus blossom is also linked to self-regeneration, revival, growth, pureness, spiritual awakening, eternity, prosperity and faithfulness. The plant itself in more special because it detaches its from the dirty water and get out of it with the clean, fragrant lotus bloom.

These are naturally grown in ponds, lakes and muddy water collected in the forest area. Even though the roots get all the dirt, dust, impurity, filth still the lotus flower rises with pure & clean. This is a lesson for human life that even though you don’t have many options in life to be successful, if you do your best then no one can stop you from getting to the top of the world.

This is how the lotus inspires everyone and that is why it is so special.  


What is the most spiritual flower?

The most spiritual flower is lotus, as it connects with faith, human life and it also inspires you to be true, pure and kind. Many cultures used this flower in worshiping god. It is spiritual to enlighten the path of a human. It rises above the water and makes it true form as flower with any dirt even growing in muddy, dusty water. Life gives a lot of challenges to a human and if they move forward and overcome all problems then it will make them more happy and successful.

There are many other flowers that have spiritual means including honeysuckle, hyacinth, rose, apple blossom, camellia, daffodil, morning glory, Amaryllis, gardenia, Primrose, lily and marigold.

A Honeysuckle has long vines which are said to bring positive change, goodwill, trust and love in life. These flowers can attract messenger angels which makes life more peaceful and positive.

Lilies can be a flower that connects you with your afterlife and self. These are beauties which are grown all over the world because they used to give to the loved ones who are not alive anymore.

Same way each plant has its spiritual meaning which makes them more special and popular. 

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Lotus Flower in Yoga Means

In a world full of diseases, aging, Yoga can be a power tool which can connect you to your inner self and relieve the stress that creates those problems. 

A lotus flower is used in yoga, as there is a basic pose which we apply many yogic exercises while sitting in that lotus hold position. It is also used in many religions in South Asian Countries. 

If you know the yoga practice called pranayama, medication which relieves stress, and can make you happier and healthier is done using lotus hold. It helps in correcting your posture and can provide strength to your back so it doesn’t hurt in old age. 

These yogic practices are very disciplined and one who belongs to any religion can do that, it’s just an exercise which can make your cortisol, a stress hormone which is related to depression, bad mood. These yoga exercises like pranayama and Anulom Vilom can reduce the cortisol levels, improve your mood and can lower your anxiety.

I am referring the information from Healthline and US National Library of Medicine website


Lotus is a Sacred Flower

Lotus being a robust and strong flower has been associated with the spiritual world. It is famous in many religions across the globe and believed to be a symbol of revival, rebirth and regeneration. These sacred flowers bloom in the morning and can close the petals in the evening once the darkness comes. 

In Hinduism, one of the 3 major gods, one of them sits on the lotus flower that is why it is special to indians culture. When I say These blooms in the day and closes the bloom at night it represents Egyptian mythology that believes the lotus flower means rebirth of the sun. 


Lotus Flower Care

A lotus flower need full sun that is why it needs water very often. Lotus plant generally grow in ponds, lakes, water fields because that is where the roots are able to grow, it needs a lot of water. As you know the flower itself grows above the water level and the root and stem grow below the water surface. They don’t need a pot with hole , they need a special container without any holes for drainage. There are many things you need to know about how to care lotus perfect that is why I wrote a full guide on lotus care, See More.

Wrap Up

I hope you get the answer on “spiritual meaning of lotus flower” and if you like to read more such articles check below.


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