Lotus Flower Meaning in Christianity (Strength) – What is the message of it?

If you are searching for lotus flower meaning then before that let me tell you Lotus plant is an aquatic plant which thrives in water for the lifetime and rooting forms inside the water garden. Quickly grows with the large leaves and beautiful flowers. It was Native to Asia particularly India and China that is why it is more popular there and used for various purposes. Even Religious point of you has made this plant more precious. 

What is the lotus flower mean in Christianity?

In Christianity (Bible), the lotus flower is a symbol of purity, cleanliness, opposite of evil (demonic), the beginning of life, creation, and God. It is linked with the Virgin Mary and stands for loyalty, morals, and rebirth.

The white flower, often known as the Easter lily, serves as a symbol of Christ’s innocence and deity. These flowers represent the essence of Christ’s holiness and grace throughout the Easter season. The lotus blossom conveys the idea of purity similarly, making comparisons to the Virgin Mary’s spotless character.

The lotus blossom is symbolic of creation and spiritual rebirth in the Christian religion. The lotus flower is seen as a metaphor for this heavenly act of creation, much as the creation of the cosmos by God is revered. The lotus blooming above the water’s surface after emerging from the muck is a reflection of the Christian concept of spiritual development and transfiguration.

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The lotus is important in Christianity and other religions because of its association with rebirth. It embodies the ideas of resurrection and regeneration, reflecting the spiritual rebirth that comes through trusting in Christ. This view emphasizes dedication, morality, and righteousness, which is consistent with the core beliefs of Christianity.

Lotus plant (Nelumbo nucifera) spiritually is symbol of purity and strength. It taught about understanding the inner characteristics you have and don’t, just go or detach yourself where you find filth(meaning Mud, Dirt just like Lotus flower have and grow/live above these things).

Lotus roots when grown in dirty water with low nutrients still able to blossom, it seems a miracle to some and that is why it is used in many cultures as learning on how one can one survive without the great things. It is the national flower of India and culturally it can be found in Buddhism as well as Hinduism. The medium which lotus thrives in seems to be bad. You can’t even imagine a clean, pure and beautiful blossom can appear from it above the dirty water level.

lotus flower meaning

What does a lotus flower mean?

Lotus flower mean is associated with purity, moral values, goodness and righteousness. White lotus flower Symbolize growth, rebirth, ethics, right-mindedness, decency, integrity and more. Lotus plant is grown in Deep Mud and still flowers above the water level, means it tells us to detach ourselves from the things that made our soul befoul(muddy). Lotus Flower meaning symbolize spiritual path, becoming pure and focus on life’s purpose, Good relationships.

Being an aquatic plant, grown in mud, water gardens this plant is also invasive meaning it can spread easily. The scientific name of lotus is Nelumbo nucifera and generally found in India’s Himalayan Region To South and Central India.  They also have great medicinal properties.

Many of you have seen it growing in river banks, or where slow water flows. I myself saw this plant in Mud growing and The good thing is no Mud touches the flower, it blooms above the water garden or mud.

For a Gardener or Beginner who wants to grow Lotus will have to purchase a Big Container for this plant and make sure that it doesn’t lose water from sunlight.

This is why we grow it in partial sun and fill water once the water level drops, even if I water those every day to fulfill its requirements. Growing these beautifies have produce good luck for people as some people makes extra money out of selling lotus plant and flowers as these flower used in marriages, functions and events.

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Lotus flower meaning in Buddhism

Lotus flower meaning in Buddhism

Lotus flowers meaning in Buddhism is about purity of mind, our voice, our body and inner soul as you know lotus flower floats above the sullied, muddy water same as people in real life attaches to the materialistic objects and physical desire that spoils the mind of a human being.

So lotus grows above to enlighten the way to tell that you should not be attached to these temporary desires and bloom just like lotus.

In Buddhism, The meaning describes the spiritual understanding and Lotus is an important part in the culture and traditions. There was a saying that When baby buddha steps there’s always a Lotus blooming.

Buddhism has 5 major beliefs that Buddha follow which are:

  1. You are not allowed to Kill anyone, even animals. That is why some Buddhists become vegetarian but as you know the geographical locations play a major role in changing the diet of any person.
  2. You can not be allowed to steal from anyone. It is a learning which everyone should follow.
  3. You shouldn’t be someone who does adultery, or has a lusty mind. Otherwise you can’t focus on your own inner self.
  4. You shouldn’t drink anything which confuses your sense or which makes you another person that you are not. Your mind should have a sense of clarity, it means drinking anything like alcohol is not a good thing.
  5. All these precepts if a human society follows then there would be no wars, crimes and anything which destroys world peace. 

Lotus flower meaning in Christianity

lotus flower meaning in Christianity

Lotus flower meaning in Christianity represents devotion, morality, purity, righteousness. Lotus flower in christianity(bible) tells us about the Jesus Christ resurrection and crucifixion. Lotus plant roots can spread up to 4-6 feet inside the water that is why flowers can rise above the water surface. Mother of God, Mary is associated with white lotus lily & these flowers somehow connected with the Jesus resurrection. Seeds of lotus can be kept inside and resurrected in the planting season after a long inactivity. 

This flower being an important part in various religions like Jainism, Hinduism, Buddhism etc. The lotus flower tells about the creation of the universe. Rose is one flower that has importance in Christianity, as this was used in prayers and also used in various other events.

In Japan, Not only lotus and most flowers are associated with spiritual meaning and every flower represents its own meaning like how lotus rises from the mud and grows above the water. It tells about the purity flower holds and symbolizes that it could not attach to temporary objects and focus on peace of mind and body.

Lotus flower meaning has in many cultures spiritually and it is a symbol of goodness, purity, virtue, rebirth, revival, morality and hope. Lotus flower spirit shows the beauty it holds with how it moves upward from the mud it shows how pure it is being grown inside in the bad energy. This muddy water means irregularity, distortion, attachments, darkness, sin and much more.

Lotus flower color holds different meaning as white shows purity while pink is associated with kindness, love and calm mind. The red lotus shows passionate love, love or connection with heart, friendship, feeling and much more.

In Buddhism, lotus flower spiritually means the new beginning, fresh start, restart. Flower also means purity, uprightness, integrity, enlightenment and decency.

Even lotus symbolizes having attachment to the materialistic world or things that destroys someone’s focus on mind.

Lotus is considered to be the most beautiful flower as it looks extremely powerful and gorgeous. Its white variety has meaning that gives peace of mind because growing in muddy water still manages to uplift the flower meaning growing from the bad energy still able to stand.

So it motivates us more to plant these lotus and have a pure mind full of life.

Lotus flower is so special in many religions and most cultures that it doesn’t seem to have anything bad. Lotus ability to grow in muddy water shows the sign of purity as it grows above the mud and still blooms.

It’s a perfect example of beauty as well as positivity and purity.

Lotus flower grows above and shows the meaning of cleanliness, simplicity and taintless, flawless and untarnished.

Lotus flower meaning strength

lotus flower meaning strength

Lotus flower meaning strength symbolize power and hope, resistance, strength, robustness. Lotus Flower also represents strength means how it grow even in impurity that is magical. Blossom is how one can overcome obstacles, struggles and hard times, or grow back with more energy, pure, and beautiful. It has the ability to uplift flower bloom in bad water and it shows the meaning of greater strength and hope that the end will be good even if it is not grown in pure water.

It gives vigor, sturdiness and energy in people live those who are in struggling phase that a bad start can also bring good results if you hope to become big and keep yourself motivated.

Strength is often used to showcase the muscle power, toughness of a person or a clan or a force. But Strength can also be used for those people who are mentally firm, stable, robust, and powerful. It can be associated with vigor, energy and force.

A person who has strength can be referred as Ambitious, Compassionate, Analytical and Calculative.

Basically strength means if you are physically strong but it also means how much you are mentally fit and robust. A person’s strength would be if he has the ability to perform better than the others which means he has advantage over the less strengthful people. A person who is more successful is his strength that he can buy anything while the others who have not seen any success in life would still be struggling.

In life, people with strength can overcome big obstacles, they are confident, decent, courageours that whatever comes to their mind they just yell out everything.

For Example, an employees strength would be his good and better communication, he might be a good leader and can work under pressure. If you see a person’s weakness could be harsh talking, no disciple and he seems to work better but not with the same decency as others do. Why would you hire someone who works best but his way of talking is very wrong? Instead you can hire someone who is soft spoken and can do work slowly but best. I know he can learn with time so giving it time would definitely be good for you.

Same way lotus flowers are strengthful, the ability  to grow in the mud is not a choice but they adapted this thing and grow back with a clean and beautiful blossom. That is something which is great.

Does a lotus flower mean new beginnings?

In terms of new birth, yes lotus flower meaning is a new beginning as per Buddhism it also means purity, enlightenment, goodness, mind and speech to be at peace. lotus symbolizes attachment from the material things. Every flower has its own meaning so lotus also holds meaning not only in this religion but various other religions.

Lotus flower is sacred because Many Hindu Gods appear with this flower or even portrayed, if you ever visited India you may see one of such photos where “brahma ji ” one of the 3 major gods sitting inside the white lotus flower.

A very Good and unique explanation in India about Lotus flower is –

” In the time of rain, you may see some droplets on the leaves of lotus plants. Those droplets will stay until someone moves it. So just shake the leaf and you will see all droplets will be washed and there are no signs of water drops. 

Meaning Just like this leaf – Do not attach to the illusions of the real world. Just like the drops it was there for some time, but don’t attach yourself with it. Be there but unattached because if they leave you, you will suffer.

Eg: Having a friend is what everyone wants but that friend betrays you who you trust like nobody, it shatters your trust on everyone you will meet in future. So Having someone important is great but being attached to it will make you suffer when they leave you. “

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there are many flowers that symbolize new beginnings and lotus is just one of them.

Lotus flower colors

Lotus flower colors are available in 5 varieties mainly but there is one and more colors that are artificially sold and portrayed in films and animation cartoons which makes people believe that these lotus flowers may exist in the real world.

Each lotus flower color means different and their beauty color makes anyone want them to give it to their friends. So before you give it to your partner or friend, or can be used to give as a bouquet then first check the below colors and its important meanings.

Pink lotus flower meaning

Pink lotus flower meaning

Pink lotus flower meaning symbolize spiritual awakening, attachment, dedication, faith, loyalty and purity. Pink Lotus are Sacred in Buddhism and it represents to show the path of enlightenment to earthy people & give awareness for human kind.

Reasons behind lotus flower is sacred due to how they grow from the muddy water and still purity. It teaches us that wherever you are born doesn’t decide what you will become. It gives motivation to many in life and how should they react to it in very calm manner. The daily life of lotus starts with its blooms opening slowly from the dirty water, generally in ponds. 

They open the blooms in morning and close it once the sunset occurs. Even with all the dirty water the ponds have, not even a splash of dirt comes to the lotus flower. This proves that life could be hard at first but if you overcome it and make your own path this will make your life easy and successful. Lotus flowers are clean and beautiful and they have their own scent which is amazing to smell.

In Buddhism, the flower can symbolize rebirth and purity.

White lotus flower meaning

White lotus flower

White lotus flower meaning symbolize purity, virtue, elegance, innocence, goodness. Spiritually white lotus flower represents a pure state of mind, purity from the inner soil, & perfection that how it thrives from the muddy soil but still manages to grow above. 

Lotus is sacred in Buddhism because its nature of growing, how it grows above from the dirty and mud. It has a special place in Buddhism as well as Hinduism.

People whose favorite flowers are the white variety might be simple, calm, and try to balance everything. Many people think that white lotus can bring peace, neutrality and perfection in their life.

There is a famous place called Muan hoesan white lotus pond which is one of the Asia largest habitat in South Korea for the white lotus. The place is quite popular with tourist in the flowering season. Their is a lotus festival occur in the month of august. If you are visiting this place from America then go in the month between July to September because that is when these lotus blooms. 

Here is the location in the Map: https://goo.gl/maps/iZhKSMzTqv2o289QA

For more information you can visit koreatriptips for contact details.

Blue lotus flower meaning

Blue lotus flower meaning

Blue lotus flower meaning symbolize greater knowledge on somethings or understanding the major part of life. Lotus flower in blue is associated with the ability to understand the inner quality, or victory over the brain, intellect, intelligence, perception and wisdom.

In Buddhism the flower represents a sense of clarity over the attachments, emotions and desires. The fragrance made of blue lotus makes it more popular & the color makes it unique and sacred. 

Generally blue represents open sky which tells that the people who have chosen blue as their favorite color are more open and confident in their life. They are free going, intelligent, trusted and loyal as well.

Black lotus flower meaning

Black lotus

Black lotus flowers are not real but if there are people who just painted it and made an artwork out of it. These flowers are artificially made and I have seen the black lotus plastic version getting sold as it looks real and impressive. They can be used in movies and animation that makes them popular, that is why some t-shirt companies also create designs with black lotus flowers. 

The black lotus flower meaning symbolize coup, insurgency, darkness, strength, energy, power. lotus flowers in black color are also associated with rebirth, revival, life cycle of past, present and future. 

Generally the black color means that there is no light anywhere, this results in black spaces only as with no light you can’t make any color. Colors are made from light spectrum and if there is no light it is surety that the place won’t have any color. 

Black color also tells about things just opposite to the positive ones.

Yellow lotus flower meaning

Yellow lotus flower

yellow lotus flower meaning symbolize hospitality, pleasure, joy, bliss, spiritual ascension. Lotus flower with yellow color also represents confidence, wisdom, mindfulness, knowledge, creativity. These flowers can be a great arrangement in various functions as it creates a more bright and magical feeling around the location.

These lotus flowers in yellow are a calm and peaceful color and it is the same as white lotus that spreads purity.

Yellow is a color of happiness, creativity, optimism, joy, originality and enthusiasm. Sometimes it can also become a color of cowardice, betrayal and fear. It all depends on the person to person but mostly the yellow is a peaceful color which spreads happiness and joy.

Red lotus flower meaning

red lotus flower meaning

Red lotus flower meaning symbolize includes Love, passion, deep feeling, emotions and fertility. Lotus flower in red represents beauty, generosity, deep love, selfless love and sympathy.

The color red is associated with energy, passion, power, and confidence. In a negative sense this red flower can be aggressive, dominant, and an attention drawer.

Popular Destination of Lotus flower

There are several location where you can find lotus flower growing that most places are in japan. The first location is Ueno Park, it a famous spot to enjoy cherry blossom but there is pond called Shinobazu pond which has a lot of lotus species present in there. You can come there to make a visit and its such a beautiful place of sightseeing lotus blooms.

Map location of Shinoibazu Pond.

Another popular place called Hanahasu Park(Fukui) has over 120+ different lotus plants that are collected  from all over the world. As a visitor you can check out that park. You can also visit this place in July to August for a lotus festival.

Map location of Hanahasu Park

Mimurotoji Temple in kyoto has 90+ different lotus plants. Generally people come to see hydrangeas but lotus flower has its own set of popularity. 

Map location of Mimurotoji Temple


Tosenju temple in Nagano Prefecture is another place to visit, you may find more than 100,000 lotus flowers thriving in that area. They do have a lotus festival which sells amazing products. By the way if you ever visit tonsenju temple it is a good place to relax your mind. This temple is also known by the name lotus temple.

Map location of Tosenju temple


7 petal lotus meaning

Lotus flower comes with 15 petals but if you have 7 petal lotus that means your life could achieve completeness and perfection as the petal 7 is a lucky number. People who have this lucky 7 number are generally analytical, confident and want to know deeper knowledge that is why they sometimes seem mysterious. 7 holds a special meaning in most of the religion and it is somehow connect to god’s creation.

Lotus Flower Meaning Spiritual

Lotus flower meaning spiritual is about Purity, re-generation, beauty and a spiritual path to enlightenment. It tells us about many things in life and how one can achieve great things by moving forward from its comfort zone. These plants are mostly grown in ponds but for houses it needs a large container without holes because lotus prefers only water. 

Know more about the lotus flower meaning spiritual.

Lotus Flower Care

Lotus flower care is easy, the only thing required is a container without any holes in it. Yes, lotus are some of the unique grown plants that don’t require it to drain out water. They prefer full sunlight for 5-8 hours that is for their ideal leaves growth. You can see the lotus flower blooms in early to late summer, also this is the time when you give fertilizer to your lotus plant.

It only blooms for a few days but it’s worth seeing. They don’t generally need expensive soil mix, you can grow it in garden soil with cattle compost. Make note of one thing that growing lotus from tubers is much quicker then from the seeds. 

When they require full sun then it means they will need water often, because low water won’t grow then flowers as the blooms need to grow above water. Water the container whenever the plant has less water left in it.

You can check out the full guide on lotus plant care.

Lotus flower tattoo meaning

Lotus flower tattoo meaning includes purity, enlightenment, beauty and peace. Lotus flowers symbolizes many different meanings and in Asian countries you may get answer like it represents new beginning while it also a symbol of strength.  It is also associated with rebirth, restart, new beginning and uprightness.

Even the flower holds different meanings based on its colors. Blue which means open sky color is more about freedom while the yellow flower shows happiness. Red one shows love while the black shows mystery.

Is the lotus flower demonic?

In different countries and religions, the lotus flower has many different meanings. Some views say that the word has bad meanings, like demonic or evil ones, but not everyone agrees with these ideas. The lotus is often seen as a sign of cleanliness, wisdom, rebirth, and spiritual growth in both Hinduism and Buddhism. Its journey from dirty water to a beautiful flower is a metaphor for how people and the universe change.

The lotus flower, on the other hand, is associated with a variety of religious and cultural settings that are overwhelmingly positive. A significant symbol of beauty, fertility, and wealth in Hinduism is the lotus. Its vivid pink color is often associated with divinity, and the flower’s transition from a muddy bud into a pure bloom symbolizes spiritual enlightenment and change.

Similar to other religions, Buddhism sees the lotus as a symbol of purity, enlightenment, and the victory of good over evil. The lotus’ ascent from the muck to the water’s surface, spotless and dazzling, symbolizes the process of putting aside material worries in order to achieve spiritual clarity and release.

The lotus blossom is often seen as an expression of the capacity for spiritual development present in every person in light of these beliefs. The purity that may be attained through attentive practice and self-discovery is symbolized by the plant’s ability to emerge unsoiled from polluted circumstances.

The meanings of the lotus flower go beyond spirituality and religion. It now serves as a metaphor for growth, resiliency, and the capacity to overcome obstacles. The lotus is linked to both physical and mental regeneration in popular culture, highlighting its relationship to health and well-being.

Wrap Up

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