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White Desert Rose – Variegated For Sale, Growing Caring Guide

White Desert Rose is a Succulent plant with long leaves that are dark greenish in color. These Plants Form Thick Rhizome or Bulbs Like Stem that are quick strong, It grows from 2 to 5 feet high in some places and spreads about 1 to 3 feet wide.

This succulent has a Bonsai which is quite popular & looks magnificent, also Kind of Eye catchy. White Desert rose flowers are its main attractive point, having white color bloom with pinkish outline. You may have difficulty in finding its name as its hybrid plant of

Adenium obesum (Desert Rose) and sometimes called variegated variety. These plants are native to African Region , particularly East and the Sahel.

white desert rose

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Plant Specification:

Family Apocynaceae
Variegated Variety Desert Rose
Plant Type Perennials
Native The Sahel, East Africa
USDA hardiness Zone 10 and Warm Locations
Stem Structure Bulb type
Height 2-5 feet
Wide 1-3 foot
Light Bright Indirect Light, Partial sun
Fertilizer Liquid soluble
Toxic Horses, Dogs, Cats,

Important information: Adenium obesum succulents are easily affected by seasonal change like weather change or you may have changed its place to some other cold temperature place. It results in a drop of leaves but don’t worry they can regrow once provided proper care.

From time to time you need to transfer them indoors whenever there is a high humidity or freezing cold weather because they can’t tolerate this much frost. If you live in Zone 10 , or they can survive in 30 degree F or above but not below this temperature.

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White Desert Rose Care

The Most Important thing in these beautifully blooming succulent is watering and pests because most problems start from here. There are also some problems like nutrient deficiency in white desert rose that can be countered using succulent fertilizer. Let’s Check some of the Caring Tips:


White Desert rose needs full water for the first time then after that check them with your finger on whether the soil is dry or not before giving them water next time. This succulent highly dislikes water logging and being on wet soil.


They grow in low light, meaning you can give them partial sunlight but not harsh afternoon sun as they may get scorch on the foliage with excess heat. Put them in a filtered or partial sunlight area. South facing window can be a good location

where they can get enough light for the day.


White Desert Likes Well draining soil , make sure pots or containers have sufficient holes to drain water. I have used the Below Mix to make Well Drained soil for my succulents.

Soil Mix :

Perlite or Pumice : 20%

Cactus and Succulent Soil Mix : 60%

Coarse Sand : 20%

Pests and Diseases

White desert may get affected by spider mites, scale or mealybugs and you can solve this problem with just applying pesticide.

Here is my recommended Pesticide : Check Price in


Fertilizer can be used in spring & summer so that our succulent never gets any deficiency , As feeding plants can provide them nutrients for further growth. You can use water soluble fertilizer and if growing outdoors once every month. and Indoors they need it every 2 weeks.

To Build its flowering , they need phosphorus rich plant food. I am using Miracle grow 10-52-10 , which is basically for flower plants. You can also use them in your garden bloomers.

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Poisonous / Toxic

These succulent plants are toxic to dogs, cats, horses and symptoms include depression, diarrhea, vomiting, Irregular heart beat, dizziness , Low BP , if Ingested According to The State of Queensland & ASPCA. All parts of white desert rose are poisonous to be better careful if you have pets in the house.

White Desert Rose Succulent

Tall Attractive succulent with pure vibes and used for decoration as well. Hard Bulbous Shoot was also an added point and the appearance can attract people. White desert roses have a tendency to grow back if leaves are drooping often , but at the same time caring can also play a big role in growing these beautiful plants.

White Desert Rose for Sale

These are not easily available as many of the offline stores and nurseries , and most of the sources are not trustworthy so I keep looking for the alternative online source as have no stock , but yes i found the website which was giving and years of truth. You can Buy Now from this here . I have given the ETSY store link and they are selling these plants and I have to give my audience only these links which I Trust.


These have Beautiful white flowers , if you can care for them then yes it’s for you. Very Green leaves and white bloom can provide good decorative appearance inside the house and outside white is as you know the color of purity so yes it’s good to make you positive.

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