Orange Star Plant Leaves Turning Yellow – 4 Reasons(with Fix)

If you are searching for orange star plant leaves turning yellow then before that let me tell you this plant is a flowering plant and it is also known as Sun star or Ornithogalum Dubium. It has the appearance of a star and these plants are best for decorative purposes, and one highlight could be the orange petals that shine bright. Let’s Find out why is my orange star plant leaves turning yellow?

Orange star plant leaves turning yellow

The Most Common Reason for orange star plant leaves turning yellow is due to overwatering, low light, poor soil could be some reasons. These Plants give signs like yellow leaves that tell the owner to act immediately to fix the issue. Orange star plant leaves start to yellowish when the soil is too damp from inside and air can’t circulate, resulting in roots getting blocked to get any more oxygen and supply of nutrients can be restricted.

Here are the following reasons on why orange star plant leaves yellowing:


Orange star plant is flowering plant that grows with less water in spring but once summer hits it requires sufficient watering needs. Many of us make the mistake of giving the sun star too much water thinking it requires it to make flowers but once the overwatering affects roots it leads to orange star plant leaves turning yellow due to root rot. When this plant shed flowers in autumn you should not give too much water to its soil, otherwise it can again affect the plant in the long run.

Also if your pot is good enough and drains all water perfectly then you can give water once or twice in 6 days once you check if the top soil is dry or not. I also don’t recommend making it completely dry. This plant does like being moist but not soggy.

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When repotting you can even put some gravels it increases the drainage in soil that can help orange star to successfully avoid any water logging.

orange star plant leaves turning yellow


Using a bad soil that takes time to drain the water will make the orange star leaves yellow in no time as it promotes the root rot that damages the leaves if not solved then you may lose the plant. Using a well drained fertile soil is needed for orange star growth. To produce flowers it also needs fertilizer in spring to summer but if you are using a well potting mix then you may not need any fertilizer for the first year as most potting mix is made from organic compost so it holds much more nutrients that a flowering needs.

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Orange star plant drooping is also caused by poor soil. Read my article on that also. 


If you are not giving proper light to the orange star plant, it may start yellowing leaves as a sign of low light issue. Most of the time one of the sides gets yellowing leaves due to lack of indirect light. If you put your plant near a window it could be getting light from one side but the opposite site is not getting enough bright light that is causing the yellowing. Moving or turning your pot every week or in 4-5 days in a light direction will solve this problem forever.

You can also change the location according to where it can get light to the whole plant. Many who don’t have south facing windows can try artificial plant light which also works for indoor plants.

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Too much fertilizing

Orange star plant do need fertilizer for the overall growth and to be able to produce bright flowers it needs more energy or nutrients rich soil. A liquid based slow release fertilizer can be used to treat the deficiency of nutrients in soil. Flowering in an orange star plant takes place from spring to summer, so it needs a good fertilizer every 4 weeks in its growing cycle.

But what happens is using the fertilizer in wrong way can lead to yellowing of leaves in orange star plant. This may even burn the leaves because of an overdose of fertilizer. That’s why you should use fertilizer only after reading instructions.

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How to Fix Yellow leaves in Orange star plant

To fix the yellow leaves in orange star plant, firstly you must check the overwatered soil this is first problem that causes yellowing. Always check the top soil for dryness and give it if its dry.

It can also be because of low light that can be resolved by placing it in brighter area.

Over fertilizing can also lead to yellowing orange star plant leaves, so use fertilizer in limit.

Poor soil is also one reasons why orange star plant gets root rot that leads to root rot, it can be solved by repotting plant with fresh soil.

Wrap up

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