6 Jade Plant Problems – How to Fix(Root Rot, Limp)

If you are searching for various problems with jade plant and what is wrong with the jade, its getting limp or droopy before that let me tell you these plants are looks just like a tree having green leaves but they do give good lucky  to the owner. Check jade plant meaning, the issue of regarding leaf occur in jade most of the time but don’t worry I have made full information on difficulty and obstacle jade plant face.

What is Wrong With My Jade Plant? Problems with Jade Plant is yellowing of leaves, leaf dropping, fungal and bacterial issues that lead to root rot, No flowering, Disease like ring spots. Less caring of jade plant can make it difficult to grow, people sometimes given too much water or may left it underwatered for several days this lead to various problem. lets find our what’s wrong is with jade plant –

1. Yellow leaves Problem

Jade plant getting yellow leaves is an issue that people face when there’s too much water collected in soil, it could be because of poor drainage or over watering. This Results in Root rot, even your plant may give signs of rotting by making leaves yellow, soggy etc. If you see this is happening on your plant then immediately cut off the watering and let the soil be dry first.

If this problem is not solved then just propagate it using taking a healthy, diseased free leaf. With minor problems you just have to repot the plant into new soil and pot.

A Healthy Jade Root is one that is white and not dark brown.

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Problems with Jade Plant

2. Leaves Dropping

Leaf dropping in Jade plant is due to excessive direct sunlight & this way old leaves may drop first. These leaves cannot be green again or reattach, it can be replaced by new foliage. Also Leggy growth in jade should not be ignored and fix it with pruning. Finding a location that has indirect light and low temperature will make this plant happy.

Jade in winters can tolerate the cold but don’t overdo watering in this season as succulent don’t like soil to be damp. These plants go to dormant periods making the growth more slower but after spring hits it will restart the growth again.

Jade plants don’t like Too much heat or areas with heavy warm temperatures , it will just make the leaves lose water resulting in underwater stress to the plant.

3. Fungal and Bacterial Problem

Jade plants can be affected with Bacterial root rot issues caused by erwinia. This is a serious rotting then can kill the plant if damaged 60-70%.

The solution is simple if the rot is not that much, just cut the affected roots and repot it again. Check if the plant survives then it can be solved. I highly recommend propagating the plant using leaves.

Powdery Mildew is a type of fungus that affects the Jade plant, the name of this white thing is Sphaerotheca. Have you ever seen white power or marks in the leafs or stem section these fungal infection happen in many plants.

If this happens to your jade and any other plant just use this Fungicide by BANISH it is a very good & powerful in killing the heavy infestation of powdery mildew, I highly recommend this.

4. Diseases

Black ring spots are a viral infection that occurs in jade plants, these ring spots on leaves can slow the rate of growth of this plant. If heavy infestation occurs then use a pesticide for that because the transfer of virus is because of insects and to control those you need to use any good pesticide. 

This disease is not dangerous but your jade may grow slower and if not resolved it can spread to other plants paired with jade plants.

I am using Demon Max Insecticide , it can fix the spot and various insect problems in Jade related to pests.

5. No Flowering

When we purchase a plant we may also expect it to grow some flowers that can give us good vibes. With a Jade Plant it blooms very rarely, but you may see the bloom in 5-7 year of time and this is the very natural life of a jade plant. If you jade plant is blooming then its an indication that now it’s old and too mature. 

Jade may take time to bloom but most people just know the fact it is a lucky plant and we can have positive energy from this so many gardeners don’t really matter if it will bloom or not.

Its rare if they may have bloomed in an early stage when they are young. Those who grow them indoors should accept that indoor plants may or may not bloom.

6. Some Other Problems

Does your room have too much humidity? If Yes then It can affect your jade plant and leaves might see black to brown mold coating. If you immediately clean it with soap solution then it will be cleared but for a longer time it will spoil the foliage.

Placing plants in indirect light with less humidity can be beneficial for jade plants.

Also If a jade plant is attacked by pests then don’t worry much I have provided the solution above. Pest is also not a big problem in jade plants and can be solved with the liquid pesticide solution.

What is wrong with my jade plant?

Jade plants have problems like overwatering and underwatering which result in leaf drop, insect infestation that is why you may have thought what is wrong with the jade plant. New gardener have these questions in mind as to how to resolve each other separately. 

So jade gets can fall off some leaves if its soil is too dry and you may not be watering for some days. Issues with root rot come when you are pouring water in the wrong schedule and may be more than enough that jade actually wants.

Always Check Jade soil to see if it’s already damp, if it’s wet from 1-2 inch top soil then wait and don’t water for today until it’s still wet.

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Mealybugs generally attack those plants when they get a living environment like may your soil is moist all the time and mealy gets an opportunity to stay there. These insects will just suck the juice from the host plant and make it weak, this way you may see leaves turning to yellow, wilting, might drop so it could be reason for that.

What does an overwatered jade plant look like?

An overwatered jade may look like soft leaves, watery leaves, yellowing leaves, browning tips. The Soil may seem soaked, dripping, waterlogged and bathed which result in signs of rotting, take out root it would be brown to darken which means it’s unhealthy.

Overwatering and Damp soil invites mealybugs on jade plants which again causes leaves to lose green pigmentation and drop off with time if not resolved.

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How do you revive a jade plant?

Jade plants can be revived or propagated in the last hope if everything is spoiled. Check if the plant root is not damaged/rusted/rotted because of overwatering.

Leaves dropping in jade can be connected with infrequent watering or Underwatering, check if its getting too dry or soil is overly draining soil water then change the potting mix with new one. 

with the season change, climate also changes and then comes the problems with jade plant. Too Hot summer can make it dry in the same term. Too much humidity and a cold environment may freeze its leaves and plants may not grow until and unless you provide a good environment for your jade plant.

Jade plants may also invite mealybugs and other insects if soil is being moist most of the time and they may give your plant a hard time growing.

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How do I know if my jade plant has root rot?

When jade plant roots rot to look like your leaves may seem to be dropping, yellowing , browning of tips, watered leaves, soft leaves and too damp soil , wilting leaves are some signs. Solve root rot in jade by not watering for some days and then reduce it until jade can recover itself.

if rotting is heavily damaging your jade plant roots then you should try propagating jade from leaves. As your plant won’t be saved but you can still take a healthy leaf and try to propagate it.

Can you save a rotting jade plant?

Yes you can save a rotting jade plant if the damage in the root is light, you just simply take out the plant and repot it into a new pot with fresh soil. This Time don’t put too much water in the soil, must check the soil if its dry then only water it this will save your rotted jade plant.

Rotting in jade occurs because of excessive watering, the if heavily rusted then there is no other way to save the jade plant.

Wrap up

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